Sexy babe tali dova gets her hairy muff banged by black dude interracial and hardcore

Sexy babe tali dova gets her hairy muff banged by black dude interracial and hardcore
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Look at the categories, and read according to your pleasure, that way you will not get to the bottom of a story, and feel like you need to complain about the subject matter. Unless, someone didn't correctly identify their story. This is the corrected, version of My Neighbor's Incest Part VI If you already read it, you might want to read it again. All the same sex scenes are included, but some have been altered to better reflect the nature of the story.

I promise, I'll do everything to make sure I never post the wrong version again. If you have not read this, or any previous version of this story, go back at least one story so you understand what is going on.

Shoot, while you're at it, read them all. Part VI "OK, Mom, I'll take care of that right after I do the lawn, and I know tomorrow is the first day of school, how could I forget!" For three days, I had been thinking about school starting, not because I was nervous, or excited about going to high school, rather because of all the uncertainty it presented.

Ever since that afternoon with Susan in her backyard, I had not been the same. Every night I struggled to go to sleep, but found myself holding my pillow, pretending it was Susan's soft body next to mine. It had been three days of excruciating mental masturbation, since Susan left me hanging. I thought of her sister's obsession with sex, and how it manifested out of a preteen sexual encounter with the lawn guy. I visualized every conceivable outcome, that might have manifested after their father walked in on them, and some not so conceivable.

But mostly, my mind had been consumed with Susan's words, "I knew I wanted it, I was picturing a dick going inside me." Would it be me, I wondered, I imagined, I hoped and even dreamed it would be. That day in her backyard, was the day everything changed between us, at least for me. I had looked into Susan's eyes, and seen something special in her.

I think I made a connection with her beyond just lust, but at fourteen, did I really know that? What was love, did I know, how could I, my emotions had been clouded by raw sex. My parents were right, once you have sex, everything is different. They told me about this, I hate it when they are right. With all my thinking, dreaming, even obsessing about Susan, I had only managed to steel a few quick, but passionate kisses, for three days.

One of us always had to rush to some requirement. Dragged here and there by parents, for school supplies, shoes, and even a birthday party. My own fourteenth birthday party, but I would have skipped it for just twenty minutes alone with Susan. Once school started, I wasn't even sure I could have what was potentially, a relationship with her. I'd be in ninth grade, she'd still be, just twelve years old.

My parents would balk for sure, what about my friends? If they knew, they would surely approve, but they could never know. Not that any of them would believe, even one bit of what would surely sound like nonsense, but, even if they would believe, my telling would surely ruin everything! Why couldn't summer break last two more weeks, I thought as I mowed the front yard? My balls rejoiced as a quick breeze blew up the leg of my shorts. I was enjoying the feeling of having my nuggets swinging free.

I had never gone "commando," outside the house, and my balls were enjoying their new liberty. They were extra sensitive, as they had been shaved two days ago. It felt strange, but good. As soon as I finished the front yard, then I had to, "do hers too," as Mrs. Davis, had told it to Susan, to relay to me. I had only seen Mrs. Davis coming and going with Susan and Jasmin as they ran from place to place, like I had been doing. I was wondering if Mrs.


Davis had been sending a secret message to me, through Susan, that she wanted me again. I just couldn't imagine she would take a chance getting Susan suspicious. Or, that she would even want me again at all. She had a husband with a cock that most guys would do anything to have, why would she want to risk so much, for a fourteen year boy?

Even if she did want me, I had resolved to be faithful to Susan. I didn't even know if I had a reason to be faithful to her, but I figured if there was going to be something between us, it would be less complicated if I wasn't fucking her mother. I was feeling pretty down knowing that I wasn't going to see Susan, and tomorrow school started.

It seemed like our relationship had gone backwards. We started out with passion that normally would come well into a relationship.


She had shared her deepest secrets with me. Shoot, I had accidentally unloaded my balls on her backside in my attic. Her pussy covered my hand with her little girl nectar, the very first time we spent any time together, and then that day in her back yard, wow.

Now, I'll be lucky to get a kiss, until who knows when! My balls tingled from the memories, my cock followed suit, at the sight of Jasmin approaching in a tiny bikini! I was nervous that without underwear, my dick would be standing straight out, looking at Jasmin. I didn't care if she saw my, "nice cock," as she put it, but standing in their front yard, for all to see, that didn't seem to be something that was going to make me feel proud! No mom, that wasn't an erection.

"Joe, my mother wants you to do the backyard also. She has the little electric mower out for you, so use it, and put it in the shed when you are done.

Mom said, thanks in advance." Watching Jasmin's lips as she spoke those words, launched my erection toward the sky. I couldn't help imagining those luscious lips, as they ate her little sister in that grassy field. Jasmin's nipples popped out, as she glanced down, and then said, "could you try and hurry, my friend Stacy is coming over to get one last day of tanning in, before school starts?" She turned and headed towards the backyard, my eyes glued to her ass as it dripped honey. I imagined my tongue between her cheeks as they swished across each other.

I fucked that, I was inside that gorgeous body, but I can never tell anyone. Who would believe me anyway? My dream was interrupted by Jasmin turning back to catch me staring at her. She simply pointed to the tent in my shorts, and then rubbed her index finger over the other, in a shame on you, naughty boy, gesture.

I was embarrassed, to say the least. I took my shirt off and restarted the mower. My muscles aren't huge rippling weight lifter muscles, but I am strong and have a six pack, so maybe that would distract passers bye, from my erection. I could hope, anyway.

I was surely going to hurry, knowing that Jasmin might be laying out back, while I finished up her yard. They don't have much grass back there, I wondered why she didn't just do it herself, if she was in a hurry? I saw the lawnmower, but no Jasmin. It was probably better this way, I really don't need to contend with her body, and the torrid of lustful thoughts it would create, I thought to myself.

I better just get finished and go do what my mother told me to do, I told myself. As I came around the pool, I noticed Jasmin standing behind the shed, her hand inside her bikini bottoms.

My mind flashed back to Susan's story of Jasmin and Jason.

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I forgot everything else, I let go of the power lever, the electric hum stopped, and I headed behind the shed.

Without a word Jasmin dropped to her knees in front of me. She lowered my shorts and allowed my cock to hang out. I stepped forward and pressed my tool into her face, Jasmin received the swelling head into her mouth, as she grasped under my balls.

The skill of her mouth surpassed any, I was sure, even though I only had two others to compare it to. I looked down as she sucked only the head, then pulled it from her mouth, and looked up at me. Her gaze was that of a child, looking for approval.

Those eyes, that look, I couldn't make myself stop, even though I knew this wasn't what I should be doing, if I loved Susan. I watched as her tongue welcomed my dick inside her wide, full lips. Her suction fought to hold my cock inside, but she pulled it out, with a popping sound. Then back inside, deeper down the shaft she went, until I felt my head hit the tight entrance to her throat. Her tongue working around the whole rod inside her mouth, as she moved it in and out.

Then she went as deep as it would go, with a fake gag, she extracted it, only to plunge it back in. I took hold of her head and pushed hard into her face, then halfway out, then to the bottom again, just holding it there. She was looking up with just her eyes, they cried out, like those of a scared little girl, as my thrusting cock assaulted her mouth.

I knew then, that I needed to satisfy her need, to satisfy my cock, she needed my cum to fill her mouth, so she would know, she was a good little girl. After several more violent plunges as far down her throat as my gorged flesh would reach, my balls prepared themselves, by pulling up tight. I had been sexually frustrated since that afternoon with Susan, but had not found a release, now, my balls were finally going to get to empty their pent up orgasm.

I hit bottom, then pulled out until just my dick head was between her lips. My knees went weak as my balls released. Jasmin took hold of the shaft and milked it up and down, helping to pump my load inside her mouth. I felt like I was ejaculating for minutes, as cum spilled out the corner of Jasmin's sexy mouth. She extracted my dick head, tilted her head back, revealing a mouth full of white fluid, then she swallowed hard, and licked her lips. She looked up at me for praise, or approval, for what she had done.

My lust raged, like I had not even been satisfied as I thought about what was happening. I mustered all the courage I could find, spurred on by the memory of Susan's story, I took Jasmin by her shoulders, pushed her back, and eased her to the ground.

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Standing over her, I reached for her bottoms and pulled downward. Jasmin, without a sound, raised her ass, allowing me to remove her bathing suit. Her bald pussy looked so young, and inexperienced, as I pushed her legs apart. I took a deep breath, as I realized the magnitude of this girl's beauty, a perfect female specimen, and I was about to reenact her first sexual experience with her!

I had gently and sensually taken my time when I had my face between Susan's legs, but Jasmin's aroma over took me, and I plunged my face between her legs, digging my tongue inside her body to drink her female juices. Susan's taste had been similar, but Jasmin's sharp nectar, made me crazy, as I sucked her flowing juices into my mouth. My lust exploded, I had to fuck her now, fuck her hard and fast. I got on top of her, forced her legs further apart, aimed my stiff dick between her lips, then pushed it against her, but didn't enter her right away.

I wanted to force it straight to the hilt, but her eyes pleaded with me to go easy, to be gentle with her. Jasmin had taken on a completely different personality, she wasn't in charge, she wanted to be controlled, taken advantage of.

I felt her soaking wet inner lips as I pushed a little harder, then I heard Jasmin for the first time, "Fuck me Jason, I want you to fuck me, please." I shoved my cock through the opening and kept going until my body hit hers. I just laid there, feeling her wonderful flesh holding my cock, sending waves of extreme pleasure through my balls, and everywhere else I could feel.

I didn't want to move, it felt so good, if I moved I'd cum and it would be over. The door bell rang on the outside ringer, "shit, that's Stacy, you have to go!" With those words, Jasmin started pushing me off her. My cock shined with her excessive juices as I climbed to my feet.

"Joe, I'm sorry, Stacy can't know about this side of me. Please keep this our secret, and it would be good if you don't let Susan know either, it will be better that way, for her." Jasmin's words did nothing to ease the pain I felt in my straining cock, but I appreciated that she was sorry.

I looked at the lawn mower as I pulled up my shorts, and Jasmin pulled on her bathing suit. She said, "Don't worry about that, I'll finish it." Just before I got to the back gate and Jasmin to her backdoor, she stopped, and added, "Joe, be gentle with her, please." "What the fuck!", I shouted in my mind as I walked back towards my house, with a throbbing dick in my shorts, unable to fathom what had just happened.

I was used by Jasmin to act out her childhood experience, the experience of losing her virginity. But, right as my cock was enjoying the most wonderful feeling, I was thrown out of the backyard. I was left just as fucken horny as when Susan had to run me off three days earlier. I notice my mom's car was gone, wow, what a change of luck, I thought, as I headed for the attic. I didn't know where my mom went or when she would be back, but I'd worry about that when the time came.

Right now, I was going to enjoy the view, while I emptied my extremely frustrated balls. Stacy is going to be a senior this year, and not that Jasmin's beauty should be in comparison to anyone else, but if there was going to be a beauty contest in my world, Stacy and Jasmin would surely be the top two picks.

Stacy, in a bikini, might make up for her terrible timing. I waited a few minutes for the two girls to come outside, while sweating my ass off. Finally, Jasmin led her older friend out the back door. My, oh my, where has Stacy been hiding those, was all I could think? Her tits in a bikini looked way bigger than I had ever seen them, she must keep them squished down, under tight wraps. The two equally hot chicks, in tiny bikinis sat side by side on lounge chairs. Jasmin, is one of the sexiest girls I have ever seen, but in her own way.

She's like the hot blond California beach chick, with a golden brown tan, big, round, firm, grape fruit shaped tits, with big nipples, and a round, fuckable ass. The kind of ass that you just have to turn your head to look at, no matter who is watching you. You could be standing next to your sweet old granny, and you'd still turn and stare. Stacy, she's in a different category of gorgeous.

The contrast of Jasmin. Black hair, naturally dark skin, a strong, muscular build, with a rock hard athletic ass. Nice sized tits, that set high on her chest. Stacy is an honor student, one of the community stars, the girl every mom wants their boy to date. She's always doing right thing, such an unlikely companion for Jasmin. Maybe this union, was Jasmin's way to try and have a different reputation? My friend's older brother dated Stacy, so I know she is not the kind of girl Jasmin is.

So, it is obvious why Jasmin didn't want Stacy to know she was spread eagle, on the ground, getting fucked by the "lawn boy." Timmy told me his brother always bitched because he "couldn't get shit off Stacy." After a few minutes of conversation, which I wish I could have heard, Jasmin got up and stood next to Stacy's chair. Seemingly, without warning, Jasmin stripped her barely there bikini top, freeing her melons to swing in the sun. Stacy looked at Jasmin, but I had no way to tell whether she was alarmed, shocked, or okay with her friend's exhibition.

When Stacy got up also, she stood just inches from her half naked friend, looking her right in the face. Oh, how I wished I had super sonic hearing, what are they saying to each other, what will Jasmin have to say to get this stunning, prude, to tan naked in her backyard?

I watched Jasmin standing with her hands on her hips, talking to her friend. My heart almost stopped at the sight of Jasmin's hand moving to Stacy's shoulder, as she stepped toe to toe with her. Jasmin's hand moved around to the back of Stacy's neck, her head tilted as she drew her nervous friend's face towards hers. The two girls lips cautiously touched together, as Stacy's hand moved between them, like she was going to push back, but it ended up in Jasmin's grasp.

Their fingers intertwined, Jasmin pulled Stacy's head closer, then locked her in a passionate kiss. Their kiss broke off suddenly, but the two girls didn't move. I imagined Jasmin's prevailing gaze, drawing her friend back to her, as their lips finally embraced once again.


Passion seemed to be replacing fear as their tongues touched together inside each other's mouth. Stacy's top dropped from her neck and hung below her tits, by the bottom string. Stacy's free hand came to her naked breast defense, but Jasmin's hand dropped from Stacy's neck, to her lower back, and she pulled her friend up against her.

With their naked tits pressed together, Jasmin's seductive lips found Stacy's mouth, and the two girls continued to make out. I was breathing so hard I almost blacked out as I watched the most beautifully erotic sexual encounter. Two drop dead gorgeous, teenage girls, locked in a passionate make out session, their nude breast smashed together. When Jasmin finally stepped back, my eyes focused on the unreal sight protruding from Stacy's body.

Her tits were not only much larger than I expected, but their shape was unbelievable. She had the type of tits that I referred to as ski slope tits. They hung down, but then curved around at the bottom, and the nipples mocked gravity as they pointed practically towards the sky!

She didn't really have nipples, the whole top of her pointy tit was a nipple. The whole tit came to a big dark point. So, suckable, they screamed out for a mouth to take them in. Jasmin's hand was rejected two times, as it reached for those wonderful flesh mounds, but then she finally planted her palm gently under Stacy's left tits, and slowly moved it around the side, and then up over the nipple. Stacy reacted with a jerking turn of her upper body, at the realization of her friends seductive embrace.

Jasmin countered by taking her friend's hand and placing it on her own round tit. Stacy seemed to be subdued by her hand's interaction with another female's breast.

Jasmin's hand on top of Stacy's, help her massage the tit under her hand. With her hand still grasping Jasmin's tit, the two girls locked mouths together in another hot make out session.

While passion grew between them, Jasmin's hand found Stacy's tit, and was allowed to work all around it, without anymore protests. My cock erupted as Jasmin's mouth cautiously approached Stacy's upturned nipple. Stacy's face seemed to scream for help, while her mammary gland was sucked, but her body refused to do anything, except receive Jasmin's advances. Jasmin's mouth suction drew Stacy's tit out two inches, into a pointy crown and then moved on to the next. While her mouth assaulted Stacy's tits, Jasmin's hand wandered down Stacy's stomach, kneaded her hairy mound, then found its way between Stacy's legs.

Stacy fought off her friend's advances between her legs, but clearly, her commitment to win the battle was gone.

After a few impotent swatting motions, her feet moving apart in surrender to Jasmin's hand. Stacy seemed hypnotized by Jasmin's sexual powers, as her bottoms were pulled past her hips, down her thighs and to her feet. Even against her dark skin, Stacy's V-shaped, black pubic hair stood out, like an arrowhead, pointing the way to her vagina. Jasmin planted a kiss just above Stacy's bush and then kissed her way up, all the way back to her friend's lips. While kissing with passion only known by new lovers, Jasmin guided Stacy down on the chair behind her.

Stacy's eyes seemed locked on Jasmin's crotch, as she lowered her bottoms to her feet. Maybe she was shocked that Jasmin was shaved bald, or maybe just overwhelmed by the magnitude of having another girls' pussy, just feet from her face?

I beat my dick like a madman, trying to get one more load out of my over used balls, while Jasmin slithered her way up Stacy's body, allowing her erect nipples to slide over various body parts. Jasmin gave Stacy one more kiss on the lips, before moving south until her face was between Stacy's legs. I was sure I could see Stacy mouthing the word, "no," over and over, as another girl's lips made contact with her pussy. Stacy's head turned violently, side to side, as Jasmin's hands spread her legs, and a tongue penetrated her pussy, probably for the first time.

My mother turned into the driveway, but I just kept devouring the scene with my eyes, still punishing my sore cock. I'd figure out what to tell my mother later, there was no way I was going to miss this. I guess I'd rather be caught masturbating by my mother than miss Jasmin making love to another girl. Jasmin's perfect ass, with her cheeks spread, stared me in the face as she leaned over, between Stacy's legs, devouring her pussy. What I wouldn't give to be there, sending my swollen cock head deep inside her ass, while she ate Stacy.

Stacy's legs started moving around and then her ass lifted off the chair, forcing her cunt up into Jasmin's face. She was obviously enjoying herself. I heard the door close downstairs as Jasmin stepped over Stacy's chair, with her dripping crotch positioned over her friend's face. Stacy's mouth reached for Jasmin's hole, as it was lowered towards her face. Stacy's lust seemed to have far surpassed any reservations, as she prepared to eat her friend.

I was breathing hard as I approached another orgasm, "Joe, what are you doing up there?" Came from my mother, at the same moment Stacy's mouth reached Jasmin's parted lips. My cock exploded as I yelled out, "Oh, I, um, I'll be right down, mom." Surely, my mother could tell I was under some extreme pressure, from my broken speech, but I didn't care, even if she could climb up and see me milking my prick, I couldn't stop. I was vexed by Jasmin, as was Stacy. I stalled long enough to see Jasmin turn around and lower her ass towards Stacy's face, as she prepared for the 69 position.

Right before she started to squat she seemed to look right towards me, as if, she knew I was watching her. I wondered if Susan had told her, and she was putting on a show, hoping I'd be watching.

I knew that position, as Jasmin's ass approached Stacy's face. I knew she was being treated to a wonderful view of that perfect butt, soon to be followed by a tasty treat.

I licked my lips remembering the night Jasmin impaled me with her body, in that same way. I sympathized with Stacy, who was probably more terrified than I had been that night. I wondered if this was her first ever, experience with a girl, or did I have an explanation for my friend's brother. Stacy wasn't a prude, she had other interests. My mother yelled, "you are letting all the heat down here, and you still didn't do what I told you to do.

Get down here, now!" As much as I could have watched those two girls make love to each other all day, I knew I had better come up with a story and get down from the attic. During the first day of school, I stared into space, dreaming of scenes from yesterday. I thought of Jasmin's sucking lips, the feel of her insides on my dick, suddenly having to pull my cock out and go home horny, but mostly I missed Susan. I had hardly seen her for almost a week, I needed to hear the rest of the story about her aunt's house.

I missed her lips locked with mine, her tender touch on my body and her sweet face. I didn't want to fuck her anymore, I wanted to make love to her. Somehow, I think I had fallen in love with that twelve year old, and somehow I was going to have to figure out what to do about it. Finally, it was Friday afternoon.

That whole first week of school had dragged on. Even with my sexual exploits, bolstering my confidence, being a freshman sucked. I had spent three years in middle school, so when I left last year, I was on top. I knew all the teachers, place, ways to beat the system, and cute girls.

Now, I had to learn all that over again, most of the girls didn't even know freshmen guys were alive. Even the freshmen girls were more interested in the older boys. There were only two bright spots during my week, one came on Wednesday, when me and a few friends were walking in the cafeteria and Jasmin waved at me.

Talk about a confidence boost! Talk about a body that does justice to a school uniform. It sucks having an erection in school. The other good moment, came Thursday, garbage night. Normally, taking the cans to the street is something I don't enjoy, but I met Susan outside.

We hid behind my dad's car and made out for as long as we could, without someone looking for us. I laid her on the ground and laid on top of her. I kissed her passionately, while humping my cock against her crotch. It felt so good between her legs, my boner grinding against her mound, her body responding to mine. I could hardly let her go, wanting to make love to her, right there in the driveway. "Joe, we'll get together again soon, but I have to go inside and do my homework." Susan said those words as she pulled moist material from her crack, and head towards her house.

Then she added, "and don't forget, we have a deal, you still have to do your part." I had actually put our deal out of my mind. I had a conflict now, the thought of watching a girl get fucked by her dog, was surely something not to be passed up. However, I wanted to do the dog's deed. I wasn't even sure I want her to do it, and didn't expect she would want to anymore, now knowing why her sister had been doing it!

My conflict didn't stop my balls from throbbing later that night in the shower, while I memorized the feeling of laying between those young legs and how it felt holding Susan, as I thrust my body against her body. Her pelvis pushing up against me, let me know she had needs too.

I stroked my soap covered dick, imagining I was finally making love to Susan. While watching Saturday morning cartoons, I noticed Susan, Jasmin and their dad leaving, and my heart sank.

I had been hoping this would be the day I finally got to spend some time with Susan, but where were they going, I wondered. The phone startled me from a snooze, and then my mother came into the room.

"Joe, go next door and help Mrs. Davis with her dresser, she just called." Her dresser, what about undress her? "OK, mom, I guess I'll be right back." I wondered what she could need me to do, that she had explained to my mother that quickly, as I walked the twenty yards to her front door.

Half way to her house, I realized my shorts barely covered my hanging testicles, I thought maybe I better go back and change. I knocked on the door anyway, the most likely thing was, if she called my mother, she actually did want my help with something, and I'd be done shortly. Nobody would notice my hanging balls. I was greeted by a very beautiful woman, when the door opened.

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I knew Mrs. Davis was a beautiful woman, even hot, but somehow, her greeting me at her front door, made me feel like a first grader meeting his new teacher for the first time. I was overwhelmed by her massive tits, no bra, and her womanly curves.

This woman birthed, Susan and Jasmin. "Good morning, Mrs. Davis, you needed me, for something?" "Please, Joe, call me Chris, especially when nobody else is around. Mrs. Davis, makes me feel old." She smiled and motioned for me to enter.

I said, "If I called you grandmother, you still wouldn't look old." I immediately wished I hadn't spoken those words. Mrs. Davis said, "Joe, let's hope you will not be calling me that for a while, Okay." as she closed the door behind me. I wondered if that was a general statement, or was that, "okay," on the end for emphasis. If it was, was it her way of telling me not to fuck her daughters, or just not to knock them up? I didn't have a clue how to get my foot out of my mouth, so I stopped short at the sight of pictures of the girls.

I noticed Susan in a dress, fixed up like a beauty queen, I had never seen her in a dress, and she was very attractive. "Wow, is this Susan?" Then, I noticed Jasmin in a similar dress, she didn't look sexy at all, just gorgeous, what a beautiful girl, I thought. Mrs. Davis, said, "Yes, and that's Jasmin, they were both in a pageant that year, and both got first place in their age group." For the next long minutes Mrs.

Davis, pointed to different pictures, explaining when and who it was. Even telling me detailed stories about their lives. I tried to pay close attention, because I was interested to hear about Susan's life, but I was terribly distracted by Mrs. Davis's, let's say, woman-ness, for lack of a better word. I reminded myself of my resolve, as Mrs.

Davis stood uncomfortably close to me. Her voice on my ear, her sweet perfume, the occasional bump of her body against mine, even her tremendous breast had been rubbing against my back, as she pointed past me at pictures on the wall. Despite, what we had already done, all this made me nervous, because the reality was, this was an incredible, married woman, my neighbor, Susan's mother, and let's face it, I'm just a kid.

I looked down, and to my shock, my hardon was outside my shorts. It had raised the material, now it was outside, standing straight up. Before I could react, I felt two hard nipples being pressed into my back, as Mrs. Davis's hands reached around me, on each side.

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One hand pressed into my stomach, while the other suddenly sent sparks through my throbbing erection. "What is this, young man, you seem to have something sticking out, down here." Mrs. Davis, whispering those words into my ear, made my hormones go crazy.

I forgot what I had promised myself.

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I reached behind me, took an ass cheek into each hand, and pulled her warm body tight against mine. My mature lover responded by kissing my neck and ear, while stroking my dick.

My heart raced and my sex drive soared, I knew I wanted her, I wanted to eat her pussy, and make her feel good.

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Mrs. Davis, jerked her hips forward, while yanking my ass to them, then said, "Young man, I need you to satisfy me, take me in there." In the living room, my nervous fingers undid her jeans in front of the couch. I watched as she worked the tight jeans down over her wide hips, wiggling side to side.

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Her panties came down with her pants, and I took a deep breath as I admired her pubic area. Dirty blond hair, trimmed to perfection. I took the bottom of her shirt, slowly raised it, and she responded by lifting her arms.

While the shirt passed her breasts, it caught the bottom of both, they lifted and then dropped down with a bounce, as I pushed past them. Their enormous beauty surprised me, even though I had seen them many times. I took a long look at the massive melons, with their giant nipples planted on top. They hung down, but not because they were sagging, just because they were so big and heavy.

I lifted one in each hand, feeling their weight, before kissing each nipple. I sucked hard like a nursing baby on each breast, until my nose noticed the sweet scent of her nectar, drifting up from between mother Davis's legs.

I was excited by the thought of making her cum with my mouth, like Susan had. I took one more opportunity to slid my tongue inside her mouth, and Mrs. Davis took my tongue between her lips and sucked it hard in and out of her mouth, like she was giving me a tongue blow job.

After she was on her back, next to the couch, I knelt between her legs, looking up and down her body. I really couldn't believe this was real, I was knelling over a grown woman, the mother of the girl I thought was going to be my girlfriend. I forced myself to ignore the scariness of what was happening, and approached her womanhood, with my hungry mouth. Each Davis woman looked a little different between their legs, but their smell was surely kin, and all three gave me the same weak in my knees feeling.

I took a huge breath in and planted my lips against her pussy. There was so much more pussy flesh to contend with, so much more to suck into my mouth.

I filled my mouth with each side of her cunt, one at a time, before poking my tongue between them. My taste buds exploded with delight, as they dipped into the juicy tissue. I spread apart the thick flesh, revealing her pink insides. My mouth felt at home between her legs as I drank in her juice.

My tongue easily entered inside her body, and circled around with room to spare. I used my whole mouth to spread her pussy wide apart. Her fluids smeared all over my lips, nose and chin as I forced her wide open, until I worked my way to the top of her channel. Susan had a tiny little clit, Jasmin's was pretty big, but when I uncovered Mrs. Davis's, it was giant. I sucked it into my mouth, beating it up with my tongue, like it was a little speed bag for my tongue to work out with.

Each time I flicked, and sucked it, it grew a little bigger, and Mrs. Davis grew a little more excited. I glanced up over her bush to see her hands squeezing her tits. Using cream from her wet hole, I slimmed up her asshole, then shoved my finger inside it, and nibbled on her gorged pussy bud. Mrs. Davis's ass jumped off the carpet against my face, then back onto my probing finger.

As soon as her ass plunged on to my finger, I attacked her clit with a more forceful lick, sending her ass off the ground again.

This time I followed it, shoving two fingers even deeper, and more forcefully taking her bud between my teeth and flicking it. Mrs.

Davis, lost all composure, her back arched, her ass shot two feet off the floor, and her insides poured fluid onto my hand and down over her ass. I shoved my face deep into the her erupting pussy to drink her female cum, which cause her to gasp, scream and clamp her legs together on my head. Her body continued flopping up and down off the floor, with my face locked between her legs, still sucking her flesh.

When her thrashing finally stopped, she released my head, and said, "son, your tongue is very experienced, somehow. I haven't gotten off like that, for a long time." With a big smile on her face, she sat up and kissed me.

Then she helped me to my feet, and pulled my shorts down. I stepped out of them and looked down into Mrs. Davis's eyes. As she looked up at me, she took my balls in her hand, and said, "these are some lovely balls, son. They're so swollen, and full of cum. Let me take care of that for you." Then while still looking up at me, she looped her fingers around my sack, above my balls, pulled down on them, and licked them, like a kid with a lollipop.

The way she worked my nuts around in her mouth, was like nothing I had ever felt. I can't even find words to describe how intense it felt, as she serviced my balls with her mouth, sucking them in and out, squeezing them with her lips, as they passed through their sucking grip. At the same time, her hand ran up and down my dick. Finally, Mrs. Davis, took my cock head between her succulent lips. My heart raced as she worked her way down my shaft, her lips grabbing at my flesh, inch by inch they ate my rod.

Suddenly, she let my cock pop out of her mouth, in slapping up against my stomach, and then bounced like a just used diving board. Mrs. Davis, looked up over my erection, with a fond smile, "That reminds me of Jack's cock, I was about your age when he first fucked me. I had just turned thirteen. I had been sucking his beautiful cock for two years already, but when I turned thirteen, I finally let him take my virginity." Mrs. Davis, sighed, and a satisfied smile went across her face.

"I can remember it right now, like it was yesterday, when his cock penetrated my body. All my friends said I was nuts dating someone so old, but I loved him. I loved getting fucked by his big cock, whenever, and wherever, we could. We fucked like crazy for two years before he knocked me up, with Jasmin. I hated all the problems it caused with my family, but I loved having his baby inside me. " With those words, she took my full length inside her mouth and throat.

Her head went on and off my rod, like she was jerking me off, with her mouth. My cum started to boil in my swollen nuts, and I expected to fill my neighbor's beautiful face before long. Without a word, Mrs. Davis, took my cock out of her sucking hole, and guided me to the floor, face down. After I was flat on my stomach, she massaged my upper thighs and my ass cheeks, before spreading my ass and licking my asshole.

Her tongue poked and licked all around my puckered hole, as my hips jerked instinctively, trying to get more tongue inside my sensitive hole. I was about to cum on the carpet from the inconceivable pleasure my butt hole was experiencing. But, the wonderful ass eating stopped as unexpectedly as it started, and Mrs. Davis rolled me over, sucked my dick to the base one time, and then told me to sit up. She sat on the couch, her ass all the way to the edge, her legs spread wide, and her fingers between her legs.

"Son, can you jerk off for me? I want to see you beat off, and shoot your cum. Shoot it right here for me, can you do that, honey?" I felt a little funny masturbating in front of someone, while they watched and waited for my load.

But, what really was hard for my mind to understand, was why she called me son, and honey. It was like my mother talking to me. Kneeling right between her legs, I started stroking my extremely hard dick, while she fingered her pussy and worked over her inflamed clit. The faster I stroked, the faster Mrs. Davis's fingers worked and the harder she moaned.

As my balls got ready, she said, "get a little closer." I leaned in a little, so my cock was just two inches from her spread pussy. Mrs. Davis held it wide open, all her red flesh exposed, her hole looked hungry, like it needed my cock inside it.

I wanted to shove it inside her and feel her flesh take my orgasm, like it had last time, but I knew better this time. Mrs. Davis's juicy hole started flowing like a river as my balls jerked, sending their first spurt. I watched as my dick made a bullseye, a direct hit in the center of her oozing hole, then on her clit, then on her bush. Her fingers eagerly smeared my jizz all around her wet pussy, as more fluid poured from her body.

Mrs. Davis unexpectedly pulled me by my still jerking cock, and said, "Shove it in me, take me, I need you inside me, son." I shoved the full length inside her soaking wet hole, shouting, "Oh, Mrs. Davis." As wide and used as her fuck hole was, it still felt like a million tiny fingers massaging my sensitive flesh. It was the most wonderful place for my cock to be, it was at home in her pussy, that's what it was made for, pussy holes. I humped as hard and as fast as I could, once I was inside her.

My lover raised her legs up high, to give me the deepest penetration I could get. I fucked like a jack rabbit, slapping my flesh against hers, until my balls emptied again, this time deep inside Mrs. Davis's body. Then, I laid there in her arms, enjoying her smooth flesh against my skin, as my cock softened inside her body. Mrs. Davis sighed, "Joe, you just fucked the hell out of me, surely, now you could stop calling me Mrs. Davis!" After breaking off her passionate kiss, Mrs. Davis said, "I'm sorry if things got a little strange, Joe.

Sometimes I get a little kinky, and I got so excited, I lost it. Remember, this has to stay between us, no matter what happens in the future!" She kissed me again, smiled, and told me to go home, "You better go, before your mother thinks I'm molesting you. And don't forget what I told you, be careful with that thing, you could hurt a young girl if you're not careful." She made that last statement with a smile, was that a message or just a comment, I wondered as I walked back to my house.

Jasmin seemed to know I was going to do Susan, did her mother know also? I hoped I would, but the way things had been going lately, it didn't look like it was going to happen, anytime soon. All afternoon, I tried to comprehend what had taken place, but it was so confusing for my young mind and emotions to take hold of.

Did I just add more seed to a woman trying to get pregnant? Does she know I'm going to fuck Susan? Why would she start calling me son? Does she want to feel like she's fucking her son?

How could Susan be my girlfriend, while I'm fucking her mother? How could Susan even be my girlfriend? She's twelve, what the fuck happened to my normal life?