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Taylor st claire fuck
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My alarm clock start to do its terrible noise. As usual I didn't cancelled it last night and now I'm awake at 8am a saturday. The weekend doesn't start very well but fortunately tonight I'm going to a party. I go downstairs and when I reach the kitchen I remember that my sis is at one of her friends' house so I'm alone at home.

I just live with her because my mom is dead and my father prefers his new wife than us, he send money to us each month but he never talk with us.

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My sis is 17 and her name's Amber, she has a long black hair and her breasts are quite big, her ass looks amazing too, if she wasn't my sis I don't think that I will be able to resist at her charms.

I'm Jordan and I'm 18, I have short hair and a quite muscular body, I broke with my girlfriend a few months ago but it didn't affect me too much.

I decide to have a small breakfast so I cook eggs and eat them quickly. I'm not as good as my sis when I'm cooking but it isn't bad.After that I go back in my room and play video games. The party is at 9pm so I still have time before leaving. I'm not going to describe my day because it's not interesting.

Its 8.30 pm now and I'm ready to go to the party, it will take me 20minutes to drive to my friend house so I grab my keys and leave.

When I arrive I see that the party 's already started and I enter, I quickly found my friend, Tom. "Hey Tom, what's up?" I said " You're finally here!

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I thought that you will never come" He answered "You told me to come around 9" " I did that?" We were talking when a girl approached me. " Wanna dance?" She said " Why not " I agree and follow her "I'm Alice" "Jordan" She was cute but not my type so if she is expecting more than dancing with me, she is going to sleep alone tonight.

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We danced and talked until she wanted to leave and asked me to go with her. She was frustrated when I said no. It's 3am now and I decide to go back at my house before falling asleep on the ground. I say bye to Tom. I'm driving when I see a girl in a alley and two men around her. I stop my car and get out. I heard one of the man saying he will make her cry and beg for more after he will have finished to cum in her.

I don't hesitate and start to run on them, defeating one easily by surprise. I'm close to beat the second guy when something heavy smash my head, I fell on the ground losing consciousness.


When I wake up I'm laying in my bed. Was that a dream? I turn to look at my alarm clock and I'm close to fall when I realise that a girl is next to me. She wakes up when I shake her shoulder. "Oh you're awake" She said, smiling.

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" Who are you and why are you in my bed?" " I'm the girl from the alley, after you collapsed, the mens escaped and I took you back home, I couldn't leave without saying thanks so I decided to sleep with you" I calm down and start to think about the situation. I look back at her and I realise that she is beautiful, she has hazel eyes and a very long black hair.

I can't stop to look at her eyes, she starts to hugs me tight against her. I feel that we are both in our underwear but my eyes are locked on hers.

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" You 're beautiful" I finally break the silence " Thanks" She puts her lips on mine. I know that I don't know her but I feel so good with her that I can't resist so I kiss her back and my tongue meets hers. She finally break our kiss to catch her breath.

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I notice that her bra isn't on her anymore and I start to play with her sexy breast, her nipples are small and very pink, I rub them softly and she starts to moan.

I give her some kisses before letting my tongue licking her nipples. She moans very loudly and I continue to lick her, I remove her panties and I gently rub her pussy, her juices are overflowing. " Stop to play with me and put your dick in my pussy, I can't wait" She removes my boxer and she come on me, I watch her empaling herself slowly around my dick.

" You're so tight!


It feels incredible" I put my hands on her hips " It's your fault you're big! but I'm glad that I can take all for my first time" I look at her pussy and see blood, I decide to move slowly but when I hear that she moans by pleasure, I increase the speed.

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She moves her hips with mine and she is shouting now. I feel that I'm close to cum and I want to tell her but her pussy suddenly tighten up when she cum and I explode in her, filling her womb with my semen.

It was the most powerful orgasm of my life, She collapsed on me and said "Sorry".

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I pulled out and asked why but no answers and I heard that she was crying, I grabbed her head and kissed her. She broke the kiss after only a few seconds and she started to say incomprehensibles things. I wanted to move but my body didn't respond.

I was just able to put my arms around her and to press her against me. After longs minutes her strange acting was over and she was quiet. She looked deeply into my eyes and she was still crying, I managed to tell her to stop because she's prettier when she smiles. She kissed me and I felt strange.

We both passed out.