Teasing Blowjob and Squirt POV

Teasing Blowjob and Squirt POV
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It's a tough life My name is Cole William I stand a good 5'8" weigh 152 pounds with long brown hair and a pretty built body I could bench one twenty and had a great life, until two weeks ago.


Two weeks ago my life went to hell starting with my best friend Gary who I soon found was dating my exgirlfriend Kathy. The next day I found out that my girlfriend Bayleigh had broken up with two guys and was currently dating three more behind my back and had been doing this for almost seven months as you could imagine I was pissed and to top things off that same day my mom got in a car crash and was taken to the hospital with shards off glass stuck in her.

With one lung barley breathing she was a mess, then yesterday she died and my dad is now the most pissy person I know. "hey" I said "I'm going to Tre's I'll be back in the morning" "be home before 10am you little shit" said my dad "ok bye dad" and with that I walked out the door.

I walked through the neighborhood taking a left on 123rd SE and walking to the brown house and knocking on the door. "Cole!" Tre exclaimed "Tre, hey thanks for letting me stay the night you know how it is" "not at all man if I was in your situation I would have beat every one of thoughs bastards to a pulp including you're dad" "yeah he's been a bitch lately he hasn't left the house unless he's out to drink since he got back from the hospital" "just give him time dude.

In the mean time though let's have some fun you need to take you're mind off of all this shit, so come on in" "so how's Haley?" I asked "you know, she dosnt want to go to far witch means no sex" " that's not to bad" "I guess but that's the fun part" he said laughing "dude we are only fourteen we dont go to high school till next year" "so what I would use a condom" "condoms arnt one hundred percent safe my friend was wearing one and got hit by a bus" we both laughed as we walked down the hall to his room "Cole do you remember the tomato juice joke?" "there's to many jokes what is it?" "ok so this guys mom is at the store so the guy invites his girlfriend over who was having her period and was licking her pussy and every five minutes he would go to spit out the blood and when his mom got home she saw him and asked what was in his mouth he swallowed and said tomato juice" I droped to my knees laughing as I rolled on the floor "I remember that from sixth grade" I said trying to catch my breath "now let's play some black opes before it's too late" "agreed" We played video games for a good two hours then his mom made us pancakes for dinner at 6:00pm and you can't turn down pancakes.

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After that we went back too video games playing for three hours then turning it off. "wanna go for a walk" tre asked "Why don't we just watch a movie then go to bed" "Cause I'm wide awake and I love going for walks at night" "fine where two?" "the abandoned houses" "what why? They're way to many gangs around there were gonna get our ass's kicked if we run into one" "come on besides we can run. What was your time on the mile?" "5min 47sec" " see and I got 6 min 23sec we can be outa there and here in about fifteen minutes" "fine but if I even feel funny I'm gone with or without you dude, remember last week?" "fine; deal" he said with a smile As we got up walking down the hall to the door, and out we went.

We walked down the side walk passing the park and about twenty to thirty minuets later we were there the abandoned houses were three foreclosed houses that teens would sneak into and have sex.

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Tre had tried this with Haley but she found out what he was doing and slapped him. It was also a popular place for gangs to hang out and that is why I don't like coming here. Last year seven murders of fifteen and sixteen year olds had happend I did not want to be the first fourteen year old victim.

We snuck to the back and as we opened the windo we herd voices inside, Tre jumped in landing without a sound. "the fuck are you doing" I asked him my voice hushed "it sounds like there hurting someone" "so what we gotta go" "you go I'llcheck it out and catch up with you ok?" without waiting for an answer he crept further toward what looked like a lantern light.

Knowing I couldn't let him do this I jumped in landing on my toes and creeping to the nearest wall putting my back aginst it waiting for him to come back from around the corner. When he did he had a boner and a smile. "This smoking hot chick is about to get gang-" His sentence was cut short as a hand shot from behind the corner grabbing his mouth and dragging him back. I ran around the corner sending an elbow across the mans face then back again as it collided with his forehead, the skin split just above his eyebrow, he droped too one knee grabing his face as she scrambled up running out of the house, we turned to run but found ourselfs face first with two more guys and we turned around to run out the front door only to see the man standing up with another two guys running into the room.


"Tre take the two I got the three" "got it" "and Tre" "yeah" I sent a fist into the man with the gash he stumbled back looking at me furioss "I hate you and if we live you owe me" There were three guys the man with the gash a skinny man on the left and a man with a tattoo on his arm.

I kicked the man with the gash in the chest he flew back I turned and saw the man with the tattoo I kicked him behind the knee, his legs gave out and I sent two left jabs and a right hook to his face he droped and before I could turn the skinny man had a butterfly knife and was less that two yards away from me he strode forward trying to stab me with it, I stepped to my right as I grabbed his arm twisting it so the knife fell the man screamed as ligaments tore then I was tackled from the side; the man with the gash had me on the ground now his head still at my wast as I put him in a sleeper hold using all my stregth as he pulled on my arms uselessly as he passed out I saw Tre out of the corner of me eye there was a man uncontios and the other man was slamming Tre's head into the wall he had to have been doing this for some while because the dry wall had cracks and dents all overit and Tre's head was wobbling his nose was gushing and he had a nasty gash on his lip and chin the skinny man was moving slowly getting up as he held his arm and the man with the tatoo was on his feet had picked up the knife and was walking toward me I stood up turned and sprinted to Tre acrossed the room, I bashed the mans head into the drywall and kicked him behind the knee as his head fell at shoulder level I sent an elbow into his face Tre was on the ground uncontius I whirled around but the man was to fast he stabbed at me and I didnt move fat enuf as it clipped my side leaving a good six inch cut about one centimeter deep I grabed my side but the adrenaline was well kicked in by now I kicked his legs out from under him sending an elbow into the skinny mans gut kicked the man with the tatoo acrosed the face and nailed the skinny man with a knee to the head as he was sucking in air both droped now uncontios and bleeding.

I grabbed Tre his eyes were rolling back and fourth in his head and was mumbling "the girl the girl" over and over "I'm gonna get her I'll be right back" I ran up stairs looking into the rooms no girl so I ran down stairs going around the corner were the men had came from, and sure as hell there was a girl naked and tied to a mattress her ass in the air and her under wear in her mouth she was trying to scream but was unable, she wasn't the same girl but I did the right thing as I took the under wear out of her mouth and untied the nots,once she was free she stood up and gave me a hug.

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"thank you so much thank you thank you thank you!!!" I grunted because of how hard she was squeezing my side, she immediately jumped back looking me over. "your hurt" she said stating the obvious " yes I am now we gotta go so put some cloths on" "your bleeding!" "yes I'm bleeding now put some cloths on and let's go" " but you-" "the fuck just put some cloths on" "ok" she said walking to a corner that had cloths piled up as she grabbed jeans and a T-shirt.

While she was doing that I took of my shirt and ripped both sleeves off tieing them together and around my side so it would slow the bleeding. I walked around the corner and tre was proped up aginst the wall were I left him the girl was following me.

"wear do you live" I asked her "I was taken when I was twelve and they have taken care of me" "by tieing you up and fucking your brains out?!" I said while throwing Tre over my right shoulder "who's he?" "this is Tre your friends kind of slammed his head into the wall eight to many times" I said indicating to the dented wall "is he ok?" "I'm sure he will live he's just uncontios sucks for him" We were about half way to Tre's when the girl asked.

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"can I stay at your place?" "I don't know my dad isn't exactly the best person in the world" "please" she said looking up at me not letting me continue walking as she stepped into my path "sure" "really?!

great this will be so much fun!!" "but first I need the basics what's your name and age?" "I'm Alexis and turning sixteen in a month and a half how about you?" We were now walking again "I'm Cole and fourteen" "are you a vergin?" "uummm yeah I guess" "I can change that" "I would rather not" "are you gay?" "no" "then let's have sex" "how about I help Tre then we talk about it" "ok" she said cheerly About ten minutes later we were at Tre's I told Alexis to stay out side and I would be out in a second.

I walked down the hallway to Tre's room set him on his bed grabbed the empty glass of his night stand walking into the kitchen filling it with water and grabing a bag of ice walking back and putting it on his head, his eyes were flickering open but kept closing this wasn't the first time I saved his ass, the last time was last week when he was insulting this huge guy that looked like hulk and his two buddys and once he said "what are the steroids only helping your musles not your two inch cock" And then it was lights out for Tre he droped like a fat man who sat down to fast leaving me to run as they chased me in the end I beat the shit out of mr.hulk guy and then his friends pussied out and left.I picked up tre with only a black eye three bruises and a couple scrachs and carried him home just like I had today.

I looked at his unconscious body thinking about how many fights he had got me into, he's lucky I read so many veitnam war books other wise I wouldn't stand a chance I knew about half of the trench combat moves and the number one rule always use elbows to prevent broken knuckles. I walked out side to find Alexis waiting patently.

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"is he ok" she asked "yeah but he's gonna have a hell of a head ache when he wakes up" "so were do you live" "come on" I said as she followed me We got to my house I took my phone out to see what time it was. "fuck" I said "whats wrong?" "my phones busted I'll have to buy a new one in the morning, damn it" "where is your dad?" "I think he's out drinking his car's gone" I opended the door with the spare key under the mat walking into my house up stairs takeing a left into my room.

" you can sleep in the room a crossed the hall this is my room if you need anything just ask" She walked into the other room closing the door, I turned walking into my room closing the door I opened my bottom drawer pulling out a bag of cotton balls pulling and tarring them until it was a long strip I took off my shirt undid my shirt sleeves and placed the long strip of cotton over my cut it was still bleeding not as bad but bleeding none the less. I took out some electrical tape and taped it around the cotton going around my whole stomach three times then I cut it with the scissors on my desk satisfied I lay down on my bed before I could even close my eyes Alexis walked in naked she got ontop of me befor I could do anything.

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"what are you doing?!" "returning a favor" "look I don't have a condom and I dont want to be a dad at fourteen" "it's ok I'll just suck your cock" "im really tiered can we do this later?" She pulled down my boxers reveling my eight inch semi erect cock.

"nope" she said grinning and putting my cock in her mouth wrapping her lips around my cock bobbing her head up and down wile twirling her tung around the head of my cock. "holy fuck your amazing" I said She just went faster and faster as she began to deep throat, taking my cock into her velvety throat as she gaged but didn't stop.


I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, I felt like I was goig to exsplode. "I'm gonna cum"I said then began shooting rope after rope into her throat as she took every last drop milking me dry as my cock deflated in her mouth and she took it out with a pop. "that was amazing" "buy a condom and it will get better" she said biting her bottom lip sexily "I bet" I said as she cuddled close to me giving me a peck on the cheek as we both drifted to sleep.

When I woke up it was 3:18am, I herd my dad trying to open the front door. "wake up" I said shaking her "what?" "put some cloths on and go to the other room or my dads gonna flip" "fine" she said with a pouty tone as she got up opening the door and walking accrosed the hall to the other room.

I herd my dad walking up the stairs walk into his room and close the door.Then I fell asleep. I woke up to my phone, looking at the ID reading "Tre" "sup" I said "hey dude I just wanted to apologies about what I got us into and say I'm really so-" I cut him off "no need man you will do it again next week besides we just got out of school we got all summer to get I to trouble" "so were cool?" "tell you what, if you do me a favor all is forgiven" "what's the favor" he said reluctantly "I just need you to baby-sit some one for a couple weeks" "who?" "thanks I'll see you in twenty" "what bu-" I hung up, got up threw on some cloths and headed a crossed the hall.