Hot gay Aiden is able to get his hard on ultra cute and deep inwards

Hot gay Aiden is able to get his hard on ultra cute and deep inwards
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This is a continuation of a true story which involves sex between a teen and a minor. So as not to cause any offence, if you find this distasteful, please leave and search for a story that is more to your taste.

It Started Here. continued After the first time of giving my neighbour a wank, it seemed to be the norm when ever I stayed at his house and I grew to enjoy watching him watching me as I would bring him to the point of him spurting out his white stuff and when it happened the look on his face, the noises he made but best of all was the praise he lavished on me for doing such a good job.

It was one night after helping him to his explosion of his stuff that without a word he reached into my pj's and found my little hard willy and gave me a knowing smile and started to rub. I felt a full blush on my face, as nobody up until then had ever touched me down there and I had a rush of embarrassment tinged with excitement.

"Do you like"? I just nodded yes. "Good. I knew you would". and with me lying there he slowly slid down my pj bottoms revealing my rock hard little thing to his gaze and with a lick of his lips went back to rubbing.

I felt him folding the skin which covered the end back and it hurt slightly, then pull it up again. He kept on doing this until I had a knot in my stomach and such a strange feeling building up in my willy.

"I I I I'm going to pee". I said trying to pull my legs up so that it might break his grip on me but he was lying across them. He rubbed faster now and the stirrings turned to what I came to call the tickley feeling, overwhelming my body as my willy pulsed and my head began to swim and I flopped fully back on the bed. It took a few minutes for me to recover with the first sight being John looking down at me with a grin.

"Well what'd you think"? I lay there trying to form the words but couldn't, so I just gave him the biggest smile I could muster. "Would you like me to do it again"? Once again no words would form on my lips so I smiled broadly and nodded my head like one of those little dog things you see in the back of car windows.

"Good, as it looks like you really enjoyed it". With that of he went to the wash room to wash off his white stuff leaving me there to pull up my pj's over my still hard little willy. I had never thought that a feeling could be so powerful and now that the discovery had been made, I was at it every chance I had.

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I'd discovered how to wank (masturbate) myself. A week passed and as per usual my father was to be off on one of his drinking/womanising nights away and it was agreed by my neighbours that John, being old enough to do so, should look after me in my house, so when I returned home from my speech therapy class I entered not to find my father, but John waiting there.

He explained that; my so called parent; had called his mother to ask the usual and when he had heard that I was to be looked after, suggested that he could do it at my house so as to make me feel more at ease and not to run the gauntlet of his brothers' annoyance at me being in their space.

I was pleased that I could be in my own home and without even thinking about it I went into my routine of putting the water boiler on, opening windows and changing into my runabout clothes.


John and I then went down to his house where his mother was ready to feed the gathering throng. Meals there were always great as I was usually left to my own devices at home. After a feed which I loved and had thanked John's mother for, it was back up to my house.

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It was relieved to be back in the place I knew and felt comfortable in, away from his brothers one of whom was the ring leader of a gang of bullies that made my life a misery at school and any other place they found me. We sat and watched the TV; one of the main pastimes I had; and at 7 o'clock I turned to John and said that I was going for a shower; a thing I had never done at his house; just to see that grin appear on his face. "We could have one together" he grinned. I looked at him and in a small voice said "OK".

Knowing what was going to happen the stirrings started and before I knew it up popped my little willy. I went to my room to undress but was followed by John. Being a little unsure of being totally naked in front of somebody once again I blushed and could feel my heart pound within my chest. John of coarse just stripped and I could see his willy, or dick as he called it, was not hard but it wasn't really soft either.

At this my own willy seemed to jump on its own. When eventually I was naked I saw John smile and asked me to show him the way. I headed for the bathroom and turned the shower on.

We both entered the shower stall at the same time and when I turned round was faced by his now hard willy. "Can you make it a bit warmer"? I reached up and adjusted the knob. "Yeah that's fine now". A little too hot for me but soon it wasn't too bad. "What kind of soap is this"? As he examined the bar that was in his hand. "I I I I don't know". "Seems OK and I s'pose soap is soap"? "Yeah". "You know what"? I just shrugged.

"We should wash each other"? "O o o o K". He handed me the soap. I started to wash as I was directed and when I got to his willy he got me to soap him up really good and to rub up and down on it. He then directed me to wash his bum (butt) so I went to go round to the rear but was told just to reach under and between his legs so that I still faced him and to take a lot of time around his hole, so kneeling down on the stall floor I did as he asked occasionally being hit in the face with his thing.

"Oh yeah that's it" as I stroked my fingers across the hole. "See the finger you point with"? "When I tell you make it straight and push". I kept stroking and rubbing his hole when the command came. "Push". So did as he had said, straightened out my finger and pushed. My finger went all the way into his hole and as it did his hard willy hit me on the lips as I was directly looking at it.

He moaned. I didn't feel really comfortable doing this thinking to myself that my finger was in the hole his poo came out of. "Fuck yeah, move it in and out". I did so. He started to rub his own willy as my finger went back and forth in his hole. "Oh my god, fuck yeah, yeah, yeah". No warning was given as his white stuff started to shoot out the first landing in my long black hair, the next two or three landing onto my face the last onto my chest.

John helped me to my feet and rubbed the stuff of my face with a cloth and then let out a big laugh. I looked at him in confusion and a sense of hurt when he pointed out that it was my knees that had brought his hilarity. Looking down there it was, the perfect imprint of the dimpled floor tiles on my knees, at which I began to laugh. The soap was now applied to me and in the same way that I had been directed, John was now doing the same to me.

When down at my rock hard and hurting willy, he lathered up and began to rub. It felt great and with the slidiness of the soap so easy for him to build up speed. Just on the point of the tickley feeling I could feel his finger enter my hole. A sting of instant pain racked my young body and instantly made me recoil from his touch. "It's OK it's OK. I'm sorry, really I am. I didn't mean to hurt you".

He held me close and looked into my tearing up eyes.

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I could still feel my hole convulse and was frightened that the pain would not go. "I'll make it feel better". He slowly let go of his embrace and dropped to his knees. I could feel him kiss my belly button and then on down to my willy.

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Looking down I saw him kiss the tip and then lick up and down then raise my willy up went on to kiss and lick my small sack. He then turned me round and with the warm water rolling down my back felt his tongue lick at my hole.

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The pain convulsions started to stop and a quiver of pleasure shot through my body. Then turning me to face him I could see the whole of my willy disappear into his mouth. The feeling was such a surprise that I ended up on my tiptoes with my back arched against the wall.

His tongue swirled around the outside then it delved into the skin that covered the end. On contact with the tip and my pee hole I let out an audible moan of pleasure.

Up and down, up and down inside his mouth. It came very quickly then, that tickley feeling but this time it seemed ten times better making me cry out as my willy went into it's dance of joy in that warm damp place.

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"See. Told you I'd make it feel better".

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He was so right as the pain caused by his finger was a distant memory for at least that moment anyway. I turned the shower off and dried each other. I was about to go to my room and put on my pj's but John suggested that we stay naked and just walk about in our birthday suites. I had done this before when there was the chance of being discovered and with no feelings of sexy things but that had all now changed.

As we sat back down to watch more TV my willy had not yet softened and that pang of pain was strarting to build up again. John just sat there next to me and seemed to be really involved in watching the programme that was on. All of a sudden I felt brave reaching over taking his willy in my hand and stated to rub.

"My god your a horny little guy" tousling my hair. With my attention to his willy it was hard in no time at all. Then there appeared a clear liquid like the first time I had rubbed him. Sliding my hand to the tip I poked a finger at it and drew away a drip on my finger with it still connected to his pee hole. In my mouth it went. (Don't know why to this day why I did that). Not as salty or peppery as the time his white stuff hit me on the lips and I slurped a bit of it by mistake.

Going back for more John said, "Why not get a real good taste and lick it"? I looked at him quizzically. "You know how I licked you in the shower"? My head nodded. "Well you can go ahead and try doing it with me".

Once more I shot him the look. "C'mon there's nothing to it". Feeling his hand on my neck I was being guided closer and closer down to where the shiny pee hole was looking up at me.

I could have resisted but something within said, go on do it. Closer and closer then I was there. Slowly, out went my tongue to make contact with the tip of his willy.

It jumped at my touch. I licked again and got my tongue covered with the clear liquid taking it into my mouth and seeing if it tasted different in all the parts of my mouth. "Go on try putting it in your mouth like I did for you". Bravado took over now as I opened my lips and allowed the tip in wiggling my tongue tip all around the head of his willy and pee hole. This caused John to let out a moan and a breath I thought would never stop.

"Take more in and suck like you had a lolly in your mouth". In more went and I could feel my lips being stretched to their full extent.


Starting to suck up and down I heard John let out a squeal of pain and in a panic I spat his willy out and looked up at him expecting him to hit me. He looked straight into my eyes and laughed. "You were doing so good but your teeth are so sharp". Again laughing. "Cover your teeth with your lips and suck that is the way to do it". He guided me back to his willy.

Once more it was in my mouth and lips over my implements of pain the up and down motion began. With half his willy in there as I sucked it became easier as my spit made it glide.

All this time I can hear utterances of pleasure coming from John. Then I felt his hands on the back of my head and he was trying to get more and more of his willy into me. At times it hit the back and made me feel like I was going to puke my guts up but I was held there until in a low growl then in so many swear words, began to spurt his white stuff into my throat and mouth. Once more gagging but then swallowing it was eventually over with his willy dropping from my lips followed by the remains of his white stuff.

I made to make a run for the toilet as the feeling in my gut was terrible but he was on me in a flash kissing me full on the kips with his tongue in my mouth rubbing itself round mine. The embrace stopped as he then went down and started to suck my willy really hard my stomach still in turmoil it began, the tickley feeling burst out putting my head in two different places at the same time.

Nouch more was said that night and as we went for breakfast the next morning he kept looking at me with apologies written all over his face. This true story will continue depending on the comments and if I can find it in myself to carry on telling this chapter of my life. I