PORNFIDELITY Blonde Bombshell Squirts on Cock

PORNFIDELITY Blonde Bombshell Squirts on Cock
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This is a reposting to gather the stories together and with an effort to reduce the grammatical errors. No one under the age of fourteen has sex in these stories. A UNIQUE ABILITY: I, the undersigned Henry Harris, make this statement of my own free will to hopefully explain to who those who might become interested, as to what has happened to my life in my recent years.

There is eventually bound to be a lot of questions about it, and perhaps some legal repercussions, too. Not to mention the judgements of others as to my situation and actions. I am going to relate this in chronological order, so that you the reader will discover what has happened and why in progressive manner, just as it did. Per-haps this will engender in to the reader some sympathy (or at least understanding of) for the forces that came to bear on me and the choices that I took.

I don't expect a clean sweep of acceptance, just a measure of empathy for my actions under some unusual stresses and strains that were not all of my own choosing. At this date, the scenario has proceeded for about six months.

And has been progressive. So, to start I will establish the base line of my situation at the beginning. I am in my seventies, retired, of good health for my age and in financially sound condition. I am an average looking man for my age, have never been a stud and have except for the years of 30 thru 40 not experienced aggressive sexual advances by women that I could only dream of bedding.

As those who are familiar with me know, I had a very long happy marriage that crashed because of factors mostly beyond our controls. Still have wonderful memories of those years. But, since then, I have had many experiences with man-y women of the sexual kind.

I am not some kind of adept, for sure. But, I do have a reasonably refined manner in sexual manners with women and regularly have money to spend on them. I am definitely heterosexual. But, I have no judgmental attitude about those who are divergent in this matter. this started, I was seeing a few friends and two lovers (one of them absent at this time,) to take care of my intimate needs at a cost much less than would have been expected with a wife.

Though I miss the day-to-day interplay with a good hearted woman in a daily homey atmosphere, ladies qualifying for taking this place in my life seem to be in rather short supply. But, my life is pleasant and well-ordered anyway. As I stated, this started about six months ago as I was busy going about the normal matters of life, completely ignorant of the events that were about to envelope me and the progressive understanding that I would receive about them.

I believe that I am an eminently reasonable man, but one who does stand up for himself. And this can include dynamism in vocal assertions when someone tries to abuse me and is resistant to reasoning on the matter. I don't always get my way, of course. Sometimes I am definitely wrong, sometimes it is a close call either way and other times I run into a 'stonewall' of opposition despite the rightness of my cause. But, overall, I do get redressing of my concerns much more often than if I just took these things 'laying down.' As I was being checked out at my favorite grocery store, I noticed that a jar of peanut butter was rung up at double the usual price.

So, I brought it to the checker's attention. She was very young and devastatingly attractive, and unduly impressed with her status and tried to defer my objection. I looked her in the eyes and suggested firmly that she do a price check before I paid for the items going into my personal bags.

She started to put up another objection, but then unexpectantly, swiped the jar off and entered five cents instead.

I mentioned that the price was much more than that, but she waved that off, took my money, made sure that the bags were all accounted for and then went on to the next customer. I pondered going to the front desk and making this good there with the front end personnel, but I didn't want to get the young woman into trouble, so since she does have some discretion in these matters, I just let it go and proceeded to take the peanut butter home to enjoy on my favorite P.B.

and Jam sandwiches. The situation though, did stick into my mind. Like it was being stored for similar kinds of evaluation. It was several days until I noticed another unusual occurrence. I am a live alone old bachelor and often sequester myself for days at a time, being busy with household chores, writing my stories, corresponding to interested parties, seeing the occasional provider and trying to find something interesting enough to watch on T.V.

I do regularly listen to half an hour of local news and the half hour of national news. And I enjoy the local sports teams that show up on the tube, too. Then, every once in a while I have to get out, three times a week for my therapeutic walking, mail call at the post office, grocery shopping and the monthly dining out and/or movie date.

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It was at a local restaurant that the next odd occurrence happened. I was seated by this very pleasant and officious waitress. She was taking my order and I was dithering around about it. Couldn't make up my mind on whether to have breakfast in the afternoon or the batter-fried fish and chips dinner.

I truly love them both. She was trying to encourage me to speed up things a bit, since the place was busy, and so smarmily suggested, "Coffee, Tea or me?" I equally smarmily responded, "Me!" She then got a very strange expression on her face and replied, "I get off work at five and will meet you in the parking lot." With her eyes dancing around wildly, trying to fathom what she had just done, I let the poor girl off and said, "Sorry, not today, but if you make the offer again, I will take you out to a movie and dinner, on me." At that she responded, "Sounds wonderful, but I don't think that my husband and children would approve of that." I smiled and retorted, "Families can be such spoil sports, can't they!" "Yes, they can.

And now are you ready to order?" "Yes, I will have the meatloaf, with side orders of mac and cheese and also with a small salad with thousand island dressing." "Bravely spoken, sir." And she then wandered off to take other orders. Another oddity added to my list. They were still on the back burner of my brain at this point, though. Later that evening, my regular provider came by for her bimonthly visit to 'fluff me up' as it were.

When we were about to join each other on the bed, I politely inquired as whether anal or any other kinky things that she knew I wanted was on the menu tonight. I love it, and sometimes she does allow it. But, since she is quite busy, and it needs to not be repeated too often, she only agrees to it about one in four visits.

It is wildly satisfying on those occasions. But, she got that strange look in her eyes that I had noticed on the other two odd events lately and then offered, "You know Henry, it is about time that I spoil you some. You have been so good and dependable to me. So, I am inviting two of the youngest legal girls that I know to come and play with us, and then later a dear male friend of mine to come and share me with you if you don't mind.

It will take about four hours to orchestrate and I will add no extra contributions from you for it." Well, I have experienced good and bad Karma before, and sometimes have been the beneficiary of wonderful presents. Even from her, but this was straining at any level of generosity that I had ever experienced and understood. But, of course, I said 'yes.' So, while I groped and messed around with her a bit, she made the phone calls.

First of all, we warmed each other up, with orals on each of us. We are both quite proficient at this. Our favorite position for oral is side-by-side 69 with us on our sides, with reversed bodies and front of body to front of body. It is cool, because with this neither of us are under any physical strain at all. With available pillows, each of us can be made comfortable enough to enjoy this for an extended period of time.

And we were busy with it when the door was being knocked on. She went to get them and the two girls who couldn't be much over 18, moved rapidly into the bedroom and doffed their clothing. It flew in all directions. And with that they moved up on to the bed and each took up with one of us. They became busy playing with our rear end ports of call, you could say. They were deftly using their lips, tongues and fingers in very pleasing ways to us, the recipients.

After a bit of this they moved up to engage their body fronts to our backs, with their hands augmenting the Provider's and my efforts to each other.

When they felt that each of us was 'up' enough, they motioned for the pro to move aside and one of the 'youngin's' face sat me, and the other planted her pussy right on to my dramatically upraised member.

They then began to ride me, and the Pro moved up behind the one fucking me to address her continuing stimulation needs. The bed was bouncing on the floor and we were bouncing on it. Only the one on my cock came then, but when the young girls switched places, the other one did, too. After that, they both gathered me into their arms and soundly kissed me good bye.

With a farewell to the Pro, they quickly got dressed and left for other pursuits. As I proceeded to gather my wits back around me, Lily went to the fridge to get a can of MUG root beer to share with me.

I am sure that the sugar helped us both. We then patiently played with each other, comfortable with a lot of caressing, groping, kissing and sucking about each other's body. Though she is not as striking as she was years ago, she is simply the finest bedmate that I have ever known. And I regularly tell her so. It doesn't get me any special rates, but she never watches the clock and often does social dates with no charge. Not a bad return on some kind and well deserved expressions from me.

After about thirty minutes, the guy showed up. I put on my bathrobe and moved out to meet him. Just a regular guy, a couple of decades younger and with excitement written all over his face.

We shook hands, said nothing and then accepted Lily's taking of one each of our hands while walking in the middle of us to the bed. We granted him first position, with her working on his equipment, while I worked on her nether regions. As soon as he was at full-mast, I moved aside to allow him to accept entry into her in the upside-down missionary position. When he was fully entered into her heavenly chamber and beginning to thrust up into her, I moved to her rear portal and with some thick lube on it and my member managed to enter her as deeply as I could.

Ball's-Deep as they say. Then the real fun began. With us alternately thrusting in and out of her, me in her ass and him in her pussy, we could not only feel her wonderful chambers, but we could also feel each other. This proceed for about fifteen minutes and then she turned around to me and said, "Both of you in my pussy." She had never allowed this in the past, but I was game, and so after quickly wiping my member off, I relubed it and penetrated her pussy with him still ensconced.

We then did a little testing to get our actions coordinated, when this was accomplished we alternately pulled out half way and then pushed back to full depth.

Lily was moaning profusely, her love cum was pouring out of her, her body was very hot and sweaty and I and the guy were quickly moving to similar dramatic events. He and I came at the same time, flooding her vagina with more semen than she had ever had in it before in one united shot.

She was crying out with her climax herself and then simply slumped on top of him with me still in her and on top of them both. He seemed in no hurry at all to quit this pile-up. In fact, he continued to comfort her body in coordination with my hands. It was easy to see magnified smiles on each of our faces.

Soon after that, he excused himself to leave after reclothing himself and as he left, he shouted out, "Anytime, sir. Anytime!" And he left. With this she looked up to me as I loomed over her with appreciative eyes and said, "Oh…My&hellip.God, why haven't we done these before." I resisted informing her that was due to her refusals even under my constant requests.

So, I replied, "Anytime that you want!" She then rolled over on to the her side, firmly planted my cock into her pussy, backed up to my belly, took my hand over her side to cuddle with her breast and promptly went to sleep. We slept for a couple of hours until she awoke and took her shower and then dressed to leave. As she was moving towards the door, she also retorted, "Anytime, Henry" And proceeded out the door. With this a pattern was becoming apparent.

I asked something of someone who had never done this before, they got a strange look in their eyes, and then complied with no drama, then or later. The next few days, I hung around home with no reason to go anywhere.

I was busy writing my stories and communicating on a couple of blogging sites. Then I needed a part to finish a repair on a toilet in my condo, so proceeded to drive to the nearest major hardware store in Big City.

On the way I came up to one of the cross streets where the road side beggars hang out. They are all professed war veterans, homeless and foodless victims with hungry dogs and children and grateful to god for our assumed generosity. Years ago I worked at a grocery store and watched these kinds of persons go about their business and then come in to buy their evenings beer on the way to home. And I have read several exposes on this activity and found out that some of the persons doing this are as advertised, but nowhere near the majority.

So, as I am stopped at the light (one of the longest in cycling in town,) she approached my open passenger side window and asked politely if I would like to contribute to her having a meal for the day. I looked at her and saw the 'look' come over her face and so replied, "No I don't think so, but if you get into the vehicle and 'play' with me for an hour I will give you a hundred dollars." With that she turned, ran and got her backpack and then jumped into my vehicle.

Her small request was now forgotten and I brought her to my place, to play. We entered and directly proceeded to the bedroom. She immediately unclothed herself and laid up on the bed with her legs splayed wide. She was not a beauty by any measure, but she had a very fine feminine body and evidently was ready to share it with me. She showed no interest in face kissing, so I proceeded to use my mouth and hands on the neck, chest, breasts and belly.

This caused her to be-come very much more active. She motioned for me to lay on my back and she moved right to my member to share her enthusiasm that was growing in our activity. She skipped the preliminaries and proceeded right to taking my cock into her mouth and with a lot of spittle, was causing it to grow impressively to its full six inch length and swell to its more impressive girth.

She then moved her pussy up to my mouth for stimulation and I agreeably proceeded to give it its due. After she was to the point where her cum was dripping on to my face, she again moved to her back and while reestablishing my member's stature, proceeded to rub it up and down her well lubricated pussy slit.

When she deemed it to be ready, she proceeded to directly install it into its proper home and directed me to use her well with, "Fuck me now, you bastard!" I forgot the condom, but she appeared to be very clean even without any preliminary preparations, so I moved on to plowing he field.

It didn't take all that long and I cummed profusely into her and pumped it home. After we rested for a few minutes, I suggested that I would be willing to take her out for a meal.

She thanked me, but asked that I just take her with the hundred and drop her off back at the corner for her husband to retrieve in another hour. So, I humbled by that admission granted her request and drove her back. Her parting words were, "If you sonofabitch want to do that again, just signal me when I am at the corner and I will jump in.

Maybe give you anal next time for another fifty, too." Didn't see her again there, for a while. After I got back home, I turned the ever present T.V. off and took a seat in my relaxer chair with all of the lights except for one drooping lamp over my couch off to ponder all of this. Why is this all working so well for me? Are there any limits on it? Is it permanent? And, what the Hell is going on here? So, I decided to institute a number of experiments to establish whatever limits there might be.

I had already established that it works on more than one woman and that it has worked over several days on several episodes. Also, that it not only involves sex, but other things also. So, I went to Presidential City in the early afternoon and entered the main Sports Bar in town. I scanned over the ladies there and decided to give it the extreme test, by trying it out on the most beautiful young blond there. If she was legal, it was barely.

So, I approached her table where she was sitting alone, and asked if I might buy her a beer. She looked up to deny me and send me on my way, but as she looked at my face, she appeared to recognize me and then got the 'look' that I was used to seeing when I was going to get my way. Deciding to give this the 'acid test' I asked her if she might want to take me home for some fun right then.

With no hesitation at all, she nodded and took me out to her car to save the time having to direct me on the way. When we arrived, I could see children's toys, but evidently they weren't home. She directed me to her bedroom and told me, "Let's get this on, since I need to be back at the bar to greet my husband in an hour." So in respect to her time management, I got on the floor and raised up her skirt and lowered her panties for some serious tongue on pussy action.

When I got to her clit, she shivered and dipped down with her knees bending. Then she quickly rose and with me now standing, unzipped my trousers and addressed directly my dick. When it quickly raised to operable mode, she rose up and turned and bent over at the side of the bed. With her ass at just the right height and her legs splayed, I rubbed my member up and down her slit and then into her vagina.

She shivered at this and then when I began to pump in and out of her, she established a complimentary pumping action in reverse to produce the deepest penetration possible. After only about ten minutes, she came profusely with a lot of leaking cum around my dick. Shortly after that with her exhortations to, "Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck meCum in me!" I did exactly that.

With my filling of her pussy, she moaned and then relaxed down on her tummy on the bed. I followed her pussy down with me relaxing on her back. As soon as we came to our senses, she got dressed without even showering and we got into her car to return to the bar.

Since we were driving on low traffic volume back streets, I unfastened my seat belt, asked her to move her seat back and raise the steering wheel and then lowered myself to her raised up skirt and then gave her some head on the road to thank her for her pussy generosity. She came again on the way and avoided putting us in a ditch despite my efforts. When we got back, she looked me right in the eyes and told me, "Come back any time and a little earlier and maybe we can add a few things to the party." With a radiant smile she left me on the sidewalk and reentered to await her husband.

I drove back home with the conviction that this ability would be operable anywhere as long as it lasted. I also on the trip decided on what my next experiment would be. I was going to test to see if there were any age restrictions on its efficacy. So the next day I was planned to use a couple of public parks just outside of my usual haunts.

At the first two, I broached my ability on a rather innocent basis, to see its result on a sub legal girl at each park. I had no intention of succeeding, just to see what their response would be.

All that I got from them was, "Beat it, Perv!" Or the essence of that. And at the third, I used a more brazen and sexually charged manner with an older lady, only about five years under my age and got a similar rebuff. So, it appeared to me that the recipient had to be legal and still in the normal sex active years for it to work. At least for it to work for sex. I decided to check out what if any menu limits might be in order.

So, I arranged for a visit by an out-of-town visiting escort who had the reputation and stated mode of a very restricted menu. But, she was successful anyway, since she was just legal of age and a stunning beauty. Since I had saved a lot of my monthly sex budget on freebies, I decided to ask her for two hours when she arrived, and if that was accepted I would go for broke on expanding her menu.

She freely advertised that she would abruptly leave if anything not on her stated menu was requested, especially 'greek" (anal.) She also insisted that the contribution be given to her in an envelope at the beginning of the session, or there would be no session and she would leave and report me on the local hooker board as a 'do not see' jerk. When she entered through my front door, she had her usual elegant looks and manner in full array.

Just as she was about to lay the law down to me, I looked into her eyes and proceeded to say, "Thank you for coming Miss Misty. I so would like to have you stay for two hours, and I will decide what additional contribution that I will offer in response to what happens. The regular contribution is in the envelope over on my table, but I don't want you to take it until we are done. (She nodded.) I want us to do your whole menu and add to that: anal, oral with-out a cover, bareback fucking, swallowing, rimming on each other and any other thing that I might think up within my ability to share in it." So, without checking the clock or taking the contribution, she guided us to my bedroom where she knew it was located with her 'hooker radar.' She gently and sensually removed my clothing and guided me to the bed to watch her give me a very inspirational strip show.

And inspirational she was, too. She was medium dark as an African-American, about six feet tall, with a slim athletic body and that especially long and oval face topping it off. My instant analysis, was that she was one of most beautiful women to ever draw breath from the human family.

And I am seldom wrong in such matters. Her hair was done up with a French bun. He face was made up with the black outlining around the eyes that I love, with light blue shading under them. Her lips were made up with the brightest red lipstick that I had ever seen.

She stood tall and proud, with A/B breasts and extra-large nipples. Her stomach was taunt and slightly rounded with no show of ever having been pregnant. On her lower belly she had a small love patch above her pussy zone. Her long shapely legs ended on their upper end with a slight separation that showed off her fully shaved slit and pronouncedly protruding clit. A visual feast for the eyes, for sure. After giving me a few minutes to be inspired by her appearance, she moved to the bed and directly laid on the top of my supine body.

She took my head into her hands and brought her face down slowly to then take my lips on to hers in as gentle a kiss as has ever occurred.

While rubbing her body around on mine, she then probed my mouth and throat with her long serpentine tongue. About this time I thought that I was going to go absolutely nuts in passion for her.

In her knowing manner, she moved to the bottom of the bed and pushed two pillows under her dear tummy. With me having read her intents, I had risen and was ready behind her gorgeous butt cheeks, with my still rock hard dick.

As she settled down in position with her ass at the perfect elevation for me, she splayed her legs apart and then reached back with her long arms to first guide me into her pussy for her stimulation and my lubrication. After I was sopping wet, she then spread apart her butt cheeks and encouraged me, "Stick it in me, Henry. I am ready for you now." So, I obliged her and slowly entered her forbidden zone with my fleshly missile.

When I became fully engaged with her ass, she instructed me to pound her into oblivion. So, I proceeded to do so and all too soon, I emptied it all right into her bowels. With that she shuddered, but didn't cum, yet. With only a half an hour into the session, we rested up a bit and hugged each other in the meantime. While we laid there, I asked her, "What would you like to do now? What have you always wanted to do with a client, but have been hesitant to ask for?" She pondered on that for a few minutes and then offered, "I have always wanted to pee into a client's mouth.

And then he could swallow or spit it out. And after that I would return the favor by accepting the same from him and doing whatever he did with the pee." Without even thinking about it I said, "I accept!

What should we do in preparation?" And she said that we each needed to pee first. We could do that together by me placing my dick between her legs as she sat on the commode and pee down her slit while she did the same in unison.

After that we needed to wash up our privates without removing all of the healthy pheromones on our bodies. Then we needed to each drink a glass full of cool water to refill our bladders.

To await our ability to pee again, we could be 69'ing each other for fun and preparation.

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"Sixty-Nining in preparation with this ebony beauty, no problem!" Then when we felt our bladders about to bust, we went into the bathroom and proceeded to fulfill her dream request. By-the-way, we each swallowed at least some of the pee and after spitting out the remainder rinsed our mouths with mouth wash. Then we returned to the bedroom after stopping off in the kitchen for snacks and drinks. My being my favorite root beer.

I then with us reclining on the bed with us again hugging each other inquired of her, "I know that you promised to stay for two hours at my request. But, do you really want to do that?" She looked at me with misty eyes, ignoring my advanced age and without any apparent 'look' in her eyes, and said, "Yes I want to stay.

I have never had this much fun with a client in my brief career before." So, in the next thirty minutes we crossed off each, another long wished for episode and then for the last thirty minutes just collapsed into each other's arms to nap the remaining time away. When she was ready to take the envelope, I doubled the amount to her and she grabbed my old fuddy-duddy body and gave it all to me in an epic goodbye kiss. I never saw or heard of her again, maybe (I hope) she found a great guy and retired to raise gloriously beautiful children.

My hopes are always high for those that affectionately grace my bed. So, since I would never ask anyone to do anything that would be dangerous or lethal, I accepted this as my limit. I could ask them to do things that they would usually not do, but not to cause any harm to anyone involved.

Now to figure out where this ability came from. I made an appointment with the local university's Doctoral Degree Control Manager to ask for a medically trained doctoral candidate to help me to solve this mystery.

Though I only have a MBA that I never actually used, I have enough of a feeling about things to think that my case would be a shoo-in for a doctoral thesis. I wanted to do it this way, though because I have a very wide ranging knowledge base because of many years of reading and have been deeply influenced by it. This was going to call for some very expensive and creative medical tests as well as others as indicated.

And I wanted someone that would be driven in finding the answers. After interviewing three candidates, I selected the proper one.

I did not relate what the challenge was, except to the winning candidate and before that I had him sign a legal agreement to not identify me, nor to publically identify my condition without my written agreement. He was puzzled at this, but then understood when I filled him in. It took six months and several of my experiences, which he attended in secret, to get to the bottom of this. He brought into it a couple of other graduate students with expertise in mental conditions and psychology.

We even got aid from the chemistry department. When it all came clear, this is what we found out. Because the North Koreans hated the U.S. so much and were relatively impotent against them, except for absurd threats, they decided to adopt the Chinese model, that is to try to conquer us by poisoning our food and drinks with additives hidden in exports to us through intermediate retail selling concerns.

These chemicals in a certain brand of ramen that I had just begun to eat regularly, were working in concert with my natural hormones and blood chemistry through my two regular prescriptions (one being the blue pill) to produce a mental state that facilitated an unusually strong mental control by me on women (and transsexuals, who genuinely thought of themselves as female) within the limits that I had already recognized.

As far as they knew no other person had this ability as generated in this manner, and maybe no others would, since it called for a very rare combination of ingredients and situations. Of course if the military got wind of it and decided that it might fit the definition as 'being in the nation's interest for defense' there might be trouble.

But, in the interviewing process in which I brought the toughest defense lawyer that I could find, they took one look at me and decided to invest the time and money elsewhere. Up to the present time, my abilities are still in full force.

But, I am very discriminating in their use. And I see the lady at the corner and the blond down south regularly! Hehehehehe! A UNIQUE ABILITY, Part 2: It is about six months since the onset of my peculiar ability.

Or at least of my notice of its effects. And I have noticed a lessening of its effects over the last week or so. There have been a minority, but an increasing one, of rejections and smarmy responses like, "You have to be kidding, you an old man are trying to seduce me!" I took it on good account that that was an outright rejection.

At least I treated it as such. So, in thinking this over I decided that the chemical side of this equation would need a refreshing recharge. So, I wrote down the name of the ramen brand and the 'Lot" information and went back to the same store and found a couple of packages still left and bought and brought them home. Had it for dinner that might, the first time since the original onset of this ability. Then I gave it the 'acid test' the next day at my regular beach front park with a young woman just into her 'legal stage' and she accompanied me to the unisex bathrooms and bent over for a very improper fucking.

Mission accomplished. Hoped to see her again too, for some more substantial fun. Her smile as she left definitely left that option open. Then, when I got home I figured that I would have to regularly recharge the N. Korean impurities that seemed to be the key to this every four months to be safe.

That would mean three packages a year, and since I have a life expectancy of another twenty-four years, that would mean a minimum of seventy-two pack-ages as a back-log. Since I now had only ten on hand, that would require me to get at least sixty-two more. And since I didn't trust another lot number to have the same effect, I wanted to first augment my supply with enough of the original lot number, before I tried out any other ones. When I returned again, alas there were only four more packages to be found on its shelves.

I checked out the other regular stores in the neighborhood, including the local Walmart and located another ten packages.

So this now totaled twenty four packages in my possession. If I only wanted to enjoy this ability for another eight years, that would be enough.

However, not so! I then turned to a couple of health food stores to see if they might have any on hand, and found that one of them had two cases of twenty four each on hand. I bought them both, amazed at the thought of ramen being a health food, But, you know, they put M and M's in trail mix, so if M and M's qualify as a health food, so could ramen, I would guess. This gave me seventy-two in total supply, and I filled in the rest and a bit more for a back-up from a local neighborhood corner store that had a few on the shelf of the proper lot number.

Just for the heck of it, I put a call out on E-Bay for more of them at a fifty % bonus price. And got two more cases and offers of whole lot more. But, since I could only use so many, and they weren't evidently going to work on anyone else, there wasn't a reason to go beyond the added two cases. I did come to the conclusion that these packages needed to be stored so that whatever the active ingredient was, it wouldn't dissipate over time.

So, I took all but one package and wrapped them in first aluminum foil and then in sealed plastic coverings and rented storage space at a local freezer plant to ensure their continued safety.

I also made sure that the rental was paid up, and after some 'Heebie-Jeebie fears, recouped one of the cases to be stored in my home freezer. With my abilities returned to full usage and an insurance for the long future stored away, my interests were now directed to getting a more complete understanding of this syndrome. I had been following the exploits of a group of persons on a sex story site and now with my experiences on record too, wondered if there might be a unified theory of the origin, instigation and operation of this kind of thing.

I recognized that mine was an accidental chemical reaction that awaked a latent mental ability in me. And one of the reported ones on site by the distinguished historical reporter, was spurred by an advanced micro-bot process initiated on purpose in selected recipients.

So, other than similar results, it was hard to see a correspondence there. And the other historical figures who in the writ-ten records seemed to display similar abilities, like Rasputin and the Marquis de Sade, were active long before N. Korean anger and corporation utilization of micro-bots. So, at this point it was likely that for some the ability was self-generated by obsessive/compulsive behavior especially in the realm of sexuality or were just spontaneously generated in unsuspecting persons to their stunned surprise.

Just 'animal magnetism' it was often explained in its recognition. So, I came up with a catch-all designation for the resultant abilities (without discrimination as to origin of cause) as: Power Mental Instigator/ Submissive Respondent Syndrome. (PMI/SRS) And bowed back to deflect the hostility and objections that might arise from this recognition.

At least I didn't name it after my-self, which so many scientists do, when becoming alert to an already existent and persistent real process that should actually be recognized as the work of a higher source and not the invention of a scientist who later just discovered its existence and probable modes of activity. I was alert to any offered alternative designations for this ability, and especially looked forward to the skilled writer of the corporation's generating of it to collate his material into to a compete and unified volume with his personal views of the matter and recognition of other's work in this area of interest.

Now I felt it proper to readdress my interests in and curiosity about this unique ability as it pertained to me. So, I reignited the current continual expressions of this with the corner beggar-woman and the Sport's Bar young mother. My usual provider had moved away to more profitable climes, but with the promise to advise me of future returns in the area for her visits to her relatives. And I also had the promising attitude of the young lady at the park to consider.

But, I did want to branch out and learn more of the limits of this ability. So, my first little investigative effort was accomplished with Marge, the corner beggar lady. She is not beautiful by any measure that I know, but her body is very functionally feminine and she has a wondrously inspired sexuality about her. You know, if she wanted to move in, with her sparky attitude intact, but her body readily available, I think that I would offer it, she is so much fun.

So, I am laying with her, in a new position, intended to advance the sensual pleasure of genital to genital contact. It involves her on her back with her butt up on two pillows, her legs splayed and then with me turned on to my left hand side and my right hand leg up on her belly and my left one tucked up to her butt and trailing to the right hand side. What this accomplishes is that the male genital area, approaches the female on at a ninety degree rotation and allows a full face off smearing of each other on each other.

The dick goes in to her twisted ninety degrees to the left and so it enters the vagina in an unnatural angle which makes the vagina seem smaller and the dick seem larger to the woman.

Comendo a gostosa de Barretos

Works great for women who have had multiple births. So, with my head trailing off of the side of the bed to the left of me and hanging over it, and my groin rubbing her splayed open pussy split with outrageously abundant cum from both of us, I brought up the possibility of her bringing her fourteen year old daughter to play with me.

I am not actually serious about this, but I was curious of how she would respond in answering for an absent loved one and especially with her lit up with lust of her own. "I don't think that that would be appropriate, Henry," was her answer. Which answered another of my questions, would the domination work for an absent target.

Evidently the answer was no, since she had never balked at any of my requests before. With her climax intact, she cued me to rise up and long body cuddle with her. She put her face up to my ear with her head on my shoulder and through her tears of relief, whispered to me a lot of nice things about my loving techniques.

I set her straight about that, she was a wonderful lover and tended to bring the best out any man who joined her in lovemaking. More tears from that answer to her and then, "Henry, if I was free to, I would move in with you and take care of you for the rest of your life. You are wonderful." And my answer to that was a smarmy, "P'shaaaw, you just say that because I just gave you a five alarm fire in you pussy slit!!!" And in her hysterical laughter, "Ah, your modesty on display again!" Then we just seemed mold together for a very romantic and loving nap.

Just before she left, she turned and said that her daughter couldn't have been with me anyway, since she was living with her grandparents in Wisconsin.

But, that she had a fifteen year old niece that might want in on this. I told her that I would consider it. And she then kissed me to begin the walk back to her beggar station.

So, with that inquiry figured out, I was in a quandary as to what other questions that I might pose and then answer. I knew that the Domination sage of the sex story site was waiting with baited breath to see what I came up with next.

Well, probably not, since he was very busy with his own multiple storylines on the site. I don't ever remember him communicating with me, so I have no reason to think that he is even aware of my postings.

With nothing particularly in mind, and because the Sports Bar young mother had texted me that she had multiple children at home that were ill, I decided to return to one of my favorite places in the world, the bay front park.

So, since I found an available parking place rather rapidly, I settled in to spend a very pleasant three or four hours and found an empty table in the shade under the trees. So happened that the young girl that I had played with the previous time was reading a book at the next table, so I asked her to keep an eye on my lunch, since it had been stolen a couple times while I was on my walk.

My carryall bag was just too heavy for me with my sore hips to carry for that distance and it would get too hot in my vehicle, this ruining my lunch. She without any effort on my part to dominate her, was very agreeable to do this for me. When I had circled around the walking path for forty minutes and was about a hundred-fifty yards from my lunch in the insulated bag, I could see and hear the girl assailing a guy who was going through my things and pulling out my lunch. "What are you doing there, guy?

That is not your stuff, it belongs to an older man who is out on a walk!" With some menace he responded, "Mind you own business, Missy.

If he is stupid enough to leave it out in the open unguarded, then he deserves to have it taken by me a homeless person!" With that, two bicycle patrolmen came up in back of him, "Oh is that right?

You mean if a person doesn't guard his possessions every minute that you have the right to steal it? I don't think that we agree with that!" He looked over to his partner holding the bikes, "You don't agree with that, do you Barry?" "No, I don't pard!" Said with a smile and squinted eyes. The first officer then turned back to the offender and ordered him, "Now lay on the ground and put your arms out straight from your body." He was obviously thinking of running, but took a look at their bicycles and decided to not try it and laid down on the ground to be handcuffed.

A few minutes later a newer S.U.V. patrol vehicle pulled up and the perp moved out with him to get his free meal after all, on the county. As I finally arrived to my things again, the lead officer, "You can thank the young lady for saving your lunch." "I will do that sir, and thank you for backing up the young lady against the rude jerk!" "No problem, part of the job." And with a nod to both of us, they mounted up and rode off into the west…&hellip.trail.

Then I turned to the young lady and thanked her for her part in our little drama. She rushed over to me and grabbed me to give me a big hug. "I remember the last time that I saw you," she whispered with her blushing in my arms. "I do too, pretty young lady?" "Could we do that again, sir? No one else has ever done it so well with me." "Yes, we could, but wouldn't you better want to visit my home and play with me there in a lot more comfort and privacy?" I had turned on the juice of the domination complex and she answered, "I would like to, but I absolutely have to get back home for my parents now.

How about I visit you at your place tomorrow about noon? I could then stay and play for more than three hours." "Sounds good to me," and so I gave her my security cell number and told her that I would meet her at the nearest bus stop (which I named) if she called and told me that she could make it. And that I would provide lunch for us and replenish her bus money for the trip. She seemed very excited over that and bid me goodbye as she rushed off.

Another (unthought of) question answered, 'Does the suggestion mode work the same with everyone?' Evidently not, because this young woman was going to be with me, but she displayed enough discretion to offer an alternative, when the present opportunity just wasn't going to work out.

Interesting, and duly noted. When I got home, I got a cell call from Marg, which informed me that her husband had kicked her out and left her on her own. I asked why, with the thought that maybe I had ruined her marriage in my smug selfishness, but she asserted that that wasn't true.

She had known for some time that while she was out making a living for the both of them as a corner beggar, he was screwing the neighbor lady who was even uglier than herself. I didn't bother to correct her on her assessment of herself, because she had good reason to know what I thought of her. But, I did invite her to spend the night to sort out her options, I was very sure of what one I hoped that she would take, too. And she agreed and said that she would arrive soon by bus.

As she was in transit, I prepared a very simple dinner for us and when she arrived, she brought some salad greens, never having seen any of them make an appearance in my condo before. So, she tossed the salad, found the two thirds empty dressing bottles and accepted my veggie augmented ramen.

I drink mostly iced water that has been boiled and filtered and she had no trouble with that. After dinner and the clean-up she begged off from having to watch the boob tube and just wanted to go to bed and close down her mind for the night.

I lent her a T-shirt of mine with a pair of my boxer shorts, and then joined her in bed to cuddle with her and coo soothing words in to her ear as she sailed off to dreamland. In the morning after our Cheerios and bananas breakfast with another bracing drink of ice water for each, she informed me that she would be manning her corner for the next five hours up to about three in the afternoon and then would be spending a couple of hours on an appointment at the bank to separate her monies from her soon to be ex-husband.

I nodded approval and was grateful that this would easily facilitate my date with the bay view park girl. When the teen showed up we immediately moved to bedroom where we enjoyed a very basic, but enthusiastic, fuckfest with her very energetic offerings to the process. After giving her, her 'cookies' three times, she hugged me, kissed me very tenderly and excused herself to fulfill her very busy afternoon's schedule.

I kissed her behind the ear and patted her lovely behind on the way out of the door. Marg showed up several hours later and settled in for the night. That night was to be extended for some time. A UNIQUE ABILITY, Part 3 When Marg awoke in the morning, she snuggled up to me and woke me up with her caressing me all over, including very light touches to my member. As I opened my eyes I found that a plain looking lady with a killer body and a warm smile is a wonderful way to wake up to.

She then with me at least half alert, pulled down the boxer shorts that she had borrowed from me to sleep in and proceeded to give me the, 'Hello, this is the good morning fuck to a guy that is being very nice to me, and I appreciate it' welcome to the morning.

My eyes told her that I appreciated it, too. After fluffing me up good and proper, she got up and showered and while waiting for me, she prepared a bacon, eggs and hash browns breakfast, which I just so happened to have all of the fixings for. She certainly does that no worse than I do, and it is one of the meals that I am rather good at.

She was a bit disappointed that I had no coffee, but I said that she should make a list of what she feels that we need, and even if it has salad mixings in it, I would get it all. That is if she was staying for at least a week. "Thank you for the offer and I will take you up on that. Past that and I will see how things go. By-the-way, I still plan on my 'work' five days a week and expect to contribute to the household expenses. This is so that I will not have to be your sex slave, though I don't think that you will be missing much of your desires in that area.

Also, I am not jealous, if you aren't!" "Marg, the balance that we find in those things will be up to us to find together, but I have to admit that you are very pleasant to have around and sexy as hell, too!" "You consider me very sexy????" She asked in a stunned voice. "You betcha, I have no difficulty in relating to you in bed and also enjoying the heck of it. You are wonderful and fun to talk to, also." "But Henry, I have some idea of the talent you have for attracting women to your bed.

Probably any one of them that you want. So, why me? I am not down on myself, but I know that I am quite plain in looks." "Marg, you are not unpleasant to look at. You are not going to win any beauty prizes, but neither am I. But, you have a killer body and a wonderful manner about yourself. I would have no problem continuing to relate to you, if the other things work out.

And it is true that I have considerable success with women, but if you are able to ignore my little deflections, and I give you the same consideration, I see no reason that we couldn't succeed as a long term couple." "Neither do I, and I must say that your compact little condo is very comfortable for two, and easy to care for, I would guess." "Well, it certainly will be with two of us to take care of it.

"Okay lover, I am on my way to my 'job site.' I walk it every day that the weather allows. I would appreciate a ride on the bad days. And if you think of it, could you bring me a sandwich and cold drink at about noon?" "Can do, and I will pass it out the window like your other clients, to not spoil the aura that you have there. And who would you like to make dinner tonight?" "I will allow you that privilege tonight. I will be determining the after dinner snack, though!

Watch out!" "Hehehehehehe, I will." So, she left at nine, would be on site at about nine-thirty, get her lunch at about noon and stay on point until about five in the evening. For this, she will take in about fifty dollars and up. She has cleared as much as three hundred in a day. Unless she has a bad week, she takes the weekends off and leaves that to a gal with three kids who works at Walmart.

She and her keep up their presence at that spot to not allow others to coopt it. Some have tried with her or Maggie there, but the drivers who are used to this action, just tend to ignore the interlopers, and they have cell phones if the interloper gets too pushy about it. Motorcycle cops have come to their rescue a couple of times. So, I planned on doing some serious shopping for the day, since Teena, the teen from the bay view park was not coming tomorrow, right after Marg leaves and the Sport's Bar Gal from Presidential City wasn't due to be seen until next week because of her 'period.' When Marg got home that evening, she showed dramatic appreciation for the new grocery supplies and a very eatable dinner.

While we cuddled on the sofa to watch some mindless Boob Tube presentation, like THE WALL, which was actually a bit entertaining, she let it out that she had two guys that she would see after workeach one day a week after her regular shift. One on Monday evening and the other on Thursday. She would still be home by eight p.m. and be ready to fluff me up if that was desired by me or her. I told her that that was very workable as far as I was concerned and I appreciated her being honest and open about that.

That I genuinely suffered when someone was expected to arrive and didn't with no explanation. I would worry then about everything that could have happened to them. I wasn't at all reasonable about it. But, so as long as what she had just shared was the usual, we would get along just fine. With a very large smile, she gathered me up into her arms for some serious face play as a young woman was about to maybe lose it all with a 'red ball.' I was planning to lose it out of my balls later that evening.

The next day, Teena called me on my cell right after Marg had left and asked me to see her about noon at the bay park. And so, I said that I would make it. I fixed a nice lunch for Marg and dropped it off explaining that I had to run out of town for a friend's emergency but would be back in time for dinner. She nodded her understanding and then I drove off to the park. When I got to the park, it was a light rain going on and Teena was busy with another girl evidently a bit younger than her hanging a hammock up between two trees.

It had a cover for it and hung up about eight feet off of the ground. It was very roomy, with room for three people if the space was intelligently used. This was in the area usually peopled with young parents and their children, who played on the giant play set there. But, with the rain coming down, there was nobody within a hundred yards of it. When they saw me approaching them, they motioned for me to hurry, and then told me that it had to hang higher, because they planned on all three of us to enter it under a rain cover and the ropes that suspended it were stretchy.

So, I and Teena, cupped our hands, each under one of the little girl's feet and lifted her up to move the ropes up. As she was busy messing with the ropes, I couldn't help but notice that under her short skirt she had no panties on. And when Teena noticed that I saw this she smiled. While the girl was up there, I took the opportunity to do a little face play under her skirt. She moved her pussy to accommodate and enjoy this and Teena kept a lookout for any undue attentions to us.

With the rain coming down even more now, no one was within eyesight of us. Then the girls boosted me up into the hammock, and I lowered my athletic pants to being on just one of my legs. And then we lifted and pulled Teena up and she opened her bodice and lifted her skirt while being oriented the same as I.

With both of us now entered, we reached down and with Jilly climbing the tree got her in with us also, but with her body reversed to ours. Her butt up to Teena and my facial areas. We then pulled the rain cover over us. It was transparent on the very top, and we took turns keeping an eye out while the other two played. I got Jilly's pussy up to my mouth very quickly and she mounted her mouth over my dick right away. Things got real sloppy in the hammock right away.

And then she traded off with Teena, so that Teena could fuck me while Jilly did the watch out. Under the very heated environment (both sensually and temperature wise) we came together very quickly. And then Jilly cleaned her pussy and my dick off for us. Then while Teena moved to be able to view the surrounding area while being mounted pussy to my face, Jilly moved down and then with her head up into the very narrow space by the lower rope, moved my dick up into her ass with her legs lifted up to Teena's support of them.

She did all of the squirming and again within a few minutes, her pussy was leaking her cum and her ass was balls deep. Teena then bent forward and licked at Jilly's pussy which moved on to her clit and then Jilly got her climax, too. With that, we untangled and began to unload ourselves from the ham-mock, just as the rain was stopping and people with their children were beginning to wander back into the children's play area.

We managed to get ourselves on to the ground and the hammock unmounted to the trees without any more attention of the people around except an inquiry from one of them as how we got three people into it. "Very creatively was my answer." We backed behind the tree and the girls affectionately kissed me and then excused themselves to get back to their college classes with the promise to work out something fun again.

I smiled and said, "Just cell me and we will work something out. When Marg got home, she thanked me for bringing her lunch and told me that she had moved up under the trees for a brief time, while a rather heavy rain squall moved over her 'beggar spot.' Then she moved into the kitchen to fix our dinner for the evening. Since there is an opening between the kitchen and the dining/living room and I was ignoring the T.V.

while playing games on one of my laptops, she just happened to ask how my friend was doing? I responded that he was fine, it was just a bit of hysteria in evidence.

She smiled and remarked that yes, she knew about hysterical friends, too. After dinner and clean-up, we cuddled up on the sofa to ignore the T.V. dreck that passed for entertainment for that evening. And then after just a few minutes, I fell asleep with my left arm braced up with a sofa pillow under it and my elbow on the sofa's left hand arm and Marg fell into a nap with her legs hanging over the opposite sofa arm, with her on her back and her head laying in my lap.

She had the other sofa pillow held on to her tummy with one arm while the other was thrown over her head. Seems weird, but was actually very cool and comfortable. We had napped for at least through two boring shows and then she awoke first and gently guided me into the bedroom by her hand in mine.

As I sleepily looked up to her after discarding my clothes rather carelessly, she made a real show of her taking off her clothing and hanging up her outerwear on hangers on the opposite end of the closet from mine, the bending over to take her panties off and tossing them into the laundry basket on my end of the closet.

She then hung her bra over the back of the wooden chair that I had temporally set on her side of the bed as a night stand for her use. She made a big show then of moving to my bureau and borrowing a T-shirt and boxer shorts for her nightwear. She had al-ready brought her suitcases with her nightwear in them to my place, but she knew that I very much enjoyed her wearing my things, as her nipples showed very fetchingly through the cotton fabric and as she moved I would get pussy peeks through the open leg holes.

Then she moved her lovely woman's body, which had had four children, with no obvious remaining bodily trauma that could be seen without a very bright light from a very close examination.

She was rightfully very proud of her womanly body and loved to flash it to me in very many ways. Since, this night we were both very tired and sleepy, she moved over to face away from me on the middle of the bed slightly on to her side of the bed and I moved up behind her with my head boosted up with two pillows to keep my nose out of her hair.

One arm wrapped around her body just below her breast line. The other reached over her head to cradle it. And my upper leg was cradled between her two legs. It felt very much like we were attached to each other and we slept the sleep of angels that night, feeling very safe and welcome in each other's arms. The next morning we both got up very refreshed and as she went off to work inquired as to if I would be home for the day.

I said 'Yes" that I would be busy editing all day. So, she said okay and left. She was only gone for a bit over two hours and then returned because of a truly miserable rainy day.

She threw off her wet clothing into the washer just around the corner from the main bath-room and took a hot shower to remove the chill. Then with only my bathrobe on, opened to my view of her lovely woman's attributes, she took me by the hands and led me to the bedroom for some afternoon delight, and it was, too.

After we awoke from a brief nap, she braced herself up in the bed and asked if we could talk about a few things, I readily agreed and braced myself also.


I purposely avoided looking her in the eyes, so as to not appear to be trying to be controlling of either the conversation or the decisions that we would make. She first mentioned how her four children were with her parents in Wisconsin, because of the very bad atmosphere that her husband had set in the home that was disturbing the kids, especially the physical and emotional abuse that she was taking.

She mentioned that she missed them very much and would like to know as soon as it was possible as to whether I would be interested in getting a larger place to live in so that they could be with her again. She mentioned that she very much enjoyed the manner that I took with her, that I was respectful to her person and accommodating of her tastes, too.

That that spoke well of our chances to make it together. When she was done, she laid over on her side and played her hands over my body as I thought things over and also the best way to reflect my thoughts on the manner. Then I began with the fact that this was just a short term arrangement for her to get her future act together, with the possibility of it being with me long range. I let her know that I very much enjoyed her and appreciated having her around in the interim.

That as far as getting a bigger place, I was open to that, if things proceeded well with us, but that she would have to agree and demonstrate the ability to meet the increased housing, food and utilities costs. That it would be good for her to take a brief vacation, perhaps having her weekend partner man the spot while she was gone to prevent someone else from taking it for their own.


And for her kids to show how they felt about me as the head of the house after their unpleasant experiences with their own father. And then I offered that I would want to wait for at least six months to see how things were between us after the initial glow of a new relationship dimmed down and the 'to be continued' actual relationship took hold.

She acknowledged the wisdom of those thoughts and her appreciation of me considering hers. She then rolled over and backed up to me to go to sleep. In the morning as she ate breakfast, she inquired as to how I would be using my day.

I remarked that I would be doing my walking at the bay view park and then moving to the library to do some needed research for a series of stories that I was going to write. Which actually meant that I was going to try out my powers again in a new place, a restaurant right next to the college that was manned and utilized by the college crowd.

She said fine and made her own lunch. After my successful day, that I will relate later, I came home to find a note on the table with my spare key on it. All of her belongings were gone, and thank-fully nothing else was gone. I sat down on the table and read the note. Dear Henry: Thank you so much for all of your considerations in my behalf.

One of the guys that I know has a large home and has offered to take me and my kids in right away. I have known him for some time and have confidence that he also will treat me well.

I hope that I will still be welcome to see you regularly as I treasure the times that we have together. Love, Marg. I sat and thought this over a bit.

I found that I was taking it a lot harder than I should. She made no promises to me about her stay. But, the abrupt and sneaky manner of her leaving rather rankled me. I never wanted to have her over again. When I drove by her spot once in a while, I would roll down my window and toss her a twenty when I was so motivated and she would gratefully take it and I could see in her eyes that she truly missed me.

I hoped that she would be taken care of okay, but I couldn't feel any involvement in that process anymore. About a month later I drove up to the spot and there wasn't any traffic on the day since it was a holiday. Since it was slow, I handed over a fifty and she handed me a card in a fancied up envelope evidently done by her.

I smiled and knocked fists with her. I then saw the first smile from her since you know when. When I got home and curled up on the sofa, I opened the card. It had all kinds of calligraphy around it with smiley doodles and outrageously inappropriate sexual suggestions. I sat there and laughed my head off at her impertinence. Then I read it: My Dear Henry: I am so sorry the way I broke it off from you and after thinking about it for some time have come to understand why you would have been so hurt by it.

You were just coming to fall I love with me, weren't you. Well, I was with you, too! Mike is working out well and the kids adore him. He's like a big teddy bear for them to wrestle around on. And he is quite well to do. I don't really have to work anymore, but he has promised to give me a lot of slack with my regulars. He knows that I am a working whore and I don't want to give it all up for the time being.

So, I will continue with my spot, but will be there only two or three days a week, since my partner needs the added income. I will be happy to see you when you can drift by. And, I have set aside Tuesdays from about ten in the morning till A.G.T. is over at night for us to be together regularly. I now have a car, so transportation is no problem, and I don't need your contributions any more. This is just out of friendship and a side-order of love from you regularly.

I will be at your condo on time. I hope that you will let me in, to your dear condo of lust and love! Xoxoxoxo Marg. She arrived right on time, to my open arms.

When I saw Teena at the park again, to my utter delight, I explained about my Tuesdays with a friend. So, she responded, "Can I have Thursdays then just the same and also without a contribution?" A radiant smile was present while she delivered this request. So, I readily agreed and she also said that she would arrive at about ten in the morning.

That she would sometimes bring her little friend and also would like to meet my other lady friend, because she was 'Bi' and felt that Marg must be grand because I loved her, too. To say that I was stunned, just doesn't get the actual flavor of it. And she also mentioned that she loved Seahawks football and so might want to include another elderly man with the three of us including her little friend, if it would be okay. I told her that I would think about that, but we three together on game days would be grand.

I guessed that the way she was treating me, and her enjoyment of sex, that she was using me as a tutor and mentor with her working up to being a full time 'sex worker' escort. I didn't have a problem with that, but would be careful to never take a dime from her. The Sunday Seahawk's game was to start at 1 pm since it was an early game on the East Coast. I wasn't sure if Teena and Jilly would show up, since Teena was sort of indecisive about it. But, I was ready just in case with two hot pizzas, root beer and a variety of other drinks (non-alcoholic since both girls were underage.) They showed up at noon hand in hand and upon entering my condo, asked me to change into more accessible clothing while they prepared themselves for my enjoyment in my main bathroom.

I put on my athletic slacks while going 'commando' with a loose but attractive pullover v neck shirt. It took over forty minutes for the girls to finish preparing themselves in the bathroom, but when they showed themselves afterward, there was no question that the time was well spent.

They were in fancy panties (slit-crotch, I found out upon closer examination later,) sexy bras that were obviously easy to maneuver around 'the girls,' and with their hair braided down their backs and a lovely facial makeup artistry that would have made Harley Quinn proud.

As they sashayed across the room to join with me for the kickoff, they split apart with each one taking one of my sides on the two person sofa. Three persons, two of them gorgeous females, with a guy in the middle, worked out just fine for me. As we settled down, they informed me that for each touchdown by the Seahawks they would fuck me in some creative manner. In between we could just play around and enjoy the food and drinks.

No complaints about no alcohol were heard, either. When the Seahawks scored their first T.D., a post pattern with Baldwin, Jilly hunkered up and directly installed her pussy down on my uprisen cock.

With her and I both facing the screen she began serious pumping up and down on me as they lined up for the point after. As the ball went right through the uprights, she got her climax with serious cumming on me. I missed the next defensive series licking the proceeds up while she called out the action to me. Teena was busy refreshing our drinks and reheating the pizza in my ancient microwave oven, waiting for the next Seahawk T.D.

And it came early in the second quarter on a sixty yard run by Procise. As the team again lined up for the point after, Teena with Jilly's help installed her pussy over my goal post and with a lot of whooping that the neighbors would have wondered at the cause of, she emptied her cum on to me also. I still hadn't cum yet, but was having the time of my life playing with these two teen girls.

Just before half, Jimmy got his first touchdown of the season on a gallop and steam rolling of the secondary. He was beside himself in ecstasy over this outcome. Not as excited as I was to have Jilly again on to me, this time facing me and trying to kiss my face off while plunging down on my tummy post.

She didn't cum this time but was very happy to feel me do so right up into her upper vaginal vault. Teena had joined in to play with her ass while she fucked me, with her using a butt plug to loosen Jilly up for further action. The Seahawks got another score before halftime on a fifty yard field goal, straight down the middle. The girls felt that I was only due a dual B.J. in the spirit of the two goal posts that were split, evidently.

During halftime, with the Hawks leading twenty-four to nothing, we moved to the bedroom bed for some inspirational non-fucking play to prepare ourselves for the second half.

Just before the kickoff, we three refueled with pizza and drinks for an action filled second half. The Eastern team got the football first in the second half and marched down the field to only get a field goal. The girls marched me to the shower, undressed me and moving their panties aside, proceeded to piss all over me, evidently showing their disapproval of the defenses' work so far in the second half.

It was scary to think of what they would have done, if the other team would have scored a touchdown. But, no fear, Russ put on his regular second half explosion with three touchdown passes and with the rushing of Rawls producing the other. I got fucked silly on each and on the third one, got the anal that I had been waiting for from Jilly. Then on the last play of the game, with the last touchdown, Teena backed up her caboose for the same treatment and I came profusely for the second time.

The girls cleaned up the condo for me after putting me to bed to nap and recover from our play. Then they left me with a cheerful note and some pictures that they had taken of each other as originally presented from the bathroom and in each other's actions afterward.

They averred that this could be a regular event during football season, I reasoned that I would have to see how I bounced back over the next couple of days, with Marg coming to spend time with me for most all of Tuesday. Things continued to work out well with Teena, and she sometimes did stay the night with me, in between her other dates. I didn't allow Jilly to stay over until she reached eighteen years old, too.

And eventually Teena did meet Marg, too. And the two of them hit it off really well, with different takes on the same kinds of activities. They both commended me on my good taste for loving them and the other one, too. I settled in for a long term engagement with the two of them, the ramen was eased off of and the lady to the South had to find another day time lover.

It eventually became evident that the ramen was having a diluted effect on each of these ladies too. They were becoming very dynamic in their attractiveness and control of their lives, I was now taking the ramen only every six months to lessen its effects on these two ladies that I adored. They never seemed to figure this out, but were open with me about enjoying their successes anyway.

I figured out that I could at my age only enjoy this without dire circumstances twice a week and so settled on the Tuesday date with Marg and the Sunday ones with Teena, with adjustments on weeks when the games were on different days. A UNIQUE ABILITY, PART 4: Things went along famously for several months. The football season was nearing the time for the playoffs and Teena and Jilly had made every game to be with me.

I had not accepted having another man with us. I have done this with others, but I just couldn't pull the trigger on this with Teena and Jilly. But, they seemed very satisfied with our current arrangement. They did mention us getting together at the park again in addition to our Sunday dates, but I reminded them that I was seeing Marg too and I was now moving up in my seventies and would like to live a number of years more to enjoy them and Marg.

I had reduced the intake of the tainted ramen to once in every six months to reduce the induced effect leading to the ladies involvement with me, but I hadn't noticed any change in their behavior this time. So, I concluded that their chemically induced sensual connection to me was now less dependent on further influence of my ability, but mostly just them enjoying the ride with me. Same with Marg. Then one day my world was turned upside down, for the first time.

A knock was heard at my door. I wasn't expecting anyone, but answered anyway and when I opened it up there was a young girl of middle school age and she seemed a little confused as to the reason for her to be there.

So, I gently with a real effort to not induce any actions on her part due to my ability asked her, "Hello young lady. Who are you and to what do I happen to have your presence at my door?" Her eyes looked about in some confusion and then told me, "I am Amber, the daughter of the woman that you know as Marg. She is just Mom to me. I felt impelled to come here for some reason that I don't understand. I understand that you and Mom regularly make love and that she enjoys it so much.

So, I thought that I would find out about it myself, too." "Aren't you a bit young for this?" "Not really, I guess, because Mom told me that she started in sensual behavior when she was even younger than I am now." "I see. But, you know that proper sexual intimacies involve two appropriate partners with both of them agreeable, don't you?" "Yes, Mom had told me of that. But, you would be agreeable to have sex with me, wouldn't you?" And with this, it appeared that she was about to move into crying on my doorstep.

And I was terrified to let her in, so I asked, "Do you know your way back home?" She nodded, yes. "Do you have bus money to get there okay?" Again she nodded, yes. "Okay young lady, please go home for now and I will discuss this with your mother when I see her again. Will that be okay for you?" "Yes, I guess so. I was hoping to learn somethings with you this time, but I know that I am young and that worries you.

So, I will await what my mother tells me about this." Okay, and thank you for being so reasonable. I think that you are a fine young woman." With that she smiled, turned on her feet and left to go home. I withdrew into the apartment and shuddered over the danger that I had just avoided.

The next afternoon, I was editing on my manuscripts when the door was knocked on again. I look up from my keyboard and think, 'What now???' So with no little trepidation, I move to the door and open it only a small gap to see who is there this time. It is another girl of about the same age as Amber, but seemingly not related.

I look her in the eyes, and she had the same little girl lost kind of look about her as Amber had. 'What the hell is going on,' I ask myself? And then I ask her, "Young lady, who are you and why are you at my door?" She looks up at me with her big brown eyes and says, "I am Felicity, the sister of Teena that is a special friend of yours.

I want to be your friend, too. May I come in?" "Felicity, what makes you think that Teena is my friend?" "She talks about you all the time. Mommy gets rather irritated over it. But, Teena and Jilly cuddle up in her bedroom and talk for hours about all of the fun things that they do with you. And I am curious to learn about these things also." "How old are you Felicity?" "I just turned fourteen last week.

But, I am having periods now and my breasts are growing, along with my pussy hair. Would you like to see them?" "I don't think that that would be proper at this time. But, I congratulate you on your moving into womanhood. It will lead to many important changes and opportunities for you in life.

How about me talking with Teena about this and I will consider what can be done, then? Do you know your way back home and do you have bus change?" "Yes, I know the way, but am short on change for now." So, I reached in my pocket and handed over four quarters from my bus change little purse and handed them over to her.

"Okay, pretty lady, please return home and I will discuss this and then get back to you through Teena, if this could work out." "Okay Henry, I sure hope that you will like me, I want this very much!" "We will see, young lady, we will see." And with that she turned on her heel and moved to go down the stairs to the street.

With that, I closed the door and withdrew to my couch very much shaken. 'What the hell is going on? Is it related to the powers that I have? I haven't even been in close contact with either of these girls. And when I tested this out, girls below the legal age rejected me out of hand. Is there some kind of 'spill-over effect going on?' I no sooner got settled down on the couch to ponder these questions and there was another knock at the door.

Fearful of another young teen another teen wanting in, I checked at the kitchen window to see how was outside and it appeared to be a woman in her thirties and she appeared to be very upset. After deciding that I had to answer the door and check this out, to prevent a brewing public disaster right at my door, I opened it and invited the distraught lady into my condo and had her seat herself in the 'comfort' rocking chair. I got her a glass of chilled and filtered water with ice cubes in it and then settled down on my couch to determine what this was about.

I patiently, with as neutral an expression as I was able to muster, awaited her response to her uninvited appearing at my door.

"I guess that you are wondering who I am and why I am here. I just followed my little girl here and then watched her at your door from across the parking lot and then observed her leaving to get back on the bus to evidently return home. What was she doing here, she is only thirteen years old (not true, she is fourteen) and a minor. I could have you arrested for even talking with her!" "Well, Mrs.

???? ( She supplied Moncrief) I didn't invite her here and I have some latitude as to whether I answer my door to anyone. I didn't even know who she was at first, because I have never met her before.

And so your threats are unfounded. But, I would like to get to the bottom of this, because she made a very inappropriate offer to me, and I am not into sub-legal girls no matter how cute and appealing they are." Mrs.

Moncrief (Sally as I learned farther along in the conversation) sat and tried to process all of this while sipping on her frozen glass of iced water. "You mean that you have never met her before?" "Yes, that is correct." "But, you know Teena, don't you?" "Yes," I realized that it would not help in this standoff to lie or clam-up, "I do know Teena." "And you are intimate with her and her cousin Jilly, aren't you?" "She is legal, I have seen her State I.D.

I am not prepared to discuss the manner of our relationship. I consider it private between consenting adults." "Well, she is my daughter, too. And I AM concerned about that, too. But, I do recognize that she is old enough to make some of her choices and from what she and Jilly have volunteered to me, as little as it is, I understand that you have been very gracious and caring along with whatever you are sharing with her." "Ma'am, I believe that is in my nature.

I am no saint, but I very much admire woman folk and would never want to injure any of them in any way. Now, let's get back to Felicity, whom you have every right to be concerned about. I know that I am after having her unexpectantly show up at my door with a very inappropriate request on her part." "What was that request, by the way" She asked with a frown on her brow.

"I am not going to go into that, but I do have no interest in any of that with her at her current age." "Okay, I get it. It was some kind of intimacies, I guess." I made no move to agree or dissuade her guess in that matter.

"Well, I can see that you are a careful and gracious man. I can see why the girls adore you, even at your advanced age. They don't get much of that from the boys of their own ages. Neither Felicity's not Teena's.

It has to be intoxicating to them to have a relationship with a real man when they are still learning the ropes of womanhood. And I had a similar experience in my young teenage years, too." "Well, I saw you send her away, so I will take my leave and discuss this with her.

Don't worry, I will be careful of her feelings, which seem a bit confused by her at this time. And I would like to talk with you again to totally straighten this out." "That would be fine as long as it doesn't turn into an accusatory and threatening session." "I will avoid that, if things proceed as they have.

I would rather work things out than ruin anyone's day." "Thank you for that!" With that she rose and left my condo. On the following Sunday, Teena and Jilly didn't show up or call either.

And on Tuesday, Marg didn't either. I didn't bother to contact them, since I felt that they were being emphatic in cutting things off with me and wouldn't want to be contacted. On Wednesday early in the morning, at least early for me at eight A.M., Sally came by again. She knocked and entered quickly when I opened the door. Graciously accepted the iced water in an iced glass and settled down in the chair. There was silence for several minutes, which I didn't invade. "I talked with my girl, Felicity, and have settled things out for the present, I think.

I told her of my experiences and the fallout from them that I would very much like to avoid for her. And I told her that when she gets to eighteen, that she will have a lot more freedom to pursue her interests, including you if you are interested then." "Interesting!" "And I have a proposition for you.

I finally figured out who Marg is and have had a coffee chat with her. She is sorry that she had dropped you again, but she is giving up her spot and you to concentrate on her children for the next ten years. With her guy, she doesn't need to work anyway. She told me that after her kids are grown that she would like connect with you again if you are interested then. She seemed like a really nice gal, and not the gorgeous type that guys like you tend to concentrate on." "She was very nice to me and more than satisfactorily attractive to me in bed.

I am very fond of her and will miss her terribly." "And I guess you will be missing Teena and Jilly from now on, too. It was not in my place to deny them seeing you, but they seemed to have the mystical handle that you seem to have over them dissipated, when I fessed up that I knew about it and had in fact talked to you about it. Something about a secret found out and then the fun is lost, I guess." "Yes, I am sure of that." "This leaves you alone then, huh?" "Yes, for the time being.

But, I have always been successful of finding intimate help over the years. It will just take some time to find someone that I will enjoy and trust." "How about me auditioning to take the place of these fine sexual friends. I am quite confident that it would work out with you after meeting you. You are okay looking, but devastatingly attractive in personality. And I have some experience with having a lover very much older than me." "How old are you anyway?

I am seventy now." "I am thirty-two. And if you subtract Teena's age from mine you will note that I had her at age fourteen." "So, it would seem. And you could be easily taken for your middle twenties, too." "Yes, I have been told that by men hitting on me." "How about your husband?

How would he take this?" "He won't know, because there is none. My older lover left me with four children by the time I was twenty-two and then dumped me for another fourteen year old. I am on my own, with a little regular help from my family and his. The kids are doing fine." "I see. What kind of an arrangement are you looking for?" "I was thinking of coming by on Tuesday evenings, when Teena can keep things under control and then stay until A.G.T. is over. And then come early on Fridays to stay with you, since the kids go to their father's parents for the week-end sometimes for them to enjoy and for their father to have some time with them.

I guess that Teena will be sharing in that again, since she has broken off with you. And since the house is empty on the weekends, I might just as well spend most of the time on them with you, if you could stand it." "Interesting offer. What help would you like in return?" "Some cash to help with my expenses would be very welcome." "How about four hundred a month for now?

Feuchte rasierte mösen

That is all that I could afford out of my budget and still pay off my dental bills." "That would help a lot, Henry. Only thing, you seem to have a manner of a mystical hold on your women, I would appreciate it if you would detune that and then whatever hold you would have on me would be interpersonally developed.

Could you do that for me?" "Yes, I think that I can. And if things work out, will too." "I can live with that." And with that, she led me to my bedroom and doffed her clothing down to her bra and panties and then joined me under the covers. We cuddled and kissed for several unrushed minutes and the moved apart a bit so that we could caress each other's bodies.

She was lovely to feel and responsive to my touch, as I was to her gentle and affectionate manner, too. I didn't want to scare her off on our first date, so I contained the kink and moved my mouth down to her titties and loosened up her bra.

I gave them the 'loves mommy's tits' treatment which seemed to impress her very much. And then I moved down to her nether regions and removed her panties to feast there. My lips and tongue glided over the skin of the inside of her thighs and around her pussy without getting into the slit or on to the clit.

Her hips were now rotating in reaction to my attentions. And when I moved into her slit, she began to thrust up to my face. I then moved up to her clit and she started to lowly shriek and moan. So, I decided to give the young woman relief and moved up on her and moved my member into her. Her reactions showed that she was most definitely ready for that and we pounded up into each other.

My body was now feeling powerful with her accepting, so I let it go and soon emptied up into her, with her climax coming right after mine. She then guided me over on to my side and gathered me up into her arms to nap away our mild depression from the end of our sensual interlude. "I can advance you two hundred right now towards the monthly total, but it will normally always be at the end of the month." "That works out fine for me, since that is when a lot of my bills come due, and that contribution will very much help in paying them.

If you want I can start the weekend stays this Friday, I will arrive at about two in the afternoon, so that I can stabilize things at home, before I join you. And also, I am guessing from what Teena and Jilly told me that you went very easy on me this time.

Sort of an introductory session, I would guess. You should know that I appreciated that, but am used to an old man's desires and so will be game for most anything that you can dream up." I smiled as she got dressed and told her, "I will take that into consideration from now on!" Sally showed up on Friday and we had the day and evening together.

It was fine and we just did some things together like my exercise walk at the park. I saw Teena off in the distance, too. I don't know if she saw us. We had just a very brief fuck session, to just take the edge off as she remarked. She then showed up the next Tuesday to watch AGT with me. She gave me Greek right on the sofa during the judge's cuts. I felt grand and somehow seemed particularly appropriate for seeing rejected acts, wandering off the stage with tears in their eyes. A UNIQUE ABILITY, PART 5: The next day, another Wednesday, I was at the park, just to get out of the condo for a few hours and to work on some of the crossword puzzles that I had stacked up.

While I was working on a particularly hard puzzle with New York City Painters and French obscure expressions, I felt my eyes covered and a velvet voice say, "Guess Who?" As I felt her body crowded up close to me, I reached back and groped her and said, "Teena, I can tell that pussy anywhere." She uncovered my eyes and then pushed the puzzles aside to take up the place on the table with her pussy now facing me, with no covering.

Good thing that there were no persons in direct view of that.


I happened to mention that, and she replied that we should meet in the 'family' restroom nearby. She said that she would go ahead to secure it and that I should follow in about five minutes and knock on the door. So, I did as requested and when she let me in there was Jilly, too.

And both of them had their pussies out for view and use. Teena remarked that we needed to get things over, so I began on her and emptied very quickly. Then I went up the back chute with Jilly and after a bit of a struggle, managed a dry cum with her, too. I then made myself presentable and moved out of the bathroom for the girls to follow several minutes later.

No one seemed to notice this little tete a tete. I moved back to the puzzles and Teena came over again and so I asked her what was up? She remarked that her mom had discussed with her the time that I was spending with you. She didn't try to deny it to me, but she forbid my using the car to do so. "That is why I haven't been able to come on Sundays, not that I didn't want to." 'Very enlightening,' I thought to myself.

"I tell you what. I have an agreement with your mom for our association, but nowhere in it have I asserted that I would see no one else. And after all, I met you first. She has said that she will stay with me on some weekends. So, if she tells me that she can't, and I will insist that she give me advance notice so that I won't waste my time waiting for someone who will not show up, I will text you the coast is clear if you want to come.

And I will give you a bus pass so that you will have transportation. Will that work for you?" "Yes, that will work fine. And I will want to see you if I can. The sex is fun, but I like just the 'hanging out' with you, too. You know how to give a girl a very good time, you know!" "Thank you, my dear Teena. And you can help me by working the fact that I am very stubborn about agreements to dissuade her from trying to increase the contribution, too." "Will do, and enjoy the doing of it.

Hehehehe" "I thought that you would. Now you need to get back to Jilly, I can see her trying very hard to be patient over there on a bench. You better rescue her before she boils over." "Will do, Papi!" And she ran off like a gazelle to be with her friend. On Saturday, my shopping day, I decided to spoil myself and buy lunch at the same restaurant that I had encountered and flustered the waitress at some time before.

When I came to my table, she approached and with a smarmy smile inquired, "Well sir, what culinary nightmare are you going to order today?" "Now that you mention it, you showed outstanding courage in taking that last order from me. How about I contain my enthusiasm this time and get a Caesar salad with a wine flavored salad dressing?" "I think that I could survive that just fine, for this time." When she brought the tab, she whispered into my ear, "Is the offer you made last time still open?" And produced a radiant smile to go with it.

I nodded that it was. She then informed me that she would be getting off for lunch in forty minutes and would like to join me for some 'discussion.' So, I wrote my vehicle license number and vehicle color and type and said, 'rear passenger side door.' She nodded, took the tip and moved off to take care of her other customers while I paid the cashier.

I went out to my suburban and put up the side window and front view curtains. Then I opened up the sleeping bag that I carry around for such occasions. And awaited her arrival. I had left the side door unlocked feeling that no one in their right mind would open a door on a vehicle that had its curtains up, and it worked out this time.

Upon arriving, she rushed in threw her purse over the curtain to the front seat and moved right in for some serious kissing. This broad didn't need any lessons.

Could have given me some, I reckoned. And as my hands moved up under her waitress skirt and into her panties, she began to add moaning and giggling to her enthusiastic offerings to me. Since she had a short lunch, she grabbed the sleeping bag and bunched some of it up to support her back and then leaned back up into the corner with her legs splayed wide, with the expression on her face telling me to 'get with it, Henry!' So, I moved right up to her sexy zone and pushing through her well-tended bush with elevated clit, and then penetrated to her womanly depths.

For this I was rewarded with further totally sexy kissing. And as she clued me in to begin the thrusting actions, her hips began to raise up to meet my movements down. I could tell that she was near, so it just let it ride and she quickly came with an outpouring of her gratefulness. I could feel that the sleeping bag was going to need a washing after this. Then she leaned over and took in my member and gave me a B.J.

to remember. With that, she rearranged her clothing and returned the twenty dollar tip with the admonition, "To Improved Performance!" I smiled and snuck it back into her waitress' skirt and patted her butt on the way out. As she was ready to return to work, she turned around and asked if we could meet on her day off. I told her that I would look forward to it.

The thing was that I wasn't even on full dosage of the ramen at the time. I was only taking a quarter of a package every three months. Perhaps, the most important benefit was the increased optimism in sensual matters that I was dis-playing and practicing, after all.

Friday, Sally texted me that she wouldn't make it for the weekend, some kind of family distress out of town was involved. The girls made it for the Sunday game and alternated giving me Greek for each Seahawk touchdown.

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When Sally came on Tuesday, she remarked that Teena was missing from the home on Sunday afternoon for several hours and returned with no offered explanation. This was mentioned with arched eye brows by her. I studiously ignored the inquiry.

She did say that her other children were well enough along to be left alone for a few hours, and that there were no adverse results thereof. Then it came, "Henry, I hate to ask this, but could you increase the monthly contribution to six hundred.

I seem to be getting behind on my bills, and though your four hundred helps, it isn't quite enough." I didn't have to guess that she read my very furrowed brow at that request. But, what came up next was a stunner, "If you can increase your contribution to six hundred, I will bring the fourteen year old with me, and for eight hundred, I will also bring the ten year old to play with us." This she said with lowered eyes and low tones.

I didn't know what had happened out of town and wasn't going to react to it, but this was totally out of the question. And I told her so.

Also, that I was disappointed that she even brought all of this up, when I defined what I would be able to do and for what at the beginning. I think that this was the first time that she really believed me that I hadn't tried to recruit her fourteen year old for fun and games. And though she was very angry with me, she did hold her temper under control. But, she then rushed to get into public order and left without even kissing me or saying goodbye.

The next day, I went to the restaurant again, this time to have a banana split and Stacy helped me again. At least that is what it said on her name tag.

I discretely inquired of her as to what days she had off during the week, and she said that for now it was Tuesday only. So, I suggested that we could get together at the hotel next door the next Tuesday for some fun. She said great and that she would be there by noon and be able to spend at least four hours with me.

I smiled and said, "great." That afternoon, I again went to the bay side park and encountered Teena again. We just talked and cuddled, but she passed on that her mother was wound up real tight for the present since her in-laws were giving her some grief over the kids and their support in the name of her father.

They had found out some way about her relationship with me. Their attitude was no problem, as long as the kids weren't around to know of it. Her mother Sally, laid down the law to them about any interference in her affairs, and that her attorney would revisit the support agreement and visitation rights, if they didn't leave well enough alone. Well, the grandparents immediately suspended the support payments and legal actions were being taken on both sides.

Teena felt that things would eventually work out again with him, since she really liked him, but that Sally would have to take a very careful road of conduct for some time while things worked out. The good news was that she got a court order to reinitiate the support payments until the legal actions were finished. I was glad to hear all of that, but couldn't get it out of my mind that she had evidently offered up her two young girls to my sexuality for money.

I didn't think that I would want to see her again, but Teena said that her mother had no problem with her seeing me from that time on, her attitude was better me until she found a beau, than with a bunch of crummy guys her age that would only give her a broken heart, a STD or an unwanted pregnancy. I concurred with her that that was sound thinking on her part and left it at that.

And she informed me that she and Jilly were bringing a friend to join in on the football game fun. I asked her to make sure that she was legal. And Teena informed me that she was twenty-two, but looked very young because of being only four foot-four, slim and with no discernable tits. Sounded like fun to me and I told her so. Smile in return. On Sunday about an hour before the game started, the three of them sure showed up and they were very right, Dicky was very cute.

After I checked her I.D. I let them move to the main bathroom for whatever preliminary preparations they had in mind. I phoned in a pizza order after determining what they would like and settled in for the show coming up. The one of the girls first. When they came out of the bathroom they were dressed as two fairy princesses and Tinkerbell.

Cute as a button each of them was, the only missing article for the costumes were panties under the very short skirts. This should be interesting, I thought. And when the knock for the pizza delivery came, Teena in costume insisted on taking the cash for the price and tip, to make the delivery guy's day.

He appeared to be about nineteen and I could tell that he was evaluating on trying to get permission to stay. But, Teena reached up and patted his cheek and then firmly closed the door.

There might have been a few tears on his part as he returned to his delivery vehicle. As the game progressed, they rotated through scoring with me when the Seahawks scored, anal for T.D's and B.J's for field goals. When it became the new girl's turn, she very excitedly backed up to me as I was seated on the crowded couch and lifting her little skirt planted her anal entry that was obviously already lubed right over my dick and plunged down, with nary a hitch on the way down.

My member is not large, just average, but it looked and felt huge in this little girl's hinny. After causing me to be firmly entered to my maximum penetration, she began to rotate and pump up and down with her hips.

She was obviously enjoying this very much though I am often hard to bring to cumming, this time I came very quickly. After using some wipes that I kept handy, she then crawled up onto my lap and proceeded to kiss and caress me until the next T.D.

for the next girl. She was devastatingly sexy, but there seemed to be something about her that I just didn't get. With pizza boxes mostly empty and the game over for another Seahawk's victory, Teena and Jilly mentioned that they needed to leave. But, Dicky asked if she could stay awhile longer and have me take her home. I saw no reason to insist that this gorgeous little girl leave and so the two regulars reached up and kissed me goodbye, and as they left the premises bade me to, "Have a great time you two!" Leaving with tinkling laughter.

With the other two having left, Dicky asked if we could take a nap on my bed before playing any more. I readily accepted that idea, since I was at the time very tired from all of the fun.

So, we settled in on the bed with her naked in my arms and her head laying back on to my neck next to my ear. When I would in my languid half-sleep caress he belly or her titties, she would let out the sweetest little moans imaginable. And every few minutes she would squirm her butt cheeks against my member. When we were finally both awake again, she moved to her back and guided me up over her and into her pussy for some gentle and affectionate lovemaking.

It was just so sweet and heady that I lost myself in the moment and forgot that I didn't know her anti-pregnancy protocol and prodigiously dumped a load up into her upper vaginal vault. She sighed with pleasure and satisfaction over that and then moved me down to lay on her belly and full frontal on her body.

I was close to being in heaven right at that moment. When we got up to watch a couple of sports shows, she nuked a couple of left over pieces pf pizza and settled down on my lap to watch with me. After an hour, she asked if she could speak openly and honestly with me. And then I with a worried heart agreed, fearful that she was going to tell me that she was under age or had some kind of STD.

She then gave me a short retelling of her life. She was born as a male twenty-two years ago, but her parents quickly recognized that she was going to be very small and was definitely of female gender identity.

So, they dressed her up as a girl right from the toddler stage and began the female body morphing shots when the doctor approved of it. The girls at school never caught on just because she acted very shy about her body around them and after all she acted so feminine around everyone.

There was one unfortunate experience that she had with a boy that really liked her, but when he found out that she was hung like him still, he backed off but never divulged her secret and remained a friend of hers up to this day. When she in her middle teens got the reassignment surgery in France, she really came into her own as a female.

Still didn't get her titties, though. And she was still saving up for them. She just had a slightly rounded mound with delightfully perky nipples for now. Her parents had passed away some time ago. She never discussed how and so she was on her own, since none of the rest of her extended family wanted anything to do with her. She explained that at the present she was in somewhat of a bind as to having a place to stay. She was covered for five days a week with two other lovers, but had no one to host her on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

She then finished her pizza and awaited my response. After cuddling with her for a bit, I offered, "I will think this over Dicky and text you before late Tuesday night as to whether I can accommodate this. She nodded and let me know that she hoped so. And then I took her home to a very large and splendid mansion for her to spend the night there. The next day, I called and discussed her with Teena and Jilly and they both vouched for her as an upright girl, who would be of no harm to me.

I googled her name and checked the local hooker board, got a positive response on that and then looked her up on 'Facebook.' Her account there was generously endowed with many positive responses to her presence and nary a negative word was said of her.

With that I texted her, "Okay." And arranged for a locksmith to come and install a formidable new locking door handle and deadbolt on my second bedroom door that held all of my valuables. A UNIQUE ABILITY, PART 6: When Dicky arrived on Wednesday, she parked her trunk in the right hand space of my closet. She informed me that if it was alright that she would center its place here and then only take a suitcase to stay with her other two guys.

When she saw the new door and locks to the second bedroom, she observed, "Nice door. And impressive locks!" My answer to that was, "Yes, I have been planning that for some time." "I wonder what the genesis of that current impulse was?" As she looked up to me with hooded eyes. No further comment by me. Then she settled in to her two day a week residence with me and I found out that her size was the least important thing about her.

But, others evidently didn't feel that way about it. She was having a great deal of trouble finding regular work. After thinking about it for a couple of days in between her visits, I suggested to her on her next one, that perhaps she should look for jobs where her size would be an asset, like installation work in crowded places and in dramatic activities where she could with added years of life experience still portray young women.

With that in mind, she did sign up for local drama classes associated with a couple of local theater groups. They were free for her, since they had such an interest in her joining with them. It was hard to get actual ingénues to act in dramas in the late evenings because of schooling and legal restrictions. After a month of her delightful stays, she found more permanent housing with the young boy that she had known in high school who had been so good to her. He was over the shock of her derivation, especially after her becoming a post-op.

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And now he had the run of the house, since his aged parents had moved to Florida and left him in charge of the premises, with the only proviso that he didn't burn it down, at least with lapsed insurance coverage.

So Dicky took up a very enjoyable residence with him and later married him after a brief 'gafarble' over the difference between his birth certificate and the young woman that he had become. She also advanced in her dramatic studies and eventually became famous in the dramatic arts, appearing in many movies. I was left then with Stacy on Tuesdays and Teena and friends on Sundays, which was quite sufficient to care for my needs………… and wants.

When Stacy had showed up on the first Tuesday at the hotel next to the restaurant where she worked, she showed up in a little black dress and big girl panties.

Not the fancy lacy type. And when she removed her clothing it was done business like, like a wife caring for her husband. And when she joined me in the bed, she showed that she was in love with her womanly body. It vaguely showed the effects of multiple births, but it also was a glorious 'milf's' type body and she was not at all intimidated by it. In our laying together and getting acquainted and in the lovemaking after it, she was obviously enjoying the relating of male to female sensuality.

No recognizable shyness or reticence on her part. Part of that might have been the ramen effect, but it seemed that she just really enjoyed being a woman with a man. During a lull in the sex, she opened up as to why she was available to me now, when she hadn't been before. Though she admitted that she had been very excited by being sought after by a man again after all these years of babies and a growingly ignoring husband. But, in between my stunning to her offer the first time and the second time in the Suburban, he had let it out that he wanted a divorce.

She guessed that he wanted to pursue a young woman at work that he had been bragging about who evidently required him to have freedom for her to serve it up to him. So, she turned to me, because I was the one that had shown an honest interest in her and also because of an instant connection that she felt for me.

I squirmed a little bit over that. But, even though my 'ramen influence' was quite low at this point because of a severe reduction in my intake, when we rolled over to play again, she showed herself to be glorying in the physicality of our sensual play. She readily accepted my aggressive kisses, even with the deep tonguing which she actively reciprocated.

And when I turned my attentions to her breasts, instead of shrinking back, she thrust out her chest for me to make the most of my attentions to them. And I could feel her belly and groin areas reacting to my tonguing of them and especially to my nursing on them. No milk available, but they were glorious anyway. I had the feeling that if she was to get pregnant again and have her milk come in, that she would virtually insist on me enjoying them and the milk that they would produce.

When I moved down to caress, kiss and tongue her belly, belly button, slit, clit and pussy hole, I thought that maybe she would kidnap me and hold me to her forever. With her cum coming in, she helped me raise up and she firmly guided me into her love port.

And in her dramatic enjoyment of the process, she gave out little shrieks and loud moans to accompany very loving words of appreciation. She insisted that I cum in her, with no revelation as to her anti-pregnancy status. She held my butt cheeks tightly with my dick deep in her and forced whatever cum that was in me to be within her. She then relaxed and her climax came, a firm and very gentle one. With that I told her what a wonderful woman and lover that she was. It was music to her ears and she held me very tightly and returned the comments very generously.

As I laid there in the afterglow of some of the greatest sex that I had ever had with one of the finest of womankind that I had ever met, I pondered on what the hell the guy was getting from a young chick that he couldn't get from this amazing woman, who was the mother of his children.

It was just too strange to get a handle on. And then with us each holding the other, we entered a lengthy nap together, which in its own way was as fine as the lovemaking that preceded it. When she woke up and was slowly dressing to leave, she promised to do anything that I wanted with her, if I would continue as her lover. I asserted that I was a very adventuresome lover, but that if what we had just shared was all the kind of lovemaking that I would ever receive, I would still be a very lucky and very grateful man.

She came back to the bed and deeply kissed me for that and with a megawatt smile, waved over her shoulder as she left the room. I laid there for at least an hour before leaving, still in awe of what I had just experienced. Over the next few months, I stayed busy writing stories based on my experiences with the hot MILF and the two torrid young women. I was happy with my status, for sure.

I then got a phone call from Teena's mom informing me that things had sorted themselves out over the support of the children.

The father of her children and his parents had relented and entered into a far more beneficial financial arrangement because of a legal onslaught of her attorney and the advice of theirs that it would go very badly for them if it went to court, with their right of access with the kids very much in question.

They were informed that unless the children were recruited into prostitution, or that her sexual life was blasted into their presence that what she did with other men would be of no concern to the court and in fact them bringing it up would work against them as interference in the freedom of another person.

And then she brought up our resuming our former relationship with the former agreed upon contributions resumed, also. I thanked her for the thought and emphasized the fun that we had enjoyed, but let her know that we might resume it in the future (which actually meant never,) but that I was fully engaged to meet my needs for the present.

She sadly rang off of the phone and went about her life without me. To my great relief. After the football season was over and the Seahawks had won their second Lombardi trophy, Teena and Jilly lost interest in coming over to visit on those days. Went on to bless some other male's lives, I would guess.

I still saw them on Wednesdays sometimes to our mutual delight and every once in a while would favor me with a brief visit to the restroom. In the meantime, Stacy and I found ourselves very well matched together for sex. We saw ourselves regularly on Tuesdays, since the kids were in school. On one of our hotel visits, she broached to subject of me moving in with her.

She said that she really liked me and that her children were very keen on meeting me. I shared with her that I loved my condo, that the terms of my loan were that I had to live in it as my primary inhabitation as long as the mortgage lasted, and that I had no intention of ever selling it at my age. But, that I only had to live in it four days a week, so could conceivably live with her the other three, if that would work out for her. She was ecstatic at the thought and invited me to live with her and the kids on Tuesdays all day and night, Wednesdays after six all night and Fridays, after six all night.

And that I could come by and visit on Week-end days, too when she was off work. I offered that we could take this in steps and see how it works out. She soberly accepted this. Then it came out that she was currently forty years old and could care a fig about how old I was.

She already had ready evidence on how much that mattered between us. And that she had three girls, she showed a pensive mood when she found out that I had fathered two boys and one girl. She mentioned that this was just for friendship and mutual love satisfaction, but that she would not turn down any help that I offered. I decided to supply the four hundred a month that I had agreed to with Sally.

And with the end of the first month of our intermittent cohabitation, she was simply ecstatic over this offering. I told her that it wasn't guaranteed to continue, but would be made available as I was able to supply it. She was still very thankful for it.

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Her three daughters were aged sixteen, fifteen and twelve and took to me right away. There is something really strongly influencing to a young daughter's heart to see her mother truly loved and respected. It sits with a very strong sense of propriety with the girl and helps to engender in her a firm sense of her own personal worth and security.

They were very resentful and angry over the way that their father had treated their mom over the last couple of years. And the affectionate and respectful way that I treated her, cut right through their reticence of accepting a new man in her life. Thank goodness, there was no evidence of the 'ramen effect' on them for the present time.

I started out with an all day visit with her on Tuesdays, an evening one with a stayover on Friday and occasional weekend visits, especially if an interesting movie or other activity that could be shared with them came up. I was still seeing Teena once in a while on Wednesday afternoons. Life was good. Then after about five months of this she announced to me in the late night hours while we were in bed cuddling that I was going to be a father again, this time with her. And that it was going to be a boy.

She was beside herself in joy over this. She said that she would protect me from any legal obligations towards it, but would really appreciate the continuance of the monthly contributions, and any personal support and help that I could offer with the new baby.

She knew that when the girls were appraised of the situation, that they would be thrilled with it, especially since it would be from me. But that they would be requested to keep that under their hats, too.

She was very trustful of their discretion in this kind of matter. As she plumped up in pre-motherhood, she began to show concerns about her not being able to service me as much or as often as she had pre-pregnancy. I pointed out that her reinitiated milk producing helped to alleviate aberrant feelings that I might have felt. Actually, I felt none at all. But, just to test the waters, I guess, she mentioned the possibility of her girls stepping in to at least partially take care of me through the final stages of the pregnancy.

This time, I didn't react with anger like I did with a similar offer from Sally about her younger girls, but I just mentioned that I wasn't interested in that in their current ages, but if that became an option as each of them passed their eighteenth birthday, that I would consider it at that time based on how things were between us all.

She showed a pronounced sense of relief with this statement, that her daughters were in no risk with me in their minorities and that I wasn't interested in abandoning her in her gravid state to chase young women to replace her in my sexual interests. I thought, 'Replace her, not in your life. Augment her place in my sexual life, possibly.' She did however, invite the girls, once in a while, in to our bed with them totally covered up to snuggle the night away to my admitted delight. Theirs too, since that had never been an option with their dad.

When the baby was born, the household became very focused on his needs. And everyone chipped in to make things work out as Stacy had to return to work a lot sooner than she would have liked to have. And then all hell broke out when her ex-husband found out about the baby and me. He tried to initiate legal proceedings to excuse himself from any obligation to help her support their children, even with the threat to remove them from her home and send them off to live with his parents.

After it was established in court how that he had abandoned his lovely family to pursue chasing other younger women, especially with his own daughters testifying as to the trauma that that caused them, and the very respectful and generous treatment that I was giving to them and the family in general, the judge threw out the complaint from court and increased the monetary monthly judgement from him.

He also limited his and his parent's access to the girls, depending on their own choices. After the first visit and the girls threatening to cut off all contact with any adverse statements about their mother or me, the line was established and they all calmed down to a civil and respectful mode taking into account the young girl's stated feelings. They just didn't mention either, Stacy nor I from then on in front of the girls.

I found that in my old age that I felt considerable comfort and joy over having fathered a wonderful son upon this fine woman. And she was simply beside herself over it, too. The whole family was united in caring for him, and I got to go to sleep with a milky tit almost every night I spent with her.

I just don't know how it could be better than that. Our sexuality recovered very quickly and my young girl interests were well served by the innocent interplay with these cool girls. I was now settled down to a long remaining life with these fine people. The ramen remained in a reduced manner in my life to just keep a bit of a sexual tension among my girls!