College stud gets fucked anally by a latin hunk

College stud gets fucked anally by a latin hunk
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The sexual tension was killing me. I've been through this before but today I couldn't anymore. I think it was the sex in the air that made me walk toward him that night at the party. "Hey Matt.


Enjoying the party?" "Liz, hey, party's ok, you look…great." I knew he wanted to say more than great, the way he was looking at me said it all. "Thanks, I kinda noticed you kept looking at me so I decided to come over and see what's up, so…what's up?" I said with a giggle.

"Nothing much, everyone's either dancing or fucking upstairs or outside. Sometimes I get annoyed that I'm the only guy left holding my cup in the corner.

Well…except for that guy there," I looked to where he was pointing a noticed a nerdy guy from school in the kitchen trying to scoot away from a couple going hard on the counter. We laughed a little then decided to go outside where not much people were.

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We sat on the furthest unoccupied land at the back of the house. Him holding his protein shake, and me holding my water bottle. "It's been a while, I haven't seen or spoken to you in so long," he said. "Yeah true, I think it's been about 3 months or so, wow, we used to stay up all night on the phone talking about anything and everything. What happened to us?" "School." "Ugh, kill me now!

I wish I could go back to the good old days when I just cry and mum comes running in with a bottle in hand." "Yep, those were the days, life was so carefree." Hey lay down on the grass with an arm around his neck. He had such a great body. He was such a health freak.

Always eating healthy, going gym, jogging around the park, he never ate anything without checking the ingredients. He was a craze.

I was the complete opposite. I aimed to at least eat Maccas every Monday, Friday and Saturday. I was very lazy but my fast metabolism kept me fit. I lay next to him scooting closer so my head rested on his chest.

He wrapped his arm around me and let out a sigh. "What's up?" "Just reminiscing; Remember when we were 8 and I promised you that no matter how far, busy or sick we were, I would always call you, no matter what?" "Yeah I remember that, wow, I guess the old us never knew what hit them." I giggled.

"Yeah I guess so." We lay in silence for a while, reminiscing old times. Then he took his arm off me and sat up. I sat up and looked at him puzzled. "Can I tell you something?" "Of course, you can tell me anything, you know you can." "Well…see I'm having some difficulty with this girl and … well I could really use some advice. What should I do?" "Never thought you would ever need advice, weren't girls lining up to be with you after you broke up with Jane last month?" "Yeah, but this is different.

The girl…well she means a lot to me and I know her really well. She's a really good friend and over the years I've noticed her more and more and how life without her can be…unbearable." I started thinking of who the girl was. My guess was his bestie from primary, Kate. bestest hugs ever." With that I tackled him with a hug bear hug, spraying us both on the grass again.

He returned the hug with a tight squeeze and after a few laughs we pulled away. When I went to sit up again he held me down. I looked at him. I felt so self-conscious because his eyes were staring into mine. "I love your laugh." I felt myself blush and buried my face in my hair. I hated him for always doing this to me.

He always made me blush. He was always the flirt, the charmer. "I love your eyes. I love your honesty. I love who you are, I love the fact that I know who you are. I love how no matter how far apart we have been, we can still met like everything's normal.

Liz, I love you." He lifted my face out of my hair and kissed me hard on the lips. At first I was confused, and then I was lost in time. I felt as though I was floating in the clouds. I felt as though all noises happening around us were suddenly shut off and it was only me and Matt at the party.

I've known him since I was 4 and he was my best friend since then. It would be a lie if I said I never fantasied about us being together. Who wouldn't fantasise about Matt, he was hot! I wrapped my arms around his head and deepened the kiss. We pulled away for a moment. I realized I was still sitting on top of him, so I got off to allow him to sit up properly too.

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"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, its saabout time youse too kissed. Mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa. HAHA." See how there is always one guy at a party who gets really drunk and can't hold down his liquor? Well that guy announced to the whole party that: "Liz and Matt … hold on … (barf) … they … (barf)". By then everyone went back to whatever it was they were doing.

No one noticed us. I looked at Matt, I've always wanted to be with him, and now he just told me he loved me. A girl's dream come true. "I love you too, Matt. I've always loved you." We embraced in a kiss one more time before he picked me up and took me to his car.

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"Where are we going?" I asked. "It's a surprise," he sat me in the passenger seat and walked around to the driver's seat, started the car and speed off into the night. He grabbed my hand while he drove and I looked out the window trying to figure out where he was taking us. When he finally stopped the car I realised he had taken us to the spot where we would always go to when we young.

Jeremy's Garden was the most beautiful and most peaceful place I've ever been to. It was full of beautiful smelling flowers and there was a lake in the middle which was where Matt taught me how to swim.

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"Oh my god, I haven't been here in ages!" I looked around in wonder, remembering all the fun times. "Remember when you were angry with your parents for not buying you Maccas so you dragged me out of my house just to come here and swim?" "Yeah I remember. They didn't make nice food and forced me to eat it, I still am angry at them for not getting me Maccas, want to swim?" "Way ahead of you, I turned to look at him and noticed that he was already stripping down to his briefs.

He ran and dived into the water, spraying water all over my clothes. "Come on, take your clothes off and get in, the water's calling you. Liz…Liz…I miiiiiiiiissssssssss yyyoooouuuuuuu." I laughed as I undressed. Completely oblivious to the fact that I was undressing in front of Matt and that he was staring at me the whole time. I took of my top and skinnies, leaving me in my singlet and undies.

I ran and dove into the water. It felt so cool and … wet.

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I rose out of the water and felt Matt come up behind me and pick me up. He threw me over his shoulder sending me plummeting into the water again.

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I came out and looked around for Matt. "Matt? Matt? Oh, come on please, don't do this to me, stop it please. Matt?" I felt something pull on my leg, making me fall into the water. I heard Matt laughing and rose out of the water and jumped on him.


"STOP IT!" I screamed in his face. "Ok, Ok, I'll stop. Promise." He wrapped his arms around my legs that were wrapped around his waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"You're so beautiful, I love you so much." "I love you too." He kissed me hard on the lips. I moved my hands up into his hair. I loved his hair. I never let him cut it short. I loved it wild and messy. I moved my body closer to his, closing the gap between us and started grinding against him. He lowered his hands and grabbed me pushing me even closer. He pulled away from the kiss and started kissing my neck. I threw my head back, still tangling my hands in his hair and grinding up against his body.

He bit down hard on my neck making a little moan escape from my lips.


I felt his lips curve into a smile on my neck. Then he reached up and tore off my singlet, throwing away. He worked his way down to my breasts, again biting me and making me moan in pleasure and pain. He swiftly unhooked my bra and threw it away. While I was moaning away, he was roughly massaging my boob and with his tongue he was caressing my nipple. When he bit down, I was more than expecting him to do that. I always knew him as a biter.

He moved back to my lips and we made out one more time before he picked me up walked out of the water and lay me down on car hood, which was only a few meters away. He lay on top of me and kissed me while I took off his wet briefs.

He took off my undies and opened my legs wider with his hands. Before he put in his already erect penis in he slipped to fingers up my vagina. I pulled my head back, arching my back slightly and letting out moans with every push and pull. He continued thrusting his fingers in and out till I came and then he pulled his fingers out and slipped in his tongue.

I wrapped my legs around his head and elevated my pelvis. After sucking up all the juices and caressing my clit with his tongue, he finally pulled away and rammed his penis hard into me. I arched my back to breaking point and let out a loud scream in pain, which was then turned to moans of pure pleasure. I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him harder into me. He hunched over me and I bit down hard into his shoulder blade.

I didn't stop biting till I could taste blood. He was still thrusting his pelvis in and out of me for a while before I felt him cum.

He froze for a moment while the whole load burst into me. He pulled out of me a collapsed next to me on the car hood. In pain, I decided to leave my legs open till I could move them. We both lay on top of the car, breathing heavily and looking up at the sky. "You…were…amazing." I said between breaths.

"Thanks…so…were…you." After what felt like hours we got up, collected whatever clothes we could find, which for him was everything and me only my bottoms (my top was lost in the grass somewhere), and drove away from Jeremy's Garden.

Adding yet another cherished memory.