Girls gets cumshots and gives cumswallowing

Girls gets cumshots and gives cumswallowing
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On a late Saturday night, Lacey was lying on her bed reading a magazine when she heard the front door slam. Checking her clock she was slightly confused as her mom and her boyfriend Ian were not supposed to be back from their date for at least another hour. She did not really care and dutifully got up and descended the stairs to the living room to greet them.

Seeing her mom taking off her coat she opened her mouth to greet her but was cut off by her shouting into the kitchen at who she assumed was Ian. "Why would you even look in my purse?" she demanded angrily.

"You said you couldn't find your credit card," Ian shouted back. "I didn't say you needed to look for it." "Well you were the one who wanted to drive. I would have been perfectly happy to drive. Then maybe I wouldn't have seen your phone when your other boyfriend texted." "Don't call him that.

We aren't even serious," Janet, Lacey's mom, tried to defend herself. She was not doing a good job of it. "Mom, are you cheating on Ian?" Lacey asked with apparent appall.

"I wasn't really aware that we were exclusive," Janet made another excuse. "The fact that you and your daughter are living in my house rent free would suggest as such," Ian retorted. He had just entered the living room from the kitchen. "You just love to lord that over me, don't you? You only own your house because your mother died and left it to you. Just wait until my parents die, then we'll be on equal footing." "If we're even still together," Ian scoffed. Janet looked livid with anger.

"Sweetie, you don't want to hear all this. Just go back upstairs for now," she instructed Lacey. Lacey looked at Ian for confirmation. She somewhat wanted to be a part of the conversation to come. Maybe she could help them reconcile. If they really did break up, it would not just be Janet who would have to leave the place they now called home.

Ian shooed Lacey away with his hand, informing her that she was unneeded. Reluctantly, Lacey sauntered back up the stairs. No sooner had the door to her room shut than the shouting started again.

Groaning she put on a headset and began to listen to music on her phone to drown it out. Once she had turned up the volume enough to make sure she could hear none of the shouting, she resumed reading her magazine. Before long she forgot everything else and was engrossed in her reading. She did not even notice when the door to her room opened. She did however feel the weight of someone sitting down on the bed behind her.

Feeling annoyed at having been sent away earlier, she did not bother looking at them. She wanted to be petty and ignore them for as long as possible. A large hand touching her butt revealed that the person in question was Ian and not her mother.

He did that from time to time, patted her bottom when he wanted her attention instead of tapping her shoulder. She did not really mind as she liked Ian as a person. In fact, one of the main reasons he and her mother got together was because he got along so well with Lacey. Not realizing how loud her music was, Ian began to talk to Lacey as if she could hear him. "I don't want you to think less off either your mom or me because of this. We both decided that we need some time apart.

That may sound like we'll get back together soon, but I'll be honest I'm kinda past wanting her back at this point.


She's already left. I don't know where she's going to go and I really couldn't care less right now." Ian paused and waited for Lacey to say anything. Of course, she could not hear him at all. She was still pretending to ignore his presence while listening to her blaring music. "I don't want to be unreasonable," Ian continued. "I know you have school and moving now would disrupt that. I'm willing to let just you stay until summer. If your mom has found a new place by then, you'll go back with her.

I feel that is more than fair." Once again, Ian waited for Lacey to respond. She simply kicked her feet and hummed along to the song on her phone. He tapped her butt twice more and even gave it a slightly hard whack; still no response. Annoyed he decided to tease her a little. He pulled on her shorts, sliding them down her legs and exposing her heart print panties. She frowned but continued ignoring him. Another slap to the butt almost made her yelp. By now she was curious to what he wanted but she did not plan to lose this game.

She readjusted herself, practically pointing her butt at him, daring him to keep spanking her. After another three slaps, he decided to up the ante. He slid his thumbs into the waist of her panties. She stifled a gasp as he tickled her slight love handles.

Her crotch felt cold when he slid her panties down to her thighs. She wiggled her butt as she tried to readjust herself again. At the same time he slapped her bare ass, loud and hard. She bit her lip to keep from yelping. Another slap and she was almost ready to give in. He was no longer trying to get her attention though; he was simply punishing her insolence. He slapped each of her round butt cheeks repeatedly.

She moaned out loud, still biting her lip. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she dropped her magazine. She jolted and squealed with each slap, forgetting that she could probably get him to stop if she just asked him to. Ian was fast forgetting why he was spanking her.

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He was just watching his girlfriend's daughter's ass bounce and shake with each hit. It was mesmerizing. Lacey had a much better figure than her mom. While Janet was on the skinny side, Lacey was slightly plump.

Not enough to be called fat by any means. She just filled out any outfit she wore. Her clothes always looked tight around the chest and thigh area.

Her plump legs clung together perfectly to hide her crotch from view. Ian was thinking about it though. He kept trying to spank her in such a way that her ass would lift and show him her private place. When he thought about it too much, he acted on instinct. She gasped as he, rather than spanking her, pushed his hand between her legs and pressed the tips of his fingers against her bare crotch. He felt something warm and damp.

Unfortunately, he had just crossed a line. Lacey opened her mouth and screamed for her mother. Acting before thinking, Ian put his hand on the back of her head and pushed her face into the bed to stifle her screams. As she began to struggle, trying to inch herself away from his invading fingers, he reacted in the opposite, trying to work his fingers further into her slightly wet crotch. She stopped when she felt them slip inside. It was a foreign sensation she did not know how to react to.

His fingers were larger than her own. She was afraid it would hurt if she moved too much. He curved them upward, scrapping against the thin flesh that separated her vaginal canal from her intestines.

Her eyes rolled back again as she groaned into her bed. A shudder went through her body, making her look like a fish flopping atop the bed. By then, Ian was committed. He crawled upward on the bed and pressed his knee into the small of her back to keep her pinned when he finally removed his hand from her head.

She lifted her face and gasped for air. The situation she was in felt even stranger due to the fact that loud music was still blaring in her ears. She actually had yet to see or hear Ian. For all she knew this might actually be a stranger who broke into the house to rape her while the adults fought with each other downstairs.

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Somewhere in the back of her head though she knew it was Ian. She just knew. "You shouldn't have ignored me," Ian scolded her as he worked his fingers deeper into her.

He felt he needed to maintain the idea that this was justified punishment. If he let up too much she might try harder to escape. With her face no longer hidden, her next squeak was much more clear. She gasped in a breathy sexy way, moaning in slight pain.

Ian stared down at her with a sudden look of admiration. He had always adored Lacey. He had known her and Janet even before her parents split up.

She was an adorable child who treated him with respect. When she thought Ian was going to marry her mother, she had sworn she would accept him as her new dad. He could honestly say he would have left Janet a long time ago had he not loved Lacey so much. All of that was melting away now.

Sweeping her blonde hair away from the back of her neck, he kept looking down at her like a different person.

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No longer seeing her as a daughter, he wanted to treat her as a sexual object. He wanted to force that sound out of her again. He definitely felt bad but it almost doubled his excitement. Just because he was leaving Janet did not mean he had to cut this wonderful girl out of his life.

He could make her his in a different way. "Please," she managed a slight complaint as he stroked her hair. He was treating her gently. Perhaps if she begged he would feel bad and let her go.

She did not realize that her soft voice only egged him on. He wanted to hear her moaning and squealing because of him.

He had always thought he would have to watch her grow up and get a boyfriend. He had dreaded that day. How easily he had rectified that fear. If only he had done this sooner. Lacey breathed in deeply as she felt his fingers moving inside her. He definitely wanted her to feel him. Worse than just using her body, he wanted to make her think about it too. She could hardly believe that the man who had taken care of her and treated her like a daughter for years was now taking it all back with interest.

For the next ten minutes she just laid there in agony, both mental and physical, as he worked his fingers inside of her. She kept moaning and whimpering, trying not to get aroused. It was no use though. She could feel liquid seeping down her thighs. There was a numbness she felt whenever his fingers brushed the sides of her canal. She was surprised when he bundled up her hair and used it to wrench her head sideways.

He pressed his lips to hers and forced his tongue past her teeth. Her eyes focused enough for her to look at his face. She blushed in embarrassment.

Kissing someone whose fingers were inside of her at that very moment was too much. Like a flood, liquid gushed out between her legs, soaking her bed. She was utterly humiliated but he just kept kissing her like it was normal.

She felt resentment. He had slept with several women, her mother included. This was her first time. He should be treating her special, not making her feel like a slut. Whether he rolled her over, or she did it herself, she could not tell; either way, she fell onto her back the moment he broke the kiss. She was lying there, panting for breath.

Her face was completely red and her eyes were filled with tears. Her bangs were soaked with sweat and sticking to her forehead. She was aware that her panties were still around her thighs and felt ashamed. Something felt wrong about still wearing them.

If she was fully naked it would just somehow be better. Instead she felt sticky and constricted. Her legs hurt from not being able to spread apart. She wished he would just take off her panties entirely. Instead, Ian went for her shirt.

He grabbed the hem and lifted it above her breasts, exposing her bra. She squinted at him in uncomfortable annoyance as he undid the front clasp.

Her large bust sprang loose, bouncing obscenely. She covered her face with her arms in shame. She had always hated her breasts. They were large and her areolas were, in her opinion, too dark. Worse yet, her nipples were quite obviously erect. She did not want to be aroused by what was happening to her. She uncovered her face to look when something wet enveloped one of her nipples. Ian was sucking on her breast greedily.

It felt odd.

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Knowing little to nothing about her own body and why it was reacting this way, she was scared. She knew about sex but did not realize that having her nipples touched and in this case licked would cause her crotch to tingle. Ian smiled when he saw her move her hand to her cunt. She brushed against it lightly, trying not to look like she was touching herself.

Ian took it as an invitation to push his fingers into her, pulling her fingers with him. "Stop!" she shouted as more tears spilled down her face, creating white lines atop the red. Ian did stop. She sounded extremely desperate. For a moment his fatherly instincts kicked in. He stared at her with concern but it only lasted a moment.

With his other hand he ripped her headphones off and tossed them against the wall, breaking them. "Can you finally hear me?" he asked in annoyance. "What do you mean, stop? Maybe you don't understand your situation yet. I kicked your whore of a mother out. No money, nothing. Unless she can hitchhike back to her folks place two hours away, she'll be sleeping on the street tonight. Do you want to end up like her?" Lacey shook her head.

"That's right. You'd rather stay in your nice warm bed tonight. Unfortunately rent isn't free. Your mom used to pay with her body but I don't want that slut anymore. Do you know what that means?" Lacey's eyes widened as she realized what he meant.

If she wanted to stay in this house, she was going to have to pay rent by letting him have sex with her. Her first thought was that she had to get out immediately but it quickly dissolved. She had no where to go. Her mom left without her.

She had been abandoned. If she ran away she would probably never see her friends at school again. Taking advantage of her stunned disposition, Ian lifted one of his legs over her so he was straddling her. Any chance she had to run had passed.

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She winced as he resumed fingering her cunt, making sure to scrape her walls excessively. She averted her eyes as her breathing became heavy. She was definitely ashamed to be enjoying this even a little. She could barely focus on anything. The one thought going through her head was that soon it would be something else inside of her rather than his fingers.

If their size was anything to go off of, she was definitely going to be in some pain. Eventually her curiosity got the better of her.

She looked down at his waist where he was straddling her. The bulge in his pants was quite large. He was wearing a nice pair of trousers in anticipation of date night with Janet. Lacey felt bad that his efforts had gone to waste. At least he was still going to get laid. He was rocking his hips slightly as he sat on her stomach, jostling her whole body. She did not know why and found it almost funny.

It took some effort not to giggle. Eventually he undid the buttons on his blouse with one hand. Then he leaned forward to kiss her again. The hairs of his chest brushed against her erect nipples making her moan. He liked the sound and dug his fingers deeper into her. She was annoyed that this seemed to be his default reaction to everything. He assumed she was enjoying having her canal stretched by his large fingers and wanted to make her feel even better.

Knowing she was not going to get out of this, she decided the best option would be to get him to hurry up. She freed her hand from his fingers and grabbed the bulge in his pants.

He was definitely surprised.


She unzipped him and let his cock spring out. It was definitely big as she had suspected. "That thing is going inside me," she gulped nervously. "Aren't you eager," Ian chuckled as he slid down her body to position himself at her waist. She gasped when she felt the head of his cock brush against the outside of her cunt. Just knowing it was something entirely different than his fingers made it exotic.

He moved it all around the opening to tease her more before he finally started to push in. Her eyes began to water from the pain immediately. She threw her head back and clenched her teeth.

A low growl grew in her lungs until she was screaming. She moved her arm to her face and bit the back of her own wrist in an attempt to shut herself up.

Ian had one hand on her cheek and was petting her gently. "Good girl," he coaxed her. She did not mean to but instinctively she jerked upward on the bed, trying to lift herself off of him. He thrust forward to keep himself inside of her.

Her head fell off the edge of the mattress and bumped the side of the bedstead. Her eyes spun in her head as the pain of three things encompassed her at once. All she could think about was how horrible sex must be for women.

In what little porn she had seen, men always looked like they were thrusting as hard as they could. Sometimes they even slapped or spanked the poor girl. She was always moaning loudly or perhaps yelling obscene things. Why did men like it so much when the women obviously did not enjoy it? Perhaps what they actually liked was getting to dominate the woman. For some reason the memory of her best friend's first boyfriend came to mind.

He was baby faced and cute.

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He followed Sarah around like puppy dog and swore he loved her and wanted nothing but to see her smiling. Eventually he pressured her into sex though. Realizing how much it must have hurt Sarah at the time, Lacey was definitely convinced that everything he had said about loving her was a lie just so he could shove his dick inside of her. Men caring about women was a lie. Ian caring about her was a lie. He probably planned to fuck her like this the day her mother first introduced them. He must have put up with Janet for years just waiting for this chance.

A particularly hard thrust from Ian brought Lacey back from her incoherent thoughts. She finally stopped biting her arm so she could speak. "Fuck, cut it out!" she shouted without thinking. Ian was confused for a moment. A hard slap to her face followed. "Watch your language young lady. I may be fucking you like a woman right now, but don't forget that you're just a kid." "You don't forget what you're doing to a kid!" she scolded him.

Ian stared down at her bare chest and belly and the place where their crotches met. Shiny lines of liquid were running up into the hairs above her cunt and making them glisten. "You're so beautiful," he mumbled as if that somehow forgave his actions. "You're hurting me," she informed him, hoping he would realize that nothing he said now could fix this.

Ian frowned. He somehow had hoped she would enjoy this even though he knew it was impossible. By no means was he going to stop though. "Ow," she whined as he thrust into her harder. "Please be gentler," she pleaded. Ian slapped her face again, leaving a red hand print. "What the fuck?" she screamed in confusion. "I've always wanted to fuck a girl roughly," Ian admitted. "Of course Janet would never let me.

If you're going to hate it either way, I may as well have some fun." He leaned down and took one of her nipples into his mouth. She moaned at first but suddenly began to scream when he sunk his teeth into it. "Son of a bitch!" she screamed in pain. He thrust into her cunt harder as punishment for swearing. "Please&hellip. Stop," she begged him. "Do you like hurting me?" Rather than answering, Ian grabbed her other nipple and twisted it. "You bastard, you're actually trying to make it worse!" she shrieked.

With his foot, Ian pushed her panties down the rest of the way so her legs could finally fall open completely. He then pulled them up between her and him so that her knees were being pressed into her chest every time he thrust into her. "They're not meant to bend like that," she groaned. He pulled her arms between her knees and pushed her legs back even further than her chest. Realizing what he was doing, Lacey lifted her had so he could push her ankles behind her neck.

Looking down she could see her own hip bones sticking out oddly. She had always been a flexible girl but she felt this was excessive.

Once he was sure her legs were there to stay, he returned his attention to her breasts. He slapped each of them a few times and then twisted both her nipples at the same time. "Uh huh, that really hurts," she mumbled instead of screaming this time. It was more of a confirmation than a complaint. Her eyes were fixed on his face, waiting for him to do something else. He dragged his fingernails down her breasts, leaving red streaks. "Look Mommy, I'm Ian's new fucktoy.

It's not so hard," Lacey refused to admit to being in pain. She had forgotten that swearing would get her slapped though. "Ow," she tried not to react.

The side of her face was stinging now and her nose was running slightly. It was a little hard to keep her right eye open as her cheek was starting to swell. When he did not move his hand from her face, she turned her head slightly and opened her mouth.

She let his fingers trace her lips a few times before she started to lick and suck them. "Do you want to try harder?" she was almost taunting him. He grabbed her tongue and twisted it as punishment. "Harder," she mumbled as best she could. He pushed his thumb further into her mouth.

When she moved her tongue he almost shoved it into the back of her throat. She began to cough and swallow.

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The walls of her throat massaged his thumb. She felt like she had a lump in her throat. He scrapped the sides of her mouth as he pulled his thumb out. "Ow," she muttered when she could speak again. Thrusting into her cunt again, he slid her further off the bed. At the same time he leaned back, putting some of his weight into fucking her. Then he reached behind himself and between her legs. She gasped when she felt his saliva coated thumb pressing against her asshole. "What are you doing?" she asked drearily.

With one thrust he shoved inside her asshole. Her swollen eye began to twitch as the sensation filled her abdomen. She felt it all the way up her intestines.

"God, I think I'm gonna throw up," she groaned while grabbing her stomach. With his other hand Ian pressed down atop her hands, putting weight on her belly. Lacey's eyes rolled back as she retched. She did not actually throw up though. "Come on, this doesn't hurt; it just feels weird," she began to taunt him again.

"Maybe if you shoved your dick in my butt it would hurt more. Would you like that? Do you want to fuck a young girl's asshole?" Another slap to the face. "It's so numb it doesn't even hurt anymore. You're gonna have to use your fist. You might break my nose. Since you enjoy seeing me cry so much, you…" "Shut up," Ian cut her off. Without warning he grabbed her legs and pulled them out from behind her head.

She winced in pain as they returned to their normal position. He then pulled his cock out of her cunt, leaving a slight trail of blood from her hymen. She groaned dizzily as he flipped her onto her front. He had to pull on her ankles to get her back on the bed completely. Her face was buried in her pillow but she still yelped when his cock entered her cunt again. The sound of his thighs slapping against her round butt filled the room.

She just lay still as he thrust into her repeatedly. When he got bored of her not reacting, he grabbed a fist full of her hair and lifted her head up. "Ow, you're gonna rip it out," she whined. "Do you enjoy fucking bald girls?" Ian was in no position to slap her again so he just grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back.

"Stop, it's gonna break!" she yelped. He twisted it further to prove he did not care. "I'm not gonna have any bones left. You're just gonna be fucking a rag doll at this rate." He moved his grip to her wrist and began to compress it. "Ian, I swear to god, you can't break my arm. Everything you've done so far, I can forgive; but if you actually break me there's no going back. Is this what you wanted? Was this always your plan for me since we met?

You just wanted an obedient slut to fuck whenever? I can be that, I can be your obedient slut." She used her knees to lift her ass off the bed and thrust back into him. It obviously hurt her arm to do so but she persisted. "See, I like getting fucked by you. I love it so much. Your cock is so big inside of me. Aren't you close to cumming yet? Why don't you cum inside me. I know mom never let you do that. Fill my underage womb with your semen. I could get pregnant. You could have a kid of your own.

You don't want to hurt your baby's mother, do you?" Ian relaxed his grip on her wrist but still held onto her arm. He yanked on it, pulling her backward into him at the same time he thrust again. "That's right," she gasped. "Give me my first taste of cum. Make me addicted to it. I'm not paying rent, I'm taking Mommy's place. I'm you're girlfriend now. No, I'm your fucktoy.

You don't have to take me on dates or anything. I belong to you. You can fuck me any time you want, just don't break me." "Do you ever shut up?" Ian pulled out of her and yanked her arm again, spinning her around. Before she could say anything he pushed on the back of her head, pressing her mouth over his cock. She squealed when she felt warm liquid hitting the back of her throat. It was slightly soothing on the scrapes he has made earlier. She swallowed it as quickly as possible.

Despite this, he held her head down until her face was red from lack of breathing. She slapped his arm a few times before resorting to digging her fingernails into his hand. He finally released her. She pulled her head up and gasped for air. "You can't fuck me if I'm dead," she hiccupped. Ian watched her chest rising and falling rapidly as she caught her breath.

"God, I'm all sticky and sweaty," she finally sighed. "I'm gonna go take a shower." She began to crawl toward the edge of the bed. Ian grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into his lap. "I'm not running away," she assured him. "If you want you can join me. I'll bend over and you can fuck me like a dog, alright?" "Can you stop talking like that?" Ian growled at her. "Why?

That's what you did. You fucked me. You took my virginity and treated me like a piece of meat. I know my place now. If I don't want to get broken by you, I've got to keep my worth, right?" She stared at him with cold stern eyes. "This isn't what I wanted," Ian tried to argue. "Then what did you want? You wanted an easy fuck, right?

If that's not true, we can talk about it later. If you want to be my dad again, I can think about it. Right now, I just want to shower. Will you let me do that much?" Ian slowly removed his hands from her waist and let her crawl off the bed. He watched as she stretched her sore muscles. When she bent down to touch her toes he got a full view of her bleeding cunt, the red hand prints on her ass, and her slightly swollen anus. He really did a number on her.

Still she seemed somehow okay. For that he was glad. Whatever was to happen next, it was not a matter of forgiveness. There was no way things could go back to normal. Hopefully she would be willing to accept her new role as a hole for his lust. He definitely had no plans of letting her go.