Janet is a filthy whore

Janet is a filthy whore
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When I got inside my house, my sister, Allie, was sitting on the couch. I thought about immediately approaching her about what I was thinking, but I couldn't bring myself to do it, especially with my parents still in the house.

I went to my room to think.

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I knew I had to eventually do it. If I couldn't convince my sister to have sex with Curt, I was going to be screwed. He would tell his parents about walking in on me and his sister fucking in her room. I'd be in deep shit. I'd lose a friend, my parents would ground me probably until the day I die, and worst of all I'd never be able to see Jenny again. I thought about what Jenny told me as she rested her head on my chest in between our sex romps.

Was she telling me the truth? Did Allie really talk before about wanting to have sex with Curt? Maybe Jenny was bullshitting me, but if she was telling the truth, the task would be much easier. I heard a knock at my door. It was mom. "Hey sweetie. Whatcha doing?" "Nothing mom. What's up?" She stepped into my room.

"Your dad and I are going in town for a few minutes. Can you look after Allie?" "Sure. No problem." Mom and dad left a couple of minutes later. I knew this was a perfect opening for me. I walked downstairs and Allie was still on the couch watching TV. I sat down next to her and watched with her. I waited for several minutes, trying to figure out exactly what to say. Finally, I prepared and delivered.

"Allison, do you have a minute to talk?" She turned the TV volume down and turned to me. "Sure. What's up?" "I wanted to ask you a question." "Okay." I paused to gain some momentum. "What do you think of Curt?" Surprise came over her face. "Jenny's brother?" I nodded my head yes. "I don't know, I guess he's okay. Why? Are you guys fighting?" "No, no. I was just wondering." I could tell she was confused.

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"Oh. Okay", she said. "Well, there's something else." She waited for me to finish. "Curt said something to me today and I was surprised and I thought that maybe you should know." She listened intently.

"What did he say?" I paused again, bracing myself in case this backfired. "He said that he really liked you", I said. She tilted her head. "Oh yeah?" I nodded. "Yeah. In fact he said that there were things that he'd like to do with you." "Like what?", she asked.

"Like kiss you, touch you, try to make you feel good." She was slightly startled and her face turned a light shade of red. "Really?" "Yeah, but he said he probably wouldn't because you wouldn't want to do that with him. But he said if you ever asked him to, he would in a second." She didn't say anything for the longest time. She just sat and thought. I decided to break the silence for us both. "Is that something that you would want to do?" "I don't know.

Maybe." "Well, if so, I can have him come over sometime. But it'd have to be when mom and dad would be gone for a while. They could never find out about it." Again, she turned silent and thought. I almost said something else to entice her, but she began to speak.

"I suppose that would be okay. I mean, Curt's nice and everything." I was relieved. "Okay Allie. Only if you're sure though." She nodded her head. "Yeah, I'm sure." I was so happy that I gave her a hug. This would guarantee that I wouldn't be in trouble for what happened earlier today. But for me, most importantly, it meant that I could keep on seeing Jenny. I was in a virtual sprint to the phone in the kitchen. I dialed Curt's house and his dad answered.

I asked to speak with Curt. When Curt answered, I gave the great news. "Okay, she's in." Curt waited, probably until his dad was out of earshot. "Really? She actually said yes?" "Yeah, I told you I could sell her on it.

So this means we're okay then, right?" "Not yet. I still have to fuck her. She may back out at the last minute. If she does, it's your ass." "Don't worry, she'll be ready. The next time my parents will be out for a while, I'll call you and you can ride over here." "Okay", he said. "Sounds like a plan." After I got off the phone with Curt, I went back to talk to Allie.


"I just got off the phone with Curt. The next time mom and dad go out, I'll call him and have him come over." "I think mom said something about going to play cards at Dave and Connie's on Saturday evening", she said. This was perfect. Dave and Connie were friends of my parents and threw card parties often. Most of the time, these parties started around 6:00 and went well past midnight. All I needed was an hour or so. However long it took Curt to shoot his wad into Allie.

When Saturday arrived, mom and dad got dressed and were about to leave. Mom turned towards me. "We'll be at Dave and Connie's for a few hours.

If anything is wrong, call us." By now I was used to babysitting for my little sister. "Okay", I replied.

With that, mom and dad were out the door and into the car. I walked over to Allie. "Are you still okay with Curt coming over?" She nodded. "Yeah." I immediately got on the phone and called his house. Curt answered. "Hello?" "Hey Curt, it's me. Mom and dad just left. They'll be gone for hours. Get on over here." "Okay." He hung up. Asking his parents would just be going through the motions. Both his parents and mine were so used to us hanging out, they never said no.

I stood by the window, more nervous now than I was when I had my encounters with Jenny, probably because I was putting my little sister's virginity up for sale instead of taking someone else's.

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I looked at Allie, almost as if it were the last time I'd see her again. I noticed how little she was. I noticed her curly blond hair that reached past her shoulders. She didn't spend a lot of time outside, so she had very fair skin. I began to feel a little sorry for what I was doing, but then again, according to Jenny, she had wanted this and had practiced after she found one of mom's dildos.

I couldn't even imagine it. After about 25 minutes, I heard bike tires scratch the gravel driveway outside. Curt was here. He walked in the back door, like he typically did. I walked with him to the front room where my sister was. I sat in the chair while Curt sat next to Allie. "Hi Curt", she said.

"Hey Allie", he replied. I could tell they didn't know where to start. Then I realized it may be a bit awkward with me sitting here. "Allie, why don't you take Curt upstairs and show him your room? I'll be down here", I suggested. Allie looked at me and then at Curt. "Okay." She stood up and Curt followed suit.

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They walked up the stairs and I heard Allie's squeaky bedroom door open. For the next fifteen to twenty minutes, I tried to watch TV and keep my mind off of what was going on upstairs, but I couldn't help but wonder what exactly they were doing. Was Curt enjoying it? Was Allie?

Were they fucking by now?


The curiosity was getting the best of me. What if I snuck upstairs and listened? I could get an idea of where they were in the proceedings.

Okay, one quick trip upstairs just to take a listen, then I'll come back down here. I walked slowly up the stairs, careful not to make any noise at all. When I reached the top of the steps, I walked to the first door on the right, where Allie's room was. When I reached the door, I could hear Curt moaning. I looked at the door and noticed that they hadn't completely shut it. There was about a three inch crack to look through.

I peeked in to see it. Curt was lying flat on the bed, completely naked.

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Allie too was completely nude. I hadn't seen my sister naked since we were both little kids. She still had a total flat chest with small, pink nipples adorning the center of where her tits would one day be.

With Curt lying on the bed, Allie was on her knees and bent over Curt's private region. Her hair had been pulled back and I could see what was happening. She was giving Curt a blowjob.

She looked very comfortable doing it too. Her lips were wrapped around his hard cock and moving up and down his shaft slowly. She pulled off and began to jack Curt off. Even though he was a year younger, Curt had about the same size dick that I had. I looked back at Curt, his hands behind his head, still moaning with every stroke. Allie dipped back down and starting to suck again.

This time she went even further down, completely engulfing Curt's boner in her mouth. I was amazed that she could do this and then I remembered that Jenny must have been telling the truth. Allie must have practiced this before and I imagined the dildo she practiced with must be much bigger than either Curt or me. Her saliva-covered lips moved effortlessly up and back down, with her right hand holding the base of his cock and her left hand rubbing his flat, smooth abs.

Curt moved his hands from behind his head and put them both behind Allie's. He was enjoying the feeling of power, just like I did when my hands pushed down on his sister's head as she sucked me for the first time.

I looked down at my shorts to see that I had been sporting a huge boner. How was I enjoying this? My sister was being violated. I am a sick son of a bitch. But I couldn't help it. My dick was raging in my shorts. I heard movement and I refocused on what was happening in Allie's bed.

Allie had climbed back up to Curt and began to kiss him passionately. Curt kept his hands on her head and massaged it through her curly, blond hair as he shoved his tongue down her throat. Their naked bodies were rubbing against each other, without an inch of space between them.

While they continued to kiss, Allie moved her right hand down to Curt's manhood and began to rub at a slow pace. I looked back down to see my dick still pushing against my shorts, begging for escape.

I pulled the shorts down just enough to let my dick breathe. As soon as I brought the waistband down, my cock plunged forward. I looked back up just as Curt turned Allie on her back and he got on top of her, still kissing. He pulled back and moved his hand down to his fully erect cock. He pointed it straight at Allie's pussy, and slowly moved it forward, so that the head was barely touching her beautifully tight pussy lips. Allie took her hand down and began to fondle her pussy. That put me over the edge.

It may have been totally wrong, but I was horny as fuck from this. I began to jack off to the scene in front of me. It wasn't long before Curt made the entrance. He pushed forward, plunging his boner into my little sister's innocent-looking vagina. He went a little more than halfway at first, but another push and he was fully inside of her.

It was definitely much less messy than when Jenny and I first did it. Obviously Jenny was telling the truth: Allie had been practicing. Both Curt and Allie started moaning with every thrust Curt made. I myself, still going to town on my dick, knew I had to stay quiet or they'd know I was watching. Allie wrapped her legs around Curt, her feet coming together behind Curt's lunging ass. Curt started to go faster and faster, the moans became louder and more frequent.

I was beating my dick so hard, I knew I was going to cum soon. I watched Curt take his left hand and put it on Allie's throat, almost making it look like he was choking her, while his right hand slid underneath her and pulled her back slightly up and off of the bed. Allie responded by putting her hands on the bed and propping herself up. I was just about to cum, but I had to find something to catch it, so I wouldn't leave any evidence.

At the last second, I put my left hand out in front of the head of my cock.

I took one more look at the scene in my sister's bedroom, Curt still plunging his rock-hard dick into my sister's young pussy, then I came into my hand. As the ropes of cum flew, I heard myself let out a gasp. I panicked. How loud was that? Did they hear me? I looked up and, to my horror, Curt had turned his head towards the door and saw me. He saw it all: me watching him fuck my sister and jerking off to it. It may have been the best and most frightening orgasm I've ever had.

Was he going to freak out and my sister would turn and see me as well? But instead, he gave a smile that I could only describe as perverted.

He liked the fact that I saw this.

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It could have been the perfect payback that pleased him so much. I wiped the remaining cum off of my dick and pulled my pants up with my other hand. I needed to get back downstairs. But before I turned to go, Curt's face contorted. I knew he was close. I decided to stay, then I could make a break after he finished. He dropped Allie back down on the mattress and pulled his cock out of her. He moved up and straddled her chest, one knee on either side of her.

He started to jack himself off. I realized that he wanted to cum on Allie's face. He started to jack off faster and faster. Allie closed her eyes and waited for the explosion. After a few more strokes, a quick rope of cum shot out and landed on Allie's cheek. Two more loads followed, one landing on her chin and the other on the corner of her lips. Curt leaned his dick in a little more. Allie opened her eyes to see a drop of cum still hanging off Curt's cock.

He leaned it in, holding just above her mouth. Allie moved her head forward and licked off the cum. She licked the cum that landed on the corner of her mouth and then I saw her throat muscles move as she swallowed. I decided that this was the time I needed to scurry downstairs. I rushed to the bathroom to wash my cum off my hands and then went to the couch in front of the TV and tried to act as if nothing happened. About five minutes later, I heard footsteps and then saw Curt arrive at the bottom step.

Allie was still upstairs. Curt came over and sat down.

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"Thank you. That was awesome. We're cool now", he said. "You're welcome. At least we're even", I replied. "Yeah", he paused. "I saw that you enjoyed that too, a little." I was so embarrassed. My face must have turned an all-new color of red. "Sorry about that. I don't know what I was thinking." "That's okay. Wanna hear something funny?" I nodded.

"Sure." "After I caught you and Jenny fucking, I was totally pissed and ready to kill you. But we straightened things out and you left. Then I got to thinking about what I walked in on: my totally naked sister getting doggystyled and screaming in pleasure. I got a little turned on and jacked off to it later on." I was shocked. "You're kidding." "No, I swear", he said. "So it's okay that you did that. Don't feel bad or anything." "Cool", I replied. After a couple seconds he started to speak again.

"I have an idea, if you're into it." "What's that?" "Next week, my grandparents are leaving for vacation. They gave me a key to their house so I can go in and feed the cats every day. I figured that me, you, Jenny, and Allie could all ride over on our bikes and hang out over there for a while." I could tell that 'hang out' meant fuck our brains out: me on his sister and he on mine. "Yeah, that sounds good. To be honest, I was worried that you wouldn't want me to be with Jenny ever again." He shook his head.

"I don't mind, as long as you don't mind me being with your sister." "I think we're in agreement then." He smiled and stood up. "I have to get going. I'll call you next week and you and Allie can ride over to my place, then we'll go from there." "Sounds good", I said. "Seeya later." "Later." He walked out the door, hopped on his bike and left.

A few seconds later, I heard Allie coming down the stairs. When she saw me sitting on the couch, she sat down beside me and put her head on my shoulder and wrapped her arm around me, putting her hand on my left side. "Thank you", she said. "Thank you for letting us do that." I didn't know what to say.

She looked up at me. "So you and Jenny have been doing this too?" "Curt told you?", I asked. "Yeah, after we finished. I'm glad though. We can both start doing things with guys now, instead of just each other." I didn't think I heard her right. I replayed what she had just said in my head, then I looked at her. "What do you mean?" Allie smiled. "We just like having a little fun together." I couldn't believe it. My sister and Jenny were having a lesbian relationship.

I was at a loss for words. Allie began to speak again. "She's a screamer isn't she? One time I was licking her pussy and she yelled so loud that I thought you might have heard us from downstairs." "You did that in your room while I was here?" "Sure.

We did it upstairs in my room. She even ate me out in her room, while Curt was in his room, only a few feet away. He could have walked in at any time and caught Jenny face-down in me." I was halfway between shocked and completely turned on. This was a whole new ballgame. I couldn't wait until next week when we could all get together.

This was going to be a good time. To be continued…