Big booty latina victoria geheimnisfahrten jmacs riesigen schwanz

Big booty latina victoria geheimnisfahrten jmacs riesigen schwanz
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This is my first story so be kind and I apologise for the punctuation as my grammar isn't that good. But appart from that enjoy. Beep! Beep!

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"hey wanna meet up on Monday." Eagerly I replied, it was pretty obvious my crush on her everyone knew about it "Yeah sure Eloise". All right let's slow down a bit I'm 15 and a very athletic tennis player although I used to be small and scrawny, but recently started getting bigger muscles as I work out.

Monday came fast, I arranged to meet up at her house to do some revision. By the time I got to her house I was nervous and sweaty, I had never been to a girl's house or even had a girlfriend before but that wasn't going to stop me it wasn't like anything was going to happen we were only going to do revision.

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Before I could start overthinking the whole thing, Eloise answered the door, my heart stopped, she was so hot. Eloise went for a casual 'I don't care' look wearing a t-shirt that was too small which just enlarged her breasts. "good your here, now we can start!" she exclaimed.

As I followed her through her house I couldn't help but admire her ass it was perfect. She even wiggled it as if she knew I was staring at it. It all happened too fast as soon as I entered the room, immediately I was tackled by her friends Harley and Olivia.

Taken by surprise I was easily tied to the bed.


"What the fuck" I tried to say but they stuffed a sock in my mouth. I knew these girls, Olivia has dark black hair, lovely olive skin, she was the shortest of the three. Whereas Harley is tall with wavy ginger hair and a hugely athletic however didn't have very big tits compared to Olivia.


Of course though saving the best till last Eloise who has luscious blonde hair, a great pair of tits and a beautiful face.

I looked at the three girls desperately but they just giggled. "You don't know how long we've been wanting to do this" Harley whispered "I bet your packing a big one". She reached over me brushing past my hardening member, giving it a quick squeeze through my jeans. "All right let's get started" Eloise commanded and with that all three girls began unzipping my jeans, clearly they hadn't done this before never the less they still managed to take it off, leaving me in my boxers.

By this point I had a raging hard on bursting to get out.


"Ooh look he excited" Olivia commented. In one swift movement she tore my boxers off.

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All three girls were speechless as they examined my cock and judging by their faces this was the first they'd ever seen. My cock was throbbing for attention. It was Eloise who broke the silence, strolling over and teasing my dick with the tip of her fingers causing my cock to start oozing out pre-cum.

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Not wanting to miss out the other two hurried other and began fondling with my dick and balls. I was in heaven. To my surprise Eloise came over, taking the sock out of my mouth. As we began to make out I realised how badly the rope were tied fortunately the knot came loose as I freed my hands, Using this opportunity to take Eloise's top off and untie her bra revealing the most amazing boobs I had ever seen.Sitting there I was hypnotized, "What you waiting for big boy aren't you going to touch them?" she moaned we continued to kiss as I reached out and played with her tits occasionally pinching the nipple.

I broke away from kissing to start licking her tits, she let out a soft moan as I teased her breasts, looking down I saw Harley and Olivia both girls had also taken off their bras revealing two good pairs of tits not quite as good as Eloise's but still alright, they were slowly licking up either side of my cock driving away at my stamina. I focused back on Eloise who had stripped off her skirt and panties, she was lowering herself onto my cock.

I was awed by her pussy for I had only ever seen them in pornos, hers was shaved to my delight and dripping wet. Letting her take it at her own speed I watched as she lowered herself whilst Harley licked her pussy and my cock acting as a lube making it easier, the further she went the more she moaned untill all 8 inches were in by this point Olivia had also completely stripped revealing a trimmed triangle of pubic hair over her pussy.

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Olivia came over and kneeled above my head giving me access to her pussy, I started off by just teasing her by lightly liking her but then burying my tounge deeper experimenting with different techniques.

I began to match Eloise's thrusts by pushing up as she pushed down putting my cock deeper and deeper inside her untill I felt her pussy squeeze down on my cock as she went through her first orgasm.

Using her juices as a lubricant I sped up as my end approached rapidly. "Fuck I'm gonna cum" I cried out seconds later and with that she slid of my cock, grabbed it with both hands squeezing it gently whilst smiling and flicking the tip of my dick with her wet tounge causing my cock to explode all other her perfect face as she took it like a pro.

Stream after stream hit her face nearly covering her whole face. I fell back into the bed feeling satisfied, this was the best day if my life!

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I watched as Harley helped lick the cum of Eloise's face. "My turn now" said Olivia as she jumped onto me and started grinding my soft, floppy cock I realised the problem with foursomes I wouldn't be able to cum 3 times perhaps twice within a short time but 3 would be pushing it hopefully I wouldn't have to cum for each if them. Slowly hardening Olivia stuck it inside of her and began bouncing up and down. Bored of not getting any attention Harley pushed off Olivia and in a single movement mounted my cock burrying it deep inside her, you could see Harley's small tuft of ginger pubic hair.

Deciding to have some fun I made all three girls get on their hands and knees as I approached from the back, it was lovely being able to choose between three very appealing pussies which were all dripping wet, I began alternating between pussies to keep them all happy. I realised that I wasn't be able to keep it up for much longer however I want to make all the girls go through an orgasm before my own end so as I penetrated Harley I stuck in fingers into both Olivia and Eloise, It was my first time fingering but after a bit of experimenting I hit the G-spot.

By now all 3 girls were moaning so loud that it filled my ears encouraging me to go faster and push deeper, Harley was the loudest since she started to meet my thrusts pushing my cock deeper and faster to add to the intensity she also started wiggling her ass, within seconds her pussy clamped down on my cock resulting in her first orgasm and with that she collapsed on the bed.

"lie down on your back you two" I commanded, willingly Eloise and Olivia complied exposing their teen pussies, having been fingering them for the last 5 minutes I decided to see if I could get more then two fingers inside of them however their pussies put up a fight despite our fucking earlier Eloise's pussy was still extremely tight.

Regardless I eventually managed to stick my hands in each of them but it took an awfully long time keeping my dick uncomfortably hard. Just when I thought my arms would die I felt the familiar feeling of their pussies squeezing down on to my hands and releasing a flow of juices. "Yesss" Olivia squealed with delight as her pussy started squirting it out.

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"Get down on your knees" Eloise commanded, as I knelt down my cock stuck out at a almost perpendicular angle. To my surprise she stepped forwards lightly teasing my dick with her foot causing me to moan in pleasure. Seeing what Eloise was doing Harley and Olivia decided to join in. The sensation of 6 feet was overwhelming and within minutes I was bursting to explode, "Fuck I'm gonna cum" I moaned.

Immediately they removed their feet and instead started kissing and flicking my cock with their wet tongues, "ughh" I grunted as my cock exploded like a fountain in the middle of these sexy hot chicks, I looked down they were all splattered with cum. After the intense fucking we all felt completely shattered so we all laid back on Eloise's bed.

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I cuddled Eloise as we fell asleep in each other's arms.