Gay blowjob for ebony jock and his white lover

Gay blowjob for ebony jock and his white lover
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PART 11: CAITLYN I awoke the next morning to find Lauren staring at me and lightly stroking my hair. "Good morning beautiful, it's about time you woke up." She smiled at me as I stretched, raising my arms above my head and luxuriating in the feeling and knowledge that I was no longer a virgin and the woman I loved lying beside me. "Morning to you to," I replied. "I could get used to waking up like this every day." "So could I," we both just stared into each others eyes for a few moments before Lauren asked, "How do you feel?

I might have gotten a little carried away last night; the first time can be a little rough." The question brought my attention to my pussy, I did feel a little tender down there, but nothing that a good orgasm couldn't fix.

"Hmmm, it was amazing, you gave me everything I wanted. And I think that your magic touch will have me feeling perfect again very soon." Lauren leant down and kissed me lightly on the lips, before sitting up and throwing back the blanket. "Soon huh? But first it's time to get up, we need a shower and I'm hungry!" She jumped out of bed, her boobs jiggling with her movements as she crossed the room and opened the bathroom door.

Looking over her shoulder, she slapped her ass and said "Coming?" with a wink, before disappearing from my view as she walked through the doorway. With an invitation like that I was out of bed in a heartbeat, and then almost falling flat on my face as I landed on the dildo and harness that was lying on the floor.

Seeing it there, brought a wonderful rush of feelings as I remembered last night and how it felt to have it so deep inside me as Lauren had made love to me, cementing her place in my life as my first true lover. I picked it up off the floor and placed it on the bed before heading to the bathroom. I knew we would be using it again soon.

Lauren was just turning on the shower, so I leant against the door, closing it behind me while I stared at her beautiful naked ass. I walked over to her, wrapping my arms around and hugging her from behind, I buried my face in her hair, breathing deep of her scent. "Ewwww, you're right, you do need a shower!" I made exaggerated gagging noises as she wriggled in my grasp, before turning around.

"I stink do I? Well you're no bed of roses yourself little miss morning breath! Now let's get cleaned up before we get all sweaty again." Lauren spun us around and pushed me under the cold spray causing me to scream at the shock. Laughing, she quickly stepped back and closed the door between us as I was pelted by cold water. "You bitch!" I squealed, as I turned around and quickly adjusted the taps to get the hot water flowing, after a few moments it started to warm up, as I was able to relax again.

Lauren was doubled up in laughter as she opened the door and stepped into the shower with me, "All warmed up for me now?" "Yeah, I'm warmed up, but not for you!

I was going to let you kiss my pussy better this morning but now I think I'll have to take care of things myself." With a deliberately slow motion I ran my hand down my stomach and between my legs.

Cupping my pussy I slipped a finger between my lips and slowly slipped it inside. I could already feel myself moistening and a rush of arousal as I touched myself.

Lauren was staring at my hand as I bit my lip and let out a loud moan, drawing her gaze to mine. Her hands came up, reaching for my breasts, I allowed her to touch me for a few glorious moments before I slapped her hands away.

"Nope, no playing for you stinky. Didn't you say we need to get cleaned up and eat first?" Lauren gave out an exaggerated sigh, "Fine you tease! If I can't eat now, then I'll have to eat you later! Will you at least watch my hair for me?" Lauren stepped under the spray with me and we proceeded to take a rather long shower. Lots of giggling, shampooing, soaping and more than a few stray fingers and hands went roaming over each other as we got each other squeaky clean sweet smelling.

I was beginning to feel like a prune and starting to lose the battle of giving in to Laurens body when I turned off the water and we both got out. The whole room was completely steamed up, so I stepped over to the wall to turn on the fan when I heard noises coming from Alex's room. I hadn't even given a second thought to what had happened between him and Sara last night, completely focused on my own goals for the evening.

Lauren was looking at me quizzically, "What?" then she heard it too. Moans and squeaking sounds were coming from his room. She giggled, "I wonder what they're up to?!" "Shhhh! Quick, go grab your phone! It's our turn to take pics of him!" Lauren quickly scampered into our bedroom and came back a moment later with her video camera in hand, still naked and dripping wet.


I'd meant for her to get her phone, but this would be so much better! Nodding that she was ready, I slowly turned the handle and eased the door open. We could hear Sara moaning and sticky slapping noises coming from inside. "That's it, nice and hard, so deep inside me!" Things were obviously going well in there; I eased the door open further until we could both see the bed and what was happening.

Alex was lying on his back and Sara was squatting above his waist, her hands on his chest and her feet on the bed, slowly raising and lowering herself on his cock, which was sticking straight up, glistening with her juices as it slowly slid in and out of her pussy. Her head was thrown back as she gave out a deep moan, her long black hair all sweaty and hanging down her back.

It looked like Alex was playing with her large tits, but they were facing almost directly away from us, so it was hard to tell. Sara slid all the way down, fully impaling herself on his hard cock and started grinding her ass around before leaning forward, pressing her chest into his.

Now all we could see was 2 pairs of feet, Sara's ass, and her pussy, split open by Alex's' dick. I almost fell over as Lauren nudged me, getting my attention as she handed me her camera before creeping into the room. I reached out to pull her back, but I was too slow, my hand merely grazing her naked buttocks as crept forward.

Resigning myself to whatever insanity she was about to commit, I raised the camera and kept filming. I quickly zoomed in on her butt before pulling back for the wide shot, not wanting to miss anything. The antics on the bed were picking up as I saw Alex bringing his legs up and bracing his feet on the bed, he began rapidly thrusting upwards, bringing a new batch of moans from Sara. I was quite surprised to discover that I was getting quite turned on watching them fuck, my nipples were hard and my pussy was definitely wet and it wasn't from the shower.

I desperately wanted to touch my clit, but one hand was bracing myself on the floor and the other was holding the camera. Deciding to throw caution to the wind I stood up, I doubted whether Sara or Alex would notice me as they were busy with each other. Slipping a finger into my mouth I sucked it, getting it nice and slippery before bringing it down and touching my clit.

A shudder ran through me and I had to bite my lip to stop from moaning out loud. Lauren had reached the bed and she glanced back at me, perhaps checking to see if I was still filming.

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She gave me a big smile and nod of approval at seeing me standing there, obviously aroused and still trying to record this. She slowly started standing up, trying to keep out of sight.

Sara's long hair had fallen forward, blocking any chance of Alex seeing anything as he continued to thrust madly upwards into her, his arms wrapped around her, pulling her tight against him.

I had no idea what Lauren was planning to do, but she was blocking my view, so I took a couple of small steps to the side, trying to keep everyone in frame as I continued to lightly tickle my clit.

Sara was moaning constantly now, obviously close to orgasm. "Oh god yes, you big fucker, stick that dick in me, fuck me! Fuck me just like you want to fuck your sisters! Fuck all of us with that magnificent cock!" Alex finally uttered the first words I'd heard since we entered his room, other than grunts and moans.

"You like that do you? You want me to fuck all of you at once? You want to fuck them to? All of us in one big fucking orgy!" "Fuck yes, I can't wait to get my tongue in Lauren's ass and finally seeing Caitlyn's beautiful brown eyes staring into mine as she eats my pussy! Oh god, here I CUUMMMMM!" With an ear splitting shriek Sara started cumming, thrashing and moaning as Alex kept hammering away into her convulsing pussy. A few seconds later, Alex froze, buried deep inside of Sara, his legs quivering as he unloaded his cum into the recesses of her pussy.

Just then Lauren jumped up onto the bed, flopping down on top of Sara, mashing her against Alex, his arms caught between them.

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Both of them let out gasps of surprise as they struggled to come to grips with her sudden appearance as they continued to ride out their orgasms.

"So you want to lick my ass huh? With a dirty mouth like yours I'm not sure I want to let it near my sweet little ass." Lauren reached back and slapped Sara's ass. She started to bounce up and down on them, causing more grunts to come from them both. "Lauren stop, stop, your squashing me!" Alex was sounding a little breathless as he had two girls on top of him bouncing around. Sara just started laughing as she tried to raise herself up a bit, trying to give Alex a little breathing room.

Lauren seemed willing to relent as she slid down Sara's back, probably leaving a little trail of pussy juice as she went. She slid all the way off until she was sitting between Alex's legs and had both hands on Sara's ass.

"Stay right there you two, no moving just yet, someone denied me breakfast this morning and I'm hungry!" With those words she leant in and ran her tongue all the way up from Alex's balls, along his shaft, still half hard with a mixture of his and Sara's cum running down it, up her pussy lips all the way to her puckered butthole.


Drawing moans from both them and another one from me, Lauren continued licking both of them as my moan got their attention. Alex and Sara both turned their heads to see me standing there, one hand buried in my pussy and the other still holding the camera up, capturing everything.

"What the fuck?!? Caitlyn, you can't…ohhhh shit Lauren." Alex's complaint was cut off as Lauren had just sucked one of his balls into her mouth. "Caitlyn! At least Lauren has the decency to join us, instead of just watching us." Sara didn't seem to be bothered in the slightest, she was looking straight into the camera. "Are you going to put that thing down and join us or what?" "Ummmm…" I lowered the camera, unsure what to do.

"Just put it down on the drawers over there, make sure it has a good angle and get your ass over here!" Sara gave me a wicked grin as I moved to put the camera where she directed. "Lauren don't forget me, I need some attention too." Lauren let Alex's balls slip from her mouth with a wet popping noise, "Sorry, but these tasted soooo good!" "Well if that tasted good, why don't you go to the source," Sara raised her hips slightly, causing Alex's renewed hardon to slip out of her snug depths.

Lauren quickly diverted her attention to the cum sliding out of the well fucked pussy in front of her and used her hands to fondle the hard dick instead. After placing the camera down, I hesitantly stepped towards the bed, unsure now of what to do. Sara beckoned me forwards, reaching out and grabbing my hip when I got close enough, pulling me towards her. Alex reached out as well, running his hand up my thigh and squeezing my ass.

I immediately backed off, not wanting him touching me like that. "Shit, sorry Caitlyn, you just looked so hot, I couldn't help myself." Alex looked at me, with a half sad, half lust crazed look with one of Sara's boobs hanging just above his mouth. Her nipple looked all wet and shiny from where he had obviously been sucking on it. "It's ok Alex, you just caught me by surprise that's all" Sara quickly spoke up "You've got to relax Caitlyn, you have no idea how good a real cock feels inside you, or when they spurt a big load of cum in your mouth, it's incredible!" Sara beckoned me forwards again as she let out a quick gasp, "Oh shit Lauren, that tongue of yours is amazing!" I could hear sloppy sucking sounds coming from Lauren as she continued to suck the cum from Sara's pussy.

When I stepped forward this time, Sara immediately slipped a hand between my thighs, forcing my legs apart as she slipped a finger inside me, curling her finger towards her she rubbed against my g-spot bringing a deep moan from me. My knees were against the bed now and I could see that Alex had returned his hands to squeezing Sara's ass as he went back to sucking on her nipples. "Come up on the bed Cat, Alex isn't going to hurt you. We just want to make you feel as good as do." Her thumb was now rubbing my clit as she continued to finger me.

I was powerless to resist her now. I awkwardly climbed up onto the bed, Sara refusing to relinquish her hold on my pussy as I did, until I was kneeling besides Alex's head and Sara could now reach my nipples with her mouth. Lauren raised her head from between Sara's butt cheeks, her mouth all wet and sticky from her actions. "Go for it Caitlyn, cum on Alex's face, let him find out how sweet you taste while I get a taste of him from this end." She put her head back down, and more slobbery noises ensued as her head started bobbing up and down and Alex let out a series of appreciative moans.

Alex's head was rubbing on my stomach as he continued to suck on Sara's tits as she sucked on mine. I was getting so incredibly hot, I could hardly think straight. Surely Sara and Lauren wouldn't steer me wrong? Maybe there was something about boys that could be fun? I had definitely liked watching Alex's cock sliding in and out of Sara while they fucked, but did I want to do that myself?

Maybe, maybe not.

I decided on a middle ground, maybe that would help me make up my mind on the usefulness of boys, their dicks and how they applied to me.

I reached down and grabbed Alex's head, pulling him down away from Sara's nipple. He looked up at me as I pushed his head down onto the bed, "Huh? Come on Caitlyn, you can't have all the girls all to yourself." Before I could chicken out I quickly lifted a leg and brought it over his head, now he was staring straight up at my bald pussy with Sara's fingers still squishing around inside me.

I eased myself downwards, lowering my pussy towards his eager mouth. Sara withdrew her fingers from me, sucking each of them individually into her mouth, she moaned in appreciation.

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"Damn Cat, you have the sweetest tasting pussy I've ever had! You are going to love this Alex." I couldn't see him anymore, Sara's beautiful face sucking on her fingers blocking my view.

I held myself still waiting for the first touch, willing myself to relax. She must have seen the nervousness in my eyes as she whispered to me, "relax, it's going to be great." Bringing herself closer until I could feel her breath on my lips and all I could see was her big green eyes.


Then her tongue flicked across my lips and her hands grabbed my ass, pushing me down until my pussy was mashed against Alex's face. "Mmmpphh, umpphh!" Sara loosened her grip on my ass, allowing me to raise myself up slightly and giving Alex some breathing room. "Sorry Alex" I couldn't help myself from laughing and feeling much more relaxed after something so silly had happened.

"That's okay, I don't really need to breathe much!" Then I felt his tongue swipe across my lips, bringing a gasp of pleasure and surprise from me. Sara's hands on my ass were quickly replaced by Alex as he began working in earnest on my pussy, trying hard to make me cum. Gently nibbling at my clit, slipping his tongue inside me, sucking at my lips.

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Obviously he had had some pointers since Lauren had ridden his face the other night, or she had over exaggerated his ineptness at eating pussy. Sara cupped the back of my head in one hand the other rubbed down my back as she brought our faces together and we began kissing, her tongue sliding into my mouth, eagerly tangling with mine as I became lost in the passion of what was happening to my body. I knew I was going to cum soon, this had all been building for too long and was too much for me to handle for long.

I could feel a finger pushing at my butt hole, I couldn't tell if it was Alex or Sara and I didn't really care. It was just another thing to bring me closer to orgasm, closer to releasing the tension that had been building inside me for so long. Sara began pinching and pulling at my nipples, alternating back and forth as her other hand continued to roam my ass.

I think both of them were fighting over who could stick a finger in my butt, I'm sure that different size fingers kept sliding in and out of me. Finally breaking our kiss, Sara put her mouth to my ear, nibbling at my earlobe, whispering to me, "are you going to cum for us Cat? Are you going to squirt your pretty little pussy juice all over your big brothers face?" I could only nod and whine as I was getting so close, coherent thought starting to dissolve under the intense pressure of my impending explosion.

I saw Lauren sitting up, looking at me with her mouth wide open, showing me the load of thick cum coating her tongue. Alex had cum in her mouth and I hadn't even noticed, he must have been working really hard to not break his attention on my swollen and needy cunt.

Lauren moved forward, straddling Sara, rubbing her nipples across her back and bringing her cum laden mouth to mine.

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Grabbing me by the back of the head, she held me still as she began to kiss me, sandwiching Sara between us and pushing Alex's cum into my mouth with her tongue.

The taste was completely different from what I'd expected, a little salty, but not really much taste at all. Just mixed in with my sweet lover's saliva as our tongues wrestled, swapping the cum back and forth.

Sara spoke again, "Alex, your sweet little sister Caitlyn is sucking your cum from Lauren's mouth after she just sucked it out of your big throbbing cock. I think next time she should suck it straight out of you, without anyone in between. What do you think?" His only response was to suck hard at my clit, finally spilling me over the edge and sending me skyrocketing off into oblivion. I clenched and moaned into Lauren's mouth as she kept our mouths locked together as I sprayed my cum all over my brothers face.

Alex continued to suck at my clit, slowly easing the pressure before sliding his tongue back to my hole, eagerly drinking my juices as they continued to dribble out of me as my orgasm slowly waned. Lauren finally released me, sliding off the side of the bed, allowing Sara to move to the other side. Unsupported I half collapsed, half dragged myself forwards until I lay alongside Alex, my head on Laurens thighs down by Alex's hips.

I could see his dick, all soft and small now. It didn't disgust me like before, I'm not sure if I was ready to suck on it, but maybe soon. Thanks to all of you who have waited patiently (or not so patiently) for the next part of my story. I had hoped to have it finished today, but after numerous rewrites i couldn't get it finished and now it's New Years Eve for me, so I'm off to do some drinking! So the best I can do is post the first half for you today and post the final Finale in two days time.

(Hangover recovery time included) Enjoy