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Netflix and chill another one
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The boy turned and grabbed a cart that looked like ones businessmen used at the airports and begin to load their bags and boxes on it. Michael grabbed a few bags and headed towards the door. Silk grabbed a few shoeboxes and followed him. Once outside Michael opened the trunk for the boy to place the stuff inside.

He sat his bags in the trunk and gestured for Silk to do the same. The boy placed the packages in the trunk and shut it and promptly walked away. Michael handed her the keys and said, "You drive this time, while I read." Taking the keys and letting them in the car, she asked, "Where too?" "Make a left out of the parking lot and then a right after the second light," he told her with total confidence.

She did as directed and soon they were on their way. She looked over at him wondering what he was reading. She debated whether or not to ask him finally curiosity won out. "May I ask, what are you reading?" Wanting to see what her reaction would be, he told her, "The list of limits that those two slave girls you met earlier, sent to me." Not wanting to be jealous she causally asked, "What is that?

What kind of limits?" Seeing that she either was trying to not show her jealous or she was learning that it didn't matter caused him to smile, "It tells me what they will and won't do. It is a list that covers everything that is involved in this lifestyle. This is easier than me asking all these questions. Also this way I can refer back to it when needed. When you're more experienced, we'll fill out one for you." Then thinking on what he had just said, he told her, "Actually, we could start a list now for you, you can always add to it or change it as time goes on.

Most slave change theirs from time to time." "So what things are they into," she asked actually curious about them. "Make a left at the next light," he told her noticing that they were turning as he had directed her. "Well let's see. Their lists are pretty identical. They both like anal, oral, vaginal sex. They like all forms of masturbation and most toys.

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Both like whips, paddles, crops, and floggers. Syndee likes water sports and Stacy is willing to try it. Neither like scat or anything involving feces play, good neither do I." "Water sports, like swimming?" She asked not knowing what he meant. This caused him to laugh, "No, Silk. Water sports as in pissing." "Oh," came an embarrassed answer. Then she braved, "And what is scat and feces play?" "You may not want to know right now," he told her with a grave look. "Just tell me." "Okay, don't say I didn't warn you.

Oh, turn right at the next street and then turn into Diamond's. Scat and feces play involves shit. Plain and simple," he told her in a very serious tone. She looked at him and when he didn't smile, she gave a sour look, "That's nasty and unclean Michael. I hope you don't do that, ever." He laughed loudly and slapped his knee. "I told you, you didn't want to know, but don't worry, I am not into it and none of my friends are either.

Those people are a very select group." "Good," was all she had to say. They had arrived at their destination and she shut the car off. They got out and Michael led her to the door. Once there he stopped and stood in front of her. "Okay you have never seen anything like this in your life so be prepared," he told her. "Alright, I am ready.

I don't shock that easy Michael." "This place is a place you will become very familiar with as long as you are in this lifestyle. It has everything a slave or Dom needs for every aspect of this lifestyle. Now shall we go inside?" He asked. With a giggle, she answered, "Let's." They went inside and Silk saw that Michael was right. It was a shock to the system; a man decked out in a full leather outfit greeted them. Silk fought to suppress a giggle and Michael looked down at her and smiled broadly.

She thought to herself, she really liked his smile too. "Hello, Michael, how may we help you tonight," leather man asked them? "James how's business?" Michael asked of him. "Good and you?" "I am fine. Let me introduce you to Silk. She is a new slave. We are here to outfit her properly in all the leather gear she will ever need," Michael informed him. "Do you need help, or can you find everything on your own?" leather man asked of them. Michael looked to Silk and told him, "I think we are all right on our own.

I can always yell if I need something." With a dismissive nod, Leather man said, "Okay, just holler if you can't find something." With that Michael led her into the store. Everywhere she looked, there were things that she had never seen before. Some caused her to blush and some just left her curious. Michael led her to a wall of leather collars and such stuff. Michael began to pick out collars that he thought would look good on her. He seemed to like the leather ones with gemstones on them.

He handed her a black shiny one. "Try this on," he told her. She did and he approved it. He handed her another one, this time red. As she tried this one on a clerk walked up and gave them a large black basket for their purchases.

Michael indicated for him to set in on the floor. He then tossed the black collar into it. Next he approved the red one, a blue one, a white one and an emerald green one. He put all the ones he didn't like back on their hooks and began to choose matching cuffs for her wrists and ankles. These he tossed in to the basket too and with them matching leashes.

Silk wondered about the leashes. Would she be led around on them? He was looking over some other collars when his cell phone rang, "Michael here," he said to the phone. "Hello little ones. I see you got my message. I was hoping you would call while I was still out shopping at Diamond's." He listened for a minute or so and then said, "What I needed to know was do you two own your own things for play and if so what do you have and what do you lack?" He listened again and then whispered to Silk, "Go ask that guy at the counter for a pen and tablet of paper." She did as he asked and brought it back to him.

Michael then began to jot down a list of things, all the while mumbling uhhuh, uhhuh into the phone. "Well then little one, I shall pick up the things you don't have and we'll see each other tomorrow. I also wanted to mention that your lists were very through. Thank you for that and the promptness of delivery also," he told the caller who Silk had already guess was one the slave girls from earlier then she corrected that thought, one of her slave sisters.

"What's that," he asked. "Yes, you may give each other pleasure tonight, but only tonight, no more after one in the morning." He listened again and laughed, "Yes I can be a tough Dom to serve, but you'll like it. See you tomorrow, slave," he then hung up the phone and smiled to her, watching her reaction. Knowing he expected her to live with this and wanting to be the perfect slave and please him, she tried to keep any jealousy from her expression when she asked, "Was that my slave sisters, Master?" He watched her face fore any signs of jealously and was please to see that she was either hiding it well or she had gotten over it.

"Yes it was, I had emailed them that I need to ask them a question before tomorrows meeting and gave them my cell number. I was hoping they'd call while we were here too," he told her. "For what," she asked him? He smiled at her curiosity; "I needed to know what sort of tools they already owned so that if they were missing anything that I required, I would have it available. See Silk, each slave should have her own things due to cleanliness. I wouldn't want you to catch anything for someone else's toys so you will have your very own and they do also.

I am maniac on cleanliness, as you will see. Come on now we have more to buy." She watched as he selected a light blue color with matching cuffs and a leash then dropped it in the basket and then he turned to her and asked, "What color do you think would look best on the redhead, little one?" Silk thought on it and even though she hated to say it, she told him with defeated tone in her voice, "The emerald green, Master." He could tell that she really hated to share her favorite color with the other slave and was pleased that she was honest about it and he told as much, "And this upsets you because it is your favorite color right?" Shocked that he had read her so well, she recovered, "Yes and no, Master." "Tell you what, you pick it out for your sister and it can be whatever you want, just make sure it matches her hair and coloring.

I'll be over there," he pointed to another part of the store, "You come over when you're done and help me finish the shopping. Remember you pick the color.

I will not be mad if you choose another color," and with that, he walked away leaving her to decide. Silk looked over all the collars and found a emerald green one that was similar to the one Michael had picked for her except it didn't have stones in it. She wanted to just get the royal blue one, but knew that it would be petty to act jealous over a color.

She wanted to hate the other two, but she knew this was not the way to act and she really wanted to please Michael. Besides under a different situation, she would have probably become friends with the two girls.

They actually reminded her of her two best friends back home, Candy and Mandy, the twins. They even dressed like them. With that in mind, she grabbed the matching cuffs and leash and went over to Michael. After showing them to him she dropped them in the basket. He smiled at her choice. He then showed her a ball looking thing with a strap on it. It looked like a slingshot to Silk. "What is it?" She asked him. "This is a ball gag.

Sometimes slaves need them when they can't keep their mouths shut and sometimes I just like to see them on a slave. I like what's called gag kissing also," he told her. She gave him a questioning look and he laughed and told her he would explain and show her later. He then dropped three of them into the basket and proceeded down the isle. He dropped in a few more items in the basket and then led Silk to another area of the store.

This one had what looked like weapons and paddles hanging all over the walls. Silk was sure this stuff was for punishment. She hoped Michael would explain it all to her.

"Have a look around and see if any thing catches your fancy," he told her and shooed her off. While she looked around, Michael picked up a new flogger and riding crop, and few paddles of various sizes and shapes and a switch.

He then turned to watch her as she fingered a flogger made out of something other than leather. Michael wondered what it was. She seemed to really like it. He then noticed that she had a riding crop in her other hand.

This made him smile; he knew she had horses so she would naturally be drawn to a crop. He finally went over to join her and see what that flogger that held her interest so keenly was made of. He touched it and saw that it was leather but it was totally different than the ones he usually bought. This was soft like deer hide, almost velvety soft. "Do you like it little one?" He asked in a low voice next to her ear. "Yes Master," she said almost dreamily.

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"Then it's yours and what of that red crop you have. Would you like it also?" She looked down, having forgotten all about the crop in her hand. She was fantasizing about the feel of the flogger on her skin. She lifted the crop and looked at. "Um, sure Master, I guess so," she flushed. He laughed and hugged her to him. "You are priceless, Silk." She dropped the crop and flogger into the basket and noticed it was getting full.

Surely they were almost done. She was starting to get hungry now so she looked at her watch to see what the time was and saw that it was fifteen minutes after nine. She then saw that Michael had gone over yet another section of the store so she followed him.

This section contained what looked like thousands of fake penises. This caused Silk to blush. She turned to find Michael staring at her.

"What?" She asked. "You're blushing. I take it this is a first for you?" He asked her with a laugh. "Shut up," she muttered and turned away pretending to look at the selection in front of her. He came up behind her and grabbed a handful of her hair and tipped her head back. She met his eyes and saw that he was not amused. "Never, and I repeat, never tell me to shut up, slave." Then he kissed her hard on the mouth and released her hair and walked away.

She stood there for a moment and thought over what had happened and knew she was in the wrong. She knew she should apologize too. She turned to him and saw he was placing things in the basket. Thinking that since he had grabbed her in the store that it was probably acceptable to do most anything else that didn't involve sex, she dropped to the floor in what he told her he called down. Once there, she said, "I am very sorry for telling you to shut up, Master.

Please forgive me, Master." The sight of her on the floor like that made him hard instantly. He barely heard her words even though she said them loud and clear. He shook himself, knowing this was not the place, "Apology accepted, slave. You may get up." Quickly before I take you right there on the floor, he added mentally to himself.

She gained her feet again and lowered her eyes to the floor. She was truly sorry. She waited for him to speak. "Okay you little vixen, what do you think of this," he asked showing her a normal size penis.

She didn't know what to really say, "Okay I guess, I don't really know much about this sort of thing," she told him. He proceeded to explain each and everything that he was buying.

He showed her a couple strap-on penises; a double headed one and few others of various sizes and lengths. Next he showed her a plug looking thing that he explained was a butt plug. Lastly he showed her a vibrator and told her this was what he would teach her to masturbate with.

Of all these things he bought three of each and Silk now knew why. Finally he seemed done and she crossed her fingers that it was over. "Are we finished now, Master?" She asked him. "Why are you tired of shopping?" "No, I'm hungry," she supplied. He looked at his watch and with surprise, noted the time. "Silk when your hungry just tell me. I don't always eat regular so if you are hungry and want to eat just say so," he told her tenderly.

"Okay, I'm sorry I didn't speak up. Can we go get a bite and then finish shopping? I'm not tired, just starved," she told him. Michael carried his basket to the counter and Silk followed. While the guy rang up their stuff, she looked at the rack of movies in front of the counter. There were porn movies, but there were also ones that looked like they were about B&D.

Michael noticed her interest and came up behind her again. "Want to watch one?" he breathed in her ear. Curiosity peaked, she hissed, "Yes," back at him. He reached around her and grabbed the one she was looking at and another a few down from it and set them on the counter to be rung up.

Seeing that each movie was over thirty dollars she remembered the cost of the last stores purchases and turned to see what this stop would cost Michael. Once again he pulled out his credit card. When all the stuff had been rung up, the total was over eight hundred dollars. How could he spend like that she wondered. She would ask him once they were in the car. They took their bags and went to the car.

Michael placed this all in the trunk with the other stuff and then let her in the car. Then got in and started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. "Where do you want to eat?" Thinking on it she said, "I don't care, we can go to that truck stop from this morning if you like. The food was great." "Okay the truck stop it is," he told her, pleased that she like his favorite diner.

She thought on how to ask Michael about the money as they drove to the truck stop. Finally she just decided that direct was the best method. "Michael, how can you spend so much money like it was nothing?" Smiling at her thoughtfulness, he took a deep breath, "Remember I told you that my family was obscenely rich," he asked? "Yes." "Well maybe ugly obscene would describe it better or maybe ugly filthy obscene, or maybe…" "Okay I get it," she laughed, "You can stop.

You still shouldn't spend like that. Your parents might think I'm after you money." "Aren't you," he joked and this on a serious note he said, "My parents don't have access to monitor my spending habits. My trust funds are my own. One is from my maternal grandfather, it takes care of my needs and college tuition every month, and this includes my food, clothes, utilities, rent and all that sort stuff like my new truck.

The other is from my paternal grandfather and it totally up to me to spend it how I see fit. I have no one to monitor my accounts. If I blow it on the ponies, no one cares. If I blow it on you, no one would give a shit or even know for that matter." Lucky you she thought. Then she asked, "So how much do you get?" "You don't really want to know." "Probably not, but tell me anyway," she said. "It's a sick amount," he laughed. "That bad?" She asked. "Yeah. Let's see, my needs account is bigger because of college tuition and all that so it's $100,000 a month.

My fun money account as I call it is only," he gave her a sick look, "$50,000 a month. Pretty sick huh," he asked her.

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"Shit Michael, how do you live. You poor boy," she told him. "I warned you that you didn't want to know," he offered. "You have a trust fund too don't you. I heard you tell Donny that once." She gave him a sideways look, "Nothing like yours, and my father monitors it. Mine is for my needs during college.

Whatever's left over at the end is mine to keep, but I have to watch what I spend for now." "How much, come on, I told you," he asked. "It's pitiful compare to yours," she said, "I get $1500 a month for all my needs. My mother pays for all my tuition and books that aren't covered by my scholarship.

My father is really tight fisted. If I pay for something he thinks I didn't need, I here about it." "Who pays for the apartment?" he questioned. "Reed paid for that out of his trust fund. I told you we wanted a place he could visit without having to get a motel room every time he visited. Sort of a waste now I guess, but it's leased and paid for two full years.

So I guess it's mine for the time being," she supplied. Something about that struck a jealous chord in him that he didn't know existed. He really didn't like this guy paying for anything for Silk. Maybe he would change that.

Then he thought about her father. What a jerk, but he knew not to say that to her, "That's fine, let your father be like that, I'll buy you everything your heart desires," he told her matter-of-factly. "I can't let you do that Michael, that wouldn't…" she began. "You can't tell me no. It's my money and I am your Master now, so I will do what I please. Now end of subject." And like that it was over even though Silk didn't like it. She knew it would be pointless to argue, so she just would watch what he spent.

As she though about this, he pulled into the truck stop and her stomach growled. "Wow, little one, you are hungry," Michael laughed. She laughed too, "More than I even knew." They entered the truck stop and as usual men turned to look at her.

She was used to this because of her exotic looks as her mother called them. She used to wish that she didn't look like this but now she was pretty much resigned and usually just ignored them. What bothered her most now was that Reed and Neil would get upset over the attention she received.

They acted like she wanted and delighted in it. Neil actually accused her of trying to gain the unwanted attention and Reed would get pissed when to many men would look at her. She felt like just not going out in public with them. She looked to Michael to see his reaction to the looks they were gathering.

He didn't seem to notice or just didn't care, Silk wondered which. They sat down at a booth that the hostess had led them to and Michael noticed that Silk was gathering a lot of looks. This pleased Michael. He liked that he wasn't the center of attention for once.

He knew however, if it were a room full of women or people who knew who he was he would be getting the same attention Silk was. He wondered how she stood it. He hated it when he was looked at like that, like he was something more than just the person he was.

"How do you stand the attention," he asked her. Her heart sank, he had noticed. Please don't be jealous, she thought, "I just ignore it. It has been this was all my life. When I was younger, my eyes were teal blue, which was cause for even more talk. Does it bother you that much?" She asked of him. "No I feel sorry for you. If these were women or people who knew who I was, I would be stared at too.

I know what its like," He told her, then he realized that she thought he was upset that they were looking at her like that, "Did you think I would be jealous that you were getting this attention?" She just looked at him not knowing what to say. He knew then that Reed or Neil or even both had acted like that when people stared and blamed it on her, like it was her fault. "Did Reed or Neil get mad when men stared like that," he asked and gestured to the diner patrons with his right hand.

She just shook her head yes, tears gathering in her eyes. At that Michael got up, came around and sat next to her and hugged her to him tightly. "Oh little one, I am so sorry for all the bad things. Please don't think I will ever be like that. I know what its like to be stared at like you're a piece of meat instead of a human being," at this she looked up at his face and he continued, "As for your looks, if the men are looking at that, then I am proud because I know it's me your with, me you will go home with and only me that will share that delightful body under those clothes.

That means no one else unless I allow it. I told you, your mine now and I trust you not to share what's mine. Besides I like for my slaves to be admired, it means I have good taste. I promise you that I will never be jealous of men looking at you. Besides pet, I don't know if you noticed, but women look at you too." At this she looked around and saw that he was right. She would have to watch for that in the future. Then she remembered that Starla had called her a china doll and Madame had gushed over her looks.

Michael was right. This made her smile and his words made her feel better. She really hoped he would not resent her looks and the attention later though. With that she gave him a smile and then the waitress came over to get their order. "Sorry about the wait.

It has been so hectic tonight. Are you ready to order," asked the plain-faced waitress. "Opps, Paula, I'm sorry, we haven't even looked at the menu.

Give us another few minutes please," He told her in his best little boy voice. The waitress smiled at Michael and pinched his cheek, "Okay anything for you darlin'. What do you want to drink though, I can get that while you look the menu over." Taking the lead Michael didn't even asked her what she wanted to drink, he already knew, "Two ice teas and some sweet and low for the lady. Thank you Paula." "Darlin'," Silk laughed when the waitress walked away, "Is she another one of your slave friends?" He regained his seat across the table from her before answering, "No, she is not.

She is just a waitress that works nights here. I did take her out a few times though." At her look of disbelief, he added, "Once for a concert and once for dinner because I was lonely." "Okay, okay, I believe you. It just seems everyone knows you.

Like those two girls today," she told him. He sucked in his breath, "Those two, that was weird. I guess it goes back to that old saying, when it rains it pours." "What do you mean?" She questioned. The waitress had come back with their teas and sat them on the table and then handed Silk some sweet and low packets and a spoon. Next she handed Michael a spoon and then sat two straws on the table. "Okay, just yell when you're ready to order," she added as she walked away.

After she left Michael began, "What I mean is that I have not owned a slave for over a year because either none have caught my interest or none have asked for the honor to serve me.

Then finally I hook up with one who I want to make my own and one who wants me and then all the sudden those two show up begging to serve me too. I have been at this school for over a year and no one from here has ever even acted like they were into the lifestyle.

Not one." "You mean you didn't have those two on the side all along?" Silk asked innocently. Michael now saw that the reason she was upset was jealousy over being second best, so he told her, "No, I never meet them before today. They saw me at a party a while back and remembered me from school. They approached me Silk, not the other way around." He saw a look of relief cross her face and decided to add, "Also, last night was the first real sex I have had in about six months." "What do you mean by real sex?" He leaned over the table and in almost a whisper told her, "I have not had intercourse with a women in over six months.

I have made a few suck me till I was close and then I finished on their face or something like that and I have manually done it, but I have not been with a women for real in all that time." Eyes wide, she asked, "Why?" He smiled at her and said, "Because little one, I have not felt close enough to one to share myself that way." "But," she stuttered, "The lifestyle." "There is more to this lifestyle than just sex, Silk.

Some never have real sex, intercourse. I sometimes play with married women or owned slaves. I have a rule about married women and some Doms don't always share their slaves that way. Besides there are too many diseases going around and you can't trust everyone," he said to her.

She wondered what made her special that he broke his self-imposed celibacy. She liked that he was safe and had morals, but why her and why now? He saw the questioning her eyes and knew that she wondered why her. He decided to tell her, "As for you since I know you are dying to know, I feel close to you.

I want to share myself with you in more than just a sexual way, more then just the lifestyle too. I want to share all that I am with you. I trust you and I think you feel the same about me." She didn't know what to say.

It was all too new to her, but she agreed that there was something special between them but she didn't know how to proceed.


She didn't want to ruin it or have it end to soon. She knew she should say something to him so he would know she felt the same but didn't really know what to say so finally she said, "Michael I do indeed feel the same about you, but I don't know how to proceed. I am still new at this whole thing and I don't mean just BDSM. I mean relationships. Reed dominated my life in a different way than you are going to and then he dumped me.

I am still a little raw from all that. Please understand and don't give up on me, but can we take this slow?" "As slow as you need to, little one. I am not here to rush you in anyway. You know your safe word?" He asked her and at the shake of her head he continued, "Just use it if we are moving to fast.

It is your safe word to use whenever you need me to stop anything that you don't like or don't feel comfortable with. Promised me you will remember to use it no matter what?" "Yes, I promise," she whispered.

"Thank you," he said, then seeing the need to lighten up the conversation, "Now I thought you were starving. Let's get some food in you," he added with a laugh. She smiled and picked up her menu. She thought everything looked good now and decided it was because she was so hungry.

"How about we have steaks like you talked about this morning?" "Not here, beautiful. I know a place that serves the best steaks.


I want to take you there for steaks," he told her as he looked over the menu also. "Damn it," came a curse from her that surprised both of them. She clapped her hand over her mouth. "What?" He asked, voice full of concern. "What's the matter?" "Don't laugh. I have a really hard time choosing because everything looks so good. I'm not a picker eater; I just can't make up my mind. So at the risk of really giving you control, will you please choose for me or we will be here all night," she asked.

This really hit him in the heart. She trusted him enough to let him choose her meal. He viewed this as really special. He also wondered if she ever let Reed or Neil choose for her. That was way she said steak, so she didn't have to choose. Sneaky. "Okay," he said to her and then "Okay, Paula, we're ready," he yelled to the waitress. The waitress came over and pulled out her pad, "Okay what will it be?" "She will have the pork chop dinner, mashed potatoes and the veggie of the day and I would like the grand smothered burrito with a small side of fries," he told the waitress.

"Soup or salad?" He gestured to Silk. "Salad, with ranch dressing," she told the waitress. "Alright, be out in a few," she said as she walked away. A minute later she came back with a salad and a bottle of ranch dressing. Silk dug right in. "Did I do okay?" Michael asked her. "Yes, I love pork chops," she told him as she devoured the salad.

"Now I know you like salad with ranch, so next time I will order that for you too," he said just naturally assuming that she would always let him order in the future. He would make sure that she wanted to him too though. Within minutes, their food was on the table, which was another reason Michael really liked this place. They lapsed into silence while that ate. Michael watched as she ate the whole thing including her salad.

She was starved, Michael thought and this caused him to laugh.

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She gave him a queer look. "Where are you putting it, little one?" He asked her. She then realized that she had eaten all of her food. This surprised her because she usually didn't finish her meals. "It must be your influence. I don't normally eat this much," she told him and then a devilish thought came to her, "Or maybe it was last night and this morning.

You really wore me out," she said with a wink. At her innuendo, he smiled and his eyebrow when up, "Then my pet, I guess you better change your eating habits, because I will wear you out often." She blushed and lowered her head. He always seemed to get the better of her.

He always made her squirm. Seeing the affect he had made him smile. He loved it when she blushed. He knew it was time to change the subject so she would feel more comfortable again. "Okay I need to know, do you have a schoolgirl dress like the ones your sisters were wearing," he asked changing the subject. Wondering why, she thought and remembered she had brought one, "Yes I have a black one like Stacy's. It has a shirt to go with it that looks like a schoolgirl shirt too; only it is a half shirt and shows a lot of my tits and cleavage.

It also has stockings that come up to here," she pointed to a spot on her upper leg about five or six inches above her knee, "that have little black bows and black schoolgirl shoes with four inches heels on them. It is a set, but why may I ask." "Because I am taking my slaves dancing at a club tomorrow night and that is how I want you three dressed," was all her would tell her.

Dancing she thought, was that normal for BDSM? Then she thought, I guess he can do what he wants. They had finished their meal and the waitress brought then the ticket and Michael looked at her and asked, "You ready to go?" "Sure, I don't have anymore to eat so we might as well," she joked with him.

"Hey, if you still want to eat, I'll get you more food," he joked back, "But if you get fat, I'll sell you. I don't like fat slaves." She laughed, "Michael, you're in luck, I have a high metabolism, so I won't get fat, but that same goes for you too.

If you get fat, I'll sell myself to someone else. Now let's go" "Cheeky wench, you can't sell yourself, so your stuck with me not matter what," he laughed and slapped her on the ass as she walked by and then got up and followed her to the register. Once they had paid, Michael directed her to the car and let her in and then went around and got in himself. He started the car and pulled away from the diner. While he did this, Silk had reached over and turned on the radio.

She then tuned it to a country station and turned in down low, just low enough to hear but not drowned out conversation. "I really love music," she explained to Michael as she did this, "It's like a part of my soul I guess." Knowing what she meant he smiled, "I know what you mean, I think I always have music on all day unless I just can't and then it's usually going through my head," then he added, "So you like country music." "I like a lot of different kinds of music.

Country just happens to be my favorite. Well that and hard rock. I really like the rock from the late eighties and early nineties, especially the videos." So she did watch sleazy rock videos. Nice, thought Michael. He had watched them too in his younger years and the women from those videos had always turned him on.

This was how he liked to see his slaves look and dress now. Silk would fit in just fine he thought. "Where are we going now?" She asked interrupting his thoughts.

He gave her a big smile and then with a laugh he said, "Wal-Mart. I figured as late as it's getting we'll go there and them finish up tomorrow if there's time." "Cool, I needed to go too. I have to get a few things." They pulled into the parking lot and he shut the car off and got out and came around to her side. She was looking in her purse for her credit card so she could put it in her pocket so she could lock her purse in the car.

She hated carrying it. She got out; he grabbed her in a hug and pressed her up against the car, "Now listen to me. We aren't going to have this money conversation again. I am telling you right now, I will buy you whatever I want. As your Master, I am ordering you not to tell me no and to let me do whatever I please." Seeing that she couldn't really talk back, she just nodded her head yes. With her agreement, he kissed her. The kiss made her knees buckle and he had to hold her up.

As they kissed, the world around ceased to exist. All that mattered was his mouth and what it was doing. Finally when she though she would just melt he ended the kiss. She leaned her forehead against his and remembered to breathe again. "I've wanted to do that all night," he said in a breathless voice. Using his words from earlier she giggled, "I don't always kiss regular so if you want a kiss just say so, Master." He lifted his head and looked in her eyes, "Is that so Minx, use my own words against me will you?

For that no more kisses for you," he laughed. She gave a whine and them pouted, "Please Master, just one more." The pout was his undoing; he loved it when his slaves pouted. He usually never gave in but he liked to see them pout nonetheless. He slid his right hand to her face and lifted it to capture her mouth.

The other hand found its way under her shirt and was stroking her side and breast. This kiss was even hotter than the last. This time she tangled her hands in his hair and pulled his mouth to hers. She couldn't get close enough. They would have remained kissing but someone yelled, "Get a room you two," and with that Michael ended the kiss.

"A little to scandalous for Wal-Mart Parking lot I guess, come on, let's go before they call security," he said in a voice not quite his own. He then led her to the entrance and in they went. Inside he grabbed a cart and the when on into the store. Silk followed. Once inside Michael made her go and pick up a double of everything she used on a daily basis. This included everything from shampoo and conditioner to her deodorant. At first she argued with him and he told her that it was to keep at his home so that when she spent the night she would have everything she needed so she wouldn't have to pack or worry about forgetting things.

When she still argued, he told her that she had earned a spanking and that if she didn't follow his orders, he would just go to her home, make a list and come back and do this himself and spank her again. She gave in and did as asked. Then in a moment of spite, she decided to take him up on his offer and she picked up a double of things she didn't really use daily. Things like her favorite laundry soap, bubble bath, bath salts and hand and body lotion.

She even went to the bath center and picked up a big beach towel and than in bedding she picked up a pillow like the one she had at home for sleeping and a little pillow for the couch with a fleece throw for when she watched TV.

She was acting silly and she knew it, but she told him she didn't want him to buy things for her like this. Since he wanted to use her submission to get his way she was going to act silly about it. "I know your just being churlish about this so I won't stop you, but think about the consequences of your actions little one," he finally told her with a knowing look. Secretly he was amused.

He liked her attitude but he knew this wasn't proper for her to be allowed to act this way. He liked his slaves with spunk as long as they knew their place.

She was quickly overstepping hers.

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He didn't care if she bought a double of everything in her apartment, but she was just picking up things just to be smart-ass. He decided that two could play at this game. "Make you way to furniture and wait for me there, we need another cart. I just remembered I need another dresser," he told her as turn to walk away. "Oh and what size panties do you wear?" "Panties, why," she stuttered. He had reached his limit. Hating to be argued with or questioned he turned around, walked over to her and turned her around to face the cart, "Grab the cart and don't let go till I say so," he ordered.

When she did as asked, he pulled up her skirt, exposing her backside to the cameras and pulled the back of her panties out and read the size. Next he slapped her bottom hard and then dropped her skirt and pulled her to his chest and hissed in her ear, "Stop arguing and fighting me, you won't win." He then let go and as he walked away, he said, "You can let go now." She stood there for a moment and then remembered the cameras she whipped around and looked up.

Damn him, there was a camera there. She was sure someone had seen what had just happened. At this she blushed and decided to move quickly. As she made her way to furniture she thought about what he had said and knew she had earned it. She was fighting him on everything and for what, a sense of pride to be independent? She thought about this, she wasn't independent with Reed so why did she want to be with Michael? She wanted him to dominate her so why not every aspect of her life.

She thought about this as she waited for him and finally gave into herself. She knew that to give him total control meant everything in her life and with that in mind, she promised herself that there would be no more arguing. She would do whatever he said. To be his slave after all, was what she wanted. This lifestyle and all that went with it. With that in mind she began to look for a dresser like he had said he needed.

Finally he came back. She saw in his cart there were a bunch of things that she hadn't thought to pick up and some she wouldn't have thought of.

One item was a reusable douche bag. Even thought she had resolved not to argue she had to ask. Pointing to it she asked, "May I ask, what is that for?" He began to tell her that he was slightly obsessed with cleanliness. He also told her that it was for her, explaining that he wanted her to use it often and told her of this small hose that attached to his tub faucet and told her she could use it for the same purpose.

She smiled at this because she was actually the same way. She always cleaned herself really well after sex so that she would not develop a smell. She was slightly obsessed as he put it, also. In the cart she also noticed hair remover, women's shaving cream and a razor with a pack blades and the last of his stuff was a pile of women's panties in every color imaginable. She picked up a pair and saw that it was a thong. Seeing her curious look he explained, "Most slaves don't wear any panties.

I happen to know that women don't like to go panty less under skirts so I am willing to compromise with a thong. Your ass is bare, but you're still covered. You will wear these from now on, understood." "Yes Master," she replied without any hesitation. She could live with that, half her panties were thongs now. "In time, if this works out between us, you will get rid of any kind of panties that are not thong, but don't worry, I don't expect that for a while," he told her.

She didn't say anything, but she thought to herself, oh, it will work out, I promise. She knew when she was at her apartment again she was going to throw out all her panties that were not thongs.

This caused her to remember that she needed to pick up a couple bras and some pairs of stockings. She also needed ink for her printer. She waited while Michael selected a dresser that he liked and put it in the cart that he had just brought.


When he was done she told him that she needed to go back to where he got the panties. Figuring she was going to argue about something, he asked, "For what?" "I need some new bras and a few pairs of stockings," she told him.

"Alright, let's go look, I like bras and stockings, " he said with a wink. They went over and together they looked at bras. She thought with a smile that she really liked shopping like this with him. He really knew what looked good on women and didn't hesitate to tell her. She ended up buying six bras and he informed her that he would be paying for them.

She didn't argue this time. Next they went to the hosiery isle and there she picked up some stockings, while she was looking Michael was too. He placed some really sexy ones in the cart, the kind with lines up the back and bows and stones on them. She asked if he thought she should wear them to school. He told her that she should and that he hoped she actually would. They finished in the underwear isle and she told him that she needed to go get ink for her printer to which he laughed and told her if she liked, she could pay for that but that he would not mind paying for it.

She smiled and said, "Whatever pleases you Master." They finally made it to the check out and Michael looked at his watch and saw that it was nearing midnight. He looked over at Silk and saw that she was starting to look tired. He knew that it was time to go home. He also decided that they would bring in the stuff tonight but that it would remain unpacked.

They could put it all away tomorrow before the other girls came over. They finished up and the register and went out to the car. The trunk was getting full so Michael opened the door and began setting stuff in the back seat. Finally the cart was empty and they were ready to go home. Off they went towards Michael's house. "Wow, I am tired. I can't wait to get home and hit the hay," she told him in a tired voice. "I know little one, but we still have to unload the car, shower and you have a punishment coming so don't fall asleep just yet," he told her noting the look on her face when he mentioned punishment.

She had tried to keep her face normal but thought to herself, damn. She had hoped to get out of it. She wondered if he would tell her what the punishment if she asked, then decided that he wouldn't. She sat and thought on it and what it would consist of. She wondered if it was normal for a slave to dread punishment. Finally she came to the conclusion that dwelling on it was going to make it any easier. She decided to change the subject. "So where are we going dancing at tonight?" She asked. He had watched her deal with the thought of punishment and almost laughed out loud when she finally spoke and changed the subject.

He knew she was dreading what was to come.

Good, he thought. "A club downtown called Angels. I know the owner, so I can always get in and with you three they wouldn't turn me down anyway," he told her. "May I ask why you want to go dancing? Do you dance," She asked him. He looked at her and saw that she was serious, "I like to watch women dance, especially sexy little sluty slaves. One of the perks of being the Dom," he told her with a wink, "And yes I do dance when I am so inclined." "Cool," was all she said.

She wondered if the other two could dance. They probably could since they were built like cheerleaders. Silk couldn't wait to show Michael just how sexy and sluty she could dance. She had taken dirty dancing and salsa lessons and knew just about every dance step around. Michael would have a surprise coming to him tonight. They were pulling to the court where Michael lived and soon they were in his driveway.

Michael looked to see if she had a look of dread and was pleased to note that she did not. She seemed lost in thought. "Wake up, sleepy head," he said. "I am awake," she said with a start. "Hey, we have to stop by my house in the morning so I can pick up that outfit you want me to wear dancing." "Not a problem," he told her as he got out of the car and started grabbing bags from the back seat.

She came around and began to help him. He gave her the keys to the door and some bags to take in and told her to put them in the dining room. She went and got the door open and put the bags where he had indicated. Next she went back out to get more bags. Finally all the bags where in and she sat in a chair at the table wondering what now.