Busty Czech girl doing one hell of a blowjob

Busty Czech girl doing one hell of a blowjob
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Twins n best buds X Last night I had a date and while we were eating and talking the girl I was with made a comment about how it is really weird that me and Taylor can finish each other's sentences and talk so much alike. Somewhere in the convo she asked if we had any secrets from each other. I thought about it a minute and told her we probably did but I couldn't say for sure. ( I knew right away that I had a couple of them I never told Taylor). Anyways, it got me wondering if he had any so today when we were driving to the store I told Tris about what the girl had asked and asked him if he had any secrets I didn't know about.

He asked me if I had any and eventually we both admitted that we did.

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Neither of us would say exactly what they were but we did admit they had to do with sex. So, we made a deal to let each other read about them on here. Rock, Scissors, Paper. Tris won and said he would write his after I wrote mine.

Sosomething I never told Taylor. Here goes. A few summers ago my aunt (my mom's sister) had some serious medical problems so my uncle sent my 2 cousins to stay with us while my aunt was in a rehabilitation.

Sadie and Anthony were their names. Sadie was 16 and Anthony was 12. Sadie got the guest room and Anthony got the roll away bed in the den. Half way through their stay Taylor was invited to go with one of his friend's family to their cottage for 2 weeks so my mom asked if it was ok with me if Anthony moved into our room so he didn't have to sleep in the den. I wasn't all that for it but hes a cool kid so I told her it was ok with me if he wanted to. Sadie mostly hung out with my mom and spent time on her computer talking to friends so I took Anthony with me when I went places if I wasn't meeting friends.

It was kind of like having a little brother for a couple of weeks which wasn't so bad. The 1st night he was in my room he saw me going to bed and asked me why I didn't wear pj's or underwear to bed.

I told him that I started sleeping naked when I was around 14. He asked if Taylor knew I slept naked and at that I laughed and told him it would be pretty hard for him not to know since we go to bed and get up at the same almost everyday. And I told him that Taylor slept naked most of the time too.

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He asked if we weren't afraid that our mom or dad would come in and see us. I told him they never came in without knocking and we didn't have anything they hadn't already seen a 100x's anyways. He thought that was funny and laughed. I asked him if he ever slept naked and he said that he did once but was afraid his mom or dad would catch him.

I told him that since he wasn't home if he wanted to he could. And the next morning when I got up to take a whiz I saw Anthony's undewear was laying on the floor next to his bed. That gave me a chuckle. I think it was like the 3rd morning that Anthony was sleeping in our room when I woke up and saw him in bed laying on his stomach and he was quietly humping the bed.

I didn't say anything.


Nah, I remembered how both me and Taylor used to do that when we were around his age. However, I did wake up with a morning bone and I needed to pee. As much as I wanted to stay right where I was and watch and not disturb my little cousin I really needed to hit the head so I yawned and stretched and sat up on my bed.

Anthony quickly rolled to his side when he heard me and nervously said "Hi". I stood up and covered my boner with my hand and said "Morning" and I went in and took a pee. When I got done and came back into the room I asked him if he finished.

"Finished what." "Finished you know!" "I was sleeping and yea I'm finished." I laughed and told him I wasn't referring to sleeping and reminded him that I'm a guy too and not an old one like our dads.

He still played dumb so I let it go and crawled back on bed to get some more sleep. Later that day I took Anthony with me to run some errands and to get him away from my mom and his sister.

I took him to the woods to show him where me and Taylor hiked and hung out and while we were walking he out of the blue he said, " I was sleeping this morning ya know?!" "Yea I know." was how I responded and I finished it with a grin. More walking. Some silence. Hitting his shoulder, "Whats ya thinking? Why did ya get quiet?" "I donno.

You're not talking either. Why did ya get so quiet?" "Well because you were and I was thinking about you sleeping." Then I hit him in the arm again and gave him a light body slam. Anthony slammed me back and then. More walking. More silence. "You know about sleeping like that Tristan?" "For sure" laughing, "have for awhile now dude." "Really?" "Yep, so its cool." More walking. More silence. "I just learned about it a little while ago." "Yea your dad talk to you about it or learn it from a friend?" "My dad!

No way. My friend Kevin told me about it." "Where did learn about it?" "He saw his brother." "How did he see that?" "I dunno. He peeked I think" More walking. More silence. "So did he show you or tell you about it?" "He told me.' "Cool. Its normal dude.


Feels good eh?" "Yea it does." I told him it was called masturbation or jacking off and I told him that all guys masturbate. And since we were on the subject I asked him how long he had been doing it and if he shoots cum yet. He laughed when I asked that but didn't answer.

So I pressed him and asked again. He told me that he just started doing it a few months before and that he did get cum.

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He asked how old I was when I learned about it and I told him I was 11 or 12. We hiked awhile longer and talked about the sports he played and about his mom and when it started to get late we headed back to the car and went home. That night my dad rented a movie so my mom made popcorn and we all watched the movie together.

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When it was over Sadie and my mom went in the kitchen and Anthony said he was going to bed. I hung out with my dad for a little while and then went in to see if Anthony was asleep and if he wasn't to see if he wanted to play a video game. I walked in right when Anthony was getting into bed. His underwear was on the floor and though I didn't see much it looked like he had a little boner going.

I kicked off my shoes and then after pulling my shirt off I stripped off my socks and shorts and went in the bathroom. As I stood at the sink brushing my teeth thinking about what I thought I saw when Anthony was crawling under the covers I got semi hard so when I walked back into the room I had a decent tent showing in my boxers. I asked Anthony if he wanted to play or if he was tired and he said he was up for playing a little.

He sat up and pulled on his underwear and we both settled on the floor by my bed and we played some NHL hockey. When we finished playing I leaned back (on purpose) against the bed and put my hand down on my crotch and rubbed it.

I wanted to see if Anthony looked and he did. And knowing that he looked made my dick go hard instantly. I looked at him as he was checking out my hand and crotch.

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I stretched a little more without covering my tent and then I stood up. Anthony stood up and he definitely had a boner too. He covered it with his hand as he moved toward his bed I stripped off my boxers and then walked over to the light switch and waited until he took his underwear off and got under the covers.

"You asleep Tris?" "Nope are you?" "Yep." Then we both laughed and a few seconds later, "You going to hump the bed tonight??' "What?" he played dumb "What what?" " Are you?" "No, I don't hump the bed anymore" "You said all guys do so yea you do I bet." I laughed again and told him I masturbated but I didn't do it humping the bed.

"What do you do??" "Ill show you sometime." "K good." And then I laid there and listened and sure enough I could hear Anthony rubbing on the bed. I wanted to jack off but I was more interested in listening to Anthony. I figured he was done when I hear him rustling around in the bed and then I jerked off in a sock. The next day Sadie and my mom were going to bake so me and Anthony took off for a hike in the woods.

woods. After we had hiked aways in I asked Anthony if he humped the mattress last night. He answered by asking me if I masturbated. I told him I did and then he told me that he humped the bed. Then he asked me if I was going to show him jacking off and I said I would if he wanted me to.

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He said he did so we walked some more and found a clearing where I told him we would hang out. I told him that he couldn't ever tell anyone I showed him jacking off and he said he wasn't dumb.

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We sat on the ground and I undid my shorts and slid my hand in my boxers. Anthony watched. "Aren't you afraid someone will see you Tris?" "Nah, we're alone so its cool." Anthony sat there with his eyes glued on my hand in my boxers. I pushed my hand deeper in my shorts and rubbed my balls and in doing so a good portion of my dick could easily be seen.

And Anthony looked and watched. "Are you doing it?" he asked. "No man, not yet." Then I pushed the front of my shorts down with my left hand and held my dick in my right one and stroked it a little. Anthony watched and moved his hand to his crotch and pressed on his dick.

"This is jacking off." Anthony watched closely. "Try it.' Without taking his eyes off my hand he undid his pants and slid his hand in his underwear and after a few seconds he pulled the front of his underwear down and mimicked what I was doing.

The only difference that I was grabbing mine in my hand and Anthony only had to use 2 fingers on his. When I saw his dick I got a rush. It was small. Not sure how to describe it except to say it was cute and he was totally smooth.

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He didn't have even a whisk of pubes down around his dick which lookedto be about 3" boned up, if that. I got a rush seeing it. "How does it feel?" I whispered "Ok I guess" "Nice one dude" I whispered "Nice what?" "Nice dick." "Smaller than you and I don't have any hair yet." "You will get hair soon enough dude.

And it will grow too. Give it time" Anthony kept stroking his dick but kept staring at mine. "So, how it it?" "Its ok but rubbing the mattress feels better" "Maybe your not doing it right." "Im doing what your doing. Does it feel good to you?" "Yep sure does. Maybe your not holding it right" then I reached over and as I reached for his dick he pulled his hand away and let me grab it. He pushed the front of his underwear down more and I used two fingers and stroked him.

"Hows that?" "Good." "Cool. Sometimes when somone else does it it feels better." Seconds passed and then Anthony reached his hand over and felt my dick. He held it and stroke it and ran the back of his fingers up and down it. His soft hand felt awesome on my dick.

And the skin on his dick was really soft but his dick was as hard as a rock He held mine then he would run his fingers around in my pubes and then he would hold it again.

I stopped jerking his and pushed my hands in his shorts and rubbed his balls. His sac was so soft and his balls were so tight it was like they being sucked into his body. He mimicked me again and rubbed mine and hen he played with my pubic hair some more before he grabbed hold of my dick and continued jerking me. It didn't take long before he said he felt like he was going to shoot and no sooner had he said it that he shook and then 2 or 3 small spurts emerged from his dick onto my fingers.

It was pretty hot to see. I put my hand over his on my dick and guided it on how to jerk me off. Anthony watched my dick and our hands intently. When he saw my precum leaking out he asked if I was cumming.

I told him it was precum and kept moving his hand up and down. I moaned and said I was going to cum and then 4 or 5 spurts of jizz shot out onto my stomach and pubes with some running down on Anthony's hand. "Wow." "Wow what?" "You get lots." You will to as you get older" I assured him and then he asked what we were going to wipe it up with. I slid my shorts and boxers off my feet and let him wipe his hand off and the little bit of cum that he had on his stomach and then I wiped myself off.

"Now you can't wear them, can you?" he inquired. "Nope Ill go commando" "Whats that" "No undewear" We sat there a minute. I watched Anthony's dick shrink to nearly nothing while mine stayed semi hard. Then we got up and pulled our pants up and continued hiking.

(Taylor is sitting here telling me he can't believe I didn't tell him about that and is asking if I did more with Anthony. Yes we did. Mostly it was jacking off together a lot until Anthony and his sister went back home. Ha one night we messed around in my bed while Taylor was sleeping in his. But I've told enough. If anyone wants to hear more let me know. Now its Taylor's turn to tell his.) peace