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Sara, a 36 year old divorced mother of two, had recently gone back to school to get her nursing degree. She had hoped to make a better life for herself and her two kids.

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Sara had always been a housewife and was trying to adjust to life as a working mother. Sara had met Kayla at her job in the hospital. Both of them being nurses on the same floor, they developed a connection. The two became quick friends and in no time were as thick as thieves. Being a new nurse, it was nice to have a friend on the job. The job is hard enough without having someone to bitch about it with.

Kayla was married to Danny. They had been married for almost 19 years. They had 2 kids and a great marriage. They had been through a lot over the years and all of it, the good and the bad, had only helped to firmly cement their relationship.

They had quite the history, but that isn't important. Sara often came over to Danny and Kayla's house on the weekends her kids were visiting their father. They would watch movies, play games or just hang out. Sometimes they would go out so that Danny and Kayla would have a chance to get away from the kids. All in all, the 3 of them became close friends. Sara was a bit of a practical joker at times.

She was fun loving and easy going, much the same as Danny. She and Danny would always try to out-do one another. Danny would say something outrageous and Sara would have just as crazy an answer. Now the closeness of a husband and a best friend like this would worry most wives, but Kayla knew that Danny was totally devoted to her and had no reason to worry. It was late July and another Summer Carnival had come around.

Sara's kids were with their father for the weekend and Sara had been invited to stay at Danny and Kayla's house to enjoy the festivities.

Sara knew that summer carnival was kind of a big deal for the two of them. Kayla had told her how she and Danny would sort of treat it like a vacation. Spending money on food they really didn't need and things of that nature. It wasn't very glamorous but it was time that they could spend together.

Sara couldn't help but feel like she was intruding. "You guys don't need to worry about me." she had told them.

"I'll just do my own thing and you guys can do yours. You won't even have to see me except in the evening." "Don't be ridiculous." Danny said to her. "You can hang with us. Besides, what if you got lost in this sprawling metropolis." a smile spread across his face. The town they lived in was only three thousand people.

Hell, they only had one stop light. "Yea." said Kayla. "We don't mind. "You sure?'' Sara questioned. "We're sure." Kayla answered. "Well," she hesitated. "Ok, but if you guys get sick of me just say so." "Deal!" said Danny enthusiastically.

Sara was given the oldest sons room as he was off to college and had to work at his job for the weekend.

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The youngest was spending the weekend at Danny's moms, so Sara could have had either of the rooms, but probably wouldn't be comfortable in bunk-beds.

Friday was a fun day. Sara had never been to the summer carnival before and loved all the crafty crap. The three of them walked around most of the day exploring the festivities and introducing Sara to some of the people they knew.

They ate uptown for lunch and then walked around until it was time for dinner, or as Sara would call it, supper. She and Danny often argued about the proper name of the meal. They stayed uptown for the folk music and even "Chicken Danced" once or twice. When it was all over and the uptown crowd began to thin out, they walked home exhausted.

The air conditioning felt good on their hot skin, and for a while they just sat in the living room letting the cool air refresh their tired and sweaty bodies.

One by one they went upstairs and took turns showering. It felt good to wash the hot sticky day off of them-selves. The effect was rather relaxing and they all decided to go to bed. Danny however was horny. "No surprise there." Kayla said to him. She unfortunately was too tired to do anything. She cuddled up next to him and watched as he jacked off. She thought it was cute the way his toes would curl up when he was turned on.

She also liked to watch him cum because his whole body would spasm as the warm gooey liquid erupted from the head of his penis. Saturday was pretty much a repeat of Friday except that in the afternoon the three of them came back to the house and took a nap. They woke up in time to see the parade at 6 o'clock, and then headed back downtown for some food and to get their "folk dance" on. The night was sweltering. Everything and everyone was sticky. They decided not to stay for the whole show and headed back to the house.

On the way, Kayla had an idea. "Why don't we go out to the lake and go swimming?" She asked. "That sounds pretty good." Danny replied. "You guys go ahead." Sara said sounding kind of disappointed. "I didn't bring a suit." "You can use one of mine if you want." Kayla told her.

"I don't know." She said hesitantly. "Or don't wear one at all." Danny said grinning. "I won't mind." "Don't think so." said Sara.


It was more than not having a suit. She had put on weight since having kids, and then the divorce. She was really unhappy with her body and was afraid to put on a bathing suit in front of people. It took some doing, but Kayla talked her into it and the two of them went upstairs to put on their suits.

Once upstairs, Sara confided in Kayla that she wasn't comfortable wearing a swim suit and relayed her concerns about her weight. Kayla told her not to worry about it, told her that she herself didn't look anything like she had when she and Danny started dating. Sara reluctantly took the suit that was offered her and went to put it on.

Kayla dressed and went downstairs. She cornered Danny in the kitchen. "Don't make any remarks about weight or anything." she told him quietly. "Sara's very self-conscious about her weight and all that." "O.k." Danny agreed. He wouldn't have anyway. He wasn't a cave man or anything. He knew better than to say something dumb. Sara soon joined them in the kitchen and they went out to the van. Danny didn't know what the big deal was. He had always thought Sara looked pretty good, and when he saw her in the bathing suit, he thought she looked quite fetching.

Sure her medium sized boobs didn't fill out the bathing suit like Kayla's big ones, but she looked ok. Hell, he thought she looked pretty sexy. As he started driving, he saw Sara in the rear-view mirror.

'I'd hit on that if I wasn't married.' he thought to himself as they headed down the road. It was the truth too. Physically, she was his type. Brown hair, green eyes, about 5 foot 3, and a little bit of chunkiness was just fine with him. Even preferred it, gave a woman curves. "I hope my boobs don't fall out." said Sara as they drove across town. "I feel like this suit is going to fall right off of me." "That's o.k." Danny told her. "I like to see boobies." Sara was glad it was dark in the van so no one would notice her blushing.

Jumping into the lake sent a shock through their bodies. It seemed like ice water compared to the hot air of the night, and Danny couldn't help but notice how the cold water had made both Kayla and Sara's nipples stand out. It had the opposite effect on him, made his wiener want to crawl up inside for warmth. Soon however they adjusted to the water and were actually pretty comfortable. They splashed around for a while, and then just stood chest deep in the refreshing water talking.

Like many times before with the three of them, the conversation soon turned a bit flirty, Danny and Kayla began to get a little bit "playful", and started making out. Sara felt a bit awkward as the two started to kiss and paw at each other. Felt like a third wheel. Finally, when their making out began to get rather passionate, she interrupted. "A-HEM!" she said loudly trying to get their attention. "You guys want me to leave and give you some privacy?" she asked. "Sorry." said Kayla.

"We get that way sometimes." "Yea, sorry." agreed Danny. "I just can't help myself. Kayla's just so damn sexy." He said as he grabbed at her. Getting a hold of her, he pulled her close and they began to kiss again. "Wish someone would kiss me like that once in a while." Sara said. There was quiet sadness about her voice, and yet, something a bit flirty also. Danny looked at Kayla with an ornery grin.

She knew exactly what was going through his mind, a clear advantage of being married for 18+ years. Now the two of them weren't flat out swingers, but they did enjoy "playing around". Kayla had "played" with Danny's friend Mike, jerking him off once, and blowing him another. One time she even let him lick her pussy.

They even had some all-out threesomes with Danny's buddy Sean. Danny enjoyed them the most. He got some kind of weird thrill out of it. Watching another guy fuck his wife was the hottest thing he had ever seen. So, it was no surprise to Kayla when Danny swam over to Sara, put his arms around her, and kissed her.

In fact, she would have found it odd had he not at least suggested it. They kissed pretty heavily for a moment, and Kayla could clearly tell that they were both exploring each-others mouths with their tongues. She was fascinated by it, as she had often thought about seeing Danny with another woman, but had never actually had the opportunity to witness it.

She was a little jealous at seeing her husband kissing another woman, but at the same time it kind of turned her on. The two conflicting emotions battled inside her head for a moment and then the jealousy lost out.

She was beginning to see what Danny found so intriguing about watching her with another guy. It was pretty hot. Danny finally let Sara go and swam back over to Kayla. Sara stood there in a daze, looking a bit guilty. She looked at Kayla and had no idea what to say. For a second she wasn't sure if Kayla was "cool" with what Danny had just done, or if Kayla was getting ready to rip her head off.

However, Kayla just cuddled up next to Danny and smiled back at her. Sara was speechless for a minute. "O.k." She finally spoke. "What the hell just happened?" "You got kissed." Kayla said to her. Sara was quiet again for a moment. "Does he do that kind of stuff often?" She asked. "No, not really" said Kayla still smiling. "And you don't mind?'" Sara asked with a befuddled look.

"Not really. I know he loves me." She gave Danny another passionate kiss as she said this. "You said you wished somebody would kiss you." Danny said. "I was just trying to help out." "Yea." said Kayla.

"Didn't you like it?" "Well," Sara paused for a brief second. "First of all, thank you." she nodded towards Danny. "My pleasure!" he replied taking a little bow. "And second," she continued. "Yes, I did. I liked it very much." "Good." said Kayla. Danny just came back with, "I do aim to please." He started kissing Kayla again and it got pretty heated. Kayla, who was turned on by the kiss, whispered in his ear. "Watching you kiss Sara like that kind of made me horny." "I thought it might." he whispered back to her.

"At least that's what I was hoping for." He suddenly started moving around, almost thrashing. Sara wasn't sure, but thought she knew what he was doing. Kayla on the other hand knew exactly what he was doing, and again was not surprised when he brought his swim trunks up and tossed them on the dock. Then he went to work trying to remove Kayla's swim suit.

He gently pushed it down over her shoulders as he resumed kissing her. Kayla just dropped her hands to her side and let the suit come down. Now her breasts were exposed, and by the light of the moon her nipples were clearly visible and clearly erect.

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"Oh my god you guys!" exclaimed Sara. "I can't believe you're doing that! What if someone sees you?" "So what?" Kayla replied. "We're married. Besides we're kind of exhibitionists." "I guess so!" Sara agreed, trying to hide her shock.

She was kind of aroused by it all. If Danny and Kayla wanted to get it on in front of her, she didn't mind watching. Danny had completely removed Kayla's suit and the two of them held each other close. Their hands where busy exploring each-others bodies in the water, much like their tongues were exploring each-others mouths.

Danny raised one of Kayla's big tits and started to suck on it, rolling her nipple around with his tongue. His other hand, found its way down to Kayla's crotch where she parted her legs a little to allow it access to her pussy.

His fingers quickly went to work fucking in and out of her hot cunt. She had a tiny orgasm and shook a little bit. Kayla reached out and took hold of Danny's hard dick. She began to slowly stroke it, loving the feel of the thick hard shaft sliding through her hand. Sara couldn't actually see what was going on under the water, but she had a pretty good idea. "Damn you guys.

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Being around you two is like watching a live porno." Sara said. That third wheel feeling had returned. She was feeling weird about just standing here watching, but she couldn't bring herself to look away either. "Well, just enjoy the show." Kayla told her. "Oh I am." Sara replied. "But not nearly as much as you." "Are you jealous?" Kayla asked grinning.

Sara was silent for a bit, then, very quietly and very hesitantly she responded. "Yea, a little bit." Kayla didn't say a word at first. The wheels in her head were turning, and her thoughts were running wild.

All the sexual fantasies she had in the past about Danny and other woman, all rushed through her head at once. She had done plenty of sexual things with Danny's buddies, letting them eat her pussy, sucking their dicks, and even letting one fuck her. All of which she did just to get Danny off. She however, had never been presented with the opportunity to watch as Danny did anything sexual with another woman. This would be the perfect opportunity to see such a thing, to find out if she could handle watching him do that, or if she would get too jealous.


Besides she trusted both Danny and Sara. Kayla was quiet for a long time. Then with a sly look, said, "Come on over here and get some." Danny stopped kissing her neck and looked at her with surprise.

He had never thought Kayla would suggest such a thing. "Oh I don't know Kayla." Sara said fidgeting in the water. She would never have admitted it, but she was intrigued by the idea, even turned on by it, and a tiny part of her really wanted to. "I don't want to cause any troubles between you two, or between us for that matter." Kayla tried to use her most reassuring voice and said. "It's alright.

Come on over here. I promise he won't bite." "Unless you're into that sort of thing." Danny said teasingly. Sara hesitated for a long time.

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Both Danny and Kayla began to think that she wouldn't do it. Thought that maybe they had crossed the line and freaked poor Sara out. Slowly though, she came over and stood on the opposite side of Danny. Her hand trembled nervously as she placed it on his shoulder. Kayla tried to reassure her by gently placing her own hand on Sara's other arm. Danny turned his head towards Sara.

"Nice of you to join us." he said as he pulled her body close to his. Then he kissed her, and again his tongue found its way into her mouth.

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Kayla watched as again they kissed and it was making her hot. She could feel her pussy tingle as she became more and more aroused. Danny reached up and played with Sara's boobs through the swim suit, squeezing them firmly but gently. He could feel her hard nipples through the fabric, and it excited him. He wanted more than ever to get the suit off of her. He just wasn't sure how she would respond to being stripped naked. He also wasn't sure just how far he would be able to go with her.

Questions ran through his head like, does she just want to make out? Does she want me to play with her? What is acceptable right now? Would she freak out if he tried to finger her pussy right now? After all, they had flirted plenty of times, but had never done anything like this before. She put her arms around him and the way she started to kiss him only assured him that she was indeed very into this, so he decided to just for it.

He felt Kayla press up against his back and he was squished between them like a piece of meat between two slices of bread. A feeling which he rather enjoyed. As he reached up and started to slide the straps of Sara's suit down over her shoulders, he could feel Kayla's hand passing over his side and moving down to his cock. Sara dropped her arms down to her side just as Kayla had done, and the suit came down.

Then, just as Sara's breasts came out to play, he felt Kayla slowly start to jack him off. He stopped removing Sara's garment for a moment to fondle her now naked boobs. "Mmmmm." the sound came out of him even though his lips never left Sara's. "You like her tits?" Kayla quietly asked in his ear. He broke away from the kiss to look down. "Yes I do." he answered as he massaged them. He looked up at Sara. She had her eyes shut and her head was tilted ever so slightly to the right.

Kayla's hand continued to stroke his cock. He released Sara's breasts and slid the suit down her body, and as he pushed it down over her hips, he thought he could feel her body tremble.


He was so turned on by now that he thought his cock would explode. Danny lowered his head and kissed Sara again.

She eagerly accepted his tongue back into her mouth as he reached around and grabbed her ass. He gripped it firmly and pulled her a little closer. Kayla was still stroking Danny's cock, and when he pulled Sara closer to himself, she could feel the tip of it brushing up into Sara's pubic hair with every stroke.

This was really exciting to her, and she suddenly wanted to make him cum all over Sara's bush. Sara was also aware of Danny's hard penis pressing into her, just above her pussy. She could also feel that Kayla was stroking it. She knew it was Kayla because both Danny's hands were on her ass.

The idea of Kayla stroking Danny's dick as it pressed against her was very exciting, and like Kayla, she found herself wanting him to cum all over her. She was really turned on now and felt like she was about to have an orgasm. Danny was also on the verge. He was standing in a warm lake, sandwiched between two naked women.

One, his wife, who was pressed up against his back and stroking him off, and two, her friend, who he was feeling up while he played tonsil hockey her. He reached his right hand around and slid it between Sara's legs. Once there, he slowly slid two fingers into her pussy. 'Mmmm. Her pussy is so hot.' He thought. Sara's pussy started to tingle as Danny's hand slid down her body, and now his fingers were penetrating her.

There was almost sense of relief that swept through her as he did. It had been so long since a man had touched her sexually and she knew that in a matter of seconds she was going to reach orgasm. He started to finger fuck her, slowly at first and then more vigorously. He couldn't hold back any longer, he knew he was going to cum. His cock began to spasm in Kayla's hand and then erupted. It almost brought him to his knees.

"Wow!" said Kayla as she felt the eruption. Sara moaned as Danny's cock twitched against her. She could feel his hot cum squirted out onto her cool skin. She had her own knee buckling orgasm then, and if Danny hadn't had a hold of her, she would have slipped below the surface.

Now Danny had not expected Sara to have a real live "knee buckling" orgasm, (had always thought it was just a figure of speech).


He was in fact, caught completely off guard an almost dropped her as she all of the sudden went limp and for a moment, he wasn't sure what had happened. Sara hung motionless in his arms for a minute just feeling Danny's cock against her and his fingers inside her. She was breathing heavily, but managed to say, "Oh my god!

That was incredible!" "It was pretty hot!" Danny said feeling pretty proud of him-self. After a moment, Kayla spoke up. "Was it good Sara? Did you get off?" "Oh shit yea!" Sara replied, standing on her own now.

"I haven't had an orgasm like that in a long time." "I'm glad you liked it." Danny said. Now he was really feeling quite proud of him-self. "You think that was good, you ought to see his big cock, and feel what he can do with it." Kayla said to her. "I wouldn't mind finding out." Sara said. "Last night, I was out in the hallway and peeked in through the crack in your bedroom door." Danny's feeling of pride was suddenly changed to shame.

He half knew what was coming next and in his mind he was chanting, 'No, no, no, no, no.!" Kayla however, was a little puzzled. She was obviously not making the same connection that Danny was. Sara paused then continued. "I heard Danny trying to talk you into having sex last night, so I crept out in the hallway.

I was just going to listen, but when I saw your door cracked open I peeked in, I thought maybe I'd get a little show too." Danny and Kayla were both silent. Kayla was thinking, 'So?' Danny was thinking, 'Please God, strike me dead!' "I'm sorry," Sara said apologetically.

"I know I shouldn't have, but I just couldn't help myself. You probably think I'm some kind of pervert or something." Danny didn't say a word. Now it was his turn to be thankful for the dark to hide his reddening cheeks. He felt a bit mortified. "It's alright." Kayla reassured her. "Besides, to be honest, I probably would have done the same thing. I kind of like to watch too." Sara continued. "I stood out there in the dark hallway, being careful not to make any noise and watched as Danny master-bated." 'OH GOOD GOD!' Danny screamed inside his head.

Right then he wanted to just sink below the water and disappear. A sudden look of realization came over Kayla's face. She looked at Danny, who looked as if he was about to either pass out, or just plain die. She smiled as she thought about how embarrassed he must be right then. "It got me so turned on," Sara continued.

"that I went back to my room and played with myself." She paused a second and then went on. "And Karla, don't be mad at me, but I fantasized that Danny fucking me while I did it." "I'm not mad." Kayla calmly said. "That's actually kind of hot, kind of turns me on." she paused for a moment and then dropped a bombshell.

"Well, since we're being honest, I guess I should tell you that sometimes I fantasize about you and Danny having sex. She paused again and then said, "As a matter of fact, if you want to fuck him you can." Sara's eyes got wide as saucers, so did Danny's. Did Kayla really say that? Kayla could see the disbelief on their faces. "Really, I don't mind, just as long as you let me watch." Danny was actually struck dumb by what he had just heard. His wife had just given her best friend permission to fuck him.

And the nuttiest part was that she was going to watch!?.Fucking cool! Sara just looked at Kayla for a long time. She had a strange look on her face, almost like she was trying to solve some bizarre puzzle." Kayla saw the look and realized she had totally surprised Sara, so she said, "Why just fantasize about it? Why don't we go back to the house and I can watch you get the real thing?" There was a long silence. "God you're kinky!" said Sara.

"If you only knew." Kayla responded.