Awesome Brunette Nice Dildo Riding On Webcam

Awesome Brunette Nice Dildo Riding On Webcam
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Jessica has always had a very dominant personality. This was something that made her different from her class mates at the Christian school she went to. They were all real girly girls and Jessica was a bit of a tomboy.

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She never really thought about sex, it wasn't something she talked about with her best friend April either. Both of them had taken purity vows, and both broke them before they were 18.

Jessica was about 6 feet tall, 36C cup breasts, a healthy weight, and had round, firm ass. Jessica broke her vow about three months before April had her experience with Heidi, but hers was broken in a very different way. It happened one day when Jessica walked home from school; she walked in her front door to find a sight she never thought she would see in her entire life. Her brother's girlfriend, Sarah, was wearing a black leather cupless corset, thigh high boots, and she was whipping her brother.

She called him a naughty boy and punished him for being that way. Jessica was standing there for about five minutes watching this before the couple noticed her. They all kind of stared at each other in an awkward silence until Jessica broke it with words that she never thought she would say in her entire life.

"Do you want me to help you with that?" she asked, not knowing what she was getting herself into.


"No, we're actually done here" Sarah said, "Put some fucking cloths on you worthless little shit" she commanded of Jessica's brother and began to walk towards Jessica. "So you wanted to punish him did you, were you turned on by watching us?" Jessica just nodded. "That's cute, I'm not going to let you do anything with your brother because he is mine, but I think I can help you become a dominatrix like me if you want, would you like that?" again Jessica just nodded.

At the time she had no idea what a dominatrix was all she knew was that what ever Sarah and her brother were doing it made her hot. "Good, it's been a while since I last had a student, come over to my house tomorrow at about the same time." Jessica nodded yet again, already looking forward to the next day. Jessica couldn't sleep at all she was so excited, and she couldn't help but wonder "Why am I so aroused by this, I shouldn't be I'm a good Christian girl, but god that was so hot." After laying in her bed for about an hour with these kind of thoughts running through her head she felt like she had to know more about being a dominatrix before going to see Sarah.

So she got out of bed, snuck downstairs and went to the computer. She figured there had to be some porn with what she wanted to see in it, but she didn't know where to look, so she just did an image search for the word "dominatrix." She followed the link of one picture that looked particularly hot to her and started watching the videos on that site.

One particular video interested her because it wasn't a girl dominating a man; it was a girl dominating another girl. As she watched this video among many others she became more and more turned on by each new act of humiliation and punishment she watched. As she watched she found herself with her hand on top of her pussy outside of her pajamas, as she watched she gently rubbed the outside of it, and she noticed it was very wet.

She had played with her pussy once before about a year ago when she first discovered it had some hair on it. Like her friend April, Jessica liked to shave herself because she found the hair to be a little uncomfortable.

After she had shaven she liked the way her pussy felt, she rubbed it in the bath tub very often; she even popped her own cherry by accident with a shampoo bottle. This time was much different from any of the other times she played with herself, she fantasized being the dominant one in all of the videos and each time she would whip some one she got even wetter. She looked around the dark room to be sure so one was there, and slipped her pajamas down to her ankles; she wasn't wearing panties that night.

She continued to watch videos of people being punished for being dirty and played with her pussy as she watched.

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As she slid one finger inside of herself her free hand grabbed her breast and she looked around again to see if any one was there, and she took off her top. She sat in the chair completely naked playing with her moist pussy and rock hard nipples. She let out a series of soft moans; it didn't take very long for her to begin cuming. She quickly put her pajamas and top back on and went to the pantry to get the super absorbent towel her family had just bought to clean up after herself.


As she cleaned she thought "What's wrong with me, it's bad enough that I started masturbating; now I'm doing it to this kind of sinning? Why must something so wrong feel so good?" After the chair was clean of all her cum she went back to bed and fell asleep almost immediately. The next day she went to Sarah's house right after school.

When Sarah opened the door to allow Jessica inside she was wearing normal street cloths, jeans and a regular t-shirt. "Good, you came, come on inside and I'll show you all there is to know about being a dominatrix." Jessica went inside. "Before we start, is there anything you already know, or have you had any experience in this area?" Jessica told Sarah about the pervious night.

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"Sounds like you had a good night." Sarah said smiling. "I think we should begin by getting you some appropriate cloths, come with me." Jessica followed Sarah into what she thought was a bedroom, but it was really more of a dungeon.

There were straps and chains hanging form the walls, and there were several horse whips propped up against the night stand next to a bed that had restraints on it. "These will work" Sarah said as she handed Jessica a black leather bustier and matching leather thigh-high boots.

"Put these on." Sarah told Jessica. "Okay, is there a bathroom I can use?" Jessica asked nervously. "No, just take off your clothes and put them on, it's not like I've never seen what you have before." Sarah explained. Jessica did so. Once she was fully dressed again Sarah surprised Jessica by saying "good, now dominate me." "What?" Jessica asked confused.

"You heard me, I've been a bad girl, now tell me what to do." "I thought you were going to teach me how to be a dominatrix, not have me be one right away." Jessica said now more nervous and excited than ever. "This is teaching, you can experience being a Dom first handed, and I'll tell you where you can improve afterwards." Sarah explained, "Now I have all the tools and toys you may need in the night stand, so what's you first command mistress?" Jessica was still really nervous, but she quickly gained her senses to giver her first command.

"The first thing I want is for you to give me a kiss." "Yes mistress" Sarah said as he moved toward Jessica and gently slid her tong in her mouth. Their tongs massaged each other for a while; with each second Jessica grew less nervous and more excited. "Now take off your fucking clothes." Jessica was a little surprised to hear herself swear like that. "Yes mistress" Sarah said as she took all her clothes of, first she took off her shirt, she wasn't wearing a bra; her large D cup breasts turned Jessica so much.

She then took her pants off, she wasn't wearing panties either and her pussy was completely shaven.

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"What now mistress?" Jessica thought back to the video she watched last night with the two girls in it. Now I want you to stand there while I take a look at the toys we have. She went to the night stand and opened it up to find a ball gag, several clothes pins, a few of which were connected by a small chain. There was also a strap on dildo, which she put on as soon as she saw it.

She then picked up the ball gag, one set of the clothes pins connected with a chain and one of the horse whips propped up against the night stand. She went back to Sarah, put the gag in her mouth and tied it behind her back.

She put the clothes pins on Sarah's now erect nipples. "That's good," Jessica said, "now get on your hands and knees." Sarah obeyed. Jessica whipped Sarah's ass until both cheeks were bright red, she then got on her knees behind Sarah and put the dildo in her moist pussy. Jessica thrust the entire 8inch fake cock into her brother's girlfriend's pussy.

She fucked her pussy, as she did she could hear muffled screams of pleasure coming form Sarah's mouth. Jessica could feel some of Sarah's cum run down her legs. She took the dick out and commanded that Sarah get on her knees. Jessica stood up, took the ball gag out and said "do you want to taste your cum?" Sarah just nodded.

Jessica put the dildo in Sarah's mouth and forced as much of it in as she could get, which was a surprising amount, there was only about an inch, or inch and a half that couldn't go in.

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After Sarah had sucked all the cum off the dildo she told Jessica, "Very good, need a little more confidence, but still good. How about you come over about once a week and practice on me." Jessica liked this and she did come back every week for more practice. About two and a half months later was Heidi's birth day party. At the party she couldn't help but notice how hot her best friend April was, she wanted to make April her personal fuck doll.

But she thought "There is no way she would want to do that, I know she's not at all into domination, or other girls for that matter." Shortly after she left the party she noticed she left her purse there. She went back over to get the purse and what she saw surprised her. Once she got in she heard what sounded like Heidi's voice talking to what sounded like April's voice.

She saw her purse on the desk by the front door, next to the desk there was a mirror that looked into the kitchen.

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When Jessica glanced at the mirror she saw April and Heidi kissing each other. "Oh, shit.


I should leave them alone, but I kinda want to watch." She sat on the ground next to the desk and watched her friends kiss each other. As April and Heidi took of their cloths Jessica noticed watching this was getting her pussy nice and wet.

She pulled her pants and panties down around her ankles and started to play with her pussy as she watched them kiss and rub each other's pussies. When April and Heidi went up stairs they ran right past Jessica and neither saw Jessica. "Wow," Jessica thought to herself, "April's a lesbian, that's good.

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I better keep this specific event in my mind just incase I ever have to black mail her. I could maybe even use this to let me do what ever I want to her." Part 3 coming soon.