Big Tit Brunette Solo Masturbation

Big Tit Brunette Solo Masturbation
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Hey everyone my name is Ralph i live with my twin sister alex and father James and our stepmother Diana. When we were just 5 years old we lost our mom in an car accident after a year after that dad felt alone and we were too small for him to take care of us. So, he got married to diana well all i know that dad gone to some meeting to some island and came back with our new mother.

Well,about are new stepmother is that she was different sure she took care of us very well but, she was different from our real mom. Well, she was different because she just wear a t-shirt around the house long enough to cover just her beautiful bubble butt and nothing else i remember when i were playing my sister and me and i tried to hide behind her legs and saw her pussy for the first time my sister came behind me and caught me i was very disappointed by getting caught and pushed her.

She fell down and our stepmother run pick her and told me i should never hurt my sister and told me to apologize to her, and i said "im sorry alex" but our stepmother said "no you should do it properly kiss your sister and say sorry" i heard her and kissed my alex on cheeks and said sorry but she said " no kiss your sister on lips and where she got hurt" it was very weird but i kissed her and i felt very strange feeling in my stomach, and on her head where she got hurt after that our new stepmother hugged her and me when she was leaving i saw my mom but which streched up when she hugged us and saw her pussy and her ass her pussy was shaved.

Well i was very small to understand that any way. But, whenever we got hurt she always let us kiss eachother. One day Dianna had thrown a party at our house and it was a pool party.i should tell you about our house its big mansion with 24 rooms 3 kitchens 2 halls and g big garden, we live at the outskirts, our father is one of the biggest business man in the country and he only visits us on Friday day night and go back on Sunday, so we were all alone in the house.

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As part started many friends of Dianna started to remove their clothes and get into the swim suits, all the freinds of our mom were so sexy and damn hot all them were either c to d cup, before the party started our mom instructed us that her friends were not from here they are from her home country and they are different from us.

So, if find anything wired its ok don't say anything to anyone whatever you see today don't say anything to anyone, promise me and we said we promise, i actually didn't understand why she was saying that then after an our hour or so most of them were naked lying on the bench and playing in the pool we were stun and i had my first Bonner as remember.

Alex my sister she was very playful she pushed me into the pool and ran away, but what she did was actually thrown me into heaven, when i was underwater i saw only naked boobs and pussy around me and in that excitement i forgot that i was underwater and took a breath i got choked and started to move fast everyone saw me and someone took me in their arms and put me on the bench, as i was in her arms i saw two gaint boobs in my face and when she was putting me down one of ger nipple rubbed on my mouth.

She stared CPR i felt her soft squishy lips around my lips and she blown air into my mouth i was enjoying that moment. And when i came into my senses i saw that the girl who saved me was Dianna my stepmother, i was stunned looking ar her naked body the she said " are you ok Ralph?


How are you feeling " she asked i said " yes mom, im ok now " "I thought you know how to swim what was that how did you drown" " Yes mom i know how to swim but alex pushed me and in shock i drank some water" "Ohh.

thank god sweety you are ok, i was very worried about about you"she said. I looked at her from top to bottom and saw that she was shaved and asked her "Mom, umm.why are you naked i can see everything " "Ralph my dear sweety,its pool party look around you everyone is naked thats how a pool party actually is, don't worry you'll understand when you old enough" she said and took me in her arm " lets take you to the room you should take some rest" and took me to the our room.

She put me down on the bed and i saw alex was peeking from the doorway.

" I can see you alex, you can come in"i said She came into the room she was very sorry for what she did i can see that in her face.

" You should never do that young lady, he is your brother, how can you do that say sorry to him" Dianna said " Sorry. Ralph i didn't know you'll drown i did that many times it never happened" alex said and my face gone wrong when she said that how can i say her that i was excited to see all the naked boobs and pussy around me.


Then alex kissed my lips and said sorry again. Then she looked over at our mom and asked "Mom, why are you not wearing any clothes" Dianna gone red and told its pool party its supposed to be naked.

"That means can we be naked too " alex asked and i was surprised by her questions and thought why didn't i thought about this. "Yes sweety you can. And for you two, you don't need a pool party to get naked.ok" my mo reply And a shiver gone through my spine and i started to get hard and had very visible bulge in small swimwear. Alex saw that, and i saw an evil grin come on her face, Dianna standing in the doorway looking at us, alex took her clothes off and now standing naked beside the bed, she looked at me and then towards Dianna she asked " I'm i looking good mom?" She smiled and said " You always have sweety.

But, y don't you ask your brother, he looks to b enjoining this very much" she looked at my obvious bulge. I saw that and suddenly put my hand on it to cover. " What do you think Ralph did you like it" alex said and mom came back in the room and stand beside alex she put her hand on alex shoulder and looked at like she was waiting for my answer too.

" Yes alex you are looking beautiful" " No tell me if like it or not" alex said " Yes Ralph answer your sister question" Dianna said looking again at my bulge and a rush of blood flowing through my body " Yes i like it " i said with a little smile and shy on face. "So, u like looking at your sister and your mother naked? Do you Ralph?" Dianna said " No i didn't mean that" i said in fear " are you embarrass looking at us like this?

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" Alex asked "Noo.!!" " Then why are you hiding you dick from us? why don't you show us? Its only fair don't you think?

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" Alex said and removed my hand "Lets see what you got sweety" mom said and pulled all the down and removed my swim suit. And dick just sprang out and was directly looking at the ceiling.

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My just stood there stunned and looking at my dick " OH MY GOD SWEETY.its so BIG" Dianna said, i was not sure what she was talking about "You are surely bigger than your father and its going to b bigger" she said, i was 7½ by that time.

Alex looked at me and said "sure you are bigger, i have never seen it like this when were i saw it, it was really small" Dianna looked at her asked "when did you saw him?" " Many times in shower when i accidentally gone in some time intensionally" alex said and winked at me. I was there listening to all of this, my dick started to pain and i told Dianna that its started hurting me why?. "Well sweety i think its time that you start masturbation" she smiled and griped my dick in her hand.

Feeling her hand on my dick gave another shiver in my spine. She started to slowly move her hand up and down my dick. She did that for a little while and then looked towards alex and said " do you know anything about blowjob alex" "Yes a little bit" Alex replied "Have you ever given one" Dianna asked. "No but i have seen my friend doing it" " Then why don't you try on your brother " Dianna said.

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I just looked at her and she said " do you think its ok if i take my brother no no part in my mouth" "Yes of course sweety its only better if do that to your brother other than a stranger don't you think" Diannaeplied.

"Yes i think you are right " saying that she griped my dick in her hand and put it in her mouth and started to slowly moving up and down. The feeling of her mouth on my dick was incredible and It was just giving me shock of pleasure through my whole body. Alex was looking at my shivering dick she started to lick my head while Dianna secretly playing with her self .

Just few minutes later i started to feel an unknown feeling which was increasing by every moment of alex mouth on my and just seconds later of that incredible feeling a rush of pleasure started running towards my dick and i felt a shock and waves and waves of pleasure running through my whole body and my whole body got stiff, i felt like im gonna have cramps in my legs.

That feeling goes away and i stared at my sister who had stopped giving me her mouth and i looked at she had a load of something white in her mouth it was dripping from her lips and started running towards her neck Dianna looked at it. She took out her toung and licked it from throat to her lips. " Ummm.u taste good sweety"Dianna said looking at me " swallow it dear its tasty" and alex swallowed that white liquid and said "it was wieard but tasty and salty too" "That was your brother cum dear" Dianna said and looked towards me and said " sweety its time for you to say thank you to your sister" i said " Thank you i felt amazing " " Not like this dear, alex lie down, its your brother's turn".

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To be continued