Pic of fist time fucking boy gay Axel lays Brian back and glides his

Pic of fist time fucking boy gay Axel lays Brian back and glides his
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CHAPTER 2 - THE PLOT THICKENS I knelt on the floor, Chris and James both staring down at me as I idly rubbed my wet pussy with one hand. 'Well holy shit,' said James breathlessly. Chris laughed. They both started to stroke their cocks as they watched me start to slide my finger between my slippery pussy lips. 'So - what now babe?' asked Chris, putting his hand out to caress my neck.

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He gave me a searching look, as if to ask if I wanted more. I gave the smallest nod, and smiled. 'It looks like you're still feeling a bit horny!' he said. I just grinned, and started to rub my tits with one hand as i slipped a finger into my pussy. 'I am so fucking wet,' I murmured quietly. My heart was pounding as I watched them stroking their cocks. Chris sat on the couch behind me, and taking my hand he made me turn to face him.

He put my hand on his cock and I leaned forward with a moan of pleasure, taking his dick in my mouth and sucking hard.

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'Let's see how wet that pussy is! Fuck her, man!' said Chris as I started to rub my tongue all over his dick. I felt James' hands on my waist, pulling me up onto my knees, and then his cock pressing against my slippery pussy lips. 'Oh fuck, you're weren't kidding about being wet!' James said as I felt his thick, hot cock slide into my dripping slit.

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I jerked Chris' dick and looked back over my shoulder. James had his hands around my waist, and was slowly sliding his dick in and out of my pussy from behind, watching with a look of delight as his cock disappeared into my pussy.

'You're fucking loving it, aren't you Jen!' said Chris with a gasp as I turned and stuffed his dick back in my mouth hungrily. I just moaned and sucked even harder.

James started to pump his cock harder into my pussy, pulling me back against him as he slammed deep into me. His hands gripped my waist tight, and his thrusts were making my tits bounce back and forth as I held on tight to Chris' hard dick, sucking the head and then licking his balls.

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'OK man, my turn!' said Chris. James reluctantly slipped his cock out of my pussy, and Chris got up and went around behind me. 'Do you want to taste your hot pussy?' panted James as he came around and sat on the couch in front of me. He moaned as I took his thick, hard prick in my mouth. I tasted my sweet pussy juices that covered his cock, and then groaned with pleasure as Chris roughly shoved his dick into my pussy. I threw back my head with a moan as Chris reached under and very gently rubbed my clit with one hand as he pumped his cock in and out of my dripping snatch.

I grabbed James' dick with both hands, and slowly stroked it, leaning down to lick his balls as he watched me with obvious pleasure. 'Does it taste good, Jen?' he asked breathlessly. 'Mmm, fucking delicious!' I murmured. I licked and kissed his cock all over as Chris continued to fuck me hard from behind. 'Your girlfriend is a fucking sex maniac!' gasped James.

'You are, aren't you Jen,' said Chris, slamming his dick deep into my cunt. He pulled his cock out of my pussy suddenly, and pulled my shoulders back. He quickly stood beside me, James watching with a grin as I turned sideways to face Chris. Chris grabbed my head and pushed it down to his cock, and I didn't hesitate to open my mouth wide and let him slide his wet, glistening prick into my mouth.


I sucked hard with a low moan of pleasure, again tasting my pussy juices as I felt Chris' dick slide deep into my throat. 'What a fucking pro! Shit, look at her go!' said James, reaching out to grab my tits as I sucked Chris' rock hard cock. 'I bet you love having your ass fucked too, don't you Jen?' said James, and then he slapped my ass cheekily. I pushed Chris away and turned to look at James, my face hot - I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.

I stood up and ran down the hall to our bedroom.


'Hey Jen, shit, come back! Sorry!' I heard James cry, in a panic. I heard Chris laughing. 'Fuck man, sorry, she's into porn so much I thought. what are you laughing at?' I heard James saying, while Chris kept laughing. I could hear James and Chris talking as I sat on the bed and opened the drawer of my bedside table. My heart was racing, and I grinned, a shiver running down my back as I grabbed a couple of items from the drawer. As I walked back down the hall I heard James almost pleading with Chris, 'Can't you go and talk to her, man?

Come on!' 'Talk to her yourself!' said Chris, pointing to me as I reappeared in the doorway. 'I think we're going to need this!' I said, waving a big bottle of lubricant, and grinning. James visibly relaxed, his face breaking into a smile again. 'You fucking bitch, that was cruel!' he scolded.

'Get over here with that!' said Chris, grabbing my arm and pulling me back to the couch. In my other hand I had my favourite black butt-plug, and Chris snatched it off me. He squeezed some lube on the plug, and then handed the bottle to James as he pushed me down so I was on my knees in front of the couch, my arms resting on the seat. I turned to watch over my shoulder as James squeezed a generous amount of lube onto my ass, rubbing it all over my ass and down into my already wet pussy.

I moaned with pleasure and anticipation. 'You do love it don't you, you sneaky bitch!' said James with amusement, as he slipped a finger into my asshole. I let out a long sigh of enjoyment as James started to gently slide his finger in and out of my ass. 'Tell us what you want,' said Chris, sitting on the couch beside me. He reached out to grab my tits with one hand as he slowly stroked his cock with the other. 'I want you to fuck my ass!' I groaned, my body shivering with excitement as I played out my porn-star fantasy.

James pulled his finger out of my ass, and pressed the narrow tip of the butt-plug against my asshole - I turned to watch as he started to push it into me. He stared at my ass, licking his lips unconsciously as I let out a little moan of pleasure. 'I'm going to fuck your tight little asshole,' he said quietly, slowly pushing the slippery butt-plug into my ass. I gasped as the thickest part of the plug finally slipped into my ass, and James moved it around in circles as he moved one hand underneath to rub my pussy.

'Holy shit, you're dripping wet!' said James, sliding a finger into my pussy. Chris moved closer to me, and I took the hint, grabbing his dick and leaning down to suck it.

James started to pull the plug out of my asshole, and I grunted as it popped free. I felt James press his cock against my asshole, and I turned around to watch as he guided it with one hand, his other hand gripping my waist.

'Ohh, fuck yeah!' he groaned, as his hard dick slid slowly into my tight asshole. 'Shit, that is so fucking good!' 'Yeah, fuck my tight little ass!' I grunted, gripping Chris' cock tight in both hands as I felt James' hard, thick shaft sliding deep inside me.

Chris guided my head back to his cock, and I started hungrily sucking him, taking him deep into my mouth as I groaned with delight. 'I think she likes it, man!' he laughed, as James started to speed up. James held my waist with both hands and started to really fuck my asshole, his balls slapping my wet pussy as I sucked hard on Chris' dick.

I reached down to gently touch my tingling clit. James' thrusting meant that all I had to do was press my hand against my pussy, and the movements of my body started sending waves of pleasure through me. I began to pant, throwing my head back and gasping, moaning with pleasure. 'Yeah baby, cum, you love it don't you!' whispered Chris, 'James is gonna fuck your ass until you cum!' 'Ohhh, fuck!' I groaned, my whole body tensing and quivering with pleasure as a hot flood of ecstasy filled me from head to toe.

I let out a loud yelp of delight, and my hips started to grind in a rhythm with James' thrusts. My orgasm went on for a long time, and I finally came out of my sexual daze, collapsed forward on the couch, panting heavily. James pulled his cock out of my ass. 'Oh my god,' I mumbled.

'That was so fucking good.' I turned over and sat on the couch. James and Chris sat either side of me, watching me lustfully. 'Well, we can't not do it, can we?' I said, shakily. 'We just have to!' 'What do we have to do?' asked Chris, distractedly rubbing my breasts. James started running his hand up and down my thigh, and smiling wickedly. 'Come on baby, what is it that we have to do?' he asked.

I smiled and stood up, straddling James. He leaned back on the couch and reached out to hold my waist with both hands as I grabbed his cock and guided it into my dripping pussy. I lowered myself down with a sigh as James' thick, hot member plunged deep inside me. I leaned forward and James obligingly started to lick and suck my tits as they hung just above his face. I turned to see Chris standing behind me.

'I think you know what we have to do,' I said. Chris moved in and pressed his cock against my asshole. 'Fuck, you are such a dirty slut!' said James. 'We're going to fuck you like a pornstar,' Chris grunted, thrusting hard and forcing his cock deep into my asshole with one movement, making me squeal with surprise. 'Oh fuck yes, you like that? You like having both holes fucked?' Chris asked me roughly, his hands gripping my waist as he started to thrust his cock deep into my asshole.

I closed my eyes, groaning uncontrollably as they both started to fuck me, James pumping his cock up into my pussy as Chris started thrusting powerfully into my asshole. 'Oh fuck!' grunted James suddenly, as I felt his cock start to throb powerfully in my pussy. His hands gripped my waist hard as he pulled me down against himself, his head thrown back as his cock spurted hot cum deep in my wet cunt. Chris started fucking my asshole harder and faster. 'Oh fuck, you love it don't you!' he said breathlessly, 'Oh my god, yes, now fill my ass!' I groaned in response.

I started to grind my hips, my pussy dripping as James's still hard cock slid in and out of my pussy through his massive load of cum. Chris gasped and I felt his hard, thick cock slam deep inside me as he came, emptying his balls into my ass. Chris pulled his cock out of me, and I got off James, his dick covered with a mixture of our cum.

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I leaned down to lick and suck his balls and his slimy dick clean. 'Holy shit Jen,' he mumbled, 'That was fucking amazing!' 'Did you like your first DP?' asked Chris, sitting next to me.

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'I hope it's not my last!' I said at last, grinning. We all sat on the couch for a while, getting our breath back. After a few minutes I got up and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. I noticed my phone had a few messages waiting for me, so I checked them. They were all from Amy!

The first one read "what r u guys watching? i might walk over and see what shit dvds those guys got. c u in 30 minutes?". 'Oh shit,' I said quietly. I checked the next message - "oh, my, god. i can see you. you should have answered the door!" 'OK, what the fuck Amy!' I whispered, suddenly feeling cold and naked as I stood in the kitchen. I checked the last message: "that was a good show you dirty slut! :) i'll show you the pictures tomorrow, have a good night!".

'Shit shit shit!' I cried. I went back through to the lounge, where the guys had already got dressed. They both grinned as I walked in naked holding my phone. 'Chris, did you hear the doorbell at all tonight?' I asked.

'No, why?' 'Read these!' I told him, giving him the phone.