Young pissing fetish gay stories It was thick mammary in color and

Young pissing fetish gay stories It was thick  mammary in color  and
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After a while Carrie fell asleep, and dreamed of the game, and what else she could experience and have fun with and learn. In her dreams, she was in the game again, not as her character Sasha, but herself. When she woke up in the forest, she started a fire with the new flame magic skill she learned. She hunted for some deer, took a doe down with her bow, she then skinned and cleaned it before sticking it on the flames to cook.

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While she was sitting next to the flames she heard screaming from a woman close by. She grabbed her sword and ran towards the sound, she burst through the trees and into a small clearing.

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She saw a she elf pinned to the ground, two men holding her arms and another in between her legs trying to force himself on her. The woman was naked and crying, her body was bruised and cut up. There were six bandits there, three were trying to set up camp, ignoring what was happening to the elf, and the other three were dealing with her. Carrie stood behind a tree near the clearing, watching what is going on in the clearing.

She slowly walks up behind one of the men who's standing at the edge of the clearing watching the show. She stands behind him and holds her sword to his throat, and demands angrily "What are you doing to this elf?" "Get out of here! One of the bandits holding her down said, this doesn't concern you!" "Yes!

It does, because she can't defend herself, and you're all horrible pieces of shit. Let her go or I'll kill all of you!" "You can come and try sweet cheeks." One of the bandits said as he grabs his sword, while the others grab various weapons.

She slices the throat of the man she was holding, and ran across the clearing to one of the other men. Sasha fought with him for a few seconds, parrying his blows with the hilt of her sword.

She stabs him in the chest and he goes down.


The third bandit came after her with his bow and a handful of arrows. She blocks the arrows one by one with her shield until he runs out. She then cuts his neck open and watched the blood run down his neck. She used her newfound fire magic and burns the fourth bandit. Before long, she had killed the other two, with her sword, using a new execution move she learned recently. (Good riddance.) She thought to herself, (one less group of assholes to deal with.) She sat down next to the she elf, and took off her cloak and put it on her to cover up her nakedness.

"What's your name?" she asked her. "My name is Marielle, I'm a storm elf from a providence south of here by about a 3 day ride. These bandits came and raided my town where I am a servant for the local lord there, and they captured me and other women in my village, killed the men and when the women tried to escape they raped and killed them.

Only me and one other woman didn't try to escape, we were too scared to, we froze in fear." "If you can stand, try to keep the clothing around you, because it is chilly here, I have a camp not too far from here. I heard you screaming and came to help. I'm glad I got there when I did considering you were about to be raped." Carrie tries to make conversation with Marielle as she helped her walk to the make shift camp site. They finally arrived after walking for about 10 minutes.

Her bedroll was laid out by the fire, she sat Marielle down on it and started making a stew from the deer she caught earlier.

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"What did you mean by servant?" She asked Marielle after handing her a bowl of stew and some health potions she had. "Well, basically my master, the lord of the local providence does things for me, like he gave me a place to live, and he gave me a job, and for me to pay him back I have to do what he calls sexual favors for him… I'm not allowed to say no either.

He doesn't like to be in debt to anyone, so for you saving my life I will grant you one sexual request. Anything your heart desires." Carrie slowly states "Well I've never been with a woman before… I would very much like you to show me how good you are at pleasuring someone." "Well, it's whatever you'd like to do.

Considering I told you I would grant one request." said Marielle, as she stood up and dropped the clothing she had covering her. Her huge tits stood proudly from her chest, her nipples hard as pebbles and a very nice dusky pink color.

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Her areolas were bigger than a silver coin, her stomach was flat, and her pussy mound was shaven bare. She started walking towards Carrie and stood before her in all her naked glory. She reached up, and started undoing her armor, slowly undressing her piece by piece. She dropped the armor on the ground and stepped back, looking at Carrie with her piercing blue eyes. They roamed over her with lust and she knew she had to pleasure her thoroughly. Carrie laid down on the bedroll, as Marielle got on her hands and knees and started crawling over to her and kissing her on the lips.

Carrie opened her lips as she was kissed, slowly and deeply. She reached up and slowly ran her hands over Marielle's chest, her tits swinging a little as she breathed in and out.

She started pinching the elf's nipples, and rolling them in between her fingers as she pulled her closer. She pulled her over chest over her face, and started kissing her way down her neck, and down her chest to reach her breasts. Carrie started sucking on her tits and nipples. Marielle started moaning in pleasure as she was enjoying being played with.

She started running her hands over Carrie's chest and down her body to her cock, which was getting harder by the second and was getting covered in pre- cum. Marielle grasped Carrie's cock in her hand and slowly started stroking her, feeling her get harder and harder in her hand.

She slowly leaned down and started licking the tip of her cock, tasting the sweet and salty mix of pre- cum on her tongue. She started sucking and licking her down further on her cock, till she was at the base.

The full 6 inches was in her mouth and down her throat, her mouth stretched open wide by the size of the cock in her mouth. She started gagging on it, making it very sloppy wet, choking slightly barely able to breathe. Carrie was very much enjoying the treatment of her cock, she thought this is how men feel when they get blow jobs all the time!

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As Marielle kept sucking her cock, she put her fingers from her other hand inside Carrie's pussy, feeling her pussy open little by little as her fingers were pushed inside. Marielle sat up and her mouth popped off Carrie's cock. You said you've never been with a woman before, would you like to taste my pussy as I continue to suck your cock?

She asked Carrie with a smile. "Yes, how do we do this?" Well, I'd get on top of you backwards, my pussy near your face, and I can suck your cock and play with your pussy at the same time.

She climbed on top of her and got into position, as Carrie starts to hesitantly touch Marielle's soaking wet pussy, running her fingers slowly through her lips as she spread her open and savored the feeling of touching another woman intimately for the first time.

Carrie leaned up and touched her tongue to Marielle's clit and felt her jump a little whether in surprise or it felt good she didn't know, and started sucking on it as if it were a lollipop.

She started slowly running her tongue up and down her slit, tasting her sweet and salty pussy juice as she pushed her tongue inside her feeling her squirm with pleasure.

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While Carrie was testing out her new found oral skills on Marielle, she was enjoying an amazing cock sucking and tease, especially since Marielle was sucking on her, and thrusting her fingers in and out of her pussy at the same time.

They continued like that for a while until Carrie was soaking wet and feeling like she was about to cum. She told Marielle "Come here, I want you on top of me, I want you to ride me. She grabbed her cock, and slid it back and forth over her slit as she opened her legs wide, so Carrie could see her pussy when her cock went in and out of her.

Marielle's pussy was burning hot and soaking wet as she slowly inch by inch lowered herself onto the cock underneath her. Marielle started bouncing up and down on Carrie's cock, her pussy tightening with every thrust.

She rode her with everything she had, making sweat break out on their skin as you could hear their flesh slapping together as it echoed in the area. Both were moaning loudly from the sheer pleasure of what was happening, as Carrie was rode like a horse and Marielle grabbed her tits squeezing them hard.

Carrie finally wanted to switch positions and put her cock inside Marielle's pussy, and fuck her good and hard; she told her to get on her hands and knees and she slapped her ass hard when Marielle got off her cock and she got behind her and thrust her cock into the elf's pussy.

She grabbed her hips, and started slamming into her, giving all, she had into it and she was just enjoying the sensations of fucking a woman, her own juices flowing out of her pussy and down her legs.

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Marielle starts cumming on her cock, one after the other, until she starts shaking with need, and couldn't cum anymore. When she finally reached that point, she started screaming in pleasure and pain because Carrie started thrusting into her harder and harder and grabbed her hair, and she starts being rough with Marielle, smacking her ass while still fucking her. She finally starts to cum inside Marielle's pussy, and unloads load after load of hot sticky cum inside of her.

Carrie sits upright in bed, heart pounding, feeling that her pussy is throbbing and soaking wet, her sheets were soaked with cum. Holy shit!


That was only a dream. That's never happened, I have never had such a realistic dream before, I hope something like that will happen in the game.

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I think I will give it another try when I wake up in the morning.