Gay interracial blowjob outdoors for money

Gay interracial blowjob outdoors for money
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Sara flipped off the radio when she turned into her Tinderwood Apartment complex. It was late and she was exhausted. Her younger sister, Lauren, was asleep on the sofa with her chemistry book open on her chest, when she walked in. Sara looked frazzled and worn out for a 19 year sophomore in college. Her hair was windblown and her makeup was a mess. Her new flowered sundress was wrinkled and only held closed by three buttons. When she plopped down in the chair, Lauren could see her bare breasts and her full light brown bush.

"I take it you and Cliff had a fun visit?" Lauren said sarcastically. "Uggg, yes we did," replied Sara as she laid her head back against the cushion of the chair. "And I had the pleasure of meeting Marcus too" she said, breaking into a sly smile. "Go on! No shit, he was there?" Lauren sat up on the sofa.

"And?" "I've never had such a cock inside me in all of my life." "I told you! I told you he was huge!" Sara thought back on the conversation she'd had with Lauren and her mom, yes, her mom, just a few days earlier. Her mom, Grace, had driven Lauren back to Richmond from Jersey and had enjoyed her first time flashing truckers as they cruised south on 95.

Then Cliff, the blackmailing trucker, made arrangements to meet Lauren at a truck stop just south of DC, and she had convinced her horny mom to join in the fun.

They'd climbed into Cliff's double-wide sleeper and then had been surprised by Cliff's high school buddy, Marcus. Marcus was an ex-college tight end, light-skinned black stud.


He stood 6'6" and he knew well how to use his ten inch cock. Sara filled Lauren in on all the screaming, moaning, cum-filled details. Late and tired, and class at 9:00 in the morning, they both headed to bed.

Lauren was in the third week of her freshman year at the university, and struggling. She'd graduated high school with honors, and was the MVP of her volleyball team. The full-ride volleyball scholarship was the reward for her hard work and skill. At 6' she was what every girl dreamed of being.

Tall, blonde, 34-C firm breasts, long tan legs and nothing short of gorgeous. College is always difficult at first but it was magnified by her sudden discovery of sex.

She'd been fucked, and fucked good, more in the last two weeks than all of high school. The two dweebs she screwed her senior year lasted no more than five minutes and their small dicks did nothing to excite her. Then she spread her legs for Cliff, the 42 year old trucker, and her life changed forever. Two weeks later Marcus dove deeper into her tight cunt and now sex occupied her mind every waking moment.

She sat, staring out the window of the Chemistry lab, just wishing it would end. One more class then it was off to volleyball practice. At least then she could work out some of her frustrations. "Nicole, wait up, I'll walk with you." Nicole was a volleyball teammate, also a freshman, and also tall and gorgeous. She was from Atlanta and also on a full ride.

She was not as well-endowed as Lauren, with her smaller 32-B tits but she had dark areolas and nipples a half inch long when erect. They talked and laughed, as two young girls might do, as they entered the locker room. Lauren pulled off her blue tanktop, undid her bra, and hung them in the locker.

She then unzipped her white jean skirt and slid it down over her tanned legs. "No panties? And geez, look at your bush! You letting it grow?" inquired Nicole. "I've gotten to the point where I rarely wear them anymore. And yeah, I'm letting my bush grow. I love how it feels, and the truckers seem to like it," Lauren winked.

"The truckers?" asked Nicole. "Yeah.

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I'll tell you all about it after practice. Let's go, coach is calling." Practice was tough as usual but the girls were used to it. They were completely exhausted but the shower reinvigorated them. They stood, naked in front of their lockers, toweling off, when Nicole asked, "So tell me about these truckers you mentioned." With that, Lauren started in, telling the whole story of Sara being filmed by Cliff, his blackmail that turned into an amazing fuck.

Sara and Lauren flashing truckers together, then Lauren and her mom flashing, and finally of Marcus with his donkey sized cock. Dressed, they headed back to the apartment complex. Nicole walked in silence as Lauren went on.

She was shocked by what she was hearing but her stiff nipples also reminded her that she was getting aroused. She'd been more promiscuous back in high school in Atlanta than Laurenbut it had been a couple months since she'd enjoyed a good cock. "So what do you think? Wanna come with us next time?" asked Lauren.

"No way!" Nicole blurted out, but wondered if she really did feel that way. "Oh come on, don't be such a prude" Lauren said, smiling. That's exactly what her sister had told her coming down 95. And it had worked, because three minutes later, Lauren's panties were on the floor of the Toyota and truckers were staring down at her twat. "God knows I could use a good fuck," said Nicole as her mind started to wander.

Thursday afternoon at 5:00 as Nicole and Lauren were leaving practice, a text popped up on Lauren's phone. "Marcus just texted and will be passing through later. Whatcha think, wanna cum? Haha" "You know it" typed Lauren. Turning to Nicole, she said, "Well, tonight's your chance. Marcus will be in town later this evening. Want to see what a ten inch cock feels like?" she laughed. It took Lauren just five more minutes to convince Nicole to join them.

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"You already look great. Let's go!" "Do you think Marcus can handle all three of us?" Nicole said laughingly as they entered Sara's apartment.

"Hi Nicole, oh I'm sure he can. He's on his way back from a pre-season basketball tournament and said he'd meet us at 7:00 at the Wayfarer's Restaurant across from the truck stop." An hour later they were heading across the lot towards Red, Sara's little red '99 Corolla coupe.

Sara had on her frayed jean skirt, tank top and no panties. Lauren the same except she was in her black stretch mini. Nicole had a white t-shirt and jean skirt but hadn't been brave enough to shed her panties yet. "You can ride shotgun, Nicole, I'll crawl in the back. Just slide your seats up to give me some damn room!" She yanked the passenger seat forward, climbed into the tiny back seat, and sat sideways in the seat facing the passenger side window.

Nicole was surprised as she looked back and saw Lauren's long legs, spread wide, and her bush glistening in the afternoon sun. She then glanced over at Sara behind the wheel and she was spread wide too, full bush on display. "Y'all are making me feel over-dressed," she laughed.

They hit 95 and had a 30 minute trip ahead. Two minutes on the road and Nicole heard the first truck horn blow. She glanced up and some old guy was sticking out his tongue, licking at her. She was disgusted by his looks and was starting to regret her decision, but then watched as Lauren began to rub her cunt in the backseat, in full view of the trucker. Ten miles up the road, she'd relaxed and the sisters had convinced her to slip out of her thongs too.

"They're coming off as soon as Marcus see's you anyway," they both laughed as she slid them down. It was five minutes to seven when they pulled into the lot. Marcus drove the athletic bus for Meriweather State, a small college from western Maryland. They pulled around back, and there sat the big bus, out of view of the restaurant windows.

They rolled up the windows, climbed out and headed to the bus. The doors swung open just as they approached. "Well hello ladies," said a smiling Marcus and looking at Nicole, "who do we have here?" Climbing the stairs of the bus, Lauren said, "This is my teammate, Nicole. I hope you don't mind." "Oh not at all," said Marcus as he admired her long dark legs and she stepped past. "Three's even better," he thought to himself.

They walked the center aisle to the rear of the bus where it opened up with sofa-style seating around the sides and a big permanent ottoman in the center to prop up your feet. Here, the coaches had enough room for all of the players to circle around as they discussed game-day strategies. The sisters and Marcus wasted no time. Marcus kissed them hard and slid his hands under their skirts, rubbing their hairy twats. Nicole watched and could feel her crotch warming.

Sara pushed Marcus back onto the ottoman, as Lauren yanked down his pants. Sara stepped out her skirt, ripped off her tanktop and spread her legs over his face. Lauren and Nicole stripped out of their clothes. Lauren was already stroking and sucking on his cock and it was rising to the occasion. Marcus reached down and fingered both Lauren and Nicole, and then using his left hand, directed Nicole over his legs.

Straddling Marcus, Nicole grabbed his rock-hard ten inch cock and slid it between the moist lips of her pussy. Lauren grabbed Nicole by the waist and pushed down to force Marcus's cock deeper inside. She moaned and started to slowly bounce up and down. He reached down and slid two fingers deep into Lauren. Marcus had his tongue buried in Sara's wet cunt and then pushed her aside. He inserted two fingers and fingered both sisters hard.

Glancing up, he looked at the clock on the wall of the bus, 7:13, almost time. Nicole was ready to cum and let out a deep moan as her juices ran down his balls. He pushed her off and to the side, grabbed Sara and bent her over the ottoman. She was already soaked so he wasted no time sinking his cock deep inside.

He slowly pumped in and out of Sara, and turned to the other two, "Don't be alarmed but I have some friends joining the party." No sooner had Lauren asked, "Friends? What friends?" then they heard the voices and the bus door open, "OK Coach Marcus, what's our big surprise?" They reached the top step and stopped, looking back at the naked white girls, smiling but somewhat in shock.

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The girls all looked down the aisle of the bus, and there stood five or six tall, wide-eyed guys. "It's OK girls, say hello to the Meriweather State basketball team. We're on our way back from a pre-season tournament in NC. They lost in the first game so I told them I'd have a surprise to cheer them up after dinner. Besides, all of the coaches went on a recruiting trip. It's only ten of them and they'll be nice, I promise." Lauren and Nicole looked at each other nervously and turned to Sara for guidance.

Sara was face-down on the ottoman, slowly rocking back and forth with Marcus's cock. She was either oblivious to the bus load of guys or simply didn't give a fuck. "Come on back guys, and introduce yourselves to Lauren and Nicole, and this is Sara," slapping her on the ass. Lauren sat back on the sofa as two big black guys plopped down on each side and started rubbing her cunt and tits and kissing her.

A big, tall white guy and a smaller black guy converged on Nicole.


Another player had moved around in front of Sara, upzipped his pants and Sara eagerly began sucking his cock. They wasted no time. Within minutes the entire team had shed their warmups, and it took the boys no time to get hard.

They were sticking their cocks in any available hole. Each girl had a big cock in their mouth, and another pounding their pussy. Soon they'd have a third buried in their asses.

Marcus dumped his load deep in Sara, and another guy stepped in to fill her slit. Marcus kicked back on the sofa, grabbed his cell phone and started recording, "Oh man, is Cliff going to enjoy this." All three girls were moaning. They couldn't scream out their pleasure or pain because each mouth was filled with a cock.

The white 6'4" shooting guard had just emptied his balls in Nicole and turned, "Where's Amadou?" "Yeah, where is he?" yelled another. They looked towards the front of the bus and there he stood. Amadou was their 6'9" 260 lb. dark black power forward from Senegal. He wasn't the tallest or biggest on the team, until it came time to compare cocks. He'd pulled off the tops of his warmups and had grown a hung tent in his baggy pants. Nicole, along with everyone else looked over as he leaned down, sliding his warmups and boxers to the floor.

When he stood he gave them all a clear view of his thick 12 inch cock. His teammates laughed and cheered him on "Come on, let's see if these girls can handle that horse cock!" Nicole was up on her elbows, and wide-eyed as he approached, stroking his manhood. Her legs were still spread and Amadou dropped to his knees between her long tanned legs. "Please, please don't hurt me." Nicole begged.

"I go easy" said Amadou in his broken English.

Nicole laid back and Amadou moved the massive head of his horse cock to her wet, quivering lips. She jumped like she'd been shocked when they touched. He moved the head of his cock up and down between her lips until they parted. Everyone else had stopped to watch. The boys were having a blast watching their foreign teammate as he prepared to impale this gorgeous tanned white girl.

Sara and Lauren sat up to see what was going on and were shocked to see the huge black stove pipe at the entrance of Nicole's shaved cunt.

With a hand on each of Nicole's hips, Amadou slowly began to push his horse cock in, deeper with each slow stroke. Nicole moaned with each stroke and the team cheered him on. "Come on, fuck her. Give her all of it." But Amadou had fucked American girls before and they were much tighter than the Senegal women who were more accustomed to such big cocks. He knew he had to be gentle or he could really hurt her.

Nicole was gasping as Amadou pushed on, 7" 8" 9". His cock was only two inches longer than Marcus's but he had the girth of a horse. When he forced inch 10 deep inside of Nicole she could take no more and erupted in orgasmic screams. That was exactly what Amadou had been waiting for, and grabbed her hips tight and pulled her hard against his cock. She screamed in pleasure and pain as he pounded away, burying all 12".

Each stroke banged against her cervix and she came like never before. Being the village stud before leaving Senegal, Amadou did not cum quickly. When Nicole's orgasm left her lifeless, he pulled out and immediately moved to Lauren, behind him on the sofa. She spread her legs wide as he approached but he grabbed her legs and flipped her over on her belly to enter from behind.

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She'd already taken three cocks so he was not nearly as easy with her. Her cunt welcomed his cock and he took only three strokes to bury it deep inside. He grabbed her hips and hammered his cock home hard. The entire team cheered and returned to Sara and Nicole to satisfy their own desires. It was after 9:00 before every team member had cum and cum again. Each girl had experienced the Senegal monster cock. They were all sprawled out on the seats and Marcus was busy texting pics and videos to Cliff.

"OK ladies, time to get your naked asses up, get dressed and let us get on the road. You too guys. Get your shit together. Y'all laying around like you ain't never had any good pussy before. And remember, NOBODY says a word about this," shouted Marcus. And with that, they started to stir. The girls searched through the piles of warmups for their clothes and the team continued to rub their cunts and squeeze their tits as they got close.

They formed a line down the aisle to kiss, get one last ass grab, and thank each girl as she left. Marcus was behind the wheel and said his own personal goodbye to each girl as they exited the bus. Looking up the rearview mirror, Marcus asked, "Well guys, what do you think?" The girls turned and looked back at the bus as it erupted in cheers and yells, cranked up, and eased across the parking lot.

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They reached Red, crawled in and started back to Richmond. Oh what a night.