Sexy girl nude stripped tease

Sexy girl nude stripped tease
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Arthur had Karin bent over the kitchen counter as he shoved his whole fist up her cunt. Herman was eating an apple watching like it was nothing out of the ordinary.

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As he sat at the kitchen tablehe watched his mind controlled cum slut wife being used as a fuck puppet by a man who was younger than her son. Soon you'll be able take my whole arm Arthur laughedyes Karin said sweetlyshe was wearing 5 inch black spiked heels & nothing else.

As Arthur kept enlarging that pussyhe wondered where Gunter was?


His former nemesis was now nothing more than a motherfucker. Karin he asked when is Gunter coming home. At about 5 she responded. Oh that's only 10 mins from now.

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Do you know what means Arthur said ? Yes i must blow him said Karin.

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Arthur took his fist out of Karin's cunt & took her upstairs to get readybut before they left he told Herman to take a walk. Chapter 1 - Karin blows Gunter as Arthur films it all Karin was collared & leashed with spiked heels as he lead her downstairs as her motherfucker was sitting on the couch waiting for his mom. Mom why don't you get on your knees and suck my dick Gunter said.

He had a small penis but that didn't matter, Arthur was making a mint selling this real-life mom son porn all over Europe.


Eat it whore Gunter yelled grabbing her by the leashThis wasn't first time they had been filmed together. but it was a first for a collar and leash .Karin had no inhibitions as she licked her only sons nuts & dick shaft.

Then came the nasty stuff she started giving Gunter a rim jobLick my ass ma u bitchyou filthy whoreyou don't even do this to dad he exclaimed. Arthur smirked this taboo video will be a bestseller. As Karin continued licking Gunter started jerking & before you knew ithe covered his moms face with cum. Arthur always wore a mask when filming just in case he had to get involved in a scene .He had to take a piss so he put his camera on the tripod & filmed his dick pissing on Karin's face.

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Karin's face was clean of her son's cum now. Chapter 2 Karin & Arthur's 19 year old lesbian friend Arthurs friend ANGIE was sitting on Karin's face as the old hag licked the young pussy, Arthur filmed the spectacle Karin was at the end of her scene today.

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Angie arrived 2 hours earlier & had put the 56 year old through her paces .Collared, leashed & wearing 7inch thigh hooker boots Karin's tits & nose were now pierced. She had got them done a week earlier on orders from her master.


The complete fuckpig, Karin was strapon fucked by a 12inch dongshe screamed at the top of her lungs as the femdom Angie decided to shove the fake dong up her ass. Slapping the milfs ass Angie watched as as Gunters moms ass gaped. At the end it gaped so muchshe fisted the old bitches ass until Arthur told her to stop. And he told her to sit on her face as the scene faced out as Angie orgasmed from the pussylicking Karin gave her.

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Chapter 3 Karin & Sonia Karin was collared & leashed, with spiked heels& nipple clamps, beside her stood 58 year old Soniashe was a shorthaired brunette with a sexy british accentArthur had met her at the library of all places, she was some sort of intellectual, but that didnt matter cause right now she was naked with 3 inch heels. He had hypnotized & brought her home No filminghe was just gonna have some xxx fun with Karin & Sonia.

Already Karin & Sonia were french kissing as Arthur wacked off. Arthur was hard as he penetrated Karinwhile she licked new pussySonia loved the way Karin's tongue felt on her clit even though it was the first time a woman had done this to her.

After a few more minutesArthur figured Sonia's cunt would be wet enough .So he started screwing Sonia missionary style while he had Gunter's mom lick & kiss his ass. Arthur took his prick out of Sonia for a second & had Karin taste it.

Then he pounded Sonia's pussy until the old English slag achieved orgasm. Chapter 4 Karin is home Karin was playing with her pussy, she was wearing her thigh high hooker & she was using her husband Herman & son Gunter as footstools as she watched porn on tv. As she has both men lick her heels & the side of the bootsshe fiddled with her clit and reminisced about all the kinky things Master Arthur had made her do so far.

Karin had big tits so Gunter & Herman each sucked on one until Karin achieved orgasmic bliss Chapter 5 Arthur &Norma Arthur was pissing all over Norma's faceshe was 64 and married with grey-hair big natural floppy tits & a fat ass.

She was a teacher at his old high school & she was always busting his balls. Today he had seen her at the market & decided it was time to teach the the old wench a lesson. He had hypnotized her, brought her home.

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Norma stripped nakedblew him, licked his ass. Then she allowed him to fist her ass& cunt before fucking her ass & pussy Now he was giving the old bat what she deserved a piss facial. Arthur decided Norma would be his official HUMAN TOILET, this bitch would not be used as a pornstar. Tomorrow her husband will also be hypnotized & he will love seeing his wife being pissed on by her new master.

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