RAWEURO Bigcocked Euro Jock Loves Hard Raw Ass Fuck

RAWEURO Bigcocked Euro Jock Loves Hard Raw Ass Fuck
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There is a first time for everything.

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My name is Jenna, at the time this happened I was 38 and starting the process of a divorce. My friends decided that I needed a night out to forget all of my troubles and pains. Oh and the biggie, they thought I needed to find a man!

My friends are the best in the world in every way possible and I love them all. Shar was probably my closest friend and the youngest of the group at 21. Long black hair almost to her large firm ass (more on that later), and the twins Mindy and Mandy brunettes with large chocolate brown eyes, they were really a pair of man eaters! Me, I am the only blonde haired blue eyed one in the bunch and am considered to be very curvy.

We were quite a bunch! We picked a very small out of the way bar known for its pool tables, cheap drinks and men.

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The cheer rang out at about 9:30 after everyone else had arrived, A toast to girls night out! Even some of the men on the other side of the bar joined in! We were all looking good and feeling even better. After too many to count shots of various kinds we were all tipsy and someone brought out a deck of cards.

The object of the game is the person that draws the low card each time is subject to Truth or Dare! First draw and Mindy the older of the twins by 4 minutes, got low card.

She chose truth. As we chatted away trying to decide what her truth should be lots of topics ideas came up. We settled on do you have any toys? Without even a blush, Mindy grabs her purse and says not only do I have toys, but I stopped at that new superstore and did some shopping for the weekend, just in case I do not get lucky here! with that she pulls out a brand new vibrator and starts telling us all about the features it had.

This section here for is for clit stimulation and the top part here with the beads twists the entire time so that you get extra pleasure when you have it in you, and then this little rubber thing here is to tickle your ass!

How is that for cool? I almost had to pull over and try it on the way here, they put fresh batteries in it for me and everything. She turned it on and started playing with the controls as we sat there in awe, each of us just a bit jealous too. As the alcohol kept flowing the questions got more and more intimate. So far I had been under the radar and had not gotten low card at all.

Then we got into the dare portion. Mandy picked dare on her turn and was dared to try to join the pool game on the other side of the room, which she did and needless to say we did not see her again for about 45 minutes.

Shar got a dare too, she was dared to call her ex-boyfriend and start phone sex with him to see if he would bite.


Unfortuneately for her, he was not answering. Then the moment of truth came for me, a two of hearts!


Being a big chicken I took truth. Mandy came back to the table and they started to decide what it was they really wanted to know about me! Well just two weeks prior Shar had wanted to go get her tounge pierced and asked me to go along.

Since I had always wanted to get my nipples pierced I happily agreed. While Shar was getting her tounge done, I grabbed a man and asked him about nipple piercing, he said he would do it for me. After all was said and done, I was thrilled with the results and decided to keep it from everyone for awhile. But the secret was out, Shar came looking for me and the other guy at the desk told her. She was shocked! My friends all looked at me as the stable, shy one that would never do anything like this.

Shar says, I think we need to know if you really got your nipples pierced! They others looked at me as if I was from outer space. What? Jenna got her nipples done?

Yeah right! As they looked at me I just grinned and said come on, follow me to the bathroom and I will show you! So off the four of us go. I decided that I needed to pee so I went into a stall where I could not see what the others were doing. When I came out, imagine my surprise Mindy had brought her toy with her into the ladies room and there she was sitting on the counter with one foot on the counter rubbing her new vibrator all over her pussy. Sorry she said, I just could not wait any longer, I have been so fucking horny all day.Mandy decided to join in on the fun and lifted her sisters shirt up and starting sucking on one of her sisters nipples.

She motioned to Shar to latch on to the other one. Without hesitating Shar leaned in and holding Mindy's firm little breast in her hand, started sucking and licking away. I got the feeliing that this was not new to any of them as I stood there and stared. Somehow they got Mindy to lay back on the counter and they really started to get into it.

Mandy moved from Mindy's tit to Shar and they shared a very intimate french kiss with the moans getting louder and louder. I could not believe my eyes!

What was happening here, and how could I get involved? So off came my shirt. Nothing! No one even looked my direction, so I cleared my throat and waited for someone to notice my bared tits with their shiny little horseshoe rings. Mindy noticed first and said oh my god, bring them over here, they are beautiful.

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I of course went over and let her begin sucking on my boobs. I did not want them to think I was a prude or anything. I knew my friends were a horny bunch but never saw this coming.

Shar and Mandy were now against the door with each others pants down rubbing their pussies against each others moaning and panting. Trying to keep an eye on the action and still pay attention to Mindy, I let my hand trail down to her hot slit. God she was wet. Pulling her new buddy out of herself with a sucking noise, Mindy put it in her mouth cleaning all of her own juices off of it.

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Now I could only guess that it was my turn to dig into her snatch and find out what this pussy eating was all about. Mindy spread her legs as if it were an open invitation. Leaning in I got my first taste of womanly juices. Unable to resist touching her, I brought my hand down and placed my palm over her mound, where I could still lick and suck on her hot clit.

This was almost too much to comprehend. Soon I had one finger buried in her and then two, finger fucking my friend in the bathroom of a bar. how did this all happen? Hearing Shar and Mandy reach matching orgasms brought Mindy to the brink too as she screamed fuck me Jenna, thats it do me hard!

After a few more strokes deep in her Mindy also came. Feeling even hornier than I could have ever imagined, I asked the girls if they liked my nipple rings, since that was the reason we were in the bathroom after all.

This brought three pairs of eyes to my tits. Wow, was the first reply, did that hurt much? This from Mandy. Yes, it hurt like hell, but what do you think? I think I need to kiss them and make them feel better if that is ok.

I am not one to turn down someone playing with my boobs ever so I let her have at it. Of course the other girls got into the action as well, which really thrilled me. This was better than any porno I had ever seen. Hands and lips were all over my body now and I was in heaven.

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Shar had her hands all over my bare ass now and was doing some major exploring. All of a sudden there was a finger searching for my hole. Spreading my legs apart gave her the access she needed and in it went. Ohhhhhhhh Ggggggggooooooooodddddddd. Not really being able to see which one it was but knowing that there was a hot chick behind me putting her fingers in me, leaning forward I tried to give her more and then, there was a tounge searching too.

This had to be a dream! Pumping faster and faster I was hanging onto the counter with all I had ready to explode at any second. Then, there it was a buzzing vibrating motion pushing its way down. UUUUUHHHHHHHH Mindy's toy cranked up and ready to please. Mindy had a grin on her face that said it all, she whispered in my ear let me make you cum. No fighting this one. She pushed her toy deep inside me with the little rubber ears tickling my clit and the rubber end sitting just outside my tight asshole.

I knew if I pushed back, it would enter me. I could not resist the pleasure so leaning back a bit, it slid in with some resistance, but it went in. Barely able to contain my self I started moving in time with Mindy sliding the vibe in deeper and harder.

Here I cum.as I let loose with racking tremors. Panting I fell over the counter with Mr. Magic still in me. I have always loved to have my ass fucked but I would never tell them that outright.

Cleaning each other up was almost as much fun with all of the giggling and touching. But we needed to get back out to our table.

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So out we went to the cheers of the entire bar!! Someone must have heard us in there and told the others. The four of us made our way back to the table and fell into a massive giggling fit. Before too long we were making plans to finish our drinks and head back to my place. Who knows what will happen next?