Gorgeous deepthroats hard cock in pov

Gorgeous deepthroats hard cock in pov
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Sharing Cindy Chapter 16 This is part of the continuing true story of my wife and some of the adventures we have had over the years.

While some people seem to have issues with wives who have sex with others, I for one find it extremely erotic to have such a highly sexual wife and wouldn't change anything. Here is the latest adventure I would like to share with those like minded individuals. __________________________________________________________________ During the years that Cindy worked for the Harley dealer, we had many fun times that revolved around motorcycles and those people who ride them.

This story however, is about a time her boss, Louie, asked her to help out at a fund raiser. This adventure led to several others over the next few months, making it a pivotal point in our lives. If you have read any of my other stories, you know that Cindy is a cute brunette, about 5'4" with beautiful blue eyes and a very healthy set of boobs.

It was because of her looks that she was asked by her boss to help out at fundraiser for the Ducks Unlimited organization. He told her she would be required to model clothing that would then be auctioned off. She was nervous leading up to this night and was a little apprehensive about being around this crowd. While she liked to show off and had recently been topless in front of an entire group of bikers at a rally, she had been a little drunk and her inhibitions had been lowered.

She knew she really couldn't drink while working at this function, so she was stressing a little. She took her shower and came into the bedroom where I was kicked back on the bed, waiting to watch her get dressed.


Louie had asked her if she had a bikini and told her to bring it with her for the event. I asked about that and she told me that her job was to walk around the event as the emcee auctioned off the sporting goods that she was wearing. As each article of clothing was purchased, she was to take it off and present it to the highest bidder. Underneath it all she was to have on a bikini.

I guess it gave some incentive to the men to bid for the clothes. My evil mind was working overtime as I thought about her walking around this large group of men staring at her while all she was wearing was her bikini. She pulled out several different bikinis and asked me to help her select one.

Of course I immediately chose her skimpiest one, but she shot that down right away. She wanted to wear a purple one that was pretty basic and, even though anything on her would look great, I told her it looked like she was going swimming with her grandmother. I finally convinced her to wear a leopard print bikini that had a top that could be adjusted from full coverage to covering very little depending upon how much you slid the material in. It could be set to just cover het nipples if that's what you wanted.

The bottoms were not a thong, but still left about half of her butt exposed.

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I figured that the men there would appreciate the choice and I couldn't wait for her to get home to tell me how it went. I spent the evening hanging out with a couple of buddies at the bar, but since she said the event would end at 11, I headed home to meet her there by 11:30. My mind was running wild thinking of her strutting around in that bikini and I knew she would be turned on by it, so I was expecting some great sex when she got home. She walked in about 2:00 a.m.

and I could tell that she may have started on the great sex without me. Her hair was a mess and she had a huge smile on her face. I looked at her and asked if she had been a bad girl. This had become our catchphrase that let me know she had been with someone.

She sheepishly bowed her head and looked at me then told me yes, she had. "With Louie?" I asked. "No" she said. My eyebrows went up. I tried to think if she had told me anyone else I knew was going to be there. I couldn't think of anyone and now I was intrigued.

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"Who then?" She pulled her top off and slid her pants down. She still had her bikini on but I could see it had been retied and hung loosely on her. My interest and my cock both were at attention. "His name was Biff[/b]" she said. Biff? What kind of name was that?

"[b]He was the bartender there." I patted the bed and told her to come over there and tell me all about it. She climbed up onto the bed and laid next to me, her face near mine so she could tell me all about her night. What she told me had me hard instantly. She said that she had about an hour or so before the auction was to begin and they didn't want these three girls who were modeling the clothes to go out into the room where the meeting was, so they hung out in the back where the servers and kitchen help were.

Every so often she would spot a young guy with dark hair come back into the kitchen and pick up a case of beer or liquor bottles. They made eye contact a couple of times and she could tell he liked what he saw. For her part she said he was very sexy and was wearing tight black pants and a white button down shirt. Before long it was time for them to get ready for the auction. Each girl was wearing basically hunting gear.

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Big oversized camo clothes with boots and hats. She said it was funny since all three of them were cute girls wearing bikinis and then they covered them up with big frumpy clothes. She walked out into the room and there were a couple hundred men in there. She was supposed to walk around and show off the items, and then when someone won the bidding, she would walk over to him and remove the item and hand it to them.

She said it was fun to tease these men as she removed each item. As the clothes began to come off, more and more of her body was exposed and she began to feel that familiar tingle between her thighs as she strutted around for these men. By the time she had removed the last bit of clothes, she was feeling pretty horny.

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The men were enjoying the show and she could hear some off color comments about her body and what she might be able to do with it. This just added to her horniness. She finally headed back to the kitchen area and sat and talked with the other two girls for a few minutes. Louie came back and told them that they were free to stick around and have a few drinks if they wanted. Cindy was beginning to put on her clothes but Louie asked her to just keep the bikini on and he would introduce her to a few people.

She told him she needed a drink if she was going out there like that. She walked over to the bar and asked for a gin and tonic. The guy she was checking out earlier gave her a big smile and as he made her drink he was flirting heavily with her. She took the drink and he told her his name was Biff and to come see him if she needed anything else. She smiled at him as she walked away and she told me she had something in mind that she needed and just might have to take him up on it. By now my dick was hard as she told me this story.

She pulled my underwear down and began to slowly jack it up and down as she continued her story…… She told me that Louie took her arm and paraded her all over the room, introducing her to several different men and showing her off like she was his own personal property. She wondered how many of these men he had told about the sex they had had together. While it was fun to tease the men, most were older and not to her liking.

She would break away from Louie a couple of times to go get another drink, but also to flirt some more with Biff.

Each time their conversation would get more and more sexual and it was clear that each one wanted the other.

She said that he asked her to meet him out back at the end of the night, "just to talk." She told me that she got a little weak in the knees thinking about this sexy guy and what was under those tight black pants. At the end of the night, Louie of course wanted her to head to the bar with him and a couple of his business associates, but she told him she promised me she would not be out late.

With that she slipped on her clothes over her bikini and headed out to the parking lot.

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Biff was there with a red sports car and asked her to go for a ride. They got in the car and he drove around a few minutes until he drove down a neighborhood street and parked. They talked for a few minutes but it was clear they both were hot for each other and soon they were kissing. As they did their hands were exploring each other's bodies. She said she reached down and ran her hand over the bulge in his pants and felt that he was rock hard.

The car had bucket seats and it made it hard to really enjoy each other. He suggested they step outside. He walked around the car and was leaning up against it. She stepped in front of him and began kissing him again. She was a little nervous as they were on a residential street and right in front of someone's house. His hands traveled up and down her body and she told me that he reached down and grabbed her ass in both hands and pulled her tightly against him.

They continued to kiss for several minutes, the whole time grinding their crotches together. He reached down and pulled her top up and over her head. This left her in her bikini top. She stepped back from him and with a smile, reached up behind her neck and pulled the string holding her top together. As it fell, it exposed her tits to him and her nipples got harder in the cool night air.

She said she grabbed her tits in both hands and presented them to him and asked if he liked them. He told her that as soon as he saw her earlier in just the bikini he wanted to see them. They continued to make out up against the side of the car. She said that the thoughts of where they were disappeared as she slid her hand up his thigh and onto the bulge in his pants.

He moaned into her mouth as they kissed and at that point they let their lust take over. He ripped the remaining clothes off of her body and they slid down onto the cool grass of the yard they were in. Hands and tongues were exploring each new body part that was exposed. She said that he would wrap his lips around her nipples and suck them hard until they were deep within his mouth, then slowly scrape his teeth across them as he released them.

This turned her on and she knew at that point she was getting fucked. Whether he wanted it or not! When she told me that, I laughed and then leaned over and did my best to imitate his actions on her tits. She moaned out loud and leaned back. I told her "Not so fast.

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You have more to tell me." She continued the story as I continued my assault on her body. She said that she grabbed his belt and whipped it off, then undid the button and slid the zipper down. She began to pull his pants down, but his dick was so hard that it made it difficult to get them off. He helped her and soon his pants were around his knees and she had his dick in her hand.

She told me it was nothing special size wise, but it definitely was rock hard and he had a nice big set of balls. She pushed him back on his back and leaned over to enjoy her new toy. She knew that he was super excited and probably wouldn't last long. She was torn because she wanted to suck it, but if she did would he be able to get it up again to fuck? She said that it occurred to her, I was waiting for her so she was getting fucked no matter what. She leaned over and took his cock inter her warm mouth.

He leaned back and surrendered to this beautiful woman giving him such good oral pleasure. As she explained to me how she sucked his dick, she was playing with mine and leaned over to lick the pre-cum forming on the end.

She knew that this was turning me on and that if she kept sucking me, I would cum right away. She backed off and continued with her story.

She said she loved his big balls and she spent a lot of time giving special attention to them. She would lick his shaft for a few minutes and then take each ball into her mouth and bathe it with her tongue. She did this several times and soon she wanted more.

She said she engulfed his whole cock in her mouth and began to bob up and down faster and faster. At the same time she took his balls in her hand and gently began to squeeze them. It only took a minute of this before he grabbed the back of her head and unloaded a big load deep within her mouth. She said he tasted a lot like mine and lapped it all up. She was just swallowing the last mouthful when he grabbed her and flipped her onto her back and climbed on top of her.

Before she had a chance to even register what was happening, he slammed his still hard dick inside of her and began to fuck her with such intensity that she was sliding across the grass. His dick never went soft after the blowjob and apparently it energized him. She said that he fucked her just about as hard as she had ever been fucked before and that the sound of their bodies slapping together seemed very loud to her.

He kept up the pounding for several minutes as she began to feel an orgasm coming on. He slid a finger into her ass just as she began to cum and it triggered a huge orgasm for her. She yelled out and it not only set him off, but it must have woken up the people in the house as the front porch light flipped on just as he was filling her up with another load.

They were in the middle of their orgasms as the front door opened and they heard a woman call out asking who was out there. They hurried to untangle themselves from each other and grabbed their clothes and jumped into the car.

As they sped away they couldn't help but laugh. They were able to stop at the end of the road and get their clothes on.

This explained why she looked so disheveled as she came through the door. She said he wanted to see her again, but she told him she was married. He kept at her until she promised to meet him at the bowling alley on Thursday night where he was on a league. He dropped her off at her car and she came home to me. I laughed at the fact they almost got caught, and then slid my dick deep into her warm wetness. We fucked long and slowly, discussing her night and enjoying each other's bodies that we know so well.

I asked her if she would like to see him again and she looked up at me.


Staring into my eyes she told me she wanted to see what he was like in a proper bed and without worrying about someone interrupting them. I told her to go for it and I would help her pick out her outfit for Thursday night.