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Young straight hung teen and men showing inside their underpants gay
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. TEDDY BEAR Inspired by a 1970's song by Barbara Fairchild and a certain movie's previews. Nurse Densor comes into room 252 to take care of her current favorite patient. His face is ravaged by the effects of the drugs and stress of fighting a terminal case of M.S. She has heard the doctor's murmuring among them that the fight is lost and that he will pass on soon.

So, besides her usual good humor and tender care, Myron is getting additional excellent care. He is due a sponge bath now, since he is too weak to move to the tub or shower in the room next door. It is amazing that though he is near death's door, his member is still able to rise to the occasion and she knows that that is because of his affections for her. He has been such a dear to take care of despite his terrible condition, so she can't help but feel a lot towards him, also.

And so, as she pulls back the sheet to uncover the tented up hospital pajamas that he is wearing, she had locked the door against intrusions to her sponge bath of him and then proceeds on another purpose first.

He though in a mild drug stupor against the pain that he feels constantly, still knows what is coming from this familiar pattern of activity. So, he braces himself up to receive for one of the last times, his favorite lady's intimate care of his dick.

She reaches down and tenderly and carefully exposes his member to her view and then with some available body lotion begins to lube it up for her hands to attend to. It takes several minutes with his pain and low blood pressure to get it fully up for the purpose to come. As it rises in response to her care, she admires it and thinks of how terrible, that in addition to his losing his life that this fine member will be lost to womankind forever. Then as it reaches its zenith, she wipes it off with a sanitary wipe and moves her mouth down to give it the loving treatment that she has purposed to give it this day.

She licks up and down the underside of his penis and it arouses even further to her purpose. And when it begins to slowly leak out its pre cum, instead of wiping it off, she takes it into her mouth and swallows it to his pleasure.

At this point the pain that usually ravages his body is turned way down in intensity and so he can begin to truly appreciate the affections that he is getting and return them a little. So, his hands lift a little and take up a position on her breasts from the outside of her nurse's uniform, but she opens the top three buttons and in her leaning over guides his hands to inside of her loose bra and in to cup her breasts that he constantly admires when he is awake and cogent.

She smiles back her joy at his enjoying of what she wishes that she could share more of in a night with the two of them alone, but is comforted by giving him one of the final pleasures of his life. With her continuing to hand job his member, she opens her top even more and leans over so that he can suckle on them, she also guides his hands to under her skirt to play with her pussy.

And after several minutes of this, she moves her mouth up to his penis cap and takes it deeply into her throat with a powerful sucking action that soon causes him to empty out his sperm into her stomach. With this she unlocks the door and begins the sponge bath with him naked on top of the sheets and following her with adoring eyes as she finishes the intended purpose of her visit to him.

When she is finished, she helps him on with a pair of clean pajamas and then with her body recumbent on the bed gives him a total body hug, before gathering up her nurse's tools and moving on to take care of her other patients.

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When she arrives at his room the next day, he is not there and she gets no answers when she inquires of him, so she supposes that he died and for some reason it is being kept a hospital secret. So, she sits on his now unoccupied bed and sheds a few tears for one of the gentlest and finest men that she has ever met. And after getting that out of her system, she moves on to other patients needing her services. Two weeks previous to this day, two mysterious men in suits and with two heavy suitcases each came to visit Myron during the day after one of Felicity's caring visits to him.

When they entered his room, they securely closed the doors and plugged in some kind of electronic device that gave a low level buzz in the ears, like a single bee flying around in the room, but its purpose was as a masker, so that anything said in this room would not be able to be monitored by anyone else outside of it.

And then the suitcases were totally opened and a screen was produced and mounted up with Myron's direct view in place and a video projector was mounted on a tall table on the other side and turned on to show a test pattern on the screen. Myron was now alert after a visit of Nurse Densor and so was abler to follow the movements of the men and the preparations of some kind of presentation, evidently involving him.

And then with it all ready, one of the men turned to stand in front of his eyes before the screen and began his spiel.


"We are from the corporation known as DUOMENTALITIES, the famous mind transferring company. We have a new process in the testing stage to offer to you.

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Normally, we would offer to transfer your understood to be honorable and respected mind into a healthy young man, or sometimes a woman, but we know that your family can't afford that process and we have no extra recipients available at this time for a charity case.

So, the best that we can offer is a mind transfer into something else, either permanently or temporarily, we don't know which at this time. Because it is a new and experimental procedure, which we always test out on a free ride subject, you are being offered the opportunity to receive this.

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We can't at this time share all of the details, but we assure you that your mind will be functional and you will have some degree of interaction with the world immediately around you. So, if you are agreeable, we will now play the video that will undoubtedly answer a lot of your questions." And so they did.

When the video presentation was complete, the original speaker took the actions of folding up the equipment while the quiet one took up the presentation with Myron from that point on. "Now that you have seen as much as we can share with you at this time; we need to know unfortunately in a rather short time, right now if possible, if you are interested in this procedure. If so, we can have a doctor come in and cosign for you the permission form and we will take you to the facility in about two weeks." Myron thought it over for about fifteen minutes and then looked up to the suited man and nodded yes, so one of the doctors came in and the forms were filled out and signed and the two men disappeared out the door, to never be seen by Myron again.

Two weeks later, when two ambulance attendants came to get him, soon after the nurse's very loving personal attention, he was about to second guess his decision on this experimental procedure, but with his eminent demise near, he decided that he had little to lose and let them take him into custody to move to where he didn't know for whatever was going to happen to proceed. After the transfer, he found his consciousness in a very strange place and awaited the explanations of the doctors after the fact.

When they came in, he could see them out of eyes from a very strange vantage point. Not wanting to waste time and prolong his stress, they put up a mirror and all he saw was a very average looking teddy bear propped up on a pillow on a doctor's examination table. It took a couple of silent minutes while the doctor's observed him very carefully for him to get the connection that this was his new sentient home. The realization came without much surprise and with some laughter held in his head for the time.

The speakers in the room were designed to reflect his silent thoughts to the doctors and they looked at each other with staring eyes at this unexpected reaction on Myron's part. But, not wanting to belabor the point, they proceeded to explain his current situation and what they planned to do with him.

"I see that you find a certain amount of humor in your current mode of existence. We are not sure of the meaning of that, but will proceed as if it is positive. Your current location is in an electronic computer device within the head of this toy teddy bear, and with augmentations to its body, you will have certain abilities beyond just thinking. You will be almost indestructible, because of defense systems that will be explained to you from within your own mind.

If you should somehow actually be destroyed, it is no problem, because of a bug planted in the abode that you will be sent to, there will be constant upgrades of your memories, so that you can be rebuilt and reprogrammed, also, you will pass any security scan because of a cloaking device around your interior parts that reflect a typical teddy bear's interior.

Your working name for some time will be Ted E. Bearington. Ted for short.

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You might never use the name Myron again, we are not sure of that. You are going to be willed to your hospital nurse and delivered by FEDEX. There will be a very heartfelt message left for her that will probably guarantee that she will never part with you. And over time you will obtain limited abilities to interact with her.

But, your most important purpose for her will be to protect her against some men who are pressuring her to enter into very unwise relationships with them.

Your abilities to safeguard her will be prodigious beyond any interference from outside your body during this time of your residence in it. The rest that you need to know will become apparent as you experience your new mode of life and there will be tutorials to explain anything that you will need to know when you need to know it. That is enough for now, and so prepare your mind to be delivered to her and then we will see what happens." The next day, the FEDEX package came to Felicity's condo and she signed for it, perplexed at to what it was.

But, on the outside was an envelope directing her to open and read the letter inside first. The message inside informed her that the box inside contained a gift from the estate of the late Myron Mansen and is a very well-intended but modest expression of his regard for her. He hoped that it would bring her some happiness as it reminds her of him and that it truly reflects how he viewed himself in her loving hands. XOXOXO And so she with expectations, opened the package to find what appeared to be just your average Teddy Bear, but since it was from Myron she purposed to protect it and savor the memories of a really sweet guy from then on.

So, it was immediately moved to the pillows on her bed. And she went about her day of cleaning her apartment for a guest that night. That evening; Dennis, a security guard from the hospital who had been pressuring her for some time for a date, came to spend some time in her apartment at his request so that they could get to know each other better. So, she had cooked him a fine meal and when he appeared at her door, she let him in intending to direct him to the table for the meal before them.

But, instead of moving to the table, he seemed to be casing the joint and when he settled on her bedroom door, he took her firmly in his hand and led her in instant tears to its interior. As soon as they got into the room, he called her a stinking bitch and began to tear her clothing off of her.

When she was nude, he reached out to slap her fiercely a couple of times and when he was done undressing himself all of a sudden two fierce rays of light came from the Teddy's eyes on the bed, blinding him and then something flew out of its mouth and the raging man fell to the floor. Then she got the very intense suggestion to directly call 911 to report this and ask for police help. And she responded to that and did it. The officers got there in ten minutes, just as the waking up man was rising in fury off of the floor.

They had been cued to break the door in and rescue her in her bedroom and they rushed to do that and soon had the struggling and swearing man in custody and handcuffed. As he was being led out, he swore at Felicity and threatened her with dire circumstances for resisting his advances and calling on the police to rescue her.

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The officers got very fine videos and sound recordings of this and it made very damning evidence against him and with his priors taken into consideration he was sentenced to five years in prison and ordered to never come into contact with Felicity again. But, the D.A's office told her that they would inform her when he got out and would put up a guard over her then to prevent him from harming her ever again.

Felicity for some reason felt that she already had a guardian angel, but would accept any additional help made available to her over him. The night of the attack, she gathered teddy into her arms and fell asleep comforted by its protection of her. It was some time before she dated again and it was with Philip, a well-regarded orderly in her hospital but another ward.

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She resisted dating the doctors in any form, because so many of them felt entitled to whatever they wanted. Of course, there were some very nice ones, too. But, she didn't feel like having to sift through them to find a respectful and honorable one among them. So, an orderly would work out fine, she hoped. Since she at least in theory outranked him, he would be careful to not overstep her intimate invitations. And so it worked out. After four very nice dates, she invited him over to enjoy a meal with her and he was very polite and casual in his manner around her.

They sat on the couch and watched some television, and he only put his arm around her shoulders and held her tight for the duration. When it came to the time for her to make a decision on whether to allow him to sleep over and enjoy her body, she got a subliminal message from teddy to allow it, because he was a genuinely nice fellow. And so, they entered the bedroom, hand in hand and she moved teddy to the chair to watch over things.

Philip was very gentle with her and they made love with a light touch and when he moved to penetrate her, she opened as wide as possible and he moved up into her body and then they both came together to their joys. They slept the night away and teddy watched over the both of them and when Philip left in the morning, he gave Felicity a very tender kiss as a goodbye. The two of them dated for three more months with several more intimate sharing's that got somewhat more adventuresome.

But, they finally came to the decision that though they very much liked each other, the relationship wasn't going to go beyond enjoying an intimate night once in a while and they parted close company with that in mind. They still remained very good friends when they encountered each other at the hospital, but their dates eventually ceased as each was looking for someone more of their own types.

Myron (teddy) couldn't help but read her mind to some extent and he kept thinking that he himself was the one for her, but that it would never happen in his current state. After Felicity had gotten so used to teddy's protective presence she began carrying him around in a rear shoulder carrying perch to everyone's amusement, which she just answered to their inquiries that the bear was her 'bestest' friend.

Then he just up and disappeared one day as she was at work. She was devastated at this turn of events and for the first time in a long time felt exposed and vulnerable without teddy's able protecting of her. But, three days later of stress, she heard her doorbell ring and a very handsome fellow of about her age was standing at her door with two dozen red roses and a very happy smile.

As she stared at the stranger, he gave her a card of introduction and on it, it said: INTRODUCING TED E.


BEARINGTON, Esquire-------I am at your service. Then she looked up into his eyes and saw, Myron as he would have been if not ravaged by M.S.

She took him by the hand and walked him to the table to explain.

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So, he filled her in with all that he could about the teddy bear, and then explained about the Japanese company that had perfected human cloning. With this he offered that some of his DNA had been preserved against future use, by the doctors that had transferred his mind and then part of it was passed on to the Japanese Company.

Since he was the first of this process to work fully, he was done freely, just he had been done as the bear. During the process any influence of the M.S. was scrubbed from him.

But, that now he would have to abandon both the identities of Myron and Ted and assume a new name, Patrick Smith with a new identity and mode of life. Since he had been well educated, he had a number of opportunities to look into including of being a medical researcher with a very interesting background to draw upon.

And then he looked into her eyes and asked if there was any future for him in her life after her being freaked out by all of this. She reached out and took him into her hands and led him to the bedroom, now without the bear, but still with his mind and heart there and began a lifelong offering of each other in love from then on.