Lelu Liebe Sekretär reitet und Cums auf sybian

Lelu Liebe Sekretär reitet und Cums auf sybian
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This incident is happened, when I was in my B Tech 2nd year. As I leave alone in that time during my college days, I used to go regularly to the second show Movies every day. This incident was happened in the Months of September. As I am a great love to watch the horror movies my friend forced me to the horror movie which was recently came to the City.

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As per his request, we went to the theater to watch that movie for the second show. The show started. We are enjoying the movie with great interest as this movie is very much interesting than the movies I watched before. About a 45 minutes story is completed and all of sudden a sex scene between the hero of the film with heroin. Then we are a little bit worried and tensed as we never expect that scene to be in the movie and we are seeing each other by keeping our eyes in contact and with worried faces.

But in my heart I was happy to see that Scenes in that movie and internally I am enjoying each and every bit of the scene but not exhibiting out. The heroin of the movie is kissing the hero a heard kiss. After a few minutes, they both became nude before themselves and hero is sucking the hardened nipple of the heroin with a great pleasure giving to the heroin. Then hero started suck the right nipple and pinching the other.


This session continued for about 10 minutes and slowly his right hand reached the navel and there he make some turns in the navel by sucking her hardened lift boob. The whole theater is completely filled with the sexy noises that make ourselves pleasure. Then the hero passed his right hand a little bit down and finally he reached to the walls of the pussy of the heroin. By confirming that her pussy is oozing some sexy liquids through her pussy, he came down and knelt down before her and saw her trimmed pussy which was very beautiful to see.

Then he slowly opened the vagina of her pussy (Pussy lips) and see the good view of her vagina which was pink in color and made him some exited.

Thereafter in no time he suck her pussy by passing his tongue and fucked her heard with the tongue and made her horny. And then she slowly get down to him and slowly keep her hands on his 8 inches hard rock and moved up and down and increased the pressure in him the total Theater is filled with sexy moans of the hero and heroine.

Then the hero cannot control himself and made her to sleep on the bed by keeping her back down and take her legs on to his shoulders and inserted his 8 inches hard rock in to her pussy by giving a one hard jerk.


By the jerk half of the rod is inside her pussy. And he made two more hard jerks and finally the entire 8 inches rod is inside her pussy. As her pussy is little tight, her vagina is blocked and that made her to cry little bit harder and blood is coming out of it.

As the pussy was wet he continued his jerking his rod in and out by slowly increasing the speed. After a few minutes he cum all his sperm in to the mouth of the heroin and they slept on the bed holding there selves tightly. After seeing this erotic scene in the theater we had some energy in our heart and we are enjoying our selves internally.


And after the movie is completed my friend moved to his place with a little bit chit chat between us in our way to his house. There after I moved to my room and slept on the bed by imaging the scene of the move which made me horny. I masturbated thinking of that scene in my bathroom. And slept on my bed by assuming that scene and for sometime assuming all my college girls.

After some time unfortunately I get in to sleep. One hour passed then I felt someone is knocking my door and with some uneasy I went to the door. But there is shivering in my heart that it was midnight 1:30 AM and who can come this time. There may be some thieves. I Shouted heard that "who is it?". But there is no reply I again Shouted harder than the before "who are you?" There I can find an answer with a very low voice.

It's a girls voice. The voice is "I am lakshmi dear". After listening that I was little bit happy but shocked that why she came at this time.? Isn't she or some other thief acting as my girl friends&hellip.? With some shivering in my heart I slightly opened the door a very little bit to see the person on the other side of the door. I was surprised to find her there. And now I completely opened the door and welcomed her to my room and asked her why she came at this time here.

And she replied that, she and her friends went to movie and from there they all went to their places by leaving me alone in the way. I am little bit scared as it was late and no one is around us and I am alone.

But with some effort I tried to reach my place but in the way I found a gang who stared me and catch me.

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But somehow I escaped from them and come here as your room is nearer to that place. And I went out if anyone is there. But there is no one and I came back to my room.

Then I gave her some water and make her relax. And asked her if she wanted to go to her house now. But she refused by saying that the gang will be there and they will catch her so she wants to stay in my room for that day and she will go to her house next day.

As she was running for more than half an hour her dress was completely wet due to the sweat and some bad smells are coming from that dress. And I asked her to fresh up and asked her to change that dress and I gave one of my pant and a shirt for her to ware as it was completely wet and smelling bad. But she hesitatingly accepted my request and went in to my bathroom. She came out after half-an hour. By holding her pant tight as it was very loose to her.

But she didn't ask for some other and hardly managed that dress. And I gave her some fruits to eat and asked her to sleep in that bed and I found a mat and slept down. 1 hour passed and it was already 3.00 AM in the morning. And She was talking herself in her sleep. But I didn't understand what is happening and switched the low intensity light and saw that she was whispering in her sleep about the incident of gang that she was faced.

And I sat beside her and kept my hand on her head to make her not to fear. After a few minutes I went towards her legs to cover herself with some bed sheet. And found that her pant was till her knees.

And scene of the movie which I watched before raised in my mind. And I was now out of control by seeing her in this position.

And I moved towards her and found that she was in deep sleep. And with some effort I make myself strengthened and keep my hand on her thigh and pressed it softly.

And she moaned ahhhhhhhh…&hellip. in her sleep. Then I slowly removed her shirt buttons and make it to move aside. And now I can see her navel and her boobs which jailed in her black bra. As her pant is till her knees her panty is also visible. Now I make some moves on her navel as I saw in the scene and slowly make my hand to move on her big boobs. Roughly they are of 36 size. And I caught them on her bra and squeezed them hard.

And I saw that she was observing all the happenings and making herself that she was in deep sleep.

By this I can understanding that she is too enjoying my doings and she needs more. Then some energy came in me and I started to move freely than before. Then I grasped her from down of her navel and circled her with my hands. And lifter her and make her to hug me. Then I removed her shirt completely and removed the strip of her bra and imprisoned her boobs from her bra. They are whitish and myself crazy to suck them harder and harder.

And I sucked them, pressed them, squeezed them and pinched them for more than half an hour and finally I moved towards her pussy and with one effort I removed her panty and found that her pussy is filled with juices and it is completely wet.


And I slowly inserted my tongue in her pussy by separating her vagina and fucked her for some time and make her horny. And for some time I inserted my figure in to her pussy and fucked it with my two fingers. And finally move towards her lips and sucked her lips and kissed her harder and harder in passion.

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After sometime I found that she is responding and helping me to insert my tongue into her mouth and suddenly I opened my eyes and saw in her eyes and she gave a sexy smile when I saw her and in sudden she closed her eyes that she was in shy. And then I asked her to take my 6inches rod in to mouth and suck that. As I very much exited after the sucking of heroin to the hero in the scene. And I wanted the same from her.

But she hesitated first but after a long asking she agreed and took my rod in to her hand and tried to move it up and down and then I forced to take it in to her mouth and then she did it.

I was in a heaven when she was sucking my hardened dick with her mouth. And I imagined the scene even I have a girl in front of me.

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And it was about to come and I took her off and made her to slept as I saw in the scene and made her legs to put up on my shoulders and entered my pussy into her pussy.

But it was easily entered and fucked her first slowly and after some time I increased my speed and the sexy moans are coming from her ahhhhhhhhh.ummmmm.aaaaaaaaa… And it was about to come and I removed my dick from her pussy and kept in her mouth and jerked 2 jerks and my entire lode is filled in her mouth.

I forced her to swallow all the load but she drank half of it a bit remaining half is out of her mouth. And it was about 5 in the morning and we slept there by holding each other. And we are in sleep on the same bed. And it was about 8 in the morning I have wake up and found that there was no one in my bed. I searched the entire house but there is no one in the house. And I thought that she might have left to her house.

And I saw the door it was locked inside. And I finally found that my that was a dream, as all the fruits which I gave her last night are remained in the same position and the dress I gave to her is in the same position and there is no mat on the floor.

And I laughed about myself and make myself ready to go to the college