Young slut Haley Reed fucked and fed with cum by stepdad

Young slut Haley Reed fucked and fed with cum by stepdad
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Next Friday evening, Jack and Jane continue to use Tessa as their babysitter, Jack and Jane go out again,Tessa baby sitting . on returning Jack insists he will attend to the boys while Jane takes Tessa home. "Oh okay back in a little while" ( the girls are in deep conversation whilst Jane drives Tessa home).

" Jane you look gorgeous tonight . I love your ear rings"(when the car stops, Tessa touches them and Janes ear - and notices Jane blush then smile) "Careful my ears are very sensitive to touch".


Tessa feels a warm feeling from Jane and being very alert -moves one of her hands to just above Janes knee, while the other lightly touches Janes cheek then her lips." Gosh you are so beautiful, such soft skin tones, I envy you ". Jane " oh oh " (taking Tessa's hand from her knee - Tessa takes Jane by surprize and kisses Janes lips - Jane half responds) " whoa hold on what's happening". Tessa persists fondling Janes breasts through the dress fabric and kisses Jane more passionately - Jane a little lighted headed from the night out responds to Tessa - they kiss passionately.

Tessa parts her legs and takes Janes hand and pushes it between her legs finding her hot wet mound. Tessa slipping her hand into Janes open necked dress ,gently fondling Janes breasts, finding her sensitive nipples.

Jane does not resistmoaning in delight. The car is fogging up with heat . the sexual tension is increasing. Janes mobile phone rings. "Hello.Jack . yes .can't find what .okay I'm on my way back .see you soon.bye" Jane hangs up. "Sorry Tessa I got carried away, Tessa this is wrong, I am married.

. This didn't happen okay, put it out of your mind". "Okay Jane I'll try. it's just that your so sexyI've never reacted to a woman like this before, you really stir my nerve endings, with your every movement". Janes departs the car and waves goodbye. *** Saturday Tessa is babysitting from 2 p.m.

onwards, Jack & Jane attending Jack's their best friends wedding and reception afterwards .they are both having a great time, and the festivities are just heating up, when Janes mobile rings at 9 p.m. Jane a little tipsy from the alcohol. " Hello. Tessa . whats wrong .one of the boys won't stop coughing and you can't find the medicine .

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oh shit it's in our car.I'll be home in about 30 minutes. keep him calm, okay. bye". " Jack ", She gets his attention and explains the problem - he offers to go - but Jane insists he stays, because it's his best friend's wedding night.

"Thanks babe, your a doll. . take a taxi, it'll be safer - you've been drinking". He kisses her.

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" Love you ., have a good timesee you when you get home.I must go now, Tessa's probably having problems . bye hon".Jane departs, gets the medicine from the car and calls a taxi.

Arriving at home she rushes inside, giving the ventolin inhaler to her son - he was still coughing badly, looking distressed. The medicine calmed him after 10 minutes, and he went to sleep. Tessa was in a mess, deeply concerned about the boy,she burst into tears. "Oh I'm so sorry Jane, I was terrified, he was gasping for air and coughing badly, I almost called the ambulance". Jane hugs Tessa - consoling her. " It's okay, we should have been more careful making sure you had his medicine, I suppose we had been slack because he hadn't had an attack for 3 months.

Settle down Tessa it's not your fault ". Kissing Tessa on the forehead and strokes her hair. " Therethere. Really he's alright now .hey what do you say we crack a bottle of bubbly and watch some TV, I'm half pissed and am missing out on a great night". " Oh I've ruined your night ".

Tessa cries again". "You look so beautiful in your dress .hot if I may say so". " Thank you", Jane wipes the tears away from Tessa's cheeks. " Now you go to the ladies and freshen up, I'll get into something more comfortable .then we'll open a bottle of bubbly and watch a DVD.

okay". Tessa agrees. Tessa returns to find Jane sitting on the lounge in a silk dressing gown, pouring two glasses of champagne, she offers one to Tessa .whom sits beside Jane. "Lets drink and be merry .I've already had onehe he. .(feeling warm and light headed). so what will we watch Tess ". Tessa taking along sip of bubbly.

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" mmm, thats good .sweet and soothing,yum." Jane giggling, " I have another bottle .now lets watch .um Dirty Dancing .and we can dance to it as well, shake some booty .heh heh". Jane puts the movie on. and they both drink the bubbly, Tessa refills them this time. They get up and dance to the music on the movie, imitating the sexy moves on the movie, both are laughing having a great time.

As Jane dances shaking her booty to the delight of TessaJanes cord slips off her gown her gown opens, revealing lace bra and panties protecting an exquisitely curvaceous sexy body .The wine and the movie are mesmerizing, they continue dirty dancing to the music, Jane very tipsy drops the hindering gown to the floor, laughing, Tessa claps in approval.

Tessa is absolutely taken by Janes movements, she moves closer to Janeand takes off her jeans in a sexy mannerJane applauding - they place their hands on each others hips swaying there hot buttocks to and froall the time, laughing, when the music stops they have some more bubbly.

" Wow Jane your the hottest mover I've ever seen . Jack's a lucky man ". Tessa, thinking, fuck my nipples are taut and my pussy is soaked in my love juice, oh I feel so great, I need to seduce JaneI need to fuck with her, oh god I hope she plays, I want her to touch me all over.

They both flop onto the lounge for a breather, making body contact, laughing. Tessa also slightly drunk, accidently spills champagne on her top,and onto the lounge . "Oh fuck sorry ", says Tessa. Jane laughs and uses some tissues to soak up the champagne on the seat, and dabs Tessa's T-shirt seeing Tessa's perky nipples sticking through the wet fabric." Lets take that off that tee shirt, my my what I'd give to have firm tits like that again".

" Oh your tits are wet.thats $100 champagne, here lets not waste it" Jane proceeds to lick Tessa's tits, running her tongue over Tessa's nipples.Tessa cannot believe her luck, hmmm who is seducing who.

Tessa says, "Oh yesyesJane don't waste a drop ". She gives Jane both breasts to suck, while she manouvers herself, to undo Janes bra, releasing delicious tits to her palms. The Dirty dancing music comes on again, Jane encourages Tessa to the floor, keeping her close, they perform seductive moves for each other, their hands roaming over each others bodies, continually. They embrace again kissing passionately, their breasts rubbing against each other.

Jane gets up and does a sexy dance routine, whereby she removes her soaked panties throwing them at Tessa. Tessa reciprocates with seductive movements takes off her short dress and soaked panties, flicking them at Janewhom laughs seductively.They look into each others eyes and move into embrace each otherkissing with much vigor and passion, breasts rubbing, there hands fondling each others wet mounds.

Moaning and groaning, oblivious to the movie now, enveloped in each others passion. They tumble to the floor into the 69 position licking, sucking each others cunts, finger fucking each other into orgasm after orgasm. They return back to sitting on the lounge chair, Tessa takes a large vibrator from her bag .

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"Jane let me introduce you to Raffa, lay back and close your eyes, this will send you crazy", Jane does as she is told. Tessa kisses Janes lips, and fondles her breasts, then licks her clit, and then slowly introduces the vibrating Raffa to Janes clit. Janes body shakes in ecstacy, her hips writhing up and down as Tessa fingers Janes sweet pussy, her pussy being a pool of love juice, covering Tessa's fingers.

" Oh my god Janeyou are so,so wet.I have to eat you, oh yes yum", with that Tessa sucks, licks and eats Janes clit and sweet pussy. " Oh ,Oh fuck, I am so exhausted you have really fucked me so good .come hereyour turn lay back, let me suck your lovely tits". Jane slips her fingers into Tessa's pussy which is equally wet, Tessa calling out in delight.

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" Oh fuck me Jane ,fuck me make me cum over and over, fuck me with Raffa to please.oh shit yes, yes. then when I have cum lets 69 each other." Jane obeys and eases and teases with Raffa, probing Tessa's pussy, while Tessa enjoys all the wonderful sensations radiating through out her body, she cums many times, and finish with a sixty nine tasting of each others love juices.

They fall into each others arms exhausted,lightly touching and kissing The sweet smell of cum all over each other. the has movie ended. Tessa is sleeping on the lounge, beautifully naked, a contented smile on her face .Jane is awake admiring her lovers hot body, when she hears Jack's car pull up in the drive.

"Oh shit", she quickly puts on her robe -dumbfounded on what to do - she must think quickly - then giggles to herself - thinking to herself. Okay I'll use this to my advantage .he he . lets see how Jack reacts when he comes in.

Quickly Jane parts Tessa's legs and takes Tessa's fingers and places two fingers into Tessa's hot moist pussy . Tessa stirs a little but remains asleep in a hot horney position . all vulnerable. now I'll pretend I'm asleep and see what happens .he he naughty me .Jane leaves Tessa uncovered, her naked body exposed, then she quickly goes to the main bedroom and gets under the covers.

Jack enters" Oh fuck I'm horney, where are you my delicious wife". He enters ,the room is semi dark, he is intoxicated. " JaneJane .is that you". Jack has his shirt off and trousers and underpants around his ankles in a flash - he stumbles to the body on the lounge touching her breasts, Oh I smell sweet sex, he hears her moan lightly - and is about to kiss her.

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" What the .fuck it's Tessa", He sits up - his cock remaining rock hard, wow look at her, a goddess .yuummmy. "Oh god Jane .what will she think"? Jack naked, quickly enters the main bedroom and attempts to wake Jane, she pretends to be fast asleep, he cannot waken her.

Jack standing over his wife, looking down on her says softly. " my god your beautiful, I am the luckiest man alive,I love you so much, I wish you were awake so that we could make passionate love".

With that he turns and leaves the room to join Tessa.

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Jane wide awakealmost cries in happiness with what Jack has uttered, she doesn't make a sound, but feels so overwhelmed and guilty at the same time . she so desperately wants him in her arms, to fuck his brains out, to love him.


She slips out of bed and quietly watches what Jack is doing ." Oh what have I done ." Jack lightly kisses Tessa on the forehead - and covers her with a blanket . Tessa is still sleepingJack looks down at his throbbing cock ." Looks like a hand job .".When suddenly a hand grasps his cock from behind.

"Christ you scared the hell out me Jane" Jane turns him around kisses him passionately and whispers. "Jack, I'm sorry I had a play with Tessa, and you resisted her because of your love for me.

I love you so much". She drops her robe to the floor and they embrace nakedly -both being ravenous for each other. Jack picks up Jane and carries her to the main bed, throwing her onto the bed - with a wicked smile.

"My love ,foreplay is out the window tonight, I am so hungry to make love to you -my body is aching all over, this will be pure animal lust.

he then rises above her and guides his pulsating cock into her abyss of love .their bodies mould together as one .consuming, loving,fucking. Jane opens her body to engulf Jack totally . moving, rocking, "Fuck me Jack . fuck me as you've never fucked me before, I want everything you can give . which I will return two fold .my love, my Jack". Jane is absolutely spent .Jack kisses her nipples and neck. she moans .and as she responds one of the boys cries.

she gets up to attend to him .looking at Jack's cock erect again . Jane says to Jack "Go and carry Tessa back here to our bed ,I want to watch you fuck her, while she eats my pussy". Jack surprised."It okay I'll explain latter"says Jane.

She goes to settle the boy. "You never cease to amaze me Jane, love you, hurry back." He goes to get Tessa. Tessa is still asleep, Jack removes the blanket taking in all of Tessa'a sexuality, he caresses her breasts - touches her mound, her legs are still wide apart how Jane had placed them. Jack parts her pussy lips and licks her clitoris.

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Tessa stirring "ooohh mmmmmmm yum" .What's this .wow Jack's feeding on my pussy ." Oh yes". "Oh Jack are you going to fuck me.


wow look at your cock. Please. . please Jack fuck me .please". "Hang on Jane has plans". He picks her up and carries her into the bed room ---she has her arms around his neck and kisses him passionately. Tessa says ,"Jack what are you doing, Jane will not let this happen". Jane enters the room. "It's okay Tessa this will be a night to remember, put her down Jack". " Now Tessa you get on top of me the 69 position, and have that hot buttocks of yours ready for Jack to fuck you doggy style ".

They embrace and position themselves, caressing, fondling,licking, sucking, finger fucking each other. Jack on his knees behind Tessa, Jane helps guide his cock into Tessa's soaking pussy.

They all utter a delightful moan. " Oh fuck Jack ram me ,fuck me hard oh, oh yes". Jack thrusts in and out with all the energy he can muster. the whack, whack of his skin hitting her buttocks, Jane underneath rubbing Tessa's clitoris. Jack sweat pouring off his body, looks into Janes eyes and pumps Tessa's cunt harder, the eruption emminent. " Oh fuck I'm cumming, yes, oh yes" Jane says "fill her up my macho husband". He explodes into Tessa, they all collapse on the bed, gently touchingfondling each other, light kisses - then all fall to sleep in each others arms, all exhausted.

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