A very sexy brunette Latina gets banged very hard by a horny man

A very sexy brunette Latina gets banged very hard by a horny man
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Brittany and Kari were at a party one night that one of their friends were throwing for the last semester of their High School year.


They were all seniors in High School and throwing the classic high school party with beer, weed and all that stuff that teenagers do.

Kari was a shy girl that was about 5'5 with black hair that reached down to the top of her back. She had an ass that was just begging to be tapped and breast that were amazing to look at and a tan that took many years at the beach to perfect with a athletic build because she play Softball for the school. She had a few boyfriends but none that could broke through the zipper on her pants or matter of fact broke her Hyman. Brittany was a girl that was 5'9 that had the ass that was fine as hell and the chest to match it.

She also had black hair and the cute face that match her long legs. She never wore anything but thongs and a black bra. Athletic do to the surfing that she did. She also had a tan from the beach and laying out during the summer.

Anyway, the party was going on and everyone was having fun with their own crews and clicks. But in the corner Brittany and Kari sit with the group that they have been with for the 4 years of High School. There was Emma, Rosy, Raquel and Aleen. And they were amerced in a game of Truth or Dare. It was Kari's turn to go. "OK, so Kari Truth or Dare ?" said Aleen. "Dare" Kari responded. " I dare you to kiss Brittany on the lips for five seconds." With that Kari and Brittany leaned in and their lips meet and something went off in Kari that the light flickered on in her head.

Her lips touching Brittany's and the swapping of saliva really turned Kari on that she might pee in her pants from all the excitement.

Before she knew it the five seconds were up and people were beginning to leave. The girls said goodbye and while walking to there cars. Brittany asked "Hey Kari, can I stay at your place tonight because my parents aren't home and I don't wanna be alone tonight.

" Kari said that that was fine and that no one would be home, so she could stay in the guest room. So the two girls got into their cars and drove to Kari's house. Kari went up to her room to change into her sleeping attire and Brittany went up to the guest room to change into hers. Kari was dressed for bed in her tee shirt and a pair of old mesh shorts that where short enough, and walked down the hall to brush her teeth.

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As she walked by the guest room door had a crack in it that showed through the light and as she crossed it Kari noticed Brittany just standing there.

In her black bra and thong that left nothing to shame her. As Kari watched the bra was let lose releasing the most tan and beautiful tits that Kari had ever scene in her life and she had been watching porn for about three years now. Then the thong was let lose and the pussy made its appearance to Kari who almost came right there and then.

With that Kari had a strange sensation that she had to pee again like when she and Brittany were kissing. Before Brittany noticed Kari slipped down the hall and into the bathroom, once the door was closed and locked she grabbed a hair brush pulled down her pants and inserted it into her pussy. She began to grind on it imagining her friend naked in the next room.

Sweating and convulsing take she came in only seconds feel to the floor but there was a knock at the door. Brittany asked "Are you alright ?" "Yeah I'm Fine" but the fear of all fears is when the doorknob turned and swung wide open and there was Brittany mouth open and all looking at Kari who still had the hair brush in her pussy.

"So I didn't know that the kiss meant so much to you ?" Brittany said still with her eyes wide open.

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"What do you mean ?" Kari said. "Well, I left the door open so you could she me and hoping that you would cum in and join me." Brittany said with a smile on her face.

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"So your not mad ?" Kari asked. "NO I was going come in here and do the same thing anyway" Brittany. Kari looked shocked "But, since you are in here and I'm in here I guess we can make the most of it and do each other." Like a flash Brittany was on the floor between Kari's legs and removing the hair brush from her pussy.

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Her tong was making Kari go crazy with every lick it sent shock waves through her body. " You won't be needing these anymore" Brittany said as she pulled off Kari's shorts and went right back to eating Kari's pussy. Kari was going absolutely wild and begged for her to stop and then the same sensation returned and she knew that Brittany had to stop even though it felt so dam fucken good.

With moans between words, "Brittany .

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you. ahhhhh !! . you need to ahhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!

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STOP !" with that Brittany stopped and Kari quickly got up and went to the toilet she was so desperate to go that she couldn't even sit down and released a gush of pee that the neighbors could hear. Once she was done Kari looked at Brittany "Sorry this what I came in here for and too brush my teeth." "Well tonight you are going have to skip Brushing your teeth tonight" Brittany walked over to Kari, still over the toilet and stuck a finger into her pussy.

"Come on ! ! " said in a sexy seductive voice.

As the two walked down the hall it was quit a sight Brittany fully clothed with her finger leading Kari to her room. The two of them made into Kari's room where they wasted no time They kissed and made their way over to the bed, they played lip tag and Kari removed her shirt revealing her C's to the girl that she had a thing for.

Another kiss to set the mood and then it was Brittany's turn to strip. She slowly pulled her shirt over her head and making sure that Kari noticed that flat stomach of hers and then her breast that where almost D's but not quite there yet, Brittany was just about to lower her shorts but Kari stopped her. "NO, Let me !" and her hands were on either side of the boxer shorts that Brittany was wearing slowly pulling them down to get a close up of that tan pussy. Brittany got under that covers with Kari and passionately kissed a few times.

They rubbed each other under the covers. Pussy against Pussy grinding both of them moaning at the peak of pleasure.


Kari was spent but wanted to keep on going. Brittany was grinding her Kari slipped under her and found the pussy she had been carving.


When Kari's tong touch that pussy Brittany exploded with pleasure, begging to be fucked and fucked some more. Kari did it enough that Brittany most have came at least 5 or 6 times and they were both spent. They fell asleep soon after that in each other arms in Kari's bed. The girls woke up the next morning to the sound of the radio alarm that went off everyday at 7:05 in the morning.

The greeted each other a good morning and kissed.

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They got up and took a shower together that got Kari off a few more times and Brittany off also. They finished the shower and eat breakfast. Sitting on Brittany's lap Kari was on cloud nine because Brittany's hands never left her pants the half an hour that they were sitting there.

Kari didn't want Brittany to find out this way that she had a crush on her the way she did but she was happy that it turned out that Brittany had the same feelings for her.

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The two of them said goodbye at noon with Kari eating out Brittany's pussy in the hallway by the front door. When she was done, they kissed, Brittany took off her panties and pulled up her pants and said "Goodbye." Then handed the panties to Kari and in a sexy voice said " Just a gift for you." They kissed and Brittany left. Kari danced down the halls of her home and finally felt like a true girl she had broken her hymen and it was the one that she truly loved.