Shy russian teen casting lets party you playfellows sons of bitches

Shy russian teen casting lets party you playfellows sons of bitches
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Part 5 I awaken alone in my daughter's bed and yawn as I taste pussy in my mouth. I arise and walk down the hall and glance in our bedroom and see Rita, Mac and Sheila asleep in various poses with limbs still entwined.

Mac's head is lying on Sheila's groin and appears to have been there when she dozed off. My cock pulses and jerks as I gaze at the three of them. So beautiful, I think of all three as I smell the scent of women's sex. It's like an aphrodisiac and if I didn't have such a delightful mission this morning I would crawl in with them and awaken them in some very delightful ways.

I wonder just how long they continued after I turned in for the night. Insatiable I think of all three of them! I brush my teeth, shower quickly and grab a bagel before dressing swiftly and head out the door for Mary's place. I call her to be sure she's awake and has Ramrod ready to leave. I hate that she has to give up her lover but I'm glad it's us getting him. When she answers she assures me its ok for me to come right over.

Then she hesitates and says, "Rick I need to talk to you and ask you a favor when you get here, I don't want to discuss it now though". "Sure Mary, I'll help anyway I can. I'm pulling in your drive now".

I walk to the door and she's already standing there with the door open. "Come on in Rick, like some coffee? She asks. "That sounds nice Mary I just got up a few ago. I'm so excited I'm shaking thinking about today and Rita and how surprised she's going to be. Its a shame that a day that brings happiness into our lives has to bring sadness into yours and Marsha's." "Yes, but it could be worse if not for you Rick and we really appreciate your understanding and everything.

Marsha is what I need to talk to you about Rick. You know I feel bad about both Marsha and Mackenzie finding out about K-9 love so early in their lives. Were you aware that Ramrod deflowered them both, and that neither of them have ever felt a human cock before Mackenzie and you got together. Marsha still hasn't!" "No I wasn't aware that Marsha lost her virginity to him but I believe Mac mentioned it but we never know what's true and what Mac is saying in some scheme of hers." "Well actually Mackenzie was his first conquest.

Marsha and her made plans to go to the mall together Saturday afternoon a few months back. Well, she decided to spend the night Friday night without asking me about it and when her mom dropped her off here we were out shopping. Mac called and I told her to go on in using our spare key, she knew where we kept it hidden, and we'd be there in a few hours. Evidently she had come in and went into Marsha's room and retrieved some porn that her and Marsha had hidden there and took her panties off and began masturbating on the bed.

Ramrod was a year or so old at the time and I guess he got a scent of Mackenzie's sex and he went in there and leaned over the bed and began licking Mac's mound and she liked it and let him continue until he began trying to stick his large tongue inside her. Later when she told me about all this she indicated that she had quite a few orgasms although she was worried she might catch something from letting him lick her. She just knew she liked it, liked it a lot. But anyway, when he began trying to enter her pussy she got scared and jumped off the bed and knelt down to retrieve her panties and he mounted her, she couldn't get him off of her and the rest is history.

Mac and Marsha have been close friends since forever and they had both vowed they weren't going to be like all the other girls and lose their virginity before they married. They both wanted to go to college and have a career before they seriously messed with guys.

They were so much alike in everything. I'm sure they both messed around a little with each other but they didn't live on the computer or on the phone all the time.

They did things together, shopped, went to movies etc. Then they both seemed to change after the day that happened to Mac. Of course I didn't have a clue as to what was going on. She had been afraid to say anything to me she said later. She also knew she wanted to do it again but she knew she had to have Marsha in on her plans to do it.

Later that evening I went to a Bunco party right down the block and they both begged to stay home so I let them knowing I would be close by. She said she looked up on the PC and found that she wouldn't catch anything so she planned on how to get Marsha to go along with her plans. Somehow she got Marsha naked and on all fours and Ramrod just nailed her too. The next day Marsha told me she had fallen on her bike and hurt herself down there and when I looked there was a bit of blood and she was red and I thought she had just broken her hymen.

She said the pointed end of the seat had rammed her hard when she fell. I had her soak in a tub of warm water and thought she was fine. All that was Mac's idea I found out later. They were worried because of the small amount of blood they had down there.

A few weeks later I had taken a shower and was wrapped in a towel nude and dropped a cap to some lotion I was putting on my legs and Ramrod nailed me too. I can believe the girls were helpless to remove him because he had a grip on my waist that I just could not get free from and he hadn't had me but for a few seconds when he nailed me good.

He must have rammed half his big cock in me and began literally fucking my brains out. I hadn't had sex in six months I guess and soon he had me begging him not to stop. When his knot entered me I just quit even thinking how horrible I was to be enjoying what was happening to me and just began cumming my ass off. I'd never had any man fuck me so deep, hard and fast and I just loved it.

He had me tied for hours that night. I didn't learn until later that if you kept moving he'd just keep fucking you over and over and boy I was moving a lot. I loved it and every time he cum I loved it more. If I hadn't just became exhausted and just lay there I don't know how long he would have kept me.

I'm kneeling on the floor with my face and shoulders against the carpet, ass in the air when I hear Mackenzie say, "Dang Ms. Roberts we didn't think you was ever gonna quit fucking him. He ain't never fucked us that long. An hour and a half was tops for me. He must really like you." "You cannot in your wildest dreams imagine just how embarrassed and ashamed I was at that moment in time.

I mean how do you ever explain that to two young eighteen year olds. Then it sunk in what she had said about them fucking the dog too and my mind was just all about finding out who else knew about fucking the dog. How could I prevent anyone from finding out what was going on in my home and ruining my reputation as well as both girls." "Needless to say I had a long serious talk with the both of them and they kinda black mailed me into letting them fuck Ramrod in exchange for their promise to keep the secret just between the three of us.

Then I caught Mackenzie eating Marsha's pussy one night and watched them for close to a half an hour before they knew I was there and I'm ashamed to admit it but I was playing with myself when they saw me and then the three of us wound up in my bed and we slept together from then on. I like to think if I had had a man in my life none of that would have happened but Ramrod was definitely a deciding factor in what did transpire.

Which brings me to my problem and the favor I want to ask you about." "Marsha has never fucked a man or boy and she is as addicted to dog fucking as I am.

I'm afraid she is going to grow up warped and never even want to fuck a man if things go on the way they are. I was hoping things might change once we were in the apartment and Ramrod wasn't such an active influence in her life but now with Mac's Uncle owning the dog he is still readily available to her so nothing will change much I fear.

I know you had no idea and I guess I was being selfish myself knowing I would have him available to myself when I agreed to sell him to you. But now I'm back to my problem again and the favor I want to ask you is to ask you to fuck my daughter and let her feel the joy of a real cock pleasing her. Marsha is nervous about being with Ramrod in front of you and Rita because she really doesn't know you and I'm thinking if you fuck her now before you take Ramrod from her it will help ease her mind about everything" "This is kind of awkward for me Mary.

I kind of fell into sexing Mackenzie which is something I had never dreamed I could actually do even though I did think about it at times. I guess every married man has those fantasies but never act upon them. But to just consciously make a decision to have sex with someone's daughter sitting here in the cold light of day.How do you propose for me to do this, I mean she may not even like me that way?" "I thought maybe we could have sex and let Marsha catch us and just see where it leads.

I'm sure she is curious enough that if she sees me enjoying myself she'll want to try it also. I know I would be enjoying myself too", she says laughing "Wow, I'm thinking I'm either the luckiest fifty four year old guy in the universe or the unluckiest just from what angle you look at my life from anymore. If all this stays a secret I'm the luckiest, if not I'm gonna spend the rest of my life hiding my face in shame from family and friends.

What the hell, what's the difference if she's screwing Ramrod at my home or screwing me, I'm screwed either way if its found out so I might as well enjoy myself I guess. Is she home now?" "Yes would you like to get naked in my bedroom Rick", Mary asks with a passionate gleam in her eyes. Even if Marsha doesn't benefit from this I know I will." I rise and say, "Lead the way sexy" Once in her bedroom Mary wastes no time stripping and helping me undress.

I kiss her as her hand pulls at me anxiously, moaning as she feels me filling, swelling in her grip. She breaks our kiss and sinks to her knees and has just put my glans in her mouth and begun sucking at me in earnest when; Her plan seems to be working, only too quickly, as Marsha her daughter stands in the doorway staring and asks, "What are you doing momma. Who is he, is that Mackenzie's uncle that's gonna take Ramrod?" "Yes it is baby, but first he's gonna make momma feel good like Ramrod does honey!" I gaze at Marsha, she has a very earthy beauty, smaller than Mackenzie, thinner but with beautiful shiny black hair that hangs from her head almost to her ass.

She has a robe on but the front is open and I see her young breasts and am surprised to see that they are larger than my niece's, more full, though still perfectly proportioned and adorned with large nipples amidst perfect areolas of a lighter color than her mom's. I see the imprint of her pussy and a shadow of her pubic hair through her thin panties. I hate myself when my dick jerks strongly as I gaze at her and feel such the pervert as I know I will enjoy fucking her if I do.

I am sure my soul is damned to hell for my thoughts much less my actions. "You want to help momma baby, and let uncle Rick make you feel good too", she asks? "Marsha seems shy and puts her hand to her mouth and leans against the door frame and can't look at us as she says, "I do mom but I'm embarrassed, nobody has ever seen me naked but you and Kenzie, no guys." "You have nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of Marsha, I think you're beautiful and you should be proud to allow me to see you.

Take your robe off and let me see all of you." She turns around facing away from us and slips her robe off her shoulders and lets it drop to the floor. Her small ass looks soft, not firm but beautifully shaped and I feel a desire to taste her, to have my face pressed into her crevice.

Her back is shapely and her waist small. "Turn around honey and show Uncle Rick how beautiful you are", Mary says to her.

Marsha turns almost reluctantly and has her arms crossed over her breasts, her shoulders hunched as if trying to hide herself and twisting around uncomfortably as she tries to smile. "Come here baby and help me with Uncle Ricks cock". Marsha keeps her arms crossed over her breasts but quickly covers the space between us as she kneels beside her mom and stares at my now stiff cock. "It's as big as Ramrod's mom.

Can I touch it like I do Ramrod's", she asks timidly? "You can do anything you want with it honey, suck it, fuck it, you can put it in your butt if you want to and Uncle Rick will make sure it feels good, won't you Rick", Mary says. "I sure will Marsha. Go on and hold it, feel it and put it in your mouth. Take your time and just do whatever you want." My whole body shudders when her small hand grasps me, strokes me slowly as she says, "Its hard mom, but it's not slick like Ramrod's, I like it", then she slides her warm mouth over my tip and sucks at me like only a young girl can, slowly at first then as her excitement grows her head twists and bobs energetically as she pumps me rapidly.

Her head lifts and she asks, "Will it cum like Ramrod mom?" "Yes it will cum for you honey but not near as much as Ramrod and it won't be as watery but you'll like it I promise you" "I want to watch you put it in your pussy mom, please, can I?" "Sure honey, lay down on the bed Rick and let me show Marsha how she can enjoy you" Mary says eagerly, glad her daughter wants her to relieve her own need." I lay down and Mary straddles me while Marsha kneels alongside the bed with her elbows leaning on the bedside as she watches her mom lower her body to my upright cock.

"Why don't you hold it for momma baby. Get behind me and hold it up and you can watch it go in me sweetie." Marsha hurriedly moves between my legs and grips my cock in her hand and says, "Ok mom do it", and I feel the exquisite pleasure of Mary's warm flesh engulfing me as she presses down onto my hardness and begins riding me, fucking my dick as her moisture tells of her pleasure.

"Gosh mom you're really wet, you're soaking Uncle Ricks dick. Does it feel as good as dog dick mom?" "Oh yes baby its wonderful, so hard and long. It hurts my pussy like Ramrod does honey and I can fuck it really hard and don't have to worry about hurting him like we do with the dog." "Show me mom, fuck it hard! I want to see". Mary is more than glad to show her daughter how hard she can fuck my cock, I feel her pussy clasping me and I know she's near as she begins slamming her pussy down on my dick, each hard downward thrust bringing a cry from her lips and then a grinding into my body as she mashes her clit against me and says, "See honey, see how mommy can fuck Rick's cock, watch baby, watch me cum on it", as she begins hammering my dick against her deepest walls, fast, hard and I grip her hips and begin fucking up into her forcefully, holding her to my dick as our bodies make hard smacking sounds as they meet and she begins tensing, immobile atop me, her arms pulled in to her sides as I fuck her hard, bouncing her body with each hard thrust of my dick as she cries, "Ohhhhhh god, yes, yes, yes, don't stop, fuck me, cumming so good, me" "Wow, he's fuckin you a long time mom and he ain't cum yet like Ramrod does.

When can I do him mom, I want to cum on Uncle Ricks dick too!" Mary sits atop me, hunching, rolling her hips as her body continues to spasm and jerk sporadically as I just lay and let her orgasm subside to keep from filling her wonderful pussy with my hot jism.

"In just a minute baby, let momma enjoy it just a few more good", she moans as she shudders hard, trembles and then sags and rises, pulling her soppy pussy from my drenched cock and balls. "Ok baby its all yours", she says. I can't deny my excitement as I watch her young body climb up and stand astraddle me and twirl her head to throw her hair from her face before smiling at me and lowering her virgin pussy to my dick as I think that I'm the first man to experience the tight confines of her eager young body.

Ramrod has her opening easily to my cock but she's still tight, her young pussy resilient enough that his dog cock hasn't ruined her for my pleasure. That tightness brings a moan from both our lips as she engulfs my fat glans. My breathing is quick, my excitement mounting rapidly as I gaze at this beautiful waif fucking me like she's been doing it for her entire life. Her hips roll, undulate as she feels me with her inner muscles, squeezing, milking me as her movements slowly impale herself with my dick.

"Oh yeah, I like your dick Uncle Rick. Its not as hot as Ramrod's but I like it. Ohhhhhh it is big.oh''re where he always goes.oh're so tight like he is.I.I.I'm cummin.oh gosh.ohhhhhh do me.oh god do me hard.ohhhhh.yessssss.oh're hurting my pussy.

don't stop.oh damn.FUCK ME!.ohgod mom.I love this.oh god I'm Feeling her hunching against my body, my entire dick buried somewhere in this child's body has me hunching up into her, fucking her, unable to care that she seems just barely larger then my dick as my hands grip her thin thighs and hold her to my cocks upwards battering.

My dick feels stiff, unbending inside her as she moves and I need to fuck her hard so I roll her over under me and begin fucking her, grinding my body against her as I fuck her young womb. Her arms wrap me, hands clawing at me as I take long strokes in her tightly clasping slick cum drenched pussy. I'm losing it as I glance down at this small body beneath me knowing she's so young but she fucks me so wonderfully. Her hips roll, hunch as she fucks me, holding her clenching pussy to me with heels on my ass as I slam deep into her forcefully.

I feel her warm juices continually engulfing me as she screams her love of my dick as she cums repeatedly' I need to please this waif, to give her what she needs and her mother wants her to experience. I withdraw and put her on her hands and knees and press back into her with one forceful thrust eliciting a loud cry from her as my glans bottoms in her womb and shoves her forward.

I fuck her rapidly, taking long strokes that slam to her depths repeatedly as she screams, "YES, yes, oh god you're fucking me like Ramrod does. Don't stop, oh shit.doit.oh god.I'm.I'mmmm.aiieeeEEEEEe.aaarggghhhh.arrrghhh oh momma.oh.oh.fuck me Uncle Rick.oh god I love you so much.fuck its sooo big and hard.yessssss.oh GOD YES! God, don't you never cum?.don't stop oh shit he don't never fuck me.aiieeeee.this.long.arrgghhhhHHHH I see Mary watching us as her hand twirls her clit and I roll sideways and pull Marsha atop me and grab her thighs in my hands and open them widely and say, "Lick your daughters clit Mary".

I see the wicked excitement in her eyes as she moves between our thighs and her head lowers and she begins licking and sucking at her daughters swollen bud. I feel her tongue laving my dick as she gives her daughter pleasure and then licks the result from my hard cock as it pistons within her young body. Marsha moans deeply as she feels her mom's tongue tantalizing her clit, licking its exposed tip lightly until she cries out her orgasm and then sucking at her avidly as her hips turn down to press into my thrusting dick as I fuck her fitfully as she cums.

The feel of her young body writhing atop me, my hands feeling her thin thighs as I hear her cries and moans resounding inside my head has me fucking her roughly, driven by my own needs as my craving to cum is peaking. It's then I hear her cry out, "Fuck my ass, please fuck my ass Uncle Rick". Oh fuck I think, as I quickly turn my hips down and jerk my dick from her body to keep from cumming.

I'm laying there gasping as my glans strains and pulses, precum flowing from my tip as it aches to spew my hot ball juice.

I feel Mary grip my dick and her mouth engulfs my tip and she begins sucking my precum from me and I scream, "No, don't touch me Mary, oh my god don't", as she lifts her head quickly as If I'd screamed she was hurting me. My glans begs for her to return as I throb and I feel my dick swelling and receding with each beat of my heart.

"Wait a minute and then guide me into this beautiful girls ass like she wants", I say, not mentioning my own heated desire to be there. I feel my craving subside to a mere heated need and say, "Ok now put me in her", and she licks Marsha's tight ring of muscle, depositing saliva wetly upon it and then repeating the same to my glans before gripping me and guiding me to her daughter's receptive asshole.

I feel her ass moving as my tip opens her. I'm used to women trying to squeeze shut as I enter their ass but Marsha seems to open and invite me, her anus opening and closing as if sucking me into her as she presses down onto me. Soon I'm fucking her or maybe more aptly she's fucking my dick with her clasping ass muscle, milking it while asking, "You like my asshole Uncle Rick, I like you fucking me there. Ramrod used to fuck me there but he always hurt me because he'd ram his knot up my tiny hole and then cum quick and then it took forever for him to get loose from me and I had to lay there and hurt.

"Lick me again momma, put your fingers in my cunny while Uncle Rick does my ass." Hearing this young girl instructing her mother to suck her clit and finger her pussy while I fuck my man dick up her bunghole has me pumping earnestly up into her tightly squeezing need.

My hands squeeze her young tits, roll her nipples between my fingertips as she squirms and hunches, her hips undulating sensually as she savors all the myriad of sensations converging in her mind until her body begins quaking, trembling, her thighs locking her mom's head between them as I fuck her ass using strokes that run from my glans to my balls swiftly.

Her back arches above me, hips turning down into my thrusting and Mary's fingering and then lifting as they out-turn as she presents her clit to her mother's strong suctioning. Her moans become groans that are filled with the anguish of her intense orgasm as she tenses so tightly she can't breathe, lungs locked as she twists and turns as her entire being is gripped by her heavenly plight.

The she gasps loudly and her body falls, a hard shudder wracks her and she says, "Oh my god mom, I can live without Ramrod if we can visit Uncle Rick all the time. That was the best cum I've ever had. Now I know why Mackenzie tells me she loves her Uncle Rick and Aunt Rita." I roll her over under me and say, "Ok little girl now its my turn to fill your tight young ass with hot cum".

She smiles as she looks back at me and says, "Fuck my ass hard Uncle Rick I want you to cum there. I love to feel a hard cock up my asshole fucking me but Ramrod never lasted long." "I did my best to comply and fucked her tight ring of muscle until my dick was swollen as large as it's ever been in my life.

I reached under her and rubbed her clit lightly while I fucked her forcefully and she kept cumming and screaming, begging me not to stop and I really didn't want to ever stop but suddenly I was cumming as I fucked her, spewing as I continued to stroke in her ass and it felt like instead of separate ribbons of cum, my balls were pumping their hot juices non-stop in one forceful continuous stream and my mind was overwhelmed until finally my balls seemed to twitch and shake and I rammed hard into her asshole and held it there as my body shook, trembled and I moaned one long nervous ahhhhhhhhhfuckkkkk and then I shuddered hard about five times in a row and I fell on top of her completely drained and said, "Fuck I love the way you ass fuck little girl, I'm drained.

I never cum like that in all my years" As I rolled from her the thrill as my dick slid from her tight young ass almost made me grab her and fuck her ass until my dick got hard again just to try and have that orgasm again. She laughed and said, "You like fucking young girls a lot don't you Uncle Rick?" I felt ashamed to admit it and wished I could deny it but I panted, "I love fucking you Marsha, and Mackenzie, that's about all the young girls I can handle baby.

I just hope it was as good for you as it was for me Marsha. She turned and snuggled against me and leaned over and kissed me as passionately as I've ever been kissed by any woman and said, I love you too now Uncle Rick, just like Mackenzie does. I don't mind you taking my dog near as much anymore. "Go get dressed Marsha we have to go with Rick to deliver Rita's birthday present.

I wouldn't miss it for the world. Clean up a little first with a washrag before you put your clothes on too! And that might be a good idea for us too.

Come on Rick, I'll clean you up in the shower and see if I can cum on this dick again" "If you can get it up you're more than welcome too but I don't think anyone has ever drained my balls like your daughter just did Mary" "Yeah she's a little tigress with a dick in her and she loves anal like nobody I've ever seen before", she said as she pulled me to the shower by my flaccid cock.

As we stood in the shower she looked up at me and then kissed me slowly with obvious meaning and then said, "Thank you Rick, I think she's gonna be alright now that she knows a human dick can make her feel wonderful too". "Trust me when I say it was all my pleasure to be of help Mary, er, do you have any other young female relatives that I can be of service too like Marsha", I asked jokingly? "You're incorrigible Rick, that's probably why I like you so much though so don't change", she says laughing.

Mary did manage to get my dick hard again and she did cum on it again and I also attempted to drain my already empty balls again and it felt pretty good but only a few drops of cum bubbled from my tip as Mary sucked me to orgasm and licked them from me while saying, "Damn she did drain you, I bet that felt like Ramrod filling her ass with cum. I remember how you filled me and had plenty left for everyone else and if she took it all at once then I bet you did love my daughter's ass." "I wasn't kidding when I said I'd never cum like that before in my life Mary, it was a thrilling experience, one I hope to repeat." My dick was stiffening again as I watched in the rear view mirror as Marsha was sucking Ramrods big dick as he lay on the floor all the way in the back of the SUV.

She was such a sexually seductive young woman and to see her head bobbing on an animals cock, her long black hair hanging down sensually as she rubbed her clit would arouse anyone man or woman I believed. I'm sure she would be a complete nymphomaniac by the time she was twenty if she continued craving cock as she does now.

I had to wonder if I had helped or hurt her and could see the argument on either side of the coin. Maybe she would have been better off just fucking dogs until she was old enough to really make her own choice. But then no one had forced her to do anything except for Mac having been the instigator in her demise as well as everyone else's in this strange assortment of people that she has assembled around her for her pleasure.

And to think that Ramrod's original licking of her young pussy was the promoting factor that started it all. Who would have thought that my beautiful wife wanted to become a dogs bitch or a beautiful woman like Sheila or Mary, although Mary had also been a victim to her own latent cravings that the dog merely satisfied when no one else was.

Of everyone Mary and Mackenzie were the victims and I'm betting Mary was set up in some way, by Mackenzie's wanting a safe place to fuck Ramrod, as she did to Marsha. If I ask I bet Mary shut her bedroom door and somehow it got opened to allow Ramrod in while she showered.

But it didn't matter, they all wanted to be Ramrod's bitches now. They were all up and sitting in the kitchen when we walked in followed by Ramrod. Rita's eyes appeared to glow as she looked at him, his cock still half unsheathed from Marsha's sucking of it. Mary walked to the table and said, Rita I want you to meet Rick Douglas, he's the man that bought my dog Ramrod from me for a birthday present to his wife.

Rita looked like she was going to cry as she got up and put her arms around my neck and kissed me and said, "I love you, you never fail to give me just exactly what I need to be happy. I really thought you didn't buy him because you didn't want me to do it and now I find out you just wanted to surprise me. I'm so sorry I doubted your word Rick and I promise I never will again, ever!" Ramrod is prancing as he smells the dried sex fragrance that we are unaware of but his sensitive nostrils have him keenly excited by.

All three of them are nude and obviously haven't showered since their last hot session. Rita walks to Ramrod's side and declares almost in awe, "My god he's so big", just as she says it Ramrod lifts his front paws to her shoulders, his large head above hers as she steadies herself under his weight. Its then she glances down and sees his dick now fully unsheathed and swaying around stiffly and she is instantly aroused. Her knees feel weak and she has an overwhelming urge to touch him, to reach out and grasp him, even suck his meaty cock into her throat as that thought has her swallowing hard.

"Oh my god my clit is throbbing like a drum and I want to fuck him so bad", she gasps. "You want him missionary or on your hands and knees doggy style honey", Mary asks? " Oh fuck, I want to watch it go in me so I guess on my back, you mean now, I can fuck him right now." "Honey he's your dog now, you can fuck him anytime you want to", Mary says laughing.

"Oh my god, oh my god, this is really happening. What do I do, I mean can I do it right here on the couch?" "Baby, you can do it anywhere you want, but you better put an old blanket or towel down because you're gonna soak it I bet.", Sheila says as she excitedly gazes at Ramrods cock. Mackenzie comes running with an old blanket from the laundry room and spreads it over the couch and floor in front of it and says, "Ok Aunt Rita sit down there with your butt on the edge", she instructs Rita.

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I think Damn, an eighteen year old showing my forty eight year old wife how to be dog fucked and it seems so normal like an everyday occurrence, how fucked up are we? Rita sits as she's told and Mac says now tap your pussy and say "Eat boy, eat boy". Rita does as she is told and Ramrod is between her thighs instantly licking like only a dog can lick.

Rita is instantly moaning, hunching as she feels his slick tongue sliding between her asscheeks, licking strongly at her asshole as her hips rise and her thighs open trying to give him access to her body. There aren't words to describe how slutty she feels as she sees everyone standing staring at her as she allows a dog to excite her, to drive her insane with his long raspy dog tongue.

She thinks she is on the verge of insanity his licking torments her so intensely, then she feels her inner lips licked, violated by his tongue sliding inside her to lave around within her body and she can't prevent the orgasm that wracks her. Her hips press her pussy into his strong licks as her back arches, muscles tense and her pussy clamps his writhing tongue inside her as she cums hard, each flowing of emissions within her increasing his quick tonguing of her walls as he drinks of her juice.

Ramrod is excited, its like he knows the more cum he drinks the quicker he will get to breed his new bitch. His dick is jerking, slinging his juices around until Marsha bends down and clamps his cock in her mouth and sucks at him as he prances, hunches until Rita begs, "Oh god make him fuck me, he's driving me crazy" Tap your groin and say, "Up boy, up boy", Mac tells her excitedly.

Rita smacks her groin hard almost screaming, "Up Boy, oh god, Up boy", and Ramrod takes her instantly.

His flanks jab at her a couple times and then she screams loudly as he penetrates her deeply, his hard dog dick raping her, forcing into her soul as quickly as he can hunch it into her.

Her hands grip the couch in white knuckled fists as her hips roll and hunch until she realizes she can't match his furious pace and she lays and holds her pussy to his frenzied fucking of her bitch pussy screaming as he stretches her painfully.

I see her tense and cum repeatedly, hear her groans and cries as he fucks her incessantly. Then her eyes open as if awed, her mouth opens as if to scream and her head bobs as if she's stricken and Ramrod hunches hard, driving into her with his rear paws clawing the carpet as he drives his hips forward as they open and mold to her asscheeks and everyone knows he just claimed his bitch with his knot.

Rita's eyes close and her body begins shaking and she cries, "Oh my god he's so fucking huge, oh fuck I'm cumming, stretching me, oh fuck he's killing me, god no, no, oh god fuck me.fuck it hard.oh yeahhhhhh oh god baby he's cummin.he's cumming.oh fuck a dogs cummin in me.fuck.fuck me.oh god its so hot.ohhhhhhh. good.deeeeep! Oh god! oh god!", and her hips begin hunching, rolling furiously as she begs, "Fuck me boy, don't stop, fuck me more, oh god make him fuck me".

Then as she squeezes his knot he lurches into her, hunches forcefully and then begins jack hammering her again as she reaches up and holds his deep chest and tries to hug him tightly as his dick pistons in his hot dog cum and it leaks from around his knot to soak her ass and groin as he flails within her wildly. I watch as a dog fucks my beautiful wife and makes her cum better than I ever have in all the years we've been together and I feel so happy for her that she has realized her life long dream in such a wonderfully pleasurable experience.

Sheila walks to my side and says almost whispering, "She's hooked now Rick, she's his. Look at her face, she loves what he's doing to her. I remove my pants and underwear and say, "Look what he's doing to me, I love what he's doing to her too". Sheila gazes at my jerking hard cock and grabs it and says, "Lets not waste that, come here", as she pulls me to the couch alongside my wife and says, "Sit".

I do and she places her pussy at my tip and presses me deep inside her soaked pussy. I realize how hot she is from watching Ramrod please his new bitch as she fucks my upright dick hard, slamming her pussy down onto me as her ass lifts and falls forcefully, driving down onto me and lifting quickly as Rita says, "Fuck her baby, make her cum while I cum on this big dog dick.

Let me see her cum on your hard cock. Fuck that white dick deep in her black pussy.aaaarrrgghhh.oh god.I'm cummin.I'M CUMMIN.fuck her.oh god .ohgod.I'm so fuckin full of dog dick.Oh fuck I love this so much.thank you baby thank you for giving me this.aiieeeeee.aieeeee.oh god it hurts so fuckin gooooood!

OH SHIT.SHIT.he's cumming again.oh my god can't stand it.oh god he's swellin so fuckin huge.knot.oh shit.knot so and friggin much cum.oh god its like its on fire.aiieeeeEEEEE." Sheila is close and I know it and I grab her thighs and pull them up and say, "Somebody lick this black clit", and everyone starts to kneel but Marsha is closest and her lips find Sheila's hard orb and within seconds she's cumming hard, her ass rolling quickly as her hands hold Marsha to her clit.

I feel her thighs trying to close but I don't allow it, holding them widely spread as Marsha, licks and sucks making loud slurping noises as she gives Sheila orgasm after orgasm as she screams, "Fuck, goddamn eat me, you white slut, suck my black clit and make me cum.arrghhhh.unghhhh.unghhghh.oh that oh fuck you suck me so damn good.I love you baby.lick it.unghhhh.ahhh.ahhhh fuck me Rick, fuck my pussy with that big dick while she fucks a dog.aiieeee.aieeeee thats it hurt it.fuck it hard baby.oh god make me love it.oh fuck.look at her fuckin that damn dog.oh shit she loves it Rick.your wife loves dog cock baby.oh fuck I want that dog dick up my fuckin ass, pussy.aiiieeeEEEEEEEEE.oh shit.Cumming so goooood!" Sheila just collapses, falls back against me and tells Marsha, "No more baby, thank you sweetie that was so damn good baby.

Damn that felt good while you fucked that big white cock up my pussy. You're fuckin evil Rick, have that young girl lick my clit like that. How old is she anyway?" "Another eighteen year old I say grinning".

"Damn what is with you and these young girls that can eat pussy and fuck better than us older broads. You been teaching these girls all this shit?" "Not me, its just a by-product of fucking animals I guess. They just lose all their inhibitions to doing anything once they've felt that dog dick inside them.

I guess they figure how much lower can they go once they fuck an animal so they just let go and enjoy it all. That little girl made me cum better than I've ever cum in my life earlier today fucking her asshole." "Damn Rick, I'm almost afraid to bring Ed around this bunch of cock happy girls and women.

He might want to trade me in for one of these youngsters" "No you use your pussy much to good for that to happen baby. I love feeling your shapely brown ass rooting around on my ole white man dick. You don't have any worry there I can say for positive." "Thanks Rick I need all the reassurance I can get when I'm around all this young pussy.

Tell me does it get you any hotter because I'm black Rick?" "Oh yeah, not sure exactly why, probably some ingrained racism I'm not even aware of but yeah I see your brown skin, especially when I'm eating your pussy I get all excited and want to please you more than I would a white woman, funny huh.

I don't know what causes it but I like the way I feel when I'm with you Sheila, it sure makes my dick hard!" "I know what you mean baby. Just knowing a white man wants my pussy and is driving his dick deep inside me and wants me to take his cum, damn I get so fucking worked up I just get sloppy wet, especially when Ed is watching me do it." "You know that makes Rita really hot when she thinks of me watching a black guy fuck her and cum in her.

We're really looking forward to Ed fucking her.


I know I'm gonna bust a nut when he fills her with his cum because I bet she's looking right at me when he does, wanting to know that I see it while she feels it shooting up inside her pussy. You know it doesn't turn either of us on thinking the same thing about a white guy fucking her." "Yeah I know, we have been thinking of only messing with white couples because we feel the same way.

Ed is really wanting to make Rita scream her ass off and cum continuously while you watch him. It really excites him knowing a white guy is watching him subjugate his wife with his huge dick and trust me Rick he does have a huge dick.

Its bigger than that dogs dick she's fucking." Speaking of which, Rita is finally laying exhausted not moving as she waits for Ramrod to extricate his dick from her.

Her chest is heaving as she tries to catch her breath from cumming so much and she looks like she's been fucking for days. Her body is covered with perspiration and Ramrod is turned ass to ass with her as his bitch is subdued for now and he stands breathing heavily with his tongue lolling from the side of his mouth almost grinning as if he knows he's fucked his new bitch well.

"Do you like dog fucking honey", I ask Rita. "Oh god Rick I'm still so full of his cock. His knot is bigger than a grapefruit and gets bigger right before he cums and it holds his dick all the way in my womb like right now and it stretches me ever second its there. If I wasn't so weak right now I'd be hunching and letting him fuck me some more. I don't think I could ever get enough of it if I didn't get exhausted from cumming so hard so often.

His cum is so damn hot and its got me all full and hot right now because it can't get out and I love the way it feels inside me trapped with his dick. I guess I'm one of his bitches now Rick and I'm glad I am. I love you so much for allowing me to be me baby and experience even my most debasing desires." "Just think baby you can have him whenever you want him now, he's gonna live here now with you.

When are you gonna let him have your ass baby, I know you want it?" "Hmmmm maybe tomorrow, there's a lot of women wanting to fuck him tonight and I really want to suck him off and let him cum in my mouth. Will you still respect me if you watch me suck his dog dick and let him cum in my mouth.

Will you still kiss me and everything. I need to know before I do it or I'm not gonna?" "Rita honey, nothing is gonna change between us no matter what you do with my knowledge, cum in your ass, your pussy, your mouth, or all over you, nothing will change between us, nothing, nil, nada, nothing, got it?" She looks at me with love expressed on her face and in her eyes but she says, I want to kiss you so bad but I know if I do I'm gonna squeeze his knot and we're off to the races again and I am so cramped I just have to get up for awhile".

Just then Ramrod jerks hard and there's a loud, "plop" and a squishing sound and his long dick and knot falls free and a flood of dog cum mixed with Rita's comes literally pouring from her to drench the towel and blanket beneath her ass. Mackenzie kneels quickly and begins sucking and licking at her aunts mound as Rita moans when she feels her tongue inside her gathering their mixed cum and drinking of it thirstily while moaning herself.

Mackenzie seems excited to be drinking Ramrods dog cum from Rita's soaked pussy and she soon has her aunt's pussy undulating with need before she turns and says, eat boy, eat and taps Rita's pussy. "Rita cries, "No, oh god no.arghhhhh.ahhhh.ahhhhh.oh god not again", as Ramrod begins his assault on her senses again with his tongue flailing her ass, pussy and concentrating on her clit until her hips are lifting and she's cumming, an anguished cry streams from her lips as she tenses tightly, upper body twisting, writhing as his tongue enters her and he again fills his thirst with their warm juices as her head flails wildly and her face is etched with her torment as her asscheeks squeeze tightly and her hand holds his big dog head as he slurps and licks with an unparalleled energy that has her mind lost unable to think or comprehend as long as he owns her pussy and clit with his insistent licking." Just as she knows she'll faint from lack of blood flow to her brain Mackenzie sits beside her and says, Up boy, Up boy as his head lifts and he looks quickly at Rita and she's not doing anything and then he hears Mac slapping her groin and he jumps over Rita's thigh and wraps Macs waist with his front paws and begins humping her rapidly as her cries fill the room.

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Rita rises on weak legs and says, "Fuck I gotta get up I can't take no more, if I cum again I'm gonna faint or just friggin die", Then she looks at Mac as Ramrod persecutes her young pussy with his dog cock and says, "Fuck that little sluts pussy till she screams boy, do that to me, I will get even, damn that was good but I didn't need it right then.

I'm gonna rub that little whores clit and keep him fucking her till she passes out", she says while laughing and almost falling down on her weak legs. "That girl is just pure evil, she knows how to hurt you in the most pleasurable way possible every time." My dick is rock hard as I watch the dog fuck my young niece furiously, hunching his cock into her roughly, uncaring of her plight, driven by his need to breed her bitch pussy.

She cries out with each fast thrust of his insanely pumping hind quarters. Anyone can see he is hurting her pussy with his deep thrusts but she pulls at his haunches as she begs him to fuck her harder, to give her his puppies as his hind quarters move in a blur until his knot is at her lips and her whole demeanor becomes pained, her moans anguished and desperate as it begins opening her, stretching her till her pussy appears to be ripping as we watch him roughly fuck her, his rear paws driving his hips forward until his knot slips totally within her and his hips splay outwards and hug her ass as she moans her relief at his entry and then screams her pleasure at his swelling within her and she knows he's about to breed her with his steaming dog sperm as it spews from his hard dog cock to bathe her womb hotly.

"Arghhhhh.ahhhhhhh.ahhhhhh.oh god it boy.yeah right there.oh yeah Let me feel it boy.ohhhhhhhhh.cum.good boy.fuck it in me boy.oh shit.ohhhhh god thats sooo gooood boy.cummin.oh dang I'm cummin.oh yeahhhhh.aieeeeee oh god you're so big and hard boy.fuck me Ramrod.doit boy.oh yeah keep shootin boy.fill me up.arrghhh.unghhh.ungh.unghhhhh.aieeeeeeee.god it hurts.hurts so bad.oh fuck he's killl.oh yeah don't stop.fuck it.fuckit boy.arrgghhhHHHHHHH" Marsha is rubbing her pussy as she watches Mac cumming on Ramrods dog cock wishing it were her pussy he was filling with his animal spunk when she sees me stroking my dick as I watch all the women in various stages of arousement as Ramrod has them all yearning his dog cock in their hot cunts.

She comes over and takes my dick and guides it into her pussy and begins moaning softly as she presses me up into her by undulating her pussy sensually slow, allowing her weight to press her down onto me as her eyes never leave Macs writhing hips as she works her pussy onto her dog lovers dick. I hear her breathing become deeper as she sinks lower and lower onto my throbbing dick. I run my hands over her thin body and knowing how young she is has my own breathing feverish and soon my head is laid back and I'm watching her nubile body writhe on my stiff cock, feeling her pussy squeezing me, clenching me as I reach around her and spread her thighs before rubbing her hard nub in small circles with my forefinger.

"That feels so good Uncle Rick, I love your big dick. Tell me you like my young pussy on your man dick. I like having a grown man fuck my pussy, I feel so special knowing most girls my age can't have your long dick but you let me cum on it.

Do you want me to cum on your hard dick Uncle Rick, do you, tell me cause I want to real bad.ahhhhhh oh I.I.I'm gonna.oh rub it harder.oh god fuck me.I need to cum so bad Uncle Rick please tell me to cum on you.make me.fuck me harder.oh fuck yeah like that.ohhh" "Cum on my dick Marsha, let me feel it baby, work your pussy, make your little girl pussy cum on my old hard me how much you love my dick baby.rub your clit on my balls baby, fuck my big dick sweetie.

Let that young pussy drown my fat older dick with hot cum." She puts her shins up on the couch and kneels and begins fucking my stiff dick with short up and down motions where she fucks her pussy forcefully with my dick as I feel her womb stretching, mashing my glans with every downwards thrust of her hips until she presses hard down onto my dick as her hips grind in pressured circles onto my dick and I feel her pussy flood with warmth. I mash her clit with my fingertips as I rub her hard while my other arm wraps her chest as I hold her right breast cupped in my hand squeezing her nipple as she moans, "Oh god I love fucking you, love cumming.aieeeee.ahhhhh.oh god yeah.fuck it.oh damn I't stop cumming.Oh god what are you doing.ohhhhhhhhh.god.lick it lick it.oh god I'm cumming so good.don't stop Aunt Rita.oh god suck it oh damn.oh damn!" Rita saw me with Marsha writhing on my dick and had lay between our thighs and began sucking and licking at Marsha's clit putting an insanity into her mind as her body tensed until she tried to flee us making me hold her to my up thrusting cock as Rita tormented her mind and body with her womanly lips.

She begs us to stop, screams we're killing her, that she can't cum anymore and then when she does she begs us to fuck her harder to suck her and lick her as she engulfs my stiff dick with her pleasure. Rita kisses her and I hear her whisper, "Cum on my husbands dick Marsha, if you're gonna fuck my man you have to cum on him and make him cum.

Work that pussy little girl, if you're gonna fuck a man you have to work that pussy like a woman. Fuck him, grind that pussy down on his dick and take his cum. Her words have Marsha's mind inflamed and she begins fucking my dick with the vigor of her youth, hips flying as she hunches down onto my cock, pressing forcefully against my glans.

I know my dick is stretching her womb hurtfully, but she's unwilling to part with it, driven to take my cum and prove her ability and worth as a woman to my wife.

Just seeing her seductive youthful body is enough to make me want to cum and now as I endure the onslaught of her tight pussy milking me, abusing my swollen glans I can't stop what I really want anyway and I tell her "Oh god Marsha you're making my wife's dick fill your pussy with my cum, fuck me, oh fuck don't stop, work it baby, take my ball cum.

Let Rita see you make me cum, show her what a woman you are, slam that pussy down on this dick.ahhh oh shit, yes, yes, ahhhhhhhh.unghhh.unghhhhhh.take it.unghhh.gonna fuck it in your slut pussy.aieerrghhhhhhhh.god your pussy is sooo damn good baby.damn!" And she takes it and savors it with her squeezing and milking cunt as my body shakes, shudders and I groan my relief as her hips still hunch and grind as she has another small orgasm herself and I wrap my arms around her and say, "I love your pussy Marsha, you're all woman baby.

You can take my cum anytime you want sweetie." She lifts and pulls her pussy from my cock and the thrill she imparts as she leaves me has me wanting to pull her back down and throw her down and fuck her again. She turns to face me and sits on my cock and asks, "Do you really mean that, do you really love my pussy Uncle Rick. Can I come spend the night with you and Rita even though you really aren't my aunt and uncle and let you both do that again to me.

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I really loved that when momma did it to me and I loved it even more with you and your wife. Will you be my aunt and uncle and do me like you do Mackenzie?" "Well sweetie that is up to your momma, if she doesn't care if you stay I'm sure Rita loves sucking your pussy and doing everything you and Mac do together and yes I do love fucking your tight pussy so its fine with me.

In fact you and Mac might both be able to stay some night together. You do realize that we can't tell anyone but the people here now about anything we do don't you?" "I know. I will never tell anybody about anything. I love all of you too much and I'll never hurt any of you. Momma talks to me all the time about how the laws are about fucking animals even if you want to fuck them.

And I do want to fuck them, well Mackenzie tricked me into getting fucked by Ramrod the first time but I liked it and done it again and again so that don't count. She just wanted me to feel as good as she did, because she's my friend." We glance at Mackenzie and see her shaking her head and saying, "No, no, not again Aunt Rita, please I can't not again and Rita smiles and begins rubbing Mac's clit and sucking her nipples and soon Mac's body is moving her thighs squeezing and Ramrod thrusts, and his big head lifts and his eyes sparkle and he begins fucking her.

At first he hunches sporadically but then as Mac's body writhes and twists he wraps her again and fucks her with a fierce determination again, ramming into her pussy until she's cumming and screaming, begging him to fuck her hurtfully as she cums and cums.

Rita's laughing, saying, "Cum baby, cum like you made me cum slut, show us how much you like cumming on dog dick. I told you I was gonna get even". "Its not fair, I can't get away from him.arrghhhh.arghhhhh.oh god it feels so good but he's killing me.don't make me cum no more.aiiieeee.ohhhhhhh.godddd.Arrggh he's cumming.oh fuck he's cumming.aieeeeeEEEEEEE.oh god I can't're Killing me Aunt Rita.ohhh god I'm cummin so much.please fuck me boy.oh I love this so pussy's so sore.aieeeeee.cum.cumming.oh damn I have to stop!

Oh fuck.oh fuck.he 's cummin more.arrghhhhh.Ohfuckit.I'm gonna die anyway!" She begins hunching wildly, completely out of control as she fucks into his animal dick as he spews hotly in her womb.she feels an outward pressure as her womb stretches as he continues to pump her cavity full of even more of his hot liquid like dog sperm.

Her hands reach down and grab him by his haunches as she fucks him frantically Ramrod has a look on his dog face like he's bewildered and doesn't know what his human bitch is trying to do and he jumps sideways and turns ass to ass with her while Mac's hips continue to hunch and roll as she feels him lodged painfully within her pussy.

Rita leans over and says, "I guess that's enough exquisite payback for now sweetie, just lay there and feel happy so another of these ladies can have him tonight", and then kisses her lightly on the lips. I don't see Mary and Sheila and I'm wondering where they went when I hear a loud cry and a YES!.YES.OH GOD YES! Coming from upstairs and I know immediately where they are and what they're doing. I rise and walk up the stairs and peek into the bedroom and see Mary working Rita's largest black dildo in Sheila's pussy while sucking at her clit.

Sheila's head is flailing and her hips hunching and rolling as her hands claw at the sheets until her feet fall flat on the bed and she lifts and presses into the dildo as Mary fucks her hard with it, ramming it deep inside her and holding it there with her palm while she fucks her ass with another smaller dildo that I hadn't noticed until her ass lifted and she screamed again as she cum hard.

My dick is stiff as a board now and I walk to the bed and straddle Marys hips and lower my body and place my dick at her asshole and begin pressing into her forcefully. "Oh damn" she yells and her head lays down on Sheila's groin as her hands grip sheila's hips and she raises her ass to allow me a better angle to enter her and I do. I begin fucking Mary's tight asshole as Sheila sits up and begins fucking her pussy and rubbing her clit as the one dildo just resides in her ass.

I love this, my stiff dick works its way deeper inside her ass as she lifts, presses back into me, hips rolling, and undulating as my cock screams its love of her tight ass. I see where Marsha gets her love of ass fucking as Mary's ass works my dick, squeezes me and sends roiling sensations shooting from my dick as she moans her love of what she feels. Her hips match my own as I fuck her, meeting each of my downwards thrusts with an upwards one of her ass, the sensations I present her as her nerve rich ring of pleasure rides my cock puts a love into her moans.

She squeezes me as she magnifies the streaming sensations swarming her mind as her anus anoints my dick with pleasure as my own mind begs for me to fill her rotating hole with my hot jism. I guess she feels me swelling, hardening as my pace increases and I take longer, faster strokes within her clasping muscle because she begins begging me to cum in her ass, squeezing me as I piston in and out until my mind is stricken with my need and I fuck her exit hole frenziedly until I groan and ram to the depths of her rectum and flood her bowels with my cock juice as I groan.unghhh.unghhh.unghhh with each hot spewing within her and I feel her clench me with a tightness that I think will squeeze my cock from my body as she cums hard as she feels the heat of my release spreading up her spine and through her colon as it permeates her body with its hotness.

My cock slides slickly in her cum filled ass while I fuck her fast, hard trying to keep the waves of pleasure coursing through her until she tenses hard, ass lifting as she presents it for my hard driving use and then a hard shudder wracks her and she falls and lays there squeezing my dick, the only movement from her body as she milks the dregs of my cum from me into her hot asshole until I hug her and then rise knowing I'm through for the night by the way my cock hangs limply, defeated by Mary's wonderful ass.

Sheila cums, her thighs straightening, hips lifting as her ass squeezes and squirts the small dildo from her asshole while pulling the larger one tight inside her pussy and her fingers rub her clit hard, mauling herself as her hips buck and shake violently until finally she collapses and lays there with her body twitching, pussy squeezing the dildo with a serene look on her face as she murmurs, "God I'm never going home, dogs, dildos and dick what else could any woman need.", and Mary begins laughing hysterically, holding her side as she tries to catch her breath and looks at her and says, "MORE!" I shake my head and say "Damn I have a whole fucking house full of insatiable women sluts and just one dick.

I need Ed to come home and help me. Ramrod and me just can't keep you sluts caught up. Call Ed and tell him to bring a bunch of black studs with him Sheila." "I would Rick but I'm gonna have to tell him he needs to fuck these young and old cunts first. I'm sure he is gonna want to be their first black cock fuck.

After that he'll have a whole house of black dick here for these white sluts", she says laughing. I'm just afraid he isn't going to believe these girls are eighteen and he won't mess with them if he don't believe they are. Hell they don't look fifteen. "Just tell Mac the problem, I'm betting she'll have him fucking her real quick", Mary offers. "You know you're probably right Mary.

I could talk for a month and she could have him fucking her young cunt if less than five minutes I bet just like she did me. I'm gonna tell her and see what she comes up with" About that time Mac comes staggering in the bedroom saying, I'm whupped, I'm going to bed I think.

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Aunt Rita just had me fucked out. I thought my womb was gonna explode that damn dog pumped so much cum inside it. I'm not fuckin with Aunt Rita anymore she gets even bad. I thought she was gonna let that dog fuck me to death before she stopped messing with me. Everyone laughed and she got a look like we shouldn't be laughing at her misfortune, like she really could have died. Then Sheila explained about Ed and she looked at all of us and said, "What do I get out of it?" Sheila told her how big Ed's dick was and said remember he'll fuck all us older women anyway.

Its you and Marsha that you have to talk him into fucking with his big dick, that is if you're not scared of it when you see it. "Does he fuck you with it and make you cum Sheila?" "All the time baby, all the time, I love that big nigger dick of my man" "If he fucks you then it will fit in me and he'll fuck me too, wait and see", she brags.

"Don't bet on it Mac, he don't like jail, I'm really not sure he will unless you show him a birth certificate or drivers license", she replies. "Hmmm I tell you what, I'll bet you he fucks me and Marsha both. If he does one of you older women have to let him fuck you up the ass with his big cock. If he won't, you can fuck my ass with Aunt Rita's biggest dildo. Wanna bet?" Sheila is sure Ed won't fuck them, he just isn't like that but the thought of him fucking his dick up her ass or any of their asses was pure terror.

But the thought of shoving that big dildo that presently still resides in her pussy up this young girls ass from proving she wasn't as damn smart as she thinks she is makes it worth the risk so she says "OK, you're on, but you have to have him fuck you both the first night he's here, deal?" "Deal, you better be deciding who is gonna get black cock ass fucked cause I'm not losing!" "A shudder runs through Sheila as she thinks, what have I done?" "Where's your aunt, Mac", I ask her.

"I think Marsha is thinking about fucking Ramrod and Aunt Rita was eating her pussy while she decided", she says idly as she yawns loudly. I walk downstairs and see Marsha's small body being pounded by Ramrod, being fucked really hard and furious and she looks like she's in heaven as Rita sucks her large nipple and rubs her clit while Ramrod forces his dog dick to her depths. I see my wife kiss her and its such a seductive sight seeing Marsha's black hair flowing and Rita's own hair draping both their upper bodies as the dog is oblivious to everything except pounding his dick deep into her tight pussy and impregnating her fertile womb.

I hear Marsha's sharp cries as he forces her open, entering her deeper and deeper with each of his hard thrusts until her back arches and her hands grip Rita's body tightly and I hear her cries, her eyes opening with the same awed expression they all have as he forces his large dog knot into her vagina to stretch her hugely. I see the pain etched on her face but I also notice her straining to hold herself to Rita as she forces her pussy into his straining flanks.

She craves the feeling of his knot swelling inside her. She knows once she feels it pulsing inside the tight clasp of her vagina that her G-spot will be massaged fully sending wildly pleasurable sensations to stream from her inner walls and drive that pleasure directly into her brain.

His swelling, pulsing knot signals his intention to flood her painfully distended womb with his hot sperm and that message fills her with a sating affirmation of her womanhood. Knowing her pussy is providing such pleasure to his animal dick speaks volumes of her sexuality as she uses her sex to tame this beasts' huge cock and her mind begs to be made his bitch, to feel that hot spewing that would otherwise impregnate her with his babies.

Her body endures any pain to insure his alpha cock breeds her bitch pussy which is as nature intends. It's what they all crave, to be bred by him, to feel his big knot imparting his balls intention of flooding their pussies with his scalding sperm.

It is his wanton use of their bodies for his pleasure as he asserts his male presence by forcing them to accept the whole of his cock, even as they scream their bodies' resistance to that insertion.

He brings out their primitive need to be dominated, forced to subjugate to his will as he takes them roughly, stretching them internally, giving them pain uncaring of their plight and then soothing that pain with the heat of his scalding seed. It is the bathing of that pained flesh by forceful streams of his liquid heat that addicts them to this carnal act, that and the painful anguish of their intense orgasms as he takes them as his bitch, repeatedly if necessary to subjugate them to his animal breeding.

They know their pussy is owned by this dog when he leaves them and they think of him constantly, remember his hot spewing as he made them his. Marsha feels all of this as she bathes his animal cock with her appreciation of his fucking her.

Bathes him with her female lubrication so he may enter her fully, stretching her body until she begs him to breed her human pussy with his forceful hot expulsions. She is begging him, pleading for his puppies to be injected directly into her female womb and he obliges her as is his duty as the alpha breeding male. Her young mind is not equipped to handle such an onslaught of pain, pleasure, and young emotions as he stretches and breeds her womb. She cries, she screams, she begs and she cums continuously as he floods her, pounding his hot dog sperm into her receptive body.

Its heat permeates to her very core leaving her craving more. Her intense craving has her unable to stop her pussy squeezing, hunching her need. It is in this manner she communicates her desire for him to continue and he does.

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His animal instincts tell him he must subjugate her, subdue his bitch. He must leave her pussy torn and bleeding if necessary to tie her pussy to him and he fucks her roughly as many times as she needs to become docile and tamed, owned by him, sated by his superior dick so that she will never need another cock but his to enter and breed her.

Ramrod has smelled another males sperm within her and he must show her his superiority to that male and he fucks her insanely each time she moves after his breeding her womb. He finally leaves her lying gasping unable to even squeeze her pussy he has defeated her so thoroughly. He then jumps to the side and stands ass to ass with her as he surveys his territory to see if there are more bitches that need his sperm.

He sniffs the air and smells me nearby and barks loudly to let me know he is here and this is his pack of female pussies. I move next to him and startle him and he jerks his cock from the tight confines of Marsha's young pussy with a loud "Slurp" and she is so whipped by his huge dick she doesn't even moan, just lies there in Rita's arms and sleeps.

Ramrod goes and lays down and begins cleaning his cock when I see Rita's eyes open and I ask her, I thought you always clean your lovers cock after he fucks you good. Poor Ramrod has to clean his own. She knows what I'm suggesting and I see the evilness of her grin as she rises and goes to him and lays beside him and begins sucking his doggie dick as she watches me.

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