Anleitung tantra massage

Anleitung tantra massage
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I was staying in a motel for 2 weeks my daughter had someone after her so she came to stay with me for a while. She is 17 but I allowed her to stay with mom. Se came over and first wanted a shower which she did while I laid in bed watching a movie.

She came out of the bathroom and told me she accidently locked the door which means peeing in a cup till morning! and asked me for a couple of adderalls. So she took then and went to the dresser next to the tv.

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Now first let me tell you that adderall makes me so fucking horny and I heard her on the phone with her friend saying she also get VERY horny and said that she masturbates ALL day every chance she can!

She told her that one day at a mobile station she went in the bathroom and masturbated, she also said she fucks anyone she can, even strangers!!!! Thats fucking horny! I was jerking off till she knocked on the door!! So anyway. Her towel is the last one I had and it was a short one barely covering her pussy, one more inch and I would see her lips!! Now, she turned out to be a beatiful young lady and just turned 17 last week, I know it's wrong, but damn she looks HOT when she wears her daisy duke shorts, mini skirts and other tight clothes!!!

Just a couple of weeks ago she was in her room which leads to the bathroom she was in ther BUT NAKED and I got just a quick glimps, but she said, I don't mind just come in and go to the bathroom. She was bent over on her bed reaching for clothes!! I was amazed she said that! But damn. She has a fucking nice ass!!

When I came out she was dressed so no shots. So, she takes the pills and when she bent over I could clearly see the gap leading to her pussy!!! It was fucking awesome especially that I too get wicked horney on them too it made my cock rock solid! So, when she was done she came over to the bed and again I could alsot get a glimps of her young lips.So she asked for some of my coffe and when she went to drink it the cover came off and went all over towel and her body!!! She asked if I had another towel and I told her all that was left was 2 hand towels.

She said SHIT.I told her all she could do was wash up and use the water bottle. So she started heading to a private area over near the bathroom, I yelled to Kelly and said, Ummmm I wouldnt change over there, from the outside anyone can see in her very clearly and there is about 10 guys parting next door and they smoke right near that window.

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So she came back over and said, so basically I can only change and cleanup right here? I said yea, I can turn my head?? She said NO, I That would make me MORE uncomfortable and like you think Im nasty. Its kind of a disability. I mean, Would you be ok with that, I don't want you to feel uncomfortable! I said if it helps you, why wouldnt I want you to see me naked, we have been SO close my whole life, I almost perfer that. Also my last boyfriend said.ummm this is wierd, but he said my lips were uneven andthe inside of my lips felt flappy!!

So I have a HUDGE question. Because I love and trust you MORE than everyone, yhis may sound wierd, bout after I washe up, would you check that out and give me your honest opion??

Just the thought alone made me rock solid!!! So she looked at me waiting for her to drop the towel. Then she drops it to the floor!!!

I stared in amazement!! I have NEVER see such a HOT SEXY body!!!! She looked at me and said, so what do you think? You havent seen my body since I was like 6!! what do ya think?

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I told her, HONESTLY, you have the best I have EVER SEEN! and I watch a LOT of porn and you blow them away!!! She said, Yea Right! I said, Hey, you should trust me.

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I would NEVER lie to you, ESPECIALLY something that this!!! She said "You really mean that. I really appreciate that because my last boyfiend ALWASY teased me about my lips!She said, OK Im going to snort one more pill and would you give me your opion so I really know?? so she is at my dresser about 5 ft. from me and bends over ans since the dresser is low, she bent over where I could see the gap between her legd and ckearly saw her shave beautiful pink pussy!!!Again, ROCK SOLID!!!

So, she comes back over and said, Do adderall make you horny.?

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I said wicked bad!! She goes. Well I wasasking because they make me so horny that, well. I have to masterbate like 15 times a day and also I have had sex with guys I normally wouldnt and when they are around, Ill go to extremes to find a stranger!

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There is no way your that bad right? Well.Kinda!

I have picked up strangers too and even, well. prostitues!!!

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And masturbate many time throuout the day!! She asked.


Even today?? I said OH YEA, just before you came in and. ummm while you were in the shower! She said.

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I did it in the shower too!! So then she walked over about 2 Ft.


from my face and asked me to check her lips. I reached over and the second that my finger slid up her left lip she let out a sigh! I said "Are you ok??" she replied. "I got jolts, keep going" So I finished feeling the outside of her lips and reassured her they are fin, actually amazing!" So now the best part. Her legs were in straddle position and this time I touched the inner warm wet part of her lips and she bounced back and said, that was it.

She said she felt like she was going to cum!!!" Just then her phone rang. she was on it for abount 10 mins and when she was finished, she came over and explained that she was talking to her drug dealer and she owes him about $5,000 and allows her make porn and takes off $500 or more each time.

Then it gets better she said "He has to submit my video in 5 hours or he loses his contract with the company and Ill have to get the $5000 to him tomorrow or else. And the problem is anyone that I used to call is not around tonight, and I really don't want to go get a stranger! I'd rather do this with someone I know and are comfortable with." I said that I would rather see the same for her, so I asked her what choices she has." She replied "Right now.

Only One!" I said well what are you waiting for??" She said Im afraid to ask cause I think he will say no." I told her that with her beauty and her body, anyone would be crazy to say no!!!" She said "Im glad you said that because now I can ask him, so here it goes. Dad, I really need you right now, Please just this once help me and say yes to this!!! PLEASE!" I looked at her and said "WOW, you really want me to do this??? What kind of things do you have to do??" She said this is a 3 step movie so it's ORAL on me, her and fuck her!" I looked at her standing there and told her "I was just thinking how bad I wanted to, but would have never asked" She said.

"You wanted to fuck me??" I smiled and said "Yes, but eat that georgeous pussy first, and I would love to have your lips around my cock!" She smiled and said, even if there was no video she was going to seduce me anyway!" So she set up the camera on the dresser, and once she hit record, the pleasure began!

She walked over slowly and pulled the blant off and slowly pulled of my shorts. Then she grabbed my cock and lowered her mouth down around it! IT WAS AMAZING!!!! She sucked my cock but I wanted to eat her pussy so I laid her down, kissed her then ran my tongue right to her pussy.

I slid my tongue on her clit and performed my magic!!!! I wanted to eat her forever but also wanted to fuck her now!!! So, I put my cock up to her pussy and jammed it in, right away she was moaning.


I fucked her in every position imaginable!!!! The when I was ready to cum she said "Let me suck the cum out of you!" So I shoved it in her mouth and blew a huge load in her mouth!!!!" IT WAS AMAZING for the both of us!

THEN. She looked at me and said. "Daddy, We both know that was amazing, so I hope you won't be mad when I tell you there was no video I had to make, it is just for me to watch, I just wanted to fuck you so bad that was the only way I thought I could do it!!!" I told her that I knew she was lying because my phone is disconnected and I knew she wasnt talking to anyone, but I wanted it just as bad!!!!!