Real college girl gives blowjobs in amateur reality groupsex

Real college girl gives blowjobs in amateur reality groupsex
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The locker room A former student contacted me thru a website. She asked about the school. Soon I found out what she really wanted. We met at a local coffee place, talked for about an hour, and then we drove to the school.

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It's was a Saturday afternoon and there were just a few people around. I escorted her into the boy's locker room. Renee was about 48, 5'7'', maybe 135 lbs, brown hair, and a nice body. Her tits were on the small side, maybe a good size "B". She was very curious, looking around as we walk thru campus. She told me she was part of the class of '84. As we entered the locker room, she said, " never been in here". We finished to tour at the shower. She turned to me and told me to strip, get naked.

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"Yes mam", I said as my clothes came off. Her clothes came off as she sat, then laid down on the wooden bench between the row of lockers. "I always wanted to fuck my teacher for an "A", she said. I started to fingering her pussy. She was already dripping wet. She was moaning as I got on my knees and my tongue found her dripping pussy. Her ass was moving to each long stroke of my tongue.


Just about the time she was ready to cum (I could feel it in her body and hear it from her moans) I stopped licking and stood up. Renee started to complain, but saw a big young stud come around the corner of the lockers. Her mouth dropped.

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He was maybe 17, a big football lineman stroking his cock. It was at least 8" and he must have weighted almost 300 lbs. I moved to Renee's side as this big guy shoved his hard cock deep into her. Her pussy was so juicy, it slide all the way in easily. She let out a loud moan.


For just a few minutes pounding her pussy I could see he was close to cumming. I directed him to pull out and cum on her tits. As he did, Renee had her first orgasm.

And she reached up to stroke my cock.

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He finished cumming and yelled, hey boys, that was like fucking your mom! Just then Renee's eyes opened really wide as another football player, tall skinny black kid appeared. Obviously he had been preparing. His long skinny cock was very hard in his hand. Quickly he pushed it deep into her. Her hand squeezed my manhood hard. It almost hurt. OH MY GOD, she yells out as he enters her. The second kid is fucking this pussy like it is his first fuck.

He is not going to last long. I tell him to cum on her tits, he does.

Renee says, "Wow", as she watches the white hot cum coming out of a black cock. At the same time, the team's leader, the quarterback came for his turn with this dripping pussy.

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I looked at him. He had a big smile on his face. I said, if you get her to cum before you do, I'll give a $20. His smile got bigger. As he shoved his more than average size cock into her pussy, he started to finger her clit.

Renee's head was move left and right as she was getting close to cumming. With the hand on my cock she pulled me over her head, and down to her mouth. It was a great view. Watching this young, good looking high school kid, fuck and finger this milf, as she sucked my hard cock. Renee screamed, with her second orgasm. Them the quarterback pulled out to cum on her tits. At the same time I watched the next teammate enter her pussy. And she swallowed every ounce of my cum down her throat.

He continued fucking her. The kid fucking her asked if he could cum in her mouth, I looked down at Renee and came back up to say no, on her face is ok.

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As he was cumming gobs all over her face the next kid was sliding his fat cock into her. "Oh", she said feeling that cock enters her, and with her mouth open some young football player cum got into her mouth. Renee said, "god I love this". The chain keeps going. More players, more cum, until Renee's face and tits are covered. She has had 3 orgasms, and all of the players were standing around cheering on the next guy. Some we could see stroking their cocks to hardness wanting more of this sexy milf.

Renee has the biggest smile on her face, but she tells me she is done. I tell the team to get lost. Immediately we are alone in the locker room. She hands me her phone to take some pics (not showing her full face) of all the cum dripping off her as she stands. Then I escort her to the shower for her to clean up.

She asks me to stay close. I watch as Renee carefully washes all the high school cum from her. Then she asks me to join her. I come up behind her, to wash her back and butt. But soon her ass is right there and I am as hard as a rock again.

She turns and smiles and says, "teach fuck me like man should, not a boy." I do as I'm told. Fucking her hard from behind until she cums again. She moans loudly, and I hear a player off in the distance yell, "get her coach". Soon back in the car, no words are said. I drop her at her car and drive off. A few days later, online, she shares that her hubby loved hearing about what happened.