Cute teen sex party on cam amazingly nasty

Cute teen sex party on cam amazingly nasty
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Shannon age 30 never married, is one of those young women that always show up at a public event, I'm attending. These women always try to throw themselves at me, hoping I will pick one of them for a one night stand.

I'm at a party in Fort Worth tonight. There's music and loud conversation, and far too many people for such a small venue, but Shannon is having fun, and the booze is flowing freely. I keep glancing at her from across the room. Not staring at her or giving her the once-over, just brief glances. He's rugged looking, but not my usual type, probably over fifty years old, with gray hair and green eyes, tall, but average-build. At one point, our eyes meet and and her body suddenly feels too hot, her clothes too tight.

She glances away, feeling her face burn, knowing that she must be bright red. She always hates that she blushes so easily. It broadcasts her emotions for all to see. She turns away from me to retrieve a bottle of water from the cooler in the kitchen, and she can feel my gaze prickling the back of her neck as she goes. Throughout the evening I remain on the periphery of her vision. She sees me laughing with friends and engaging in animated conversation, but we don't seem to have any mutual acquaintances, so our orbits never overlap.

She feels my eyes on her though, the heat of my gaze making her flush, making her nipples stiffen and her flesh tingle. I see the faint smile that curves my lips when I see the effect that my glances are having on her.

At one point she sees me start to make my way over to her and her heart beat accelerates. She wonders if she will be capable of saying anything intelligible to me when I finally manage to wade through the sea of people that separates us.

I never make it. Halfway across the room I'm waylaid by a trio of friends who demand that I join them outside for a cigar.

She lets out a long breath as she watches me make my way to the porch, trying not to feel too disappointed. After awhile, the loud music and the press of so many bodies drives her to seek a place where she can sit down for a minute and collect herself. She walks down the hallway, looking for the exit to the porch.

As she passes by what she thinks is an empty doorway, I reach out and grab her arm. She turns back, startled and wary, to see me, the one with the green eyes and the burning glance. All of her blood rushes to her face, and she opens her mouth to say something, but then she closes it.

She does something that she could never have pictured herself doing, not in a million years. She leans back and presses her lips to mine. She feels my surprise and my instant response. My hand tightens on her arm and I pull her into the room, maintaining the gentle pressure of the kiss, as I close the door behind us. When we're alone together I let go of her arm and pull her close to me. She deepens the kiss, opening her lips with my tongue exploring her mouth. Her mind whirls. She has never been kissed so thoroughly before.

Her body is throbbing and burning under my touch. My hands start exploring her, sliding down her back and cupping her ass, then pulling her tight against me. She feels my hard monster cock pressing against her belly and she feels giddy. She makes a helpless grinding motion against me, trying to soothe the throbbing ache between her thighs.

A part of her still can't believe what she is doing, but most of her wants nothing more then to be taken. She wants me to fuck her. She wants me to use her for my own pleasure. She wants me to fuck her until she begs for mercy. " I know you've been frustrated, uneasy, afraid and all of that. So, I've found a solution. You don't know what you want to do, or how to do it, or what it will mean. So, I'm taking the decision from you.

You're mine now for the rest of the night. I know you don't have much experience with sex.I also know you have never dated or been in a serious relationship with a man twenty five tears older then you.when you see my monster cock it will scare will be this is your only chance to walk away." I said. " I want to have sex with you." She replied. Once in my apartment, I reverted to form.

I walked forward, pushing Shannon back as I did so, stopping only when her back hit the wall. With hands around her chest, under her breasts, I picked her up and kissed her deep and fiercely. I nipped at her lower lip before trailing kisses over to her ear. I bit down on her ear lobe before whispering ominously, " A tease like you. I know you are gonna give me one hell of a ride. Shit baby I think I'm in love with your sexy ass." " No! Please! No! I'm not.I've never. Please I'm not a tease.

God please stop." Shannon really had no clue how this had ended up so very wrong. She'd thought my reputation was just gossip. Just looking at me had made her feel special. Yet now as my hands are groping her ass and my lips once more covered hers in a harsh kiss, she is shrinking into fear. She just hoped that her first response to me calling her a slut had not been noticed, or if I had noticed, maybe just maybe it could get her out of this mess.

" You've never what? Never been fucked like you really need? Or wait never been fucked at all?" I wanted to know for myself. So I bunched her skirt up round her waist, with my hand I ripped off her black panties. I used my legs to force hers apart; my hand trailed up her thigh, savoring her silky skin. My fingers found the thick lips of her pussy, Shannon's one secret vanity. She waxed her mound, legs, and underarms obsessively. " That's really fucking sexy. Most women I know shave or have trimmed bush.

But not you. Shit honey I may actually have to eat your pussy." But I brought myself back to my purpose. I shove one thick finger into the tight semi wet heat of Shannon's cunt. When my finger butted against her maidenhead, I smiled voraciously. " Fuck baby, you really are a virgin.

I haven't had a virgin in a long time. Oh but shit I'm not only gonna fuck you. I'm gonna keep you. You are perfect for me. Attractive, petite, lips that should remain wrapped round my dick, an ass that's begging to get fucked, plus you're a virgin.

Yeah you are mine." Shannon resumed her struggles. But her wriggling only served to make me just that much more aroused. In her attempts to get away, she is pressing her breasts into my chest. Her nipples pulled tight in fear, mimicked arousal. Her hips are grinding forward, heaving, and bucking. Trying to dislodge herself from the wall, so that she might run.

All she succeeded in doing is stimulating my hard cock. " The harder you fight, the more I want to fuck you. The harder I want to fuck you. Keep fighting, you're really turning me on." I warned her, my voice is low, dangerous, sexy. Ignoring her tears I asked " Have you ever been with a man?" She already knew what I was going to do to her but up until then she had hoped for an escape. All she can do now is beg " Please ." She sobbed falling to her knees " Please don't do this to me.

I've never been with a man . I don't know what to do?" I raised her up and said " Then I shall teach you." She felt sick " but .

but . please . PLEASE don't make me do this . don't force me." I stepped forward and with my right hand cupping her left breast and she feels her legs trembling and a tingling sensation in her hard nipples. I gently pushed her down naked. She watched me unzip my pants and she knew what was coming next and she sobbed the words " Please!

Don't!" But it is too late as I let them drop to the floor releasing my enormous manhood. She gasped " That will . It will tear me apart!" I laughed condescendingly as though speaking to a child and I said " Don't worry, I'll ensure its as pleasurable as possible but it will hurt the first time." I sat down on the bed totally naked and gently took her left hand and placed the fingers round my shaft which jerked and spat out a little blob of cum.

She was horrified, she knew what was coming next. I flipped her over onto her back and climbed on top of her, nipping her breast. She shrieked and begins to fight, she writhed and clawed making a delicious mewing sound as she panted and struggled. I kissed her neck and lulling her into relaxing, then I bit down hard on her neck.

She wailed and her legs instinctively spread and lifted up in a defensive posture. I slide between them. My hips are pressing her thighs wide apart. I lodged my cock head at her entrance. I thrust forward, jamming my cock into her very tight wet sheath making her scream in pain. She is now whimpering as I whisper filthy things into her ear that make her fight me harder, getting closer and closer to the orgasm she has needed all day. " Oh, you hot little whore. Yeah.yeah.yeah. Take that little girl.

You like that? Oh fuck, you're so tight! Fuck me back, you little bitch. Move those hips. That's it, my little toy. Grind me, yeah, just like that." I begin to slam into her like a mad man, again and again, ignoring her cries, enjoying her fight and came with a final thrust up into her abused body. Shannon screams in the most intense pleasure she has ever experienced. " Yes, please yes.Make me yours, your slut, your whore, your toy." Her orgasm rocking her, causing her cunt to milk my cock, forcing me to cum harder and longer.

I look down at her, my feral smile. My grin is terrifying. " Oh I will. I will make you mine. I am already your owner. Your sexy fucking body is mine." " I'm going to fuck your tight little ass, baby.

How 'bout that? Oh fuck yeah, I want you to take so much of my fucking cock up your ass that you beg me to stop." " Oh no, please don't!" She cries out, knowing her begging will be of no use. It only served to excite both of them. " Yeah, that's it. Beg me, little one. How much cock can you take, do you think? Think you can take the whole nine inches, baby?" " Oh! You'll split me in two! Oh God, you'll fill me up!

PLEASE, Oh Please!" Shannon wondered if it is possible to die from remembering pleasure.

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" Oh, please, YES!" I shouted, rearing back and plunging downward. I missed the mark, spreading her wide but bouncing away, causing a searing bolt of pain. Yet smearing the head of my cock with our cum leaking from her pouting pussy. I cursed as she feels my cock hit her ass hole again and sink about two inches of my painfully huge cock inside her ass.

She shrieks in pain and stiffened. " Ahhhhh," she moans, unable to do or say anything else as pain and pleasure rip up her spine. When she can move again, she'd tries to squirm away, grabbing the floral bedspread and pulling herself forward. She screams, " GOOOOODDDD!" " Oh no you don't, you bitch! You're going to take all of this cock, and no one's going to stop me. Don't lie, you little bitch. You're going to love it.

I want you to feel it in your throat!" I didn't really care if she loved it or not. I wrap my hand in Shannon's hair; I move over to the edge of the bed and stood, dragging her with me every inch of the way. Standing on the floor, supporting myself with my other arm next to her torso; he start to ram harder, pushing myself into her in short hard jabs. She shrieked, " OH, IT'S BURNING!" "Oh fuck, baby, yeah! Even tighter than your little, bald pussy." I keep it up, and she hears herself squealing and letting out shrieks of mixed pleasure and pain as I tunneled my dick deep into her ass.

" Oh yeah, I'm gonna stretch your little ass. Oh, I fucking love this! YOU FEEL SO FUCKING TIGHT! SO FUCKING GOOD!" I stop. " I want to see your face," I said to her. I yanked out suddenly and she gasps, wrenched back into reality by the feeling. I grab her shoulder, rolling her over onto her back.

I leap between her legs, pushing behind her knees till they touch the bed next to her shoulders. I'm nearly drooling as I said, " I love your hairless, little pussy." Her pussy is red and swollen from the earlier orgasms and fucking. Even still, she would have welcomed me taking her there again, instead of her barely lubed ass.

My cock stood up, streaked with our cum. She can feel cum trickling down into the crack between her cheeks and onto her lower back.

I position myself over her, and came up on my feet, carefully hovering over her. I press her knees into the bed, making her ass pull up and suddenly she knew what was coming. I'm going to do it again. " Ready baby?" I sneered, laughing. " No, please, no! John, I'm begging you. No more!" Her pleas sounded so sweet to my ears.

I can feel her hidden orgasms as she struggles to maintain the fiction that is arousing them both so much. I just smiled at her, plunging down, ramming myself deep into her ass. She cries out in pleasure. Her ass is red and inflamed from the fucking I'm giving her. Her body shaking while she moans and convulses and squeals. She knew her tears and shouting excited me so she isn't silent. " Oh God, yes! Please don't stop! Oh you bastard! Please Don't Stop!" I fucked her like an animal, totally immersed in my pleasure.

My sweat is pouring down my face and falling all over her stomach. " Oh yeah, oh that's it, baby. Give me your tears. Oh fuck, you're beautiful. I love fucking you." " Look at your pussy pout every time I push in. Oh that's so sexy.


Oh fuck, oh fuck. Look at your face scrunched up in passion. I love that. I make you scream in passion. Jesus, I'm gonna cum so hard. You like it, don't you? You've been wanting this for years, waiting for someone strong enough to take it. Hiding your body for so long then flaunting your sexy little body in front of me today, wearing that short skirt and tube top.

You're just begging to be fucked like the nasty, fucking, little whore you are. OH GOD, OH JESUSFUCKINGCHRIST!" I bellowed. I came hard, bucking and gasping as I shot into her ass, squirting and gushing deep inside her. Her mouth is open with a loud scream, tears of joy streaming down her face. I pull out and drag her into the shower. Once we were both clean again, I force her to her knees on the bed.

I grab the pillow and slide the pillowcase off, twisted it into a rope, figure-eighted her hands. I flip her over onto her stomach. Reaching up, I tied her hands to the headboard, face down.

I raised her up on her knees by her hips. I hummed and straddled her legs, running my hands up and down her back, squeezing her ass cheeks and pulling them apart. " Let's see." I began licking and sucking her neck and making my way over her shoulders and down her spine. She shivers. I move back up to her neck and bite her hard at the base of her neck where it met her collar bone. My hands cupped her breasts at the same time, pinching her nipples.

She feels her thighs grow weak and she groans, leaning her head to one side to give me better access. I bite her again and then smooth it with my tongue. My hot hands then caressed her sides, her hips, her ass, dipping between her legs and spreading her wet pussy lips. " You're ass is so hot." I squeeze her cheeks for emphasis. She is making little grunting sounds. I rest my hardness between her cheeks and lean over to put my lips to her ear.

" Well, let's see.Shannon my Darling.I want to fuck you hard from behind. I want you to totally surrender to me. You make me crazy. I don't know why.

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You make me want to be an animal with you. I wanna fuck you until you scream." I rub myself in and around her wetness. " Yeah, that's what I want to do. I'm rock hard for you again. I want to shove my cock as deep into your little cunt as I can go, till you feel me in your throat." She whimpers again. I keep teasing her entrance, running my finger into her wetness and spreading it up between her cheeks. " Please, John, please." " Please what?" " Do it.

Fuck me again. Please." It is my turn to groan. " First." I got down on all fours and buried my face between her legs, lapping her, swallowing her wetness. She twitched and I grabbed her hips to hold her in place.

I turn onto my back and push up under her, pulling her crotch onto my face. " Gotta taste you again. It makes me so hot. You taste so good." I suck on her clitoris and kneaded her legs and folds, until she came, spraying wetness all over my face. I licked up what I could and move to suckle her breasts. When she is on the verge of thrashing too hard against her bound hands, I finally move behind her. I smacked her ass, over and over again turning each cheek red.

" Pleeaassee, John." " Shannon?" " Wha-hat? Please?" " That's it, I want you to beg me." I begin teasing her entrance with the head of my cock sliding forward to poke her clitoris from behind. I lean forward to pinch her nipples and suck on her neck. I murmured, " How bad do you want this? Tell me." She whimpers, then begs. " Baadd. Oh, please, John, oh god, I need you. Need you inside me, please. Please take me. Oh I need to be fucked so bad. Please fuck me.

I feel so empty." Then suddenly without warning, I grab her hips and ram into her hard and fast burying my cock all the way in her. " Ahhh, shit, yeah, so deep this way." That is all she said. I feel her tightness around me, quivering slightly. She is wet and hot inside and feels so good. I tilted her hips forward a little more with my large hands and push a little farther in, causing her to moan.

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I love the sounds she makes. They are the most erotic things I have heard. Hearing her pleasure, knowing I'm the cause. I feel powerful, so male and dominant. I stayed inside, grinding myself into her by swiveling my hips, staying buried, reaching with one hand to pinch her clitoris between my thumb and forefinger and pulling it up and down.

She lets out a shuddering whimper. " I love the sounds you make, Shannon. Don't ever hold back on me. The sounds you make drive me crazy. I feel every one of them in my cock, so exciting to hear you. I love making you moan, making you scream with pleasure with pain.


Tell me." " So deep, you're so deep, ahhh, oh, you stretch me so wide. Feels so good. I'm so sore. Use me, John, use me like I'm a whore. Please moovve." She sobbed, " Pleeaasse, John, please FUCK ME!" " Oh, man that's such a turn on." She is begging me to fuck her. I pull out slowly leaving just my head inside and then begin thrusting into her hard and fast, gripping her hips and pulling her onto me as I thrust forward. It is perversely satisfying that my monster cock makes her sore. I knew that she hadn't been with anyone else.

To know that it is me that has stretched her. No one has touched her in a very long time and she is giving her gifts to me. She can't believe how good this feels. My hardness slamming into her, stretching her sore walls, the friction from my shaft making them twinge in discomfort.

Oh, the pain pushing her arousal a notch higher. She is going to come soon. She loves that her words turn me on, excites me. She wants to make me crazy. The paradox is that she feels powerful knowing what she is doing to me.

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She feels powerful, even though her hands are bound and she is face down and can't see my face. " Fuck my pussy hard, John. Fuck me until you come." Holy shit. Every time she talked I feel the skin of my cock stretch and get tighter even though I thought it was impossible for me to get any harder. " Shannon, you squeeze me so tight, you feel sooo good, make me so hard." She isn't holding back. Moans, grunts and squeals are coming from her with every thrust.

Her torso is dipped down, arms stretched above her head. I pull her back so she can't rock back into me. She has no leverage now. Her face is sideways on the pillow, her ass in the air. I held her firmly, she can't move. I held her still slamming into her over and over. There is so exciting about being taken like this way by a older man.

More than she realized.

She'd had her little masochistic, passive fantasies, but this is so erotic. Erotic because it is real and better because it is John. She knew it excited me as much as it did her. She knew I would not allow her to be weak or expect her to be passive in other areas of her life. This is for pure hedonistic pleasure and nothing else.

She wants to give up control. She wants me to use her body for my pleasure. Having me take what I want is exciting to her. She is very sore from being stretched to the limit for the first time in her life as my fucking is making her tunnel ache now along with the gripping twinges of her vaginal walls. It made warmth spread through her entire abdomen. I'm whispering darkly in her ear again. " I'm sooo hard for you, unbelievably hard for you," I murmured.

" Yes, that's it, lover, come on, let me hear what I'm doing to you." She is so in control most of the time. It is unbelievable to take her like this, like a slave, hands bound, trusting me to surrender herself, to be helpless. To let me use her body like this and not be afraid, use her for my pleasure, like a whore.

What an unbelievable turn-on. This feels soo good. " Shannon, I love your little heart-shaped ass, it's so beautiful." I palmed her cheeks and spread them apart. I look down and watch myself sliding in and out of her, seeing her sphincter flex and release with each thrust as I pull her cheeks apart so she is spread taut. I work my forefinger into her tightening asshole up to my second knuckle, my palm resting on her cheek. I begin pulling it out and sliding back in each time I thrust inside her.

She is going wild and I have not felt this elated having sex in a long time. I slide my finger in all the way and her squealing grew louder, more throaty. I can't believe how good this feels. I retreat and gently worked my middle finger in alongside my forefinger, thrusting a little deeper each time until I'm plunging both fingers into her ass.

I feel euphoric. Petite, beautiful, sexy, hot, pure, Shannon, wanting my fingers in her ass and my hard cock thrusting inside her. I feel her inside walls quivering and her moaning voice came to me again. " Oh yeah.oh yeah.oh yeah.So good.ahh.fuck me. You can be rough. Oh John, keep me sore, keep fucking me hard, I'm so full, oh your fingers feel so good, both holes, so full so good." I lean over with my free hand and slid it under her, grabbing her nipple in my thumb and forefinger rolling it, increasing my pressure as her groaning became louder.

Continuing to thrust into her hard, I flex my hips letting my body drive my fingers into her ass. She begs, " More, twist harder, oh yeah, twist it harder, make it hurt, oh Jesus, John, ahh yeah, make me come. I'm so close, so close. John, please make me come." I'm rapidly losing control. This whole situation is exhilarating. There is no other word for it.

I feel dominant and authoritarian. My balls are coiling. I'm so close. I had to make her come first. She is mine, I always take care of my sex toys. I viciously twist her nipple, pulling it away from the breast at the same time.

I yell out, sounding almost angry, gritting my teeth, but definitely demanding. " Come for me, Shannon. Now! Give it over it to me, do it now, come on, come for me!" Two thrusts and two twists of her nipple later, she convulsed, screaming her pleasure and passing out. I kept fucking her unconscious body until I emptied my balls into her grasping, sucking pussy. Pulling her close I left my cock in her still twitching cunt and fell asleep curled around her.