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Sexy gay Taking a lengthy black dual ended faux cock in his ass  with
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I met my stepdaughter Connie when she was 14. I was just starting to date her mom after my divorce, and Connie was her only child. Her mom and I worked together, but I got transferred to third shift after we'd been dating for about three months. School let out about then for the summer, and Connie was looking for a job to make some spending money.

I told her mom that I was hating the housework and was beat from the shift change, so why not drop Connie off on the way to work so she could do dishes and stuff like that while I was sleeping during the day? That way Connie would be safe, and I'd be free of drudge work that I hated. By that time, her mom and I were close, and I did many things for Connie that a dad would do, like attending parent/teacher conferences, helping with homework, giving advice about things, playing video games and the like, so she was very comfortable with me.

Given that, everyone was very happy with my idea, especially when I offered to pay her 20 bucks per day for basically two hours' work and told her to make herself at home when she was done, till I was awake and up and around. I didn't know how things would turn out. At first, it was no problem.her mom would stop on her way to work, leave Connie in the front room and come back to the bedroom where I was getting ready to sleep the day away.

Usually she would suck my cock or lick my balls while I jacked off. She never wanted to undress and fuck because of Connie in the next room and the fact she was dressed for work.

So I would just blow my load and drift off to sleep, Connie none the wiser. Or so I thought. After a couple of days of this, I was sound asleep, when I heard a crashing noise loud enough to startle me awake. I was groggy and just reacting, so I jumped up out of bed fully nude and went to see what was going on. I was to out of it, and the situation was too new for me to remember that Connie was there. When I got to the kitchen, I realized my mistake, because there she was, standing amidst some broken dishes she had evidently been putting up.

I will never forget her face when she looked up and saw me.her eyes went wide as she stepped back to grab the counter, and she kept looking at me, then looking back at my thick hanging cock.

I didn't know what to do, so I just said, "Are you O.K.?" Still staring at my fat dick, she just nodded, and I made a hasty retreat back to the I laid back down, my head was spinning. I was scared I had freaked her out and even more scared she would tell her mom and fuck it up between us. I also realized that I was totally fucking turned on by the fact she had kept staring at my dick.

I was hard as Chinese arithmetic. I guess I should mention that Connie was one of those girls that had tits in fifth grade, so by the time this happened, she had melons like a woman, nice round ass, and those pouty lips that would look very good around a hard cock.

She was tiny.about 5 feet tall, with naturally curly sandy blonde hair about halfway down her back. It was driving me nuts, so I started thinking about how the situation could have turned out, like with me jacking my cock to its full hard nine inches in front of her, making her kneel in front of me and suck me like her mom did, and blowing a long hot load down her soft throat.

I was jacking off like a motherfucker, when all of a sudden, light shone into the pitch dark room like a laser.the door was opening !! I yanked the sheet up over me as Connie's shape filled the door.

"I'm sorry I broke your dishes and woke you up, Mark. I just wanted you to know that I'm trying to be quiet and do a good job for you. I hope you're not mad at me.

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Promise you won't tell mom? She'll be mad at me for messing up my first real job." Something in me came to life. I realized that this was an opportunity to do something that I had kept deeply hidden in my secret mind, denying even to myself that I had such desires.

"No, baby, it's OK.they were old anyway. Are you OK? Are you cut?" "Well, that's the other thing, I did cut my foot a little, and I can't find the bandages." I started to get up to get them out of the master bath, and stopped because I was still naked under the sheet. "They're in the bathroom over there, baby. You go ahead and get them." Connie went to bathroom in the now well lit room as I lay there and tried to think of how to pull this off.

I definitely wanted to fuck that young virgin pussy.


I wanted to do every nasty fucked up thing in the world to her. My dick was hard as shit again just thinking about it for a second. I wanted to rape fuck this little girl and blow my seed up her ass and down her throat.

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What the fuck was going to happen next? When Connie came back out, she asked me to put the bandage on her foot, since it was too hard for her to reach and see.

I patted the edge of the bed and told her to come sit and I'd do it. I sat up with the sheet over my lap and my dick making a big fucking lump between my legs, while she sat down on the edge of the bed and stretched her leg up toward me.

I looked at her as she handed me the bandage, and there was a lot of shit going on. She was trying not to look at my cock and I was trying hard not to grab her by the hair and shove her lips over my dick.

"Did you wash it off and put something on the cut, baby?" "No, I didn't know what to do." "They say that the best thing to do is lick it off when there's nothing else, or I can try to find something to put on it." Before she answered, I took her ankle in my grip and turned her foot so I could see the was pretty small, so I pulled her foot up close to my mouth and licked the wound.

She never said a word, just stared at resistance.just a surreal quiet and tension in the air. I sucked on the cut, tasting her little girl blood and feeling the power and lust of knowing we were all alone for at least six more hours. "Is that better, baby?" "It feels really good." I put the bandage on her foot, not realizing the sheet had moved down off my lap as I shited to do so. My long fat cock and hairly nutsack were fully exposed, and I realized it when I saw that Connie couldn't take her eyes off of my crotch.

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"I'm sorry, baby, the cover fell off." "It's OK. I want to see it. I heard Mommy telling Aunt Margie about how big your cock is, when she thought I was outside.

She said how you stretch her pussy wide open so it feels like it's going to split, and she loves being pinned to the mattress by a man with a long hard dick full of hot cum." Whoa! Hearing that shit from that sweet face added another inch to my already throbbing hard-on!! "You can touch it if you want to, baby." I had made up my mind to do the most evil thing I could think of, and I was gonna make the most of it.

I had fuck lust in my heart and I was going to stab her pink with my big dick. But I was going to make this last, and not get busted, either.

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Connie reached out with her small white hand and caressed the head of my cock, lightly fingering the piss hole and staring at it like she couldn't stop. She was stroking me softly as she spoke. "You put this in my Mommy? You get on top of her and push it in her?


I hear when she comes in here in the mornings.I hear you tell her to 'suck it bitch'.I hear it all." "You suck it.just lick daddy's big fucking cock, baby." Connie stared at me with those big blue eyes the whole time she moved her face to my pulsing meat and touched her little pink tongue to the slit.

I felt an electric shiver as lust took over completely. I was animal now, cunning in my need to make this little cunt do my will. "SUCK DADDY !!" I ordered it. I meant it.

I grabbed the back of her head and forced her to take my dick in one motion, wanting to gag her, shoving her little mouth up and down as I pumped my hips to fuck her hole. She tried to push away against my chest, flailing and slapping at my hard body as I turned above her, forcing her onto her back and down between my legs as I humped her face. I kept my weight on her, my hand around her throat so she could feel my dominance, until she stopped struggling.

I softened my grip and my thrusting, letting her get over the shock of what had happened. I petted her head."Go slow now,'s OK, I'm not going to hurt you.I'm your Daddy right now, and I love my baby girl." I got to my knees above her, letting my cock just rest on her face, rubbing over her mouth, cheeks and neck while she got her shit together a little bit.I noticed her ass moving up and down a little as instinct moved through her.

"I love you, me what to do. I'll do whatever you want. Just teach me and promise not to hurt me." I moved so my balls were hanging over her mouth and I was facing so as to rub her lithe young body.

"Lick Daddy's balls, baby, suck them soft into your mouth while I get you naked under me." I felt her hot little tongue go to work under my sack, just like I told her, softly taking one big nut into her mouth and licking it over, then the other, then moving over my asshole, probing, then back to my balls. I pulled her sweatshirt up over her big titties and felt a huge twitch when I saw the lacy little bra.I just jerked on it from the front and tore it away to show those hard pink nipples that had never been sucked.

Her belly was smooth and soft.She stopped as I pulled away and yanked the shirt over her head. I was losing it.I grabbed her shorts and ripped them downward over her feet, leaving her in just her light green panties.

I have never wanted to fuck more than I did right then.

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I pulled her knees apart and shoved my head down between her soft thighs and sucked her clit through the silky cloth. She was bucking against my mouth, both of her little hands pumping my cock as she starting truly sucking my precum oozing dick. I grabbed the back of her panties and ripped them downward, exposing the trimmest little cunt I'd ever seen. She smelled like fresh air, and had just the softest wisps of downy hair.

Her cunt lips were glistening and slightly parted, and I moaned with need. I licked softly for a second, then began to probe with my tongue as far as I could while I cupped her entire ass in one hand.

With the other, I reached back under her neck and forced her mouth against my ass and balls.I licked her ass as deeply as I could, feeling her gyrating and hearing her moans against my big nuts. I turned again, over her, my cock swollen and jerking.I grabbed a pillow and put it under her little butt and knelt over her.she never stopped looking at me.

Her eyes were locked on mine as she spread her legs wide open and said, "Fuck me like you fuck Mommy." I was gentle at first. I rubbed the plum-sized head of my meat against that soft wetness until it would slide in.just feeling that soft tension of her muscles accepting me.

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I wanted to was so fucking wrong, but that just made me soon as I felt her cunt give way and her ass muscles relax a little, I crammed a little more of my cock into that tight fresh hole. GOD DADDY !!! IT'S TOO MUCH!!

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IT HURTS !!! That did it.I grabbed her head and her ass and just impaled her little body on my engorged man cock. She screamed and I began to pump her tight fuckhole as hard as I could, raping the shit out of her and taking her to a level of fear and animal submission that made my head swim with need to fill her with my seed. I wanted her virgin womb full of Daddy's hot sticky dick milk, baby seed, jizz.the thoughts flowed through my mind like a freight train until I felt the flood begin to move out of my balls.her squeals and pleading were in the distance.all I felt was that hot tight wet gripping sex hole milking the sperm out of my body.

I thrusted and crushed her little body into the mattress, jerking and flowing my heated baby juice as deeply into her as I could, my fat balls solid against her little ass cheeks.pumping and clenching her to me.I posessed her in every way. Hot rolling load after jerking load drenched her sex.

After I drained my balls into her tightness, we both relaxed a little.I felt the need drain away.the lust cock slowly moved back out of her cunt, releasing the flow of fluid to wet her thighs.I massaged my cum into her soft skin.

I kissed her softly and she put her arms around me.and smiled.and with a knowing look way beyond her years, said "Are you going to marry Mommy?" I said yes.and I did.and that's why this is only the beginning of the whole story about Connie and me.