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Sex Appeal Küken zieht Kleidung
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I couldn't tell you when these 'games' started or when i started to want my sister so much i could taste her. All I know is that it could only have been around summer when i was around 15. My sister is a year older and we've always had a strange rivalry that i guess could be more common among brothers than two siblings of opposite gender.

Don't get me wrong, though, my sister is in no way, shape or form reminiscent of a guy. Oh no indeed. Her name is Kaeri, weird spelling i know but bear with me, my parents are pretty odd.

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Makes me wonder how i got stuck with a name like Joe, i mean they could have come up with a better way to spell that, couldn't they? I still think its some kind of joke on me. Oh well!

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Anyhow, back to my story. The motivating incident of our little ascension through sin and lust took place on a very peculiar night. We were watching movies, some slasher flick with big-breasted women running wild from some psycho killer.

Typical, but the bustlines were worth the price. My sister hated it. She rolled her eyes constantly as we watched, making remarks on how this was fake and that was overdone.

I laughed at her. I had always known how attractive she was, we had both always been considered good looking people. Of course a good looking girl gets a different sort of attention than a good looking guy, but with the way she dressed, Kaeri didn't mind.

We were close and she made a point of asking my opionions on how certain things looked on her, and as a guy, I was a reasonable source of feedback. So I always knew she was the kind of girl a guy would drool over to his middle years if his mind never moved on to other things. She was the stereotypical popular beauty all through high school and some of my friends still talk about how fine she was then.

Not to say that she isn't a fox now, but those were the golden years. Anyway this night in particular she looked amazing.


I never really liked the make-up or flashy clothes she was partial to. It was right there, in a short t-shirt and short shorts with her hair loose around her shoulders and her face completely pure, that I thought she was most beautiful. What also made this night different was the fact that throughout the movies we watched I found myself watching her instead. Watching the way her chest rose and fell over a set of very generous endowments. Her tits were playboy material, they had been since she was like 12.

My friends all believed she had breast implants and since my dad is a docter and we're really well off, the tit-job thing has become something of an urban legend among our peers.

This attention only fuels Kaeri though, she would give Britney Spears a run for her money I swear. I took in every detail of her arms, her skin always tanned from ours at the bed in her favorite salon, her complexion was smooth as could be and I banished small urges to touch her face then. She had blond hair, like i said, she was a walking stereotype.

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It ran to her shoulders and she always had it done in some fancy, attractive way, she oozed beauty. Her feet were on the table and I stared at every individual toe, painted in the 5 colors of her favorite treat, jolly ranchers. Maybe it was the steamy sex scene in the romance movie we were now watching, but i think it was my sister, either way I had a raging hardon about then.

I felt shame distantly but warded it off with mental excuses. It was the movie that did it.yeah that had to be it. I told her i was hitting the hay and went off to bed, she gave me a little smirk and even now i am not sure whether she knew at that moment what was going to happen between us. I am not the masturbating sort, I never was, even as a teenager. Back then I wasn't a virgin either, I had had sex a few times.

The first time at 13 with one of our babysitters when my parents went out of town. Our parents are open people and neither Kaeri nor me ever had a want for sexual knowledge, we knew what the sounds from the master bedroom were by the time I was 11 and she was 12.

As i said, i'm not the type to let my hand satisfy me, and i wasn't then. But that night I couldn't help myself, I took myself in hand almost before i hit my bed. At first I thought of Felicia, the babysitter, and the other two girls, both friends of Kaeri that I had made love with. But when my tempo increased and i could feel my testicles stirring i realized my mind had turned to thoughts of my sister. I could smell her hair and her skin, always like apples, and I imagined her tight pussy around my throbbing dick.

I knew she wasn't a virgin either and that she couldn't be too tight anymore, but hey, a guy can dream. Before I could finish the job I let my hands rest and just lay there, reflecting over what was happening to me. I thought and thought late into the night and came up with nothing. I fell asleep to pleasant dreams of Kaeri and one of her sexier friends with me on my bed.

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Ahh.that was it. Still groggy I awoke to a tickle between my legs. I opened my eyes and could see bluish light coming through my bedroom window. It had to be like 5 in the morning, the sun hadn't even risen yet!

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But my mind was not clear enough to really sort that information into real data. Instead I looked down. Like a dream she was there. Kaeri, her eyes were looking at me knowingly and her tongue flicked out from her mouth to touch my very very hard cock. " Your big." she said softly and with that she deepthroated my cock.

I was too shocked to say anything, but more than that sleep still held me. I couldn't do anything, I was at her mercy. Her bobbing head mesmerized me as she let her hand stroke me as her mouth engulfed my cock. I couldn't fathom how this was happening or how much better she was at giving head than any chick I'd ever fucked around with.

I could barely contain the moans and sounds of pleasure that wanted to escape me, but my parents would be home now and I didn't want them to think I had some hussy in my bed.

They wouldn't have cared all that much, but an intense urge to be silent overpowered me. When I felt hot cum shooting from me I was shocked again to the sight of Kaeri lapping it up like a hungry animal. When she was done and I was licked clean she left, swishing her tight ass to and fro just to tease me.

I fell back asleep almost immediately. Upon waking up the next morning I could not believe what had happened in those wee hours. So I pushed it away from my mind and survived for 3 weeks without thinking about it.

Kaeri seemed normal, like nothing had happened, but she gave me a knowing wink now and then. I ignored her and repressed those thoughts that seemed at the edge of my mental shield.

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I really did not want to think that my sister got me off. I have always considered myself to be a moral person and incest was against what i was and wanted to be.

Yet.yet, the attraction grew over those 3 weeks until it was electricity in the air. To keep from giving into this sinful lust I turned my attentions on those friends that Kaeri brought home to sleep over which she did twice a week.


What she called 'Studying Girl's Night', that name always made me laugh. But thanks to 'Studying Girl's Night' I was able to have promiscuous sex almost twice a week. Most girls in our school would have died to sleep with me, and while before then i had been modest about that and kept away from the attention that always sought me, those three weeks were almost a reversal of that philosophy I had held so dear.

I knew what these girls wanted from me, and what was more I gave it to them without a second thought. It was at the end of those three weeks that something happened. One night, a 'Studying' night of course, Kaeri had Halley Rosston over. Imagine a girl at 16 with titanic sized breasts and generous curves without a touch of fat.

Halley was brunette and had large coy eyes with a school girl glint that had always made me think of those japanese cartoons with those sexy schoolgirl teenage girls. Oh yes, Halley was a very fuckable specimen. And what was cool about it was that she wanted me so bad that her brother Ralley (dont ask, their parents were oddballs too) once told me that she had written my name on all of her undergarments and he had overheard her pleasuring herself and calling my name.

My parents were out and about, as they usually tryed to be on 'Studying' nights. Kaeri's room was across from mine and her door was open a slit. I could here the giggle and chitter of girltalk as I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Anticipation flooded my system, I knew full well what was going to happen.

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Yet that night yielded another surprise I was no where near ready for. Sure enough Halley came in wearing a teeny weeny tank top that gave me an oh-so generous view of her glorious rack. She was in her thong and she grinned coyly at me as I looked her up and down appreciateively.

I sat on the toilet and she slipped off my sleeping pants with no trouble. Taking my cock into her mouth she gorged herself for several minutes while I gripped her hair and caressed her gorgeous tits. Before I was spent she stripped off that teeny shirt and that skimpy thong, she was smoothly shaved and her skin was even darker than Kaeri's. I licked my lips as she bent her heart-shaped ass toward the bathroom door and looked at me invitingly.

Her hands were gripped firmly to the countertop as I slipped my hard on into her soaking cunt. She was deliciously tight, Ralley maintained that she was a virgin though her hole offered no resistance. I took it that she either owned a respectfully sized vibrator or Ralley didn't know shit.

Either way it was quite easy to enjoy myself. I pushed slowly and gently at first and then faster and harder, letting her feel my cock stretch her pussy. One of my hands grasped her ass cheek firmly and the other was tucked underneath her, tickling her clit with two fingers.

She moaned profusely, loud enough that I was sure my sister could here, but I didn't mind, nothing she hadn't heard before. It was the thought of Kaeri that sent me into a wild frenzy of thrusting, and then I saw her. Her mouth was twisted in a devious smile as she watched Halley and I. I looked right at her as I pumped my cock into the buxom girl bent over before me. Even though Halley is as hot as hell (still), she was nothing to my sister.

It was Kaeri I thought of as I fucked, and she knew it. I looked at her constantly and suddenly noticed her arm moving slightly, I looked down at her crotch and saw that her hand was moving on her pussy under her underwear.