Hunk is testing women anal tunnel limitations with his thick cock

Hunk is testing women anal tunnel limitations with his thick cock
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Can we Survive III We began to set up different camps in the National Forest. I made Caches of food, Water and weapons. Primarily bow and arrows, but there would be at least one firearm. Usually a shot gun or pistol. I had assigned one or two of the eleven new kids to one of the original group there job was to impart some of what they had learned. Kate the 13 year old and leader of the pack attached her self to Tom who had just had his 11th birthday.

Rosie asked her why Tom. Her answer was, " He is always with Jake and Jake knows more about the woods than any body and I want to learn." This increased my core group because Lynn the smallest girl of my original bunch seemed to be attached at the hip with Tom. We normally retired for the night once it was full dark.

We tried to avoid using lights after dark except in the basement. Even then we had a blackout curtain so no light would escape. The original group had finally gotten together sexually and only occasionally did I have to breed one of the girls. Now I mostly slept with Rosie. Also 4 of them were pregnant, Ebby] Sue, Tina and Maddy. I had to laugh the new 2 year old was defiantly not starved for love. One of the four was always wagging her around.

They called her Itsy since she was the smallest of our tribe. I thought about and decided that would be the sharpest, woods wise two year old if she absorbed a third of what the girls were telling her.

They would carry her as they were doing their chores, tracking or setting traps etc.

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and the whole time they would be telling her what they were doing. Last night Itsy was fretful so Rosie had lain down with her and they both had gone to sleep. I was in a groggy state when a female body slid under the covers.I assumed it was Rosie. I pulled her close to me and began to play with her tits. She began to wiggle her butt around, I ran one hand down her back and stroked the amazingly smooth globes of her ass.

She twisted around and pushed me on to my back and she mounted me.

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OOOH her pussy was as hot as a fiery furnace and sooo tight. She slammed her self down and stopped when I was all the way in her then she fell forward. I put my hands on her back and she was trembling and I could feel tears wetting my shoulder. I was beginning to wake up to realize this was not Rosie.and I had just popped a cherry. I was hoping it at least was Kate, She was 13, the other older ones was 10 and 11. … Oh I hoped it wasn't one of them. I heard her sniff and she raised up and her butt began to move.Oh she had me.

at this instance I didn't care who it was. It felt so good She began the piston effect. She would push down and hesitate then like a tiny explosion she would rise quickly, then hesitate and repeat.


Instinctively she began to use the muscles of her pussy. This added a new sensation, she had leaned a bit forward and I was able to reach around and stroke the small of her back and to caress her ass. I was not going to last long this girl was in total control.

She was playing me like a musical instrument. I was just hoping I could last til she was ready. I could feel her lips searchingI turned my head enough that our her seeking lips found nine and we enjoyed a our only kiss. She hungrily laved my mouth with her tongue. I tried to capture her tongue but suddenly she sat back up and ground her hips into mine as she begin to howl.

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I expected the wolves in the forest to answer her then she exploded with an orgasm, then she fell forward again. She lay there not moving for a few seconds then her pussy muscles began to move then she added a bit of ass twisting and … that was all I needed.

I let loose. If you count sheer volume then she was full to the brim and had to be knocked up or damn close. We continued for the next hour. She had multiple orgasms and I had 2 more. When I awoke she was already gone. I cleaned up and walked into the kitchen there set the 10 and 11 year old, Rena and Sissy. They were smiling and I thought oh no. The n in walked Kate just a little bowlegged and kissed me on the cheek and said thanks.

I loaded up a travel packs and put it on the the mule and 2 more A TV's. We were heading in to town to check the message pole also we would fill our 5 gallon cans with Gasoline.

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Although we had the underground tank we did not want to use it unless we had too. Besides with our 4 wheelers we could bring back close to twenty gallons of diesel & fifty gallons a trip we had to be careful.

We had a hundred gallon tank on a trailer which we tried to keep full.

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I was actually two tanks half for Gasoline and Half for diesel. Which was only used in the tractor.


We arrived in town with no problems and checked the message pole … it was clear no message from Dad. It had been months since we had heard from him. I hoped he was all right. We checked the clothing stores and loaded up more kids clothes. One thing we had discovered was the garden shop. At first we had passed it by then just by accident we checked it out. We discovered that the rear of the garden shop was a huge green house.

As long as the electricity stayed on the automatic sprinklers would come on. We had fresh vegetables. This was another reason for our trips into town.


There was also fruit trees in back but they hadn't started producing as yet. We pulled up to one of the gas stations I looked where I had the pump keys hidden and switched them on. Once all the cans were full we locked up re hid the keys an headed home. Dragging brush behind us was still the best way to hide our trail. A few months previous we had made a trip North to look over the Town and the military encampment. We discovered three things The blue hats guarded the people while they carried out their normal days work.

At night they were locked behind a huge fence with razor wire on top. The second thing was the blue hats were very under manned. We watched through the night and there were occasional shots fired at the night guards but alas not very accurate shots. The third thing was when we left our observation posts we checked on a ranch that was owned by Ron's Grand Parents. There was no one there but there was four horses in the corral.

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There was a water trough that was float controlled. So when the level would get low the float would flip a switch and fill the trough till the float turned it off. Ron's grandparents must have planned ahead the barn door was open and all the hay from the hay loft was on the ground where the horses could reach it. This had kept them alive. We found where the tack was located. The Horses were glad to see us and walked right up to us.

We saddled them and loaded all the extra tack we could carry on to the 4 wheelers. I guess the hay in our barn would finally get used. As we started to leave we heard a Truck engine coming down the ranch road.

We hid the A TV's and tied up the horses. We lay ion wait to see what was going to happen.

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The Truck stopped in the ranch yard. The doors opened and a blue hat jumped out and reached back in the truck and pulled a girl about 15 or 16 out behind him. The driver got out and came around to help his friend.

The Tail gate dropped down and two more jumped to the ground dragging an even younger girl.

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Ebby gasped that is Sondra and her sister Teesha she raised her bow and before I could say anything she fired. Reloaded and had the second arrow on the way Ron and I both had our rifles in hand and dropped the driver and shotgun rider. One think I can say about Ebby she rarely misses and this was not one of those times. She took one of them in the back and the other in the throat.

Teesha dropped to her knees grabbed one of their pistols and fired in to them till the pistol was empty. She didn't care if that were already dead she wanted her revenge. Sondra was also on her knees but was not moving excepts the jerking of her body from the sobs and the tears that was falling from her eyes. When the sisters saw us they held out their arms to be comforted and hugged.

We pulled the truck in the barn we stripped the of everything we could use and set fire to the barn.

They cried all the way home some of the tears were tears of joy. One thing they told us was that the Commanders frowned on Rape and considered it a crime punishable by death.

But it still happens ad when it does the girls are never seen again. They just knew when they were taken that they were going to die. Yes there were a lot of tears of joy. When we reached home the girls all had there turn talking to the new girls who they already knew. Every time I would walk past they would smile. I almost had the feeling that I was a bowl of Ice cream and Sondra and Teesha was ready to dig right in.