Gay sex He turns him around stroking on his bone before roping him

Gay sex He turns him around stroking on his bone before roping him
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Joe really loved Samantha,She was his sisters best friend.The two were always together either at her house of Sams. So Joe would really love it when Sam came over to his house,Oh yeah Sam has no clue that Joe likes her.Joe has never even said to much to her just hello and goodbye.Sam was a really good looking girl with brown short hair,She was maybe 5ft 3inches and about 90 lbs.Joe has had many a fantasy about her alone in his room.

Lea and Sam were tanning in the back yard one summer day and Joe came home from band practice,Joe played the Trumpet.He wasn't geeky he was just shy.His sister had told him that some of the girls had said that he was cute but with his shyness he couldn't talk to any of them.Joe came in and got a snack in the kitchen and saw his sister and Sam both in Bikinis in the yard and he knew that he was going to have to add this to his fantasy.Picturing what Sam had or didn't have under that bottom.He had seen pictures of naked women and he preferred the women that had no hair or clean shaved look.He could feel himself getting hard and he was not going to go into the yard to say hello like that so he hopped into the bathroom to take care of it then went into the yard to say hello to Sam.She asked him how band practice was he just said OK.Then the moment that he was waiting for his sister went into the house to use the bathroom,Finally the moment that he wanted.He asked Sam if she would like to go out sometime,And when Sam said yes he almost thought he was going to pass out.

Joe could not believe it Sam wanted to go out with him,She had told Lea that she liked Joe and wondered why he never asked her out.Lea told her that Joe was shy around girls.Sam told Lea that Joe had finally asked her out,She wondered where they will go and what she should wear,Lea said I know one thing that you should do.Sam looked at her puzzled,What should I do,Well I saw some of the magazines in Joe's room and he really likes girls with no hair on their pussies.Sam wondered how that would look so Lea pulled down her bikini bottom and showed her that she had shaved hers.Sam looked at her shaved pussy and couldn't believe how hot it looked,She begged Lea to shave her.Into the bathroom they went and Lea laid out the items that she had used to get hers shaved.Trimmer and and razors along with her Dads shave cream.Sam sat on the counted under a towel and Lea got to work,Trimmed the hairs close and then wet her pussy for the shaving cream.Sam started to get wet while Lea shaved her,She could see her pussy becoming balder and she was getting turned on.What would it taste like when it was done.Finally Lea finished,She said there a nice shaved pussy,Lea asked her if she could lick it and Sam said please I am so wet now I need to cum.Lea got up and bent over to get close to her and then she started to lick her pussy,Well it didnt take long For Sam to start cumming she would let out a nice moan and Lea knew she was enjoying it.She also wondered would Joe lick her like that.So both girls got each other off and cleaned up and then Sam went home to get ready for her date with Joe.

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Joe showed up early and Sam was just getting ready,She had it all planned she knew she wanted to have sex tonight she just didnt know if Joe did as well.They left for the Movie,Joe figured since he was not great at talking to girls yet he might as well take her to a movie,The Movie got over and they got into the car,Sam really wanted Joe to Kiss her but how could she get him to.She tried the do I have anything on my lips question but Joe didn't go for that one.Finally she just asked him.Joe would you like to kiss me.He said yes.Then she finally said Joe I really have to show you something.So Joe pulled the car over and she said not here when we got to my house.Joe drove as fast as he could without going to fast over the speed limit.They went up to Sams room,Joe couldn't believe how much his luck had changed to not being able to talk to girls and now being in Sam's room.Sam told him to sit on the bed while she went into the bathroom.When she came out all she had on was a small pair of shorts.Joe your sister was telling me that you have a lot of magazines of girls with shaved pussies and she showed me hers and it was shaved and so I asked her to shave mine,Do you like it.Joe couldn't say anything he just stared at her and that amazing shaved pussy.He got closer and she said would you like to touch.He couldn't have moved any faster then he did when he was right there getting ready to touch it.He got off the bed as Sam sat on it and he got down on the floor in front of her and put his finger on her pussy and he it just the right spot because Sam let out a nice moan.Joe then leaned in closer to lick it,He said is it ok and she said if you dont I will be unhappy.Joe could also feel his dick getting bigger and the precum that was getting his pants wet looked like he wet himself.Sam told him to take off his pants so that she can see his cock and suck it for him,She knew how to give blowjobs.Joe stood up so that his cock was right in front of her mouth,She took him in and he almost lost his load.She was so good at it licking his balls as well as the sides and the top.He could feel himself getting ready to cum so he told Sam and she just kept his cock in her mouth and caught all of his cum and then she swallowed it all Joe was amazed.Sam was amazed at how quick Joe got hard again.She started sucking his cock again until he was hard and then she told him to fuck her,He said that he didnt have a condom.But Sam didnt care she just wanted to get fucked,Joe put his dick right at the entrance to her pussy and when he pushed it in he was amazed at how wet it was,She must have cum at least two or three times.Joe could feel her pussy mucles pulling his cock in and he was hoping it would last but after about two minutes Joe could feel himself getting ready to cum,He was getting ready to pull out when Sam told him to cum inside her,She wanted to feel his hot cum in her pussy,She didnt care if she got pregnant she just wanted that hot cum.Joe let go with such force.He couldnt believe how much he was cumming.He pulled out and it started to leak out of Sams cunt.Joe lay on the bed next to Sam and kissed her and asked her when he could do that again,She said when you get hard again.

Sam and Joe have been going out for about a yr now,And s.Joe loves it.

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