Legal age teenager shaved love tunnel porn

Legal age teenager shaved love tunnel porn
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Fbailey story number 494 So little man, do you want to fuck your mother? I always hated having the same name as my father until one Christmas just after I turned fourteen. I woke up early Christmas morning.

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It was about six o'clock when I went down to see all of the presents like I always did and then I would return to my bed and wait for Mom and Dad to wake me up. That year I saw one package leaning against the coffee table.


It looked out of place. When I opened up the nametag it read, 'For Ted with love. ps don't let anyone see you open this and hide it quickly.' Well I looked around and no one could see me, so I opened it. It was a big wooden book and on the front was that year's family portrait. I remember Mom forcing Dad and I to wear matching shirts and ties and then dragging us both down to the photo studio.

Mom looked great though. She had chosen a white dress, it was strapless, and it was short and sexy. I remember the photographer having Mom cross her legs several times before he took that one. I could see her leg clear up to her waist. The photographer sure liked it but Mom never showed that picture to me before. As I opened the book up I was shocked to see nude pictures of Mom.

The pictures were labeled and started at birth and then up to five years old. Then they jumped to her at sixteen years old and right up to that year. On the back of the wooden book was a huge picture of Mom sitting up with her knees out to the side and her pussy lips wide open.

The caption at the bottom read, 'Ted, you can fuck me every day this coming year. I'll even let you fuck my asshole once a month during my period." I smiled and then I took it to my bedroom. I had the perfect hiding place for it too. When Mom and Dad called me at eight o'clock I rushed down to the tree.

We opened gifts until there was nothing left to open. I was sitting next to Dad when Mom asked, "Did you like my special gift?" I answered, "I sure did." Dad turned to me and asked, "What, special gift." He was turned away from Mom so he couldn't see her turn white as a ghost and run out of the room. I replied, "She gave me a copy of this year's family portrait." Dad said, "That's nice." Mom avoided me as much as she could but finally around bedtime she popped her head into my bedroom and said, "We need to talk." I just smiled.

Mom came in and closed the door behind her, leaning against it. She said, "That present was meant for your father." I replied, "I figured that out when you turned white and ran out of the living room." Mom said, "I want it back." I replied, "Don't let anyone see you open this and hide it quickly.

Ted, you can fuck me every day this coming year. I'll even let you fuck my asshole once a month during my period." Mom turned red and said, "Stop it. That was meant for your father, not you." I smiled and said, "But I have it and I want to fuck you starting January first." Mom blushed again and left my room. She was furious with me for another week.

However, Dad got her in a better mood on New Year's Eve. He bought a bottle of Champaign and got her half drunk by dinnertime. They wondered off to their bedroom to have sex, thinking that I didn't know. They even showered together. I know because I was listening outside their door. Dad had her finish off the bottle of Champaign before her showed her the dress that he wanted her to wear to his boss' party. When Mom came down the stairs, Dad and I were there to greet her. She was wearing a tiny red dress.

It had spaghetti straps, a plunging neckline, and it just barely covered her white panties. Dad told her to remove her white panties and he would get a red pair for her to wear. She stumbled getting them off and asked for my help. I knelt before Mom, grabbed a hold of her panties, and pulled them down to her ankles.

Stepping out them threw her off balance and she pushed her shaved pussy right into my face. Then she rubbed her clit on my nose and said, "Okay little man you can fuck me in the coming year." When Dad came down he held up three pair of red panties, picked the closest color, and helped Mom into them. She smiled at me as she pulled her panties up into place. They went off to their New Year's Eve party with Mom looking like a million dollars.

I spent the night watching television and eating the junk food that Mom had provided for me. After the ball fell in Times Square I turned off the television and went to bed.

I jerked off to thoughts of Mom's shaved pussy on my face, Dad's hand on her ass as they left, and her saying, "Okay little man you can fuck me in the coming year." Mom shook me awake. The alarm clock read two thirty-four. She said that Dad had drunk so much that he was spending the night at his boss' house.

Then surprisingly Mom asked, "So little man, do you want to fuck your mother?" I beamed and shouted, "You bet I do." She stepped back and dropped her red dress to the floor and stepped out of her high heels. I wondered where her panties were. Mom noticed my look and said, "Oh yes, my panties. Well there were only three couples at the party and we women were told to remove our panties before midnight.

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I think the boss took them all. Anyway at midnight your father kissed me and shoved a couple of fingers up my pussy and his tongue down my throat. That got my juices flowing. We women were then passed on to the next man, who also shoved his fingers roughly up my pussy and kissed me. He tasted of cigarettes.

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After he was done molesting me I was passed to the boss. He finger fucked me as if I belonged to him.

He kissed me and then he forced me to my knees and shoved his cock into my mouth. It tasted of piss, it was foul, and it was not circumcised either. I gagged, he squirted, and I threw up. I hid in the bathroom for a good hour and when I came out everyone was gone. I assumed that they were in the bedrooms fucking. I thought about joining them, then I thought about having that nasty tasting man fucking me.

So I got in the car and came home to you, my clean loving little man. So little man, do you still want to fuck your mother?" Again I beamed and shouted, "You bet I do." Mom got on my bed and I got between her legs and then I fucked her.

She praised me and had me fuck her again. Mom was good for my ego even though I knew that I wasn't all that good. With her help I fucked her two more times.

That last time her slick pussy felt so good on my cock, she found the perfect rhythm for me to fuck her, and it was great. I felt the cum shooting into my mother like a tiny cannon. She cooed softly and thanked me for making her New Year a perfect one. She slept in my bed but we were both up and dressed when Dad came home. Of course we had made love twice that morning before getting dressed. Dad didn't want to talk about the previous night in front of me.

Mom told him that she and I had no secrets. He gave her a funny look. Mom then told him what she had told me about the party, getting felt up by the three men and the boss' wife, as well as throwing up after the forced blowjob. Dad's expression was one of complete seriousness. Then Mom told Dad about the Christmas present that I had intercepted and then decided to honor. His eyes widened. Mom then told him that we had made love four times early that morning and two more times when we woke up.

Dad shrugged his shoulders and told us that he had fucked both of the other women after Mom had locked herself in the bathroom. Then when they woke up all three men fucked the boss' wife. Dad got to fuck her ass while the other guy was in her pussy and her husband was fucking her throat.

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He smiled when he told us that she threw up on her husband too. Then as an after thought Dad said, "Oh by the way, we are invited to their house for Valentine's Day." Mom replied, "I'll be busy.


My son will be fucking me that day. In fact he will be fucking me every day, several times a day, for the entire year. Don't worry I'll save some for you, whenever you want it." Mom saw the look on my face as the 'entire year' sank in and I realized that I had only been granted sex with her for a one-year period.

Mom smiled and said, "Don't worry. Based on your performance so far this year, I'll renew your contract every year for the rest of your life." She paused for a moment and then asked, "So who wants to fuck me?" Dad rolled his eyes and said, "I'm done for the day." Mom looked at me and said, "Don't let him fool you, he's done for the rest of the week.

It's a good thing I have my little man, So little man, do you want to fuck your mother?" I smiled and took her back up to my bedroom.

We didn't come back down for two hours just to let Dad know that we meant business. The next day was Saturday. After breakfast Mom went over to the big calendar that she keeps hung up on the wall to keep track of days off from school and any appointments, then she wrote ten slash zero on Friday, New Year's Day.

She didn't have to say a word. Both Dad and I knew exactly what it meant. I smiled wondering what the score would be at the end of the year, three thousand to one hundred. Again I smiled. She asked, "So who wants to fuck me?" Dad looked down at the floor. Then Mom asked, "So little man, do you want to fuck your mother?" I took her back up to my bedroom and we stayed there until it was time for Mom to fix Dad's lunch. On Sunday Mom felt sorry for Dad so she sucked him hard then climbed on top and did all of the work.

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At least on Monday morning after breakfast Dad got one added to his side. I had thirty on my side but with Mom at work and me in school I knew that ten a day was no longer possible. However, Mom and I did it twice before breakfast and once afterwards, before we all left the house. One girl in my class said that I looked different.

She gave me a kiss on the cheek and she brushed her hand across my pants, feeling my erection. At lunchtime she let me feel of her breasts through her clothes and her pussy through her pants. I smiled knowing that she was going to let me fuck her soon but in her own way. I also smiled knowing that I could wait as long as she wanted me too.

Besides when she finally let me have her I would really know what to do with her, thanks to my mother. Thoughts of my new girlfriend and Mom's willingness gave me a score of nine the next morning compared to Dad's zero.

Mom did go to the Valentine's Day party at the boss' house. She knew that she would be getting fucked by all of the other men at the party, but she also knew that I would be fucking my virgin girlfriend for the very first time in her absence. The End So little man, do you want to fuck your mother? 494