Dani daniels amd ivana sugar lick pussy and face sit babes

Dani daniels amd ivana sugar lick pussy and face sit babes
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The following story is a work of fiction. Its contents are of a graphically sexual nature and may involve non-consensual sexual acts between underage partners. Any resemblance to persons either alive or dead is purely coincidental. This story is intended for ADULTS only. If you are under the legal age of consent in your local jurisdiction, or if you are easily offended, kindly STOP READING NOW.

Dental Care - by - The StoryMaster "You're certain she's out, Doctor? She can't feel anything? There's no way she could wake up unexpectedly?" Jack Merrick asked. "Mr. Merrick, you may rest assured your daughter is completely unconscious. Sodium Pentothal is an extremely effective anesthetic. All I have to do is monitor the dosage so we don't put her too far under. I would think you'd be comfortable with the drill by now." The man in the white lab coat raised his eyebrows and smiled.

Jack Merrick gazed down at his pretty fourteen year old daughter. She looked so peaceful lying there in the dentist chair. One would have thought the attractive young blond was simply having a little nap if it weren't for the IV drip line taped to the inside of her right elbow.

Tracy Merrick breathed slowly and evenly, her chest rising and falling regularly. The first time Jack brought his daughter to see "The Good Doctor", as his best friend Ray called him, he was very apprehensive. Ray tried to tell him that there was nothing to worry about; that Dr.

Greeley was completely trustworthy, but still, Jack had his doubts. "I've taken Tina to him three times now, and everything is just great," Ray assured him. Tina was Ray's fifteen year old step-daughter and a good friend of Tracy's. None the less, Jack had a great deal of difficulty going ahead with his plans for his pretty daughter.

Granted, he'd been lusting after Tracy for years, but what he planned was tantamount to rape. Many times over the years, Jack had "accidentally" walked in on Tracy while she was bathing or changing clothes.

Always there was the embarrassed apology, following the prolonged leer. When Tracy was still a little girl, she'd never suspected that her father's "visits" were anything other than an accident. However, now that she was a budding young woman, Jack believed quite strongly that she suspected his excuses as being less than sincere. Couple that with the fact that as Jack found himself becoming more and more enamored with Tracy, the frequency of the "accidents" had increased.

Events had escalated to the point where his daughter was outwardly suspicious of him, resulting in an attempt to distance herself from her father. Jack was a torn man.

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On one hand he understood full well why his daughter distrusted him, and toyed with the idea of abandoning the whole affair, but on the other, Jack felt hopelessly locked on a course to possible ruin. He had to have Tracy.

Nothing could change that. So it was during the course of a semi-drunken conversation with his best friend, Ray, that Jack divulged his true feelings for his daughter. Much to Jack's surprise, Ray confessed that he had similar feelings for his step-daughter. Furthermore, he had found a way to act upon those feelings.

That's when Jack first heard about "The Good Doctor". Doctor Martin Greeley, his name was. Up front, he practiced family dentistry, but behind the scenes "The Good Doctor" dabbled in other sorts of "Family Services". Jack's first visit to Dr. Greeley had been a very uncomfortable experience. He had stood outside the office door for several minutes before summoning the fortitude to enter, and then had almost baulked more than once before he at last found the courage to confide in "The Good Doctor" about his desires.

Much to Jack's surprise and delight, Dr. Greeley had handled the entire meeting courteously and professionally. When Jack walked out of his office that fateful morning, he had on his person "The Good Doctor's" business card with an appointment date and time for his daughter, Tracy. This was Jack's fourth visit in as many weeks. His young daughter, Tracy began to complain about the number of dentist appointments she'd had recently, but both Jack and Dr.

Greeley told her that she had a rather serious gum problem that would require several follow up visits. And now, as Tracy dozed under the influence of the anesthetic, Jack smiled, reached out with his hand and gently stroked the soft skin of her cheek. As Jack rubbed his thumb across Tracy's lips, "The Good Doctor" cleared his throat and said, "Mr. Merrick, you have the usual forty-five minutes, before I will need to wake her up." Jack, with some difficulty, tore his eyes from Tracy's pretty face.

Turning toward Dr. Greeley, he said with a smile, "Thank you, Doctor.


That should suffice nicely." He then reached down and began to unbutton his daughter's white cotton blouse. After briefly checking the IV bottle hanging from the stainless steel hook behind the examination chair, Dr. Greeley turned and began to putter with some instruments on the counter against the wall. It was his policy that he remain in the room with his clients to monitor the anesthetic, but also he did enjoy watching the proceedings.

He tried, however, to be as discrete as possible given the circumstances. Martin Greeley was a true professional. Jack had been extremely self-conscious his first visit.

After all, having sex with one's own daughter took a bit of getting used to to begin with, but doing it with another man present in the room. Now, however, the whole affair felt perfectly natural.

Jack noticed his hands were shaking with excitement as he tugged the tails of Tracy's blouse out of her denim shorts. He then folded the lapels back to either side, exposing his daughter's small collar bones, the milky white skin of her chest and her flat tummy.

His heart was pounding furiously as he fumbled with the small catch between the soft cups of his daughter's brassiere. "Why do they make these damn things so hard to undo?" Jack cursed under his breath. "I beg your pardon, Mr. Merrick," Dr. Greeley said tuning around.

"N. Nothing, Doctor," Jack stammered, a sheepish grin on his face. "It's these damn bra catches. They make 'em so hard to unfasten." "I understand," "The Good Doctor" said with a knowing smile.

He turned back to his instruments, leaving Jack to his work. Finally the stubborn catch came loose. Jack held his breath as he pulled the two soft cups to either side, exposing his pretty daughter's small, perfect breasts. Jack didn't hesitate. He leaned down and placed his lips over the tip of one of those firm little mounds, reveling at the feel of the satiny smooth skin of Tracy's small areola.

Jack then looked up at his slumbering daughter's face, watching for any signs of awareness as he started nibbling her tiny nipple, coaxing it into erection. At fourteen years of age, Tracy's breasts were the size one might expect. Thus when Jack detected no reaction from his daughter to his soft nibbling, he opened wide and took her entire spongy soft little tittie into his mouth.

Tracy Merrick was a perfect mouthful. Jack felt the young girl's ribs beneath his lips as he covered her completely with his mouth.

Jack then pressed his tongue down against the top of his daughter's breast. Compressing the soft flesh, Jack could feel the firmer tissues of Tracy's developing mammary beneath her warm skin. Jack swirled his tongue in a few slow circles then raised his head. Sucking gently, Jack allowed his lips to follow the diminishing contour of his sweet daughter's breast, ending with a soft kiss as his lips parted company with her nipple. Before moving on to Tracy's other breast, Jack reached down and placed his right hand on his sleeping daughter's inner thigh.

His first time, Jack had, had a great deal of difficulty at this point. He seemed to teeter at this seeming point of no return. This being his fourth visit, however, Jack was entirely comfortable as he slipped his hand up between Tracy's thighs and began to rub her pussy through her clothing.

Even through her denim shorts, Jack could feel her curly bush rasp under the soft denim. As he lowered his mouth over Tracy's other breast, Jack reveled in the fullness of his young daughter's pussy beneath his touch.

For several wonderful minutes Jack Merrick nibbled at his young daughter's perfect breasts while he rubbed her pussy. Not for the last time, Jack thanked his friend Ray for having turned him on to Dr. Greeley. What a wonderful erotic world his friend had opened for him.

Recently, Jack toyed with the idea of revealing himself to his daughter. He'd shared these thoughts with Ray who'd been utterly shocked. Ray was adamant that such a course of action was nothing less than suicidal. "What the hell do you want to tell her for?" Ray asked. "It's only gonna ruin what we've both got. Hell, Jack you've got another four or five years while Tracy still lives at home. Don't blow it, man," he warned. So, silence it would be, Jack had decided.

He gazed lovingly down at his beautiful, young daughter lying there in the exam chair, her breasts wet with his saliva, her small nipples tight and erect from his stimulation. Jack began to unbutton her shorts. It was then that he noticed a slight flush to the pale skin of Tracy's neck and shoulders. Even in her drugged state, the young girl was becoming aroused, her nubile body reacting instinctively to her father's petting. Unlike the brassiere, the button of his daughter's shorts opened easily.

As Jack unzipped Tracy's pants, he was treated to the sight of her pale, pink, satin panties.

Warm and smooth against the backs of his fingers, his daughter's panties were graced with a small lace waist band. In the center of the narrow elastic band was a tiny pink bow. Jack spread the zipper of Tracy's shorts, then leaned down and kissed the little bow. Tracy's scent of perfume mixed with the musky aroma of female arousal filled Jack's head as he moved his lips lightly over the warm satin. Kissing ever so softly, Jack moved to Tracy's tummy just above her panties.

Then Jack took the tiny bow in his fingertips and slowly pulled the silky material down, stretching the elastic waistband. As he got his first glimpse of the top of Tracy's soft, blond bush, Jack followed the waist band with his lips.

He inhaled deeply as he nuzzled his lips and nose into those soft curls. Next, Jack slipped his hand carefully beneath the warm satin and cupped his lovely daughter's full pussy. "She's so soft and warm," Jack thought to himself as he slowly rubbed Tracy. Suddenly the young girl squirmed in the examination chair. Terrified, Jack quickly removed his hand from inside Tracy's panties, causing an audible "snap" as the elastic waist band fell against Tracy's soft skin.

He practically jumped back from the chair in alarm. "Problems?" Dr. Greeley said, turning again toward Jack and his daughter. "She moved," Jack said, his mouth suddenly dry. The doctor peered at Jack over his glasses, glanced up at the IV bottle, then got up from his seat. Stepping to the exam chair, Greeley first checked the plastic tube running from the IV bottle to the catheter in Tracy's vein.

He then placed two fingers to the side of Tracy's neck to check her carotid pulse. "Strong and regular," he said in a professional tone of voice. He removed a pen light from his lab coat pocket, and checked the teenager's pupils. "Equal and reactive. She's fully under. Probably just a reflex reaction," he said looking up at the nervous father. Then he gazed back down at the sleeping girl. "She's certainly a lovely, young lady, Mr.

Merrick. You're a lucky man," Dr. Greeley added, a far away look appearing on his face.


Then as quickly as it had appeared, it was gone. Resuming his professional demeanor, Dr. Greeley looked at his wrist watch. "You have approximately thirty minutes, Mr. Merrick." He then returned to his lab bench, leaving Jack to continue with his daughter. In order to get himself back in the mood, Jack leaned down and gently kissed his sleeping little girl on the lips.

After the first light contact, Jack slipped his tongue between Tracy's lips and used its tip to separate her teeth. At the same time, he reached down and slid his hand back into his daughter's panties. Jack squeezed her a few times rhythmically then as he slipped his tongue into his daughter's sweet mouth, he pressed his middle finger between Tracy's vulva and into her most private area.

Removing his mouth from Tracy's, Jack raised up and gazed down at his daughter with a warm smile. "Mmmm, you're all wet for me, baby," he whispered softly as he explored deeper into the gooey valley between Tracy's ample pussy lips. "You're just like your mother, sweetheart. Such a hot, wet pussy." Jack slid his finger up and down over his young daughter's moist, intimate flesh for a moment longer while he kissed her lightly several more times. At last he removed his hand from Tracy's panties then straightened up beside the exam chair.

The time for foreplay was over. The dental examination chair in which young Tracy Merrick sat was not your standard issue chair approved by the American Dental Association. No indeed, "The Good Doctor" had seen fit to install several modifications of his own design.

To all outward appearances, the chair looked like a normal exam chair of the more recent style in which the patient sits in a reclining position. The chair is then lowered down very close to the floor and the doctor operates from a seated position along side. Gone were the days of the upright contrivances which resembled barber's chairs.

The new generation exam chairs had contoured curves which cradled the patient very comfortably. Dr. Greeley had made one major modification, however, to better accommodate the "special needs" of his patients. At a point just below the small of Tracy's lower back, Greeley had fabricated a separation joint.

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By unfastening two large, stainless steel wing-bolts located under the seat bottom, the leg rest end of the chair could be removed, and then replaced with an arrangement consisting of tubular extensions ending in fiberglass cradles for the calves and stainless stirrups for the patient's feet much like those of a gynecological examination table. The tubular extensions themselves were articulated in such a manner that they could be adjusted to hold the patient's lower extremities in a variety of positions.

All in all it was a well designed apparatus; one that had served "The Good Doctor" well. Before asking for Dr. Greeley's assistance with the chair, however, Jack needed to remove his daughters shorts and panties. Tracy's blouse he would leave on but open, giving him access to her breasts.

After first removing her shoes (he decided to leave her socks on as well), Jack tugged at Tracy's denim shorts, working them steadily down over her hips and thighs. As he did, he glanced in the doctor's direction.

"The man was a rock," Jack thought to himself. "How could he sit there with his back turned and not want to watch?" Jack found himself wondering idly if the doctor managed to remain this detached with all of his patients. After pulling his daughter's pants off over her feet, Jack dropped them to the floor next to the foot of the chair. Now for the part he enjoyed the most. With trembling hands, Jack slipped his finger tips under the narrow elastic band at Tracy's hips.

He could feel the warmth of his daughter's soft skin as he slowly drew the small, pink satin panties down to her knees. There he paused, staring in awestruck wonder at the loveliness between his little girl's thighs. Both Tracy and her mother were graced with heads of thick, wavy, golden blond hair. Tracy was in the habit lately of wearing her's back in a thick pony tail tied high on the back of her head in almost "50's" fashion. But when she wore it down as she had today, it fell around her narrow shoulders like a golden cape, thick and luxurious.

One of the things that had attracted Jack to wife all those years ago was her pussy. Jeane Merrick had a fabulous pussy. There was no doubt about it. Like her mother, Tracy Merrick was also blessed with a heart stopping treasure between her legs. Both mother and daughter alike had wide, full pubic "V's", with prominent pubic arches and heavy vulva.

Both ladies were also graced with a fairly dense covering of tight, golden curls. Tracy in addition had one cute little curl of a slightly darker golden hue just at the top of her vaginal slit, directly over her "ON Button", as Jack called it.

Both girls were magnificent to say the least, but today it was his fourteen year old daughter who was the intended object of Jack's attentions. At last Jack was able to tear his eyes from his daughter's charms long enough to remove her panties and drop them atop her shorts on the floor. Then, clearing his throat, he said, "Uh, Dr.

Greeley. I believe we're ready to adjust the seating arrangements." "Very well, Mr. Merrick," the doctor replied. "If you will please hold your daughter's legs up, I'll install the supports." In a matter of minutes, the two men had the special extensions rigged and young Tracy's feet and legs supported therein.


With Dr. Greeley's help, Jack adjusted the tubular extensions such that his young daughter's legs were spread adequately, but comfortably apart. The seat of the chair was then elevated, bringing the young blond up to the proper height. Jack made a few last minute adjustments to the position of his daughter's knees, moving them up to about the height of his waist as he stood between them. When all was in readiness, Jack thanked the doctor for his assistance.

"You're quite welcome, Mr. Merrick. The small, paper containers you requested are in the dispenser adjacent to your daughter's right hip, and as you know there are moist wipes and towels in the drawer over there." He nodded toward a cabinet across the room.

"If you won't be requiring further assistance, Mr. Merrick, I'll return to my work. Don't hesitate to call me if there's a problem." Dr. Greeley gave the unconscious teenager a quick looking over then said, "Your daughter appears to be stable and in good condition. Based upon the time the anesthetic was administered, you have approximately twenty-five minutes, give or take.

At that time we will need to get Tracy cleaned up before I bring her around." Greeley was truly a professional. "Mr. Merrick," he nodded by way of excusing himself, then returned to his work at the far side of the room. "Twenty-five minutes," Jack thought as he quickly removed his shoes and stripped off his trousers. "I suppose I'll have to dispense with oral sex." That thought was mildly disappointing to Jack.

He did so enjoy tasting his lovely daughter. Tracy, even more so than her mother, had highly active vaginal glands. It took practically no stimulation at all to cause the young beauty to become uncommonly wet.

During their first appointment with "The Good Doctor" Jack had spent virtually the entire visit feasting at Tracy's vaginal entrance as the teenager secreted copious amounts or silky nectar into his waiting mouth. Jack had come away from the experience with the essence of his daughter covering his nose, mouth and chin, such that he was loth to wash afterward. "I guess there will always be another time." That thought comforted Jack to no end.

Thus far "The Good Doctor" had given every indication that future appointments for Tracy would be accommodated. Jack smiled as he slipped out of his boxer shorts. Jack gazed down lovingly at the young teenager spread invitingly before him. "Daddy's gonna love his little girl," he whispered as he slipped the fingers of his right hand between the fur covered lips of Tracy's pussy.

Wiggling his fingers, Jack parted the resilient flesh of the young girl's vulva then dipped the tips of all four fingers into the wet, succulent world between. After a moment, Jack withdrew his hand which was now covered to the knuckles with silky, vaginal fluid.

He then used his daughter's own juices to lubricate himself. Stroking his already rock hard manhood, Jack stepped forward between Tracy's legs until he felt the smooth skin of her inner thighs against his hips. As he steered the purple head of his penis toward his daughter's waiting treasure, Jack gazed down at her.

So lovely she was, her perfect mouth, beautiful face, small, shapely breasts, flat tummy and wide hips. Tracy Merrick was a well developed young lady for a fourteen year old. Jack gasped in a quick breath as he brushed the head of his penis against his daughter's soft, golden fur. Applying a bit more pressure, Jack pushed its broad head between Tracy's ample lips. Her wonderfully wet, female heat always took Jack by surprise as he began to hunt up and down with his cock in his daughter's love valley, seeking the gates to heaven on Earth.

At last Jack felt Tracy's inner labia move aside. He was poised and ready. Jack reached out with one hand and cupped his daughter's left breast as he pushed into her. "Oh, sweetheart!" Jack moaned. He looked down to see his daughter's flat, muscular tummy bulge outward as he moved into her. Even in her unconscious state, Tracy's vagina reacted to her father's penetration, the strong muscles of her fluffy, convoluted walls contracting around him, embracing Jack in a steely soft grip.

Jack massaged his daughter's tender breast as he moved the head of his penis in and out in several slow short strokes just an inch or two inside of her. Jack considered himself to be "adequately endowed". He felt he'd succeeded over the years in satisfying whomever he'd been with at the time.

Certainly his wife had never complained. Jack had been apprehensive, however about having intercourse with Tracy since she was so young. In spite of her broad pelvis, he'd worried that she might not be able to handle his full nine inches. You can imagine Jack's delight then when on only his second time with Tracy he'd been able to fill his little girl completely. Tracy's athletic vagina had, after some patient preparation, allowed him full penetration.

How wonderful she'd felt that first time when the head of Jack's penis had pressed against the very back of her birth canal at the same time that his scrotum had touched the round globes of her firm bottom. So it was that after two or three short, preparatory strokes, Jack moved his hips forward, purposefully driving the full length of his penis into his young daughter in one fluid motion.

Tracy was so wet, that it felt like he was pushing himself into a soft cylinder filled with hot oil. Jack liked to fuck his daughter slowly.

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His measured cadence allowed him to feel every amazing inch of Tracy's vaginal passage, every contraction, every spasming ripple. Thinking ahead, Jack also realized that if he were to give Tracy a serious pounding, he might injure the young girl. Or at the very least, she would be extremely tender and sore following their love making. Jack had to remind himself that when he was finished, he would need to wash away any evidence that he'd been there. Jack had the sneaking suspicion, however, that his daughter had sensed that something was amiss down there.

They say a woman can tell. After their last appointment, Tracy had been unusually quiet on their return drive home. As Jack recalled, the pretty teenager had squirmed in the car seat more than usual.

Following that episode, Jack vowed he would be very carful with Tracy. If the truth be known, his sweet daughter was such an incredibly good fuck, that although she was unconscious, Jack could hold himself absolutely still inside of her and simply let Tracy do the fucking. Placing his hands around his daughter's waist, Jack pulled the young beauty onto himself.

He rocked his hips slowly from side to side, coaxing the head of his penis into Tracy's deepest, most intimate place. "Even if you are sexually active, sweetheart," Jack whispered down to the sleeping girl, the thought of which disturbed him not a little, "none of your young lovers will have you this deeply, this completely." He felt a tremor pass through the young girl.

"You know I'm there, don't you Trace?" Jack cooed. "You know your daddy's fucking you, don't you, baby. Don't you?" As if in answer to his query, Tracy's vagina contracted around him. "Yes, Trace. That's right sweetheart. Fuck me Tracy. Fuck me back, honey." Jack leaned forward a bit, taking both of Tracy's small breasts in his big hands.

While he rolled her tiny nipples between his thumbs and fingers, Jack Merrick began to fuck his daughter. As the minutes slipped by, Jack delivered his long slow strokes to his daughter, Tracy. After awhile he moved one hand down to her pussy. Resting the blade of his hand on Tracy's wide pubic arch, Jack delved into the top of her wet slit with his thumb.

The single golden curl of hair marking Tracy's clitoral area was already wet as Jack felt for the small hood covering her "ON Button". "There you are, you little rascal," Jack chuckled under his breath. Pushing the soft shroud of skin aside, Jack began to slowly swirl his thumb over the tip of his daughter's clitoris.

He was rewarded immediately with a strong vaginal embrace. Tracy rolled her hips to the right slightly then settled back.

Jack continued his fucking. "Yes, Tracy. Daddy's little girl likes that, doesn't she." He rubbed her clitoris slowly and firmly. Jack sincerely hoped that during one of their encounters, he might cause his young daughter to climax for him. "The Good Doctor" had assured him that there was no clinical reason why Tracy shouldn't respond physically to sexual stimuli.

"Some things are simply instinctive, Mr. Merrick," he'd lectured. "With the proper technique, you should be able to induce orgasm in your daughter." Tracy clutched him again.

Jack increased the tempo of his strokes ever so slightly. "God! She's marvelous," Jack thought as he heard a series of wonderfully wet sounds come from between his daughter's thighs. Looking down, Jack was momentarily mesmerized by the sight of his glistening shaft as it pistoned in and out between Tracy's furry lips. With the thumbs of both hands, Jack spread Tracy's vulva giving him a better view of the wet, pink flesh beneath.

Watching closely, Jack pulled almost all the way out of his daughter. Tracy's small inner labia puckered outward, hugging his shaft as he withdrew. Not for the last time, Jack took note of how incredibly well lubricated Tracy was. The visible portion of his penis glistened with a healthy coating of milky white mucus. Two wet strings of vaginal fluid stretched between her wet, matted pubic curls and the front of her father's right thigh.

"God! She was great," Jack thought as he slowly returned his manhood to the hot confines of his fourteen year old daughter. While he watched, Tracy's inner lips adhered to his shaft. Tuning inward the small petals followed him into her vagina. Jack felt hot fluid seep from beneath his shaft and run down his testicles. His lovely daughter's musky aroma wafted upward filling Jack's senses and taking his breath away.

Jack lost himself in his sweet child. The room filled with the sticky, wet sounds of love as Jack turned his manual attentions back to Tracy's clitoris. "Cum for me, baby. Cum for me Trace," Jack panted as he again increased his tempo.

He hoped the young girl would reach her climax soon, because Jack began to feel those unmistakable telltale signs growing in his loins.

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Suddenly Tracy rolled her hips, first to one side, then the other. Jack felt a tremor pass through his daughter. "That's my little girl, Trace. Cum for Daddy, sweetheart." Jack knew the signs. His daughter was going to cum any second. Taking Tracy's hips in his hands, Jack pushed his penis fully into her twitching interior. Tracy's belly bulged in response, and she arched her back for the first time. Holding her tightly by the hips, Jack delivered a series of short, reasonably strong thrusts.

He could feel the head of his penis pressing against the very back of Tracy's vaginal passage. He was knocking on the door to her womb. A moment later, Tracy Merrick came. Catching her father off guard, her broad hips jerked upward violently in a humping rhythm of her own. Regaining his composure, Jack held perfectly still and let his young daughter fuck herself on his deeply implanted manhood. Jack almost lost control when Tracy's vaginal muscles began their orgasmic contractions attempting to milk the male organ inside of her.

Leaning down over his sweet daughter, Jack quickly reached for a small paper cup from the dispenser on the side of the exam chair. He then straightened up, cup in hand and began to hump Tracy again. The incredible sight of his darling little girl writhing beneath him in the throws of an orgasm that he'd induced, coupled with her wonderful vaginal contractions around his impaling penis quickly sent Jack over the edge.

As the burning itch of his climax spread down his thighs, Jack jerked his hips back with a gasp, quickly pulling out of his lovely daughter. His penis was so slippery with its coating of Tracy's juices, that Jack was barely able to direct the first stream of semen into the small cup in his left hand.

Most made it, however, as did his second and third salvo. Jack's knees practically buckled from the intensity of his orgasm.

"Ahhh, God!" he groaned, as he milked the remains of his semen into the cup. It had been almost two weeks, and Jack had always been known for his sizable reservoir of cum.

When at last he'd finished, Jack saw that he had practically filled the small container. There had to be four to six ounces of his milky and viscous bodily fluid in the cup. The paper cup thing had been Jack's idea. "The Good Doctor" had liked the idea so well, he'd installed the dispenser on the side of the examination chair.

He later confided in Jack that a couple of his other clients now used his method. Jack's idea stemmed from his desire to fuck Tracy, but not to accidentally impregnate her. He did, however want his daughter to partake of his semen. He'd tried cumming directly into her mouth on their first visit, and as a result he'd had the devil of a time trying to clean the sticky substance out of Tracy's thick, blond hair after the young girl unexpectedly turned her head away from him at the worst possible moment.

"I take it, you're almost finished, Mr. Merrick," Dr. Greeley said looking at his watch. "It's time we awaken your daughter." "Right you are, Doctor," Jack said as he stepped around to the side of the examination table. Jack was amazed at how unabashed he'd become in such a short time. Their first visit, it was all he could do to keep himself erect, he'd been so nervous and embarrassed.

Now, without even bothering to put his pants back on he leaned down and set the cup of semen on the instrument stand beside the exam chair. Then he slipped one arm carefully behind his daughter and sat her up a bit. Jack then reached for the paper cup, but realized too late that he'd set it down just out of reach. "Damn!" he cursed under his breath.

"May I be of assistance, Mr. Merrick?" Dr. Greeley asked stepping up to the other side of the chair. After a moment's contemplation, Jack replied, "Yes please, Doctor. Would you hold Tracy up for a minute, please." "Gladly, Mr.

Merrick," Dr. Greeley said as he moved to support the sleeping girl. After retrieving the cup, Jack stepped up beside the chair. Once again he was taken by the beauty of his daughter. Tracy's breathing had returned to normal as she lay placidly against Dr. Greeley's arm. Jack gazed at Tracy's shapely legs, still propped up by the chair's special supports.

The smooth, white skin of her inner thighs glistened with liquid as did the area surrounding her pubic mound and most of her lower abdomen. Tracy's once golden curls were now a much darker shade of blond, being soaked and matted with vaginal mucus. The young girl had been well loved.

"Lean her back a little, please, Doc," Jack said as he supported Tracy's head with his left hand. Without being asked, the helpful dentist, reached over with his free hand and gently pinched Tracy's nostrils closed. Immediately the teenager opened her mouth. "Just a little farther back, if you would, please Doc," Jack said softly as he raised the paper cup to his daughter's lips.

"Here we go, sweetheart. Drink a little bit of Daddy's cum." Jack poured a little of the cooling semen into Tracy's open mouth. As Jack's bodily fluid touched her tongue, the young girl instinctively closed her lips together. Too late, Jack pulled the cup away. A small amount of his semen dribbled down his daughter's chin. The two men watched closely as Tracy's jaw muscles moved beneath her flawless complexion. Jack and Dr. Greeley exchanged nods when at last they saw Tracy swallow.

Quickly she opened her mouth for air. "That's my sweet girl, Jack said softly then leaned forward and kissed Tracy lightly on the cheek. He then brought the paper cup to her lips once again.

And so it went; a small sip, a pause, a small sip. In a surprisingly short time, the cup was empty. Young Tracy Merrick had consumed all that her father had to offer, and only spilled a tiny drop in the process.

The two men then leaned the sleeping teenager back in the chair. With his index finger, Jack dabbed the small drop of semen from Tracy's chin and wiped it gently across her pink lips. He then took one small breast in his hand and began to massage the perfect mound. Lost in thought, Jack gazed into the face of his little girl. She looked so serene. Even in her unconscious state, Tracy Merrick had that "freshly fucked look" about her; a look any father could love.

"I hate to break the mood, Mr. Merrick, but we need to bring Tracy around very soon. Anesthesia is not something that can be toyed with." Dr. Greeley said. He handed Jack a towel. Jack wiped himself off, then donned his trousers and shoes. Going to the cabinet, he brought back several big white towels and a plastic jar of "Wet Ones" baby wipes.

Kneeling between his daughter's legs, Jack began the process of cleaning the young girl but paused at the last minute.

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Glancing up at "The Good Doctor", Jack saw the man shut off the IV drip, then deftly remove the catheter from Tracy's vein. "Should be about ten minutes now, Mr. Merrick. If you're not quite finished, however, I can always give her a little nitrous oxide, but I'd rather not, you understand." "Perfectly, Doctor," Jack replied. Then without further hesitation, he leaned his head down between Tracy's thighs and kissed her full on her damp pussy.

Before drawing back, he gave his daughter a few quick jabs into her vaginal opening with his tongue. Tracy tasted like heaven.

Jack promised himself that on their next visit, he would eat, her again. Right now, though, time was short. Carefully, Jack used the wet towelettes to clean the delicate folds of skin between his daughter's legs. He then dried her thoroughly with a couple of towels. Soon thereafter, the two men reassembled the examination chair to its original configuration.

Dr. Greeley then went about cleaning Tracy's teeth while her father busied himself dressing her. When at last, the young beauty stirred, both her father and Dr. Greeley were seated nearby.

"Are you OK, darling?" Jack asked as Tracy's blue eyes fluttered open. "I.Uh," she was disoriented. "Hi, Dad," she said at last, giving her father a sleepy smile. "Hi, Dr. Greeley," Tracy said when she noticed him seated on the other side of the exam chair. He held a dental instrument in his hand. "Hello, Miss Merrick," Dr. Greeley answered. "Welcome back.

Everything went very well. Your gums have improved markedly, I might add, young lady. Are you at all uncomfortable at this time?" "No. I. I don't know, I." Tracy began to reply, but just then she gave an enormous, very un-ladylike belch. Immediately she made a very ugly face.

Jack watched as a curious expression graced his daughter's face. He saw her move her mouth as if she were tasting something unusual. Jack Merrick smiled inwardly, knowing full well what it was that his beautiful, young daughter tasted.

Then, turning to Dr. Greeley, he extended his hand. "Thank you, Doctor. I guess that about does it, right?" "Right you are, Mr, Merrick," Dr.

Greeley said shaking his client's offered hand. "You may see my receptionist for a follow up appointment. I would suggest we see Miss Merrick again in say. two weeks?" "Oh, Dad," Tracy whined as she tried to get to her feet and suddenly swooned. Jack grabbed her in the nick of time. The young girl was still pretty light headed.

After all, she'd had a busy morning. "Now, Tracy. You know what they say about following the doctor's orders." Jack turned and winked at "The Good Doctor". Martin Greeley responded with a professional smile as Jack turned and supported his pretty daughter as they walked toward the door. Unnoticed by either Jack or Tracy, "The Good Doctor's" smile broadened as he watched the teenage girl walk with a noticeable waddle.

Martin Greeley would see Tracy Merrick again, of that he was certain. To be continued. (Don't ya hate it when we do this!) End - SM