Two lezzies enjoy facesitting in BDSM porn

Two lezzies enjoy facesitting in BDSM porn
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The Girl of My Dreams I awoke with a start and sat bolt upright, my heart racing and a lump in my throat. I cussed out loud and lifted my shirt to wipe the dripping sweat from my face. I had been dreaming. Dreaming of a girl I had not yet met but hoped one day I would. The dream had started in a place that I imagined could have been a high school reunion, but dreams are often hazy and people social, work and family groups often cross over resulting in unusual combinations of people in sometimes obscure settings.

Anyhow I was me and the other people I knew in the dream were also versions of their own self. When I say that I mean that they carried the same name but some of the adults were children, some of the children or teenagers were slightly older and some people were seemingly as they should be. There were a lot of people present, perhaps 150 to 200 people in an outdoor area but an indoor area was available. It was a large grassed area adjacent to a courtyard, all of which appeared to be part of a school or college.

There were large and small groups of people talking, laughing, eating and drinking. I made my way through the crowd greeting people but not stopping for long as though I had a mission and was not about to be distracted from it. It appeared I was quite popular or almost untouchable. Perhaps part of an elite fraternity, or just individually possessing larger than life social standing. Whatever the case I was uneasy with this situation almost like I knew I was dreaming and aware that my celebrity style popularity was far from the truth in real life.

Nevertheless I politely shook hands and worked my way through the crowd exchanging pleasantries with various groups and individuals and hoping it would soon become clear as to where I was and what my purpose was in being there. While I was popular with most people present I was deliberately avoiding being attached to a particular group. It seemed that I wanted to champion the cause of unity by spending time with all and ignoring absolutely none. Perhaps that is what led me to lingering at a particular group longer than intended where an unknown person was the topic of discussion.

Different people amongst this group greeted me individually and held me up with small talk and even attempted to drag me away from the main group while the others talked behind hands and whispered amongst each other. I sensed that they were not as such discussing me but that I was in some way involved in the discussion. Determined to discover their secret I lingered all the longer and chatted to most of the group before noticing there not so discreet stairs and less than subtle glances all focused in one particular direction.

I could not make out who they were looking at so I stayed a while longer. Small snippets of information led me to the conclusion that the person they spoke of was a female that like me avoided being put in a social box.

They did not hate her but did not extend a warm hand of welcome either as they could not work her out. It seemed that the group were under the impression that there was some sort of connection between me and this girl and whilst I had the feeling I had not yet met this girl the girls in the group gave out a small vibe of jealousy. Confused I continued to stay in the hope of solving this puzzle of a situation that I was part of.

In time things became ever so slightly clearer, the boys all thought this person was intriguing but in a weird way, a way that put her off limits for should they show her any attention they would be cut off from the group. The girls however were allowed to and sparingly did show her some false kindness as keeping their enemy close so as to know her every move.

The underlying ugliness of the situation got to me. I had to get a drink and catch a breath on my own for a bit. I grabbed a coke from a trailer as they were not serving alcohol at this event as it was on school grounds and found a place to sit in the shade on a garden wall. I faced the garden pretending to admire it while I poured a good triple shot of bourbon into my cup from my hip flask.

I threw the drink back in record time and headed over for another. I went back to my garden bed position and added my key ingredient and turned and sat ready to enjoy this one a little more slowly than the last. I put the cheap plastic cup to my lips and was about to take a mouthful when a girl stepped out of the crowd about a hundred feet away.

I put the cup down next to me and squinted to try and make out who it was and then asked myself why people bothered to do that. I did not know her at all but felt like I did.

She looked naturally pretty but not stunning or spectacular yet I could not take my eyes off her. She could well have been drop dead gorgeous but she did not appear to wear makeup or over accessorise like so many girls her age. Her hair was very long, cut off at her waist and sandy blonde in colour with a cute black velvet hat with a dandelion sewn on the front.

She wore a mainly pink floral summer dress that had a singlet top. On her small feet were dull black ballet flats that when she drew nearer I could see had a little pink flower sewn on to them. I figured her to be around 5.5 in height and appeared to have a nice slim figure; it was a little hard to tell in that dress until she got a little closer. She looked my way and stared walking toward me immediately.

I looked over at the group of people to see if they were watch and indeed they were. There was no doubt that this was Grace the topic of discussion.

Many of the girls in the group began to narrow as she headed toward me. Grace herself did not even look their way once but simply walked straight toward me with a friendly smile as though we were the oldest of friends.

I was one who would pride myself on my judgement of character and this girl screamed nothing other than girl next door, in a good sense. She looked sweet, cheery and just plain friendly but in a way that held everyone's attention around her.

I was strangely aware that everyone watched as she approached me and that they watched not only her but me also. I was known for detesting being centre of attention but while I knew they were all watching it did not seem to matter as Grace moved closer and closer. "Hi Grace" is all I could muster up "Hello Aaron, so lovely to meet you" her voice and the way the words floated melodiously from her mouth to my ears made my heart pound in my chest.

"To meet me? So you did not go to school here?" I responded with obvious confusion. Her face lit up even more and the prettiest smile i have ever seen adorned her pretty face with and cute little dimple hung from the corners of her mouth. She did not answer but instead leaned in and kissed me on the lips.

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A delicate little peck and then backed away and smiled at me once again. Drop jawed I stood there looking at her, her expression changed to one of deep longing and she leaned in once more. Our lips pressed firmly together as our mouths opened and closed against each other.

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Our arms locked around each other as our tongues tried to climb further and further inside each other's mouths. I was like a soldier home from duty having left behind a brand new bride. And this is where I awoke. . I looked down at my hard on and burned for relief. The dream was so vivid, the girl was so real. I quickly lay back down slipping my shorts of completely and stroked myself vigorously to completion with my eyes closed and Graces sweet face etched on to the back of my eye lids.

I thought I should feel silly, I even tried to feel silly but all I could think of was Grace. Not being an expert on dreams I figured she had to be a real person. She may be someone I walked right by in the city or even an extra in a TV soap for all I knew but making her a real person did not help to rid my mind of her. Over the next few days she was a constant distraction. I couldn't get to sleep but sleep was the one thing I craved as it may bring another glimpse, another enchanted moment with Grace.

I started to drink more than I should and exercise until I dropped hoping my weary body would collapse and I would slip into a deep long sleep. I got warnings at work and made an appointment at the doctor who prescribed some sleeping pills and gave a glance full of attitude; I guess I didn't need to give him the whole story though.

I picked up a burger on the way home, took the pill and ate as I drove. When home I shut and locked the front door, staggered into the bedroom and barely managed to strip off before collapsing across the bed without even taking a shower. I was out like a light. Grace felt so delicate, so fragile in my strong arms and tasted of fresh berries as I held her close, both of us lost in a passionate kiss, the kind usually reserved for long lost lovers.

When we finally came up for air Grace winked at me and with a sheepish grin said "I'll be back in a tick, I need to say hi to someone" and before I could say 'Stop, wait' she had disappeared.

I waited there for half an hour and then for the most part convinced that I had imagined the entire incident. I began wondering around hoping I may run into her again. A little while later, having nearly given up hope whilst I was walking through the gym and past the stage a dressing room door flung open surprising the hell out of me and a hand grabbed me and dragged me inside. It was Grace, she told me to run with her and led me by the hand into an old unused dressing room where she pushed me against the door as it shut and kissed me once again.

This time we were not as restrained as when we met. Her hands grasped and slid over my body and mine over hers. She kissed my neck as she unbuttoned my shirt and kissed her way hungrily down my chest.

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By the time she had slid down to my lower stomach she had my pants around my ankles and plunged her pretty little mouth over my swollen member and started pumping it in and out of her mouth hungrily. Her hands squeezed at my ass as she pushed and pulled me into her warm moist orifice. I warned her I was about to come which seemed only to make her work harder and faster. I came with such force that she choked and coughed and spluttered as I shot two or three spurts into her hair before she composed herself and sucked me back into her mouth to milk me dry.

When every last drop had been drained from me she rose to her feet and kissed me goodbye once more and on the way out the door said "Don't go anywhere I will get cleaned up and come straight back" She was back before I knew it; I barely had time to fix up my clothes.

When she re-entered the room a look of disappointment came over her face "Oh, are you going somewhere? I thought that.oh never mind" "No no it's just that. She cut me off with a kiss and then pulled me toward a dressing table. She pushed off the junk that was on top of it and then grinned at me cheekily as she peeled off her dress and removed her bra then wiggled out of her panties and wiped the table over with them and tossed them aside.

"Your turn" She said as she curled her hand around the back of my head and pulled me toward herself as she began to lie back on the counter. The alarm clock sounded to end my joy once again. .

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It was the longest day I had ever had at work. Every task I undertook seemed to drag on forever.

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I couldn't focus I stuffed things up and had to redo them and due to this I had to skip my lunch break. I was ok with it though as I had my pills and was looking forward to seeing Grace again even if it was only in my dreams. On the way home I went over the situation in my head and it nearly made me crazy.

I mean, I was not a bad looking guy. I had been with some spectacular women and no doubt would have that opportunity again. So why was I so fixated on this girl in my dreams? Why was I prepared to put potential real life experiences on hold while I pursued this fantasy girl? I knew I was trying to talk sense into myself and most of me knew I should listen, but her face flashed through my mind constantly, teasing me, taunting me to come back for more.

I fixed myself some real dinner and sat down in front of the TV planning for a short sit and then another early night to make up for all the sleep I had missed.

I stared down the little white pill considering all the mystery and uncertainty related to my swallowing it and closing my eyes.

Just then I saw Grace's face with a mischievous smile on her face daring me to come back for more. I swallowed the little pill, finished off my dinner and closed my eyes. Graces hand pulled my head down toward her already wet pussy.

I admired her perky B cup breasts and her flat stomach as I moved closer to her glorious Mons which was decorated with a beautiful very shortly trimmed blonde landing strip. I extended my tongue as far as it could go and pressed it against her golden pubes and licked from her tiny clit up to her belly button in one stroke.

Her soft moan suggested it was an appreciated move so I repeated it two more times before I slid up to enjoy her turgid pink nipples. I flicked them playfully and sucked them until they were even harder still and then circled each one several times enjoying the sounds of satisfaction coming from Grace as I did.

Knowing it was orgasm that this fantasy girl wanted I worked my way back down to her magnificent mound and started circling the folds of her little pink slit with the tip of my tongue. I flicked at her clit as she whimpered for more and then slid my tongue deep inside her and went for the prize. I fingered her as I sucked and located her G-spot immediately drawing a series of orgasms and a string of grateful obscenities along with them.


I inhaled her sweet scent and kissed her quivering pussy as she gasped and panted whilst she returned from the heavens. "Please fuck me now Aaron, I have longed to feel you inside me. Please take me before.


. I had fallen asleep in front of the TV and had not moved a muscle all night apparently as everything was as it was when I dosed off. Well perhaps I had moved one muscle I conceded looking at the cum stain covering a large part of the front of my pants.

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I had not had 'an accident' since I was a boy and considering I had not even cum myself in the dream was rather alarmed at this incident. For the next week and a half I had no trouble sleeping yet I did not once dream of Grace.

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My script ran out but I was sleeping without the pill which i guess was a positive result in most people's eyes. I just didn't care as I continued to think about Grace. I investigated sleep theory and dream theory on the internet and booked in to see a specialist in the field.

I payed a lot of money to find out that he agreed with most of what I already believed, that Grace was a person or a combination of several people that I had had contact with or merely observed. He suggested she may indeed be my ideal woman but also constructed in my mind from a combination of people.

He had seen cases like it before where these dreams lasted while a particular circumstance, person or project was current in a person's life and stopped occurring when the situation was gone. I thought hard about this but nothing had changed whatsoever. That night I came home and had a few drinks and considered the matter closed.

The doctor was right; Grace was a dream and a thing of the past. In a way I looked forward to getting back to normal, to going out with real women and finishing a sexual experience without interruption.

I laughed at how silly it all sounded now that I was able to see it as someone else may see it if looking on. I took a nice warm shower and took myself off to bed looking forward to a peaceful night's sleep.

"How did you go with no sex for two weeks Mr?" an angry Grace hissed. "Umm what?" I said at the hostile yet pretty nude girl that stood before me In a much calmer voice she said "do you know what it does to a girl when you keep disappearing like that?" "But you're a.I'm just.

"Dreaming?" "Yes, I'm just dreaming" I said "Do I feel like a dream to you" she said as she kissed me on the lips. "Do I taste like a dream to you? Now take me before you disappear again" We kissed and both tore at my clothes until we stood naked before each other.

She guided me backwards onto a chair and straddled me and lowered herself straight onto my painfully throbbing erection. We pressed our lips together and sunk into deep passionate kiss as we did upon meeting.

Time stood still, like any man I enjoy blowing my load, I like to fuck a beautiful woman hard but a kiss like that could surely wake the dead. Grace began to rock in my lap and threw her head back giving my hungry lips access to her hard pink nipples. I fed off her like baby, but not a human baby, an animal that knows no restraint. Her rocking became more intense and I joined her, pushing deeper into her delicious young body. Beads of sweat rolled down our bodies and exploded between us as our skin slapped together.

I stopped feeding on her luscious breasts and worked my way up her long delicate neck and sucked her chin into my mouth and continued to gorge on her beautiful face. I pulled her even closer and took over the predominant portion of the work as I thrust deep and hard into her.

As I look back I am unsure how that old wooden chair with its plush cushion base withstood such a hammering. Grace gasped very loudly and screamed "Oh god" as she exploded in orgasm soaking the chair in the process. I rose to m y feet carrying Grace in my lap and walked over toward the stained glass window at the far end of the room feeling her sweet nectar trickle down my legs as I walked. I pinned her against the wall right next to the window and resumed pounding into her.

The moisture on her body glistened in the fragments of sun that beamed through the window as our bodies slapped together again and again. I held orgasm at bay once more for fear that I may wake. I was unsure if that happened when or if I would ever see my Grace again.

In agony and frustration I closed my eyes and thought of anything I could to lengthen my time with the girl of my dreams and succeeded again as the agony and frustration dulled ever so slightly and I continued to glide in and out of her soft, warm pussy. Grace on the other hand was climbing toward another orgasm, thumping my shoulders with her tiny fists, sighing and whimpering and then grunting and groaning and.there it was.

She bucked violently in my lap as a sweet tear of joy ran down her cheek, the sight of which threatened to force me over the edge again. Grace climbed off of me slowly and turned to look out the window and whispered softly "You have to cum sometime Aaron, and don't worry you will see me again" I almost cut her off as I grabbed her hands from her side and placed them on the thick painted glass and bent her slightly forward and entered her from behind.

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My attack was ferocious, relentless and selfish as I pounded my way to my own orgasm without fear or hesitation. She gasped cute little noises as I plunged in and out. I bent my knees to line up with her perfectly and placed my hands on her shoulders.

I was now thrusting with all that was in me and Grace cried out over and over as my assault on her petite body continued. Her cries became higher in pitch as my balls burned with fury. Her tight little muff clamped down on me hard and her entire body began to spasm as my cannon blasted round after round of my warm creamy seed into her belly. Her body stopped convulsing and her legs gave way. I caught her as she fell and embraced her as she wept.

I picked her up in my arms and moved over to where we sat before in a daze. Why was I still here? Shouldn't I be awake? Grace looked up at me and gently whispered "Aaron, you are the man of my dreams but it is time to go" She pressed her lips to mine and again we were lost in another realm.

This time the alarm clocks timing was spot on. I felt different in some way, I felt like the dream had been completed even though Grace suggested we would meet again. I could see her face without it causing distress.

It is almost sad to say she felt like a much cherished memory now. I arose from my bed, showered and dressed and for the first time in a while looked forward to the day ahead.

When I arrived at the office my colleagues even comment on the way I looked which picked me up even more. It was a great day to be alive. My supervisor came in and pushed the door over behind her, not quite closing it. "Aaron you have been working so hard and we do appreciate all you have done" I sensed a big 'but' coming "However the work in your department is just not getting done in time and we simply must meet deadlines" "I know I am so sorry I have been a little distracted but I am on top of things now.

Please. "Let me finish" she said firmly "Sorry, go on" "Well I have decided on a temporary basis to start, and we will see where it goes from there, to employ an assistant for you.

Aaron meet Grace"