Fuck her good then cum all in her mouth

Fuck her good then cum all in her mouth
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Short erotic story by James burns Twincest is best. James was the male counterpart, of a set of un-identical twin siblings. His twin sister, Danielle, shared his love for almost everything. They were almost inseparable until early teens; they had even created their own language they had dubbed, "Tweensh" and set up rules like not to teach Tweensh to anyone.

But as is nature, James started noticing girls and despite blushing heavily and denying it, Danielle was noticing the opposite sex as well.

After a few years, the twins began to drift apart a little and date people, a fair few of them ending disastrously for both.

So here the story begins, the twins, now fifteen, James is at home on his computer talking to a few friends, looking at porn, doing everything a normal teenager would. Danielle on the other hand has just got out of her soon-to-be-ex boyfriend Bret's car after shooting off his load and practically kicking her out of his car.

She slammed the front door, a wet cum-stain on her left thigh.

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She shouted "I'm back" at the door that led to the front-room, she dared not enter because of the stain. She knew her parents would be sat; watching soaps and would give her the equivalent of the Spanish inquisition. With a face like thunder; she stormed into her room and grabbed a large t-shirt. She popped her head round the door to her brother's room; he was dressed in only his boxers. She kept her cum-stained leg out of the door frame and said "hi, I'm going to take a bath" he nodded and got back to what he was doing.

She walked down the hall, entered the bathroom, locked the door and turned on the faucets. She put the t-shirt on the toilet seat, stripped off her clothes leaving her panties on, and put them in a hamper; she then removed the undergarment and put it with her t-shirt on the toilet seat. She stood there naked for a while examining her ample 36C breasts and thick bush set in a neat, shaved triangle on her pubis, the rest she completely shaved off because she felt uncomfortable being completely devoid of hair down there.

She caressed her body knowing this would relax her after her disastrous date.


This is the fourth time that fucker has jizzed on me and kicked me out his car without even touching me! It's fucking over! She thought, still stroking her breasts and nipples. Her breathing was getting heavier, she stopped. Not wanting the bath to over-fill, she turned the faucets off and climbed in, the warm water caressing every inch of her skin, seemingly washing away the nights events, taking her into a land where she had all the time in the world to relax and think with no interruptions, as she washed herself.

KNOCK KNOCK!!! "Sis, I need to have a pee, can I come in.Sabola?" ("Sabola" means please in tweensh, just in case you think I'm illiterate or something XD) His reversion to their childhood language, always took the edge off of her anger.

"Sure, whatever, come in" she said, not even bothering to cover her breasts. He walked in, expecting her to cover up, but instead got a very nice surprise.

"Aren't you going to cover up, sis?" he asked. "No, you're my twin, it's not like you're going to fuck me or anything. Besides I now have leverage on you, you tent your boxers walking in on your own.oh my!" Her words where cut short as she noticed just how large he was, he must be at least.six and a half inches long and at least five and a half around!

She thought. Most of her boyfriends were six inches long if that and about 4 inches in circumference. She started to get horny, her nipples stiffened more, her pussy was growing puffy, ruddy and moist, her mind began to wander, vivid images of sex involving her own twin brother filling her mind as she gazed longingly at his tented boxer shorts.

"Sham why combe, Dani?" Asked her worried brother using tweensh to ask if she was okay, thinking something was wrong. He noted the flush on her chest and throat, the glazed look in her eye and her thick voice when she replied: "Yes, Dani combe, James, just a little.hot. It's the water I think. Say James, you have seen my tits, but I haven't seen anything of you, lets both show each other our bodies, you have got to pee anyway and it's only fair." Her hormones had won the battle, in her mind, over right and wrong, helped along by her pussy that ached for attention, especially after a disappointing string of dates.

A similar battle with logic was commencing in James' head and just like his twin, morality lost as he slipped off his boxers exposing his almost seven inch cock to the humid air.

Dani gasped and licked her lips, her breathing quickening and the urge to leap from the bathtub and fuck her own twin almost becoming too strong. Being too hard to pee in the toilet, he used the sink, giving is twin an unparalleled view of his throbbing member expelling pee. Now Danielle didn't have a pee fetish, it was the large throbbing member pulsating powerfully that was getting her hot. She rose from the tub, the suds sliding of her wet body, she sat on one side and put each foot on the other side and spread her legs in a makeshift gynaecology position.

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She laughed as she watched her brother finish and wash the yellow urine, dotted around the sink, away. He then washed his cock head and turned around, his reaction was priceless and his cock lurching at the sight of his twin sisters' pussy was the icing on the cake.

"I'll stroke my pussy if you jerk off for me, James." She said, her voice thick and lusty, getting a real thrill from the taboo.

He dipped his hand in the bath and wrapped the wet hand around his cock and slowly stroked away, staring intently at his twin sisters' fingers rubbing her tiny pleasure button.


Her eyes were equally staring at her twin brothers' fist pumping at his rock hard cock. She shifted position to give her brother a better view of her rubbing her clit and she slipped two fingers inside her soaking wet pussy and moaned louder.

James had slowly traveled toward his twin, they where now barely two feet apart.


He grunted, knowing he was going to cum, letting loose 5 massive wads of cum, 3 landing on her stomach, 1 landing on her pubes and the other on her left thigh, the rest dribbled onto the floor. This triggered her own massive orgasm; a Tsunami of pleasure engulfing her as she rubbed her clit for her dear life and pumped the two fingers faster, almost frenzied.

He watched as his twins back arched and her body froze up and still rubbing her small hard clit, a small jet of liquid escaped past her fingers and into the tub. She came down breathing hard, eyes half lidded and a smile touching her lips. "Oh! My! God! That was The Best orgasm I ever had, I even squirted!" she exclaimed ecstatically between breaths. She pulled him into the tub where they washed off, not caring that both their sex juices where mixed into the water.

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She looked him in the eyes and he looked back into hers, their heads moved closer and closer, their noses brushing, lips found lips and they shared a soft kiss.

The kiss grew more and more passionate until the twins were full on making out and groping each other, they knew exactly how wrong it was and loved it. They got out as the water started to get cold and dried themselves off, running hand in hand to the sisters' room (it was cleanest XD). She pushed him onto the sturdy, king size, oak bed with a brand new mattress and got on top, straddling him, fully making out with her twin again.

He massaged her breasts, loving the softness contrasting with the hard nipples. She reached behind her to stroke him a few times while starting to bounce up and down, then it happened, she pushed the tip against her inner lips on the upward bounce and due to her lubrication and this not exactly being her first time, he slipped all the way inside on her downward bounce.

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Both twins moaned in unison, she had never been penetrated so deeply or filled so much. He, on the other hand, had fucked a couple of girls but never really enjoyed it because they weren't tight at all, unlike his absolutely perfect twin sister. She started to ride him slowly, enjoying his pubic mound grinding against her rock hard clit as she started to rise and fall on his impressive member, getting faster and faster as she leaned back to get it deeper inside of her, he reached up to pinch and tweak her nipples as he thrust back, deep inside of her wet, warm loving pussy.

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She got faster, the sturdy bed almost silent, the only noises that filled the air, where the moaning of pure ecstasy at their taboo union. He was in heaven, loving every second his sister bounced aggressively on his rock hard cock, he felt something build up in his chest, a deep animalistic urge stirring from the depths of his consciousness.

He leaped up, making her fall back; he then got between her shapely long legs, slipping inside her once again, he rutted into her hard and fast, running on the pure animalistic passion that welled up inside of him.

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She was far from the passive partner and had some of that raw animalistic passion too as she wrapped those luscious long legs around his waist, pulling him ever deeper by squeezing her legs on every thrust, her orgasm nearing, her moans loud and her love for her brother growing immensely strong.

He knew he couldn't hold on much longer, even after shooting of 5 spurts in the bathroom, he was so deep he was only just grazing her cervix with the head of his cock and her pussy muscles were milking it like nothing he had felt before in his life.

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She could feel it, so close. Yes! She screamed out loud and in her head as her pussy muscles milked harder and faster, her Whole body hit by THE biggest orgasm she had ever felt before or since, her pussy squirted like a fire hose as she screamed "I'M CUMMING!" She locked her legs around her twin brother and he tried to pull out but couldn't, He came firing over 6 spurts really deep inside her freshly Cumming cunt, so deep his cock was touching the cervix. The twins collapsed, breathing hard, looking at each other with massive smiles.

"Sho wuv why, Dani." James panted, saying "I love you, Dani" in tweensh, she responded in kind. "Sho wuv why, James." They smiled at each other, holding each other close, They kissed each other softly. sleep weighing heavy on the twins minds and eyelids as one after the other, they drifted off to dream about each other, knowing that this would be the start of something much larger because deep down, they both knew they was destined to be together as brother and sister and as lovers.