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Oddball. That's what people call me, well mainly my brother but I guess he has a reason to. I don't really fit in anywhere I go. If you look me over a thousand times you would never find anything normal about me. I'm not the average 11yr old girl. I'm short around 4'3, I'm skinny as hell, my breast are a 34A and that's pushing it, I have absolutely no curves, I wear thick black framed glasses with lime streaks down the temples of the frame.

At least that's the color for today, my parents spent a lot on my glasses with interchangeable colors so that I could match my outfits in hopes that I'd make more friends; that was a bad decision on their part because I like when I don't match, so my lime green in my glasses don't match my black shoes, purple knee-highs, blue shirt or white jeans that I have on.

My hair is the true definition of ginger as it is an alternating cross between blood red and flaming orange depending on the lighting in the room, I'm a bit pigeon-toed, my voice is really squeaky at times and raspy at others, I'm paler than bella from twilight and my freckles come in orange instead of red like most gingers I've seen. My only cool oddball feature I've got are my eyes, yea they are the usual light green but if you actually take a look into them you'd see the violet rings that lie within the light green cloud.

I'm not complaining that's just my life but I don't really care I mean I still have plenty of fun by myself and my bestfriend…well only friend Kyle. So lucky me I get called oddball by my older brother, Edward (from twilight), midget, and my favorite: that weird kid. My brother tells me to count myself lucky because I'm still prepubescent and most kids my age don't know anything about puberty, but in a few years my nickname for life will be fire crotch.

To hell with them who needs them? I've got my brother and I've got Kyle! Oh my parents too I guess…but they don't count they have to love me. ------------------- Darren walked over to the glass backdoor, flipped the aluminum latch up turned on his heels and strolled back towards his room. "W'Sup DOOM" shouted kyle as he slid the door closed and threw the latch back down into locked position. Not pausing a second or turning back Darren continued bounding up the gray wool steps towards his room and shouted back, "Yo Kyle." And with that he was in the sanctuary of his room, door closed music loud, allowing every bit of Thousand Foot Krutch flood his ears.

Darren threw himself on his bed closed his eyes and drifted between the melodies of TFK and whatever the hell entered his mind. He thought about his life, it was a good life, his father was a Police Sergeant, his mother the head Nurse over several regional Hospitals, he had more than enough money, his grades were&hellip.well his grades could've been better I mean the kid was smart like seriously smart.

There was literally no formula that he could not solve within his head, at the age of six he was labeled a child prodigy and one to watch for genius like characteristics. Since displaying his awesome comprehension of all things mathematical and scientific year after year he's received invitations to colleges, scholarships, job offers, you name it he got 'em, but he just really didn't give a damn.


For Christ sakes he's just 15 he wants to be a screw-up for a while get some hair on his chest and be a teen and he's doing a pretty good job of just that. Darren was easily one of the most popular kids at school. He was a sophomore but he stood a solid 5'8 putting him in the 90th percentile, his freckles were permanent and the girls found it adorable, his eyes were the usual green but laced with golden rings unlike the green-violet eyes of his baby sister, Autumn.

He was a darker ginger than his sister, his hair being a more rustic copper look, which made him look like a cool shiny-head brunette if anything.

His name is Darren Day so he has a slew of cool nicknames such as: {D-Day, Darren "Dooms" Day, and Doom} his personal favorite was D-Day. He opened his eyes as the music ceased as iTunes reached the end of his playlist; he leaned over and clicked on another playlist, this time Fall Out Boy, and rocked off to sleep. ----------------------- I could tell when kyle came down into the basement he was eager to show me something, I didn't know what it was but I got all excited trying to figure out why he was excited.

Kyle stood up and looked through his dingy glasses, his pudgy face beaming as he whipped out a magazine of sorts from the lining of his jackets and held it high above his head.

Yep, that instantly pissed me off… another playboy.

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I rolled my eyes and clicked on the Xbox, and I felt his hand on my wrist, still beaming he told me "Wait just look at it" "I don't want to, theres nothing good in those" "Those?" he said smugly "Do you even know what magazine this is? Or did you just guess it was another playboy?" I tried to think of something clever to say but he was right, I did think it was another playboy, that's all he ever got his hands on to and they got a bit boring after a while, but after teasing me with such potential treasure I had to have a look.

I fumbled through the a couple of pages and was instantly shocked, the page I landed on had a middle aged woman with her legs wide open, two long manicured fingers spreading her lips apart revealing what looked to be a slick very bright pink-reddish pussy, all-the-while tugging firmly on one dark pink nipple and letting the other be crushed by the massive thigh of the huge black mastodon standing next to her with an even huger cock shoved damn near into her chest.

Her eyes were full of tears there was…cum?


Dribbling down her chin and neck dripping onto her chest and he was gripping her hair and looked as if he was pulling her head towards him. It took me a minute to clear my throat but I managed in a barely audible voice, "have you looked through this?" "N-no, I waited for you s-s-so we could look at it together" he heaved through deepening gasps. By god this was seriously turning him on, I mean I get it, it is extremely sexy but I think he's going to blow a gasket.

Let me clarify we're not dating, we've never done anything sexual, not kiss, not hold hands, nothing but look at playboy together, he would get them from his older brothers and look at them because well he's a boy I guess. When I caught him one time I took interest not because I'm a les or anything but because I could look at the women and wonder if I'll ever look anything like what is in the magazines.

"Jeeze this is hot" he breathed, I turned my attention back to the new page that was lying before us. A younger blonde, probably mid-twenties had her ass in the air spread wide with an absurdly large black ribbed dildo in it and a smaller but still impressively large dick in her pussy, with her mouth pressed squarely on the pussy of the woman from before but this time the black guy wasn't there.

She had her teeth on the edge of the older woman's lip tugging on it as the older woman looked to be pushing her head back towards her pussy and the white guy looked as if he was shoving the dildo as deep as it could get in her ass and his cock equally deep within her pussy.

I had to admit It was hot, it didn't get me wet or anything, I just genuinely wasn't that interested yet, I mean I knew I would like it one day cause I liked looking at it now but It just didn't turn me on like it did Kyle, I guess it makes sense, I won't be twelve for another 4 months almost and Kyle just turned 13 a few weeks ago so it's natural for him to be attracted to it, I think.

Either way it was creeping me out, I just wanted to close the book and be done with it, maybe look at it alone but not now, no now was wayyyy to awkward. Then I felt an overwhelming crushing on my left rib so tight that it pushed most of the air out of me to the point I couldn't even utter a cry.

I was turned on my back and felt an even heavier weight on my chest knocking the rest of the air out of me. Kyle was on top of me and when I tried to sort through the confusion he slammed his disgusting, fat, greasy lips against mine and threw his tongue into my mouth I wanted to cry, to scream, to kick him and run but my air was getting thinner, my throat grew hot, my tongue darted out of my mouth into the open stale air of Kyle's lingering kiss and I punched him squarely in the nose as I realized if I didn't do something, anything kyle was going to choke me to death.

I squirmed against him fighting with all my might but he was just too damn fat, too strong, too smart. I tried to think straight I tried to be strong and surmount some sort of offence but when the tattered bits of my old blue school shirt was ripped from my chest I laid there in a heaving, sobbing, defeated mess. Kyle smiled as he looked down at my bra, totally not what he expected from Autumn. It was a purple cotton bra, with a million different colored hearts all over it, he lowered his head and squeezed my breast, harder, then harder, then even harder as he watched the agony spread over my face and tears escape my eyes, he trailed his fingers down to my milky stomach, to the tip of my jeans, he tugged them up hard so they'd slid against my pussy.

He hoped this would arouse me but I gave no response, just a blank glassy stare into the darkness of a basement corner. I guess Kyle was really getting pissed by my lack of enthusiasm. He angrily fumbled with my jeans and unzipped them folding them back to see bright neon panties with "Q-T-Pie" printed all over it.

He gripped the waistband of my panties and tugged them up towards my navel ensuring they'd slide between my lips. "Fuck Autumn, if you're not wet yet, you will be…maybe pregnant too, then you'll be mine…forever…" Those last words scared the resistance back into me and as I punched him in his jaw I followed through with one to his temple, unfortunately the third was blocked and a piercing, ringing pain, shot through my ear, vibrating through my cheeks and cut my lip on my teeth.

He slapped me. He slapped me so hard the room was literally spinning as I felt him crush me under his wait and his firey breath on my ear…I really was his, now and forever. ---------------------- "One night, yeah, and one more time, Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories, He, he tastes like you only sweeterrrr, ooo ooo ooo OH!" And with that crescendo that was the end of the Fall Out Boy playlist. It's funny how Kyle could never fall asleep without music and as soon as it ended he'd wake up, reminded me of Suga Mama from the proud family.

Kyle sat up on his bed and pulled on a tank top. He looked blankly through the dark and tried to clear his head. "Fuck its late, Shit I guess I need to make Oddball her dinner, Kyle too I guess if he's still here, I don't even know what we have cle—" Then it hit him, the silence, it was never silent when those two were together always loud and running through the house, he figured something was wrong, oddball was weird but she wasn't dumb enough to leave the house without him, not even with Kyle.

Darren flew down the steps to the second floor, then to the first, then again to the basement floor. He pulled open the door and his heart ached, it gripped his chest and he lost his balance.

There lying in front of the Xbox was Autumn with her shirt gone, and Kyle on top of her.


He had his hand on her bra, cupping it, her jeans were undone. How could she? His oddball is fucking a disgusting worm like Kyle? How? Why?

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How long? Darren looked back up as he saw Kyle move his hands to oddball's thing, very close to in between them…where her undone jeans were. He looked for his other hand, did he want to know? He found it. On her throat, half choking her. She wasn't fucking him he was going to fuck her.

He didn't need to make sense out of the rest anymore he was going to kill him, I mean he was really going to kill him. And with that final thought Kyle was on the ground. Darren had his knee firmly in his chest pinning his arm in the process he clutched his fist reared it back and smashed it into the pudgy, greasy, smelly, fat, ugly face of the child who would remembered as Kyle Ramon Rhimes.

-------------- "Stop you'll kill him, DARREN STOP, PLEASE!" I screamed with all my might as I tugged at my older brother but it didn't matter I was hopelessly outmatched.

Darren continued to pound the fat fucks face, hitting him in his nose despite the increasing amount of blood, despite the broken glasses, despite the cries and screams for help, despite the pee that was coming down the boys leg.

Piss? This little fucker pissed on him? With that Darren pounded harder and faster until his knuckles were bleeding from cutting them on the Kyle's glasses and teeth. Unexpectedly, the door flew open, Darren didn't need the screams to tell him who it was, he knew, he just didn't give a fuck. "JESUS CHRIST DARREN WHAT THE FUCK" Mr.

Day still in his full police uniform yanked his son off the helpless boy and threw him into the wall. When Darren recovered and tried to advance he easily put him into a full nelson.

With things settled for the moment he looked at the boy lying in the pool of blood, coughing and crying. Then he looked at his wife and down at his daughter, oh god his daughter, her neck was swollen and red, her eyes full of tears, a red handprint on her face as bright as the blood on the floor, and her jeans…open. "Oh God no, NO, NO!

NO! NO!!!" Sgt. Day threw his son to the floor and almost on reflex he lifted kyle off the floor by his hair reared back with a Irish white fist and heard his wife's bloodcurdling scream sharp enough to pierce his homicidal mission and stop his fist a mere two inches from the boy's face. He dropped kyle to the ground a wad of brunette hair still in his hand as he ascended the steps with Autumn in his arms. Mrs. Day led Darren up the stairs holding him trying to calm him down, she locked the door from the inside and went back down the steps to tend to Kyle, she said no words to him, she need not to.

Her look of disgust was enough. Her many years of nursing truly saved Kyle's life, she did such a magnificent job with her equipment at home that Kyle only went to the hospital as a precaution.

------------ "Kyle has partial sight within his left eye now because of all the broken glass, that got lodged within it due to Darren's barbaric onslaught." Mr. Rhimes screamed at Mr. and Mrs. Day. "Your son is an animal who better belongs in a Zoo, he could've killed my son he coul—" "YOUR DAMN RIGHT HE COULD'VE, and I saved his life!" Mrs. Day screamed through clenched teeth.

"Every night when I go to sleep I ask myself why didn't I just let him die who would've convicted my son? Who would've said protecting his little sister from some pervish cunt is a crime?" She stood up and walked directly between Mr. and Mrs. Rhime, "No fucking one that's who.

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Was what my son did to yours barbaric? YES!, Was it lethal? Damn right, but you want to know a secret I'm glad he did it I'm glad he beat that little shit half to death…he tried to rape my daughter MY FUCKING DAUGHTER and I should've let him die for it." Mrs. Day spat those last few words through her teeth clenching her fist the blood barely able to flood around her knuckles. "Yea my son made a mistake but you forget who you're talking to, I'M NEXT IN LINE TO BE D.A.

get that? That's DISTRICT ATTORNEY which means I have the means to press charges against your son and you won't see him for a long time." Mrs. Rhimes spat back with equal vengeance. "And I'm The police Sergeant and my bestfriend from childhood is the Chief of Police so I have the connections to try your son as an Adult and your baby boy won't see daylight for the next 15-35 years." Sgt.

Day said rising to his feet with daring intentions in his for both Mr. and Mrs. Rhimes.

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Mrs. Rhimes spoke first, "Well it looks like we're at an impasse. Regardless I don't want your son here, and I don't mean this Town, City, or State I want his ass out of florida and out of the East Coast Now!

I don't give a fuck what you do to my son, if he's not gone I'm pressing charges and using every dirty tactic to get him locked up for as long as I can unfairly get." She meant it the fire and hatred in her eyes made the point for her. Sgt. Day was next to speak, "Deal!" Mrs. Day looked appalled at her husband, and formed her defensive objection, but was silenced by a wave of his hand. "If my son faces no jail time I'll send him to live with my brother in texas, but when we're at work I need to know my daughter is safe, so your son goes too." "Done!" Said Mr.

Rhimes, "I'll one up you Sarg, if you get your son to texas I'll send Kyle with my adoptive sister in Korea and that'll be the end you'll ever here from us. Sgt. Day gave a threatening nod and with that gripped his wife's arm and led her back to the car.

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She didn't say a word to him, or the two weeks it took to get the arrangements set up. But the day had come, Darren was leaving.

He hadn't said much and no one faulted him for protecting his sister. When Kyle showed up at the hospital word spread around quickly even reaching the local news about what happened and that was probably all the more reason that both parents wanted to remove their kids from the spotlight so desperately.

In the two weeks since the incident happened, everyone was extremely nice to Autumn at school, and she even developed a clique at school when people realized how cool she can be once you talk to her. This made things easier for Darren as he left knowing she won't be alone anymore, people were immolating her now wearing absurd colors and even weirder items that she loved to decorate herself with and she seemed happy to have friends, but he hardly spoke and didn't really give any goodbye's.

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His only real gesture in those two weeks was the hugs he gave his family especially his sister before he left, he finally spoke as he walked through the gate turning and throwing a lopsided super bounce ball to her. She asked him what it was, as it bounced awkwardly away from her and she ran to catch it. To her surprise he answered… "It's an Oddball".

~~~~~~Okay so I felt the need to clarify a few things, this is not a rape story, I mean well this part is but the series won't be, I know it didn't have all that much sex in it but it'll get there if you guys want it to.

I wanted to leave it with a cliff hanger but the last paragraph kinda seems like a conclusion to me so I'm going to begin Chapter 2 here to see if you guys want more, positive or negative comments accepted I'll use it all to be a better writer.~~~~~~~ Autumn woke up to an excessively loud motorcycle coming through her neighborhood. The sound faded in and out of with the curves of her neighborhood but then roared to a halt outside her window, it was just before 9:00a.m.

on a Sunday and her parents were both fortunate to have the day off together, a day they planned to use for a date and rest, they would not be happy. She caught up with them as they walked towards the front door, her dad smelling like coffee and her mom smelling like "ew" sex?

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They walked outside all in pajamas. Her Dad, in Green Bathroom with gold letters that said "Captain" he moved through his lieutenant promotion so quickly there was hardly a point in appointing it. Her mom in a long pink bathrobe with faded letters that used to say number one mom, and she in a pink tank top and pajama pants that read: "I'm just aDORKable". With yellow smileys in thick black rimmed glasses. The stranger rose off his bike and turned his back to the family; he lifted his helmet off displaying his short brunette locks, as he slid off his jacket.

One arm had a tattoo on it but she couldn't make out what it said. What she could make out was he was big very big. He was about 6'4 and somewhere around 220 pounds that looked to be pure muscle. With his back still turned he finally spoke, "You've gotten older, You've gotten fatter, and You've gotten taller" he turned and looked at the confused family, as they all adjusted to his face. Then Autumn read his tattoo, it said…"D-Day" "Darren?" "Who else oddball?" With that she ran into his arms jumping up to his new found height and he twirled her in her arms.

He was soon comforted by a hug from his mother and patted on the back from his father. It has been nearly four long years, and finally Darren was home. A white Mercedes pulled into the driveway and a young dirty blonde stepped out and smiled awkwardly, at the baffled family. "Oh" Smiled Darren as he cupped the beauty in his arms, "Let me introduce my beautiful fiancé, Jazmyn." "But you're not even 20, not until next month." "True, so are you going to leave my fiancé in the cold one week from Christmas?

Or are you going to invite us in to catch up mom?" "Uh-um y-y-yes do join us Jazmyn, I'm Summer and this is my husband Neal, and my daughter Autumn." "Nice to meet you all" Jazmyn beamed. "I'm sorry but before we sit down, may I ask how old you are Jazmyn?" "I'm 18 Captain Day, my birthday was two weeks ago December 13th, exactly one month before Darren's on January 13th when he'll be 20." She said a little to bubbly for the moment.

"Are you pregnant?" Blurted out Mrs. Day "Jesus Christ mom why not ask her which position is our favorite screw position." Darren replied with the utmost annoyance.

This was the best soap opera Autumn could've wished for. She giggled at the embarrassment on her mother's face, the annoyance in her brother's, and the chastising from her father. "No Mrs. Day, I'm a virgin, your son is a gentlemen, we've been together for nearly four years." Still immensely embarrassed Mrs. Day responded, "Welcome to the family Jazmine" and leaned in for a hug. ~~~ok if you couldn't figure it out the next installment is gonna have a lot of sex, and a little romance, a few surprises, and hopefully a good story…that is if you guys want me to make more… THANKS FOR READING~~~