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Massage loving teen dicksucking lucky senior
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Chapter One Emma heard a knock on her apartment door and slowly rose from where she had been sitting in front of the small table fan in the kitchen.

It was about half way through August and the entire building's air conditioning was broken.

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Which seeing as it was the middle of the afternoon and about 103 degrees outside meant that Emma was hot, sweaty, and very miserable. Emma had long blond hair that fell halfway down her back.

An avid jogger as long as the outside temperature wasn't in the triple digits, she was thin and lean. At the moment she was only wearing a pair of mini shorts and a sports bra. As her visitor knocked again Emma quickly ran through a list in her head of whom it could be while she walked to her door.

She hoped it was someone responding to one of the fliers she had left all over the college she would be attending offering to rent out the second bedroom in her apartment. It had been two weeks now and so far no one had responded. Emma had reminded herself that the semester was still almost a month away, but the fact remanded that she could only pay the rent for a few months on her own.

As Emma reached for the doorknob she hoped that if it was an answer to her flier it was a guy. A gay guy. Emma hoped for this because she herself was very gay. Had been all her life. Emma figured if she got a girl, straight or otherwise, she'd eventually want to jump her.

And if she got a guy, and he liked girls, then he'd probably want to jump her. As Emma saw it the only way to ovoid one or the other party wanting to screw the other ones brains out was if her roommate was male and only liked cocks. Emma opened the door. Well, she had no idea if the person standing before her was gay, but they certainly weren't male. The girl standing before her was about her age with shoulder length chestnut hair.

She was slightly taller then Emma and just as fit. Almost immediately Emma noticed two things about her. First, her tits appeared to be firm, perky, and while not overly large, her rack was defiantly nothing to be ashamed of. If Emma had to guess she'd say a small to medium C cup. Secondly, every inch of her exposed skin glistened with sweat.

And seeing as her outfit was almost exactly the same as Emma's, the only difference being that her shorts went down to the top of her knees and she was wearing sandals, she had a whole hell of a lot of exposed skin. "Are you Emma Cox?" the girl asked. "Ah, yeah." The girl smiled. "I'm Evone Backers.

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I'm hear in answer to your flyer," she said holding one of them up. Emma didn't know whether to scream with joy or despair, so instead she just motioned for Evone to come in. "Sorry I didn't call in advance, but I don't really have a phone, and it just seemed easier-" "It's okay," Emma said. "It's not like I was doing anything. Anyway, it's not that big, this is the living room, over there is the kitchen, there's a hallway over here, the first door on the left is a closet, the second is the bathroom, and the two doors on the right are the bedrooms.

The first one is mine, so if you moved in the second will be yours." Evone looked around. "Air conditioning?" Emma winced. "Out of commission. I've talked to the building's supervisor, but it could be a while.


I guess when you go for the cheapest apartment you can find that's reasonably close to the UCS campus you can't expect too much." "So, just the dinky little fan on the table over there?" "Well, plus a larger one next to my bed." Evone nodded. "How much?" "Ah, 150 a month, except for the first month, that's 400." "Okay." "Tell me, are you going to be attending the collage, or…" "Ah, yeah," Evone said walking into the kitchen.

"I'm not entirely sure what I'm going for, probably spend the first semester or two working on general ed." Emma nodded, talking the opportunity to admire her potential roommate's ass. 'This can't work, I've known the women for less then five minutes and I'm already wondering what she looks like naked.' "I'm going for some sort of computer thing, I'm not sure what yet." "Cool," Evone said turning back to face her.

"Thanks," 'Look at her face and not her tits, look at her face and not her tits, look at her face and not her tits, look at her face…' "Can I use your bathroom?" Evone asked after a moment. "Ah, yeah, sure." Emma watched as the other girl walked away, so mesmerized by the sway of her hips and ass that she didn't even notice her glance back and then smirk before entering the bathroom. Emma leaned back against the living room wall. Ever since she had opened the door and seen that girl there had been a building heat in her loins that had nothing to do with the temperature.

It had been a while since her last encounter, but this was ridiculous. Emma shook her head. She needed release. She could wait for Evone to leave, surly this couldn't take much longer, but every moment that past the throbbing desire in her pussy grew. 'Fuck it,' Emma moved into the kitchen were she would have a few moments of privacy when Evone came out of the bathroom to make herself presentably again. Leaning against the sink she quickly shoved her right hand down the front of her shorts.

She hadn't been wearing any underwear so her fingers had no problem sliding through her folds, which were already slick with more then just sweat. She teased her clit with her thumb while she quickly thrust her middle and ring fingers into her sex.

Emma closed her eyes while she squeezed her inner muscles around her fingers, letting out a small whimper when she pressed her thumb against her clit. She established a fast rhythm with her fingers, sawing them in and out of her pussy. With her other hand she reached up and cupped one of her breasts through her bra. She squeezed it, rubbing her tightening nipple through the cloth. At first Emma thought of the last time she had sex.

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It had been back in her hometown in New Mexico with this girl named Isabella. She had a great body, caramel skin, a firm ass, and plump tits topped with fat brown nipples. However her fantasies quickly turned to Evone. Both of them here, in the kitchen, naked. Evone on her knees before her, face buried in her cunt, tongue hot and wet against her clitoris. After only a few minutes Emma came, biting down on her lower lip to stop from crying out as she convulsed around her fingers, her pussy gushing additional fluids.

Emma slowly pulled her hand from her shorts, locking her knees to remain upright through the afterglow. After a moment she turned around and turned on the sink, putting her hand under the cool water to wash away her cum.

When Evone came out of the bathroom a minute latter she found Emma sitting at the kitchen table nursing a glass of cold water. "I've decided I'll take it." Emma looked up at her. "Are you sure? It's not exactly the nicest place ever." Evone shrugged.

"Like you said, it's close to UCS. Besides, I have some money; I could splurge on two or three of those air conditioners you stick in the window.

Apart from the heat are there any problems?" Emma shook her head. "Not that I can think of. Give me a few days to think about it and leave me some kind of contact information so I can get in touch when I reach my decision." "Why, has somebody else already offered?" "Well, no, but it's three and a half weeks until the start of the semester, and I was thinking I'd keep me options open for a few more days." Evone shook her head. "I can tell you right now that you're not going to get any better offers." "Is that so?" "Yeah.

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First, I can promise you right now that I'll never be behind on the rent. Secondly there's the whole air conditioner thing. And thirdly," Evone placed her hands on the table and leaned forward, "you've been sneaking glances at my boobs ever since you opened the door.

If you ever want to see them in all their naked glory, it'd probably be best if we were living under the same roof." Emma froze, her eyes going wide. "Hey, want to here a secret?" Evone whispered. "When I went to use your bathroom a moment ago, I didn't need to pee.

Seeing you all sweaty from the heat, and dressed the way you are, or aren't, I really need to masturbate. It didn't help though. I'm still So. Fucking. Wet." Emma stared at her for a long moment. Then she snapped. She surged up from her chair, grabbing Evone and kissing her.

Evone returned the kiss, guiding them out of the kitchen and into the living room, pushing Emma onto the couch before straddling her. She grabbed her sports bra, Emma lifting her arms over her head so she could pull it off. "Hum. Nice tits," Evone said before closing her hand around one of them. They kissed again while Evone explored her breast, gently stroking the soft pliant flesh.

After a moment Emma ended the kiss. "Get off me, it's way too fucking hot to be doing this." "Are you sure?" Evone asked rolling her nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Emma reached up and stilled her hand on her breast.

"I didn't say we should stop.

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I think stopping now would literally kill me. I'm just thinking we should move this to the bathroom. More specifically a cold shower." Evone grinned. "I can do that," The two women quickly left the living room and went down the hall to the bathroom. While Emma turned the water on Evone kicked off her sandals, then pulled down her shorts and panties. As Emma turned to face her she pulled off her sports bra leaving herself completely naked.

Her breasts were even perkier then Emma had thought, despite their size there wasn't even the slightest hint of sag, her hard, rosy, succulent nipples pointing to the sky.


Emma's eyes traveled down her body, most of which hadn't been covered anyway, to her pussy. It was pink, lush, and completely free of hair. Emma took off her shorts. She had a two-inch landing strip above her slit. The two girls quickly got into the shower, standing under the spray of cool water as they kissed and pressed their naked bodies together.

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One of Evone's hands quickly fond Emma's ass, roughly mauling the firm yet supple flesh. Emma moaned into their kiss, enjoying the felling of Evone's breasts meshed against her own. Evone's other hand moved between them, quickly finding Emma's pussy and teasing her folds. Emma ended the kiss and stepped back slightly to allow Evone's hand more room to move against her sex while one of her own hands went to Evone's snatch, shoving her middle finger up into her twat.

Evone returned the favor. They kissed again as the fingered each other, their tongues meeting as each girl added two, then three fingers to the mix.


Emma gasped when Evone found her g-spot, Evone, realizing her discovery, made sure to rub it again and again and again. Emma responded by digging her thumb into Evone's clitoris. Meanwhile with her other hand Emma fondled one of Evone's breasts. Evone pressed Emma up against the wall of the shower as she began to thrust even harder up into her cunt. Meanwhile she slid her other hand between Emma's ass cheeks, her middle finger quickly finding her asshole.

Evone teased her rosebud before entering it, sliding her finger as far up into Emma's ass as she could. Emma ended their kiss as Evone continued to violate her. "So you're an ass girl. I should have know," Emma said squeezed her already tight asshole around Evone's finger.

"Yeah. I'd ask you to return the favor, but I like you other hand where it is," Evone answered as Emma tweaked her nipple. Evone quickly established a rhythm between her finger in Emma's ass and the ones in her pussy. She felt Emma's own fingers increase their pass within her while she switched to her other breast. Evone added another finger to her ass.

Emma began to lick and nibble at Evone's collarbone. She felt the other girl's fingers inside her body, working her, and the feelings of pleasure began to overwhelm her. Determined to bring Evone to her orgasm first she stepped up her own ministrations. She didn't make it. Emma cried out as her climax hit her. A few moments later Evone followed her over the edge, the two women shuttering against each other as they came. As she came down from her high Emma slipped her hand from Evone's still quivering pussy, a moment later felling the other girl do the same.

Evone wrapped her arms around her, holding her naked body against her own as the cool water continued to rain down on them. After a little while they broke apart.

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"That was amazing," Emma said brushing her soaked hair from her face. Evone smiled. "I'm glad you liked it. There's more where that came from." "If I let you move in?" "It would make things more convenient." Emma grinned back at her. "Deal."