Blonde babe is bent over and fucked in this creampie scene

Blonde babe is bent over and fucked in this creampie scene
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He was here. I watched his truck pull into the drive and I wondered at how I should greet him.

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I moved the cursor and changed the image I have been enjoying to another. I liked the idea of him walking in on me. Slowly I moved my other hand up my thigh, savoring the smoothness of my skin. I spread my legs and pushed my thong aside, gently stroking my wet lips.

I watched him get out of his truck and start towards the door. It was hot outside, I could see the sweat shining on his bare chest and I licked my lips in anticipation of tasting him. He was at the door in no time and I felt my juices wet my fingers as he entered.

He paused in the doorway, his dark hair falling across his eyes as he stared. A slow smiled forming on his lips.


He set his bag down on the couch and ran a hand through his hair. My breath caught. That one simple gesture made my insides clench. I licked my lips again. He moved until he was standing behind my chair and gently smoothed my hair back, his fingers massaging my scalp as he watched me.

I let my head drop back and I watched him watching me. I wanted to stand, press myself against him, and feel his erection through the thin fabric of his shorts. I brought my free hand up to my stomach, pulled my shirt up far enough to expose my bra, then slipped underneath to fondle my nipples. Imagining the weight of his cock in my hand, hard and pulsing. My pussy throbbed in response. My lips parted on a gasp and I wet them with my tongue. He dipped his head and sucked my tongue into his hot mouth, his hands sliding down my neck, over my collarbone, and into my bra to cup me breasts.

I withdrew the hand in his way as he pushed my bra down, exposing me. His thumbs brushed across the nipples, turning my gasps to whimpers before he rolled them between his thumb and forefinger.

I stroked faster, setting a rhythm to send me over the edge. I twined my fingers loosely in his hair as he pressed his lips to the side of my neck, his teeth nibbling my skin. Close now, I could feel the tension building. I wanted him inside me when I came, but I didn't want to stop or slow my rhythm. I felt too good. Desperately, I arched my back and moaned. "Oh Randy, please." He bit my neck, sinking his teeth into the tender flesh, then soothing it with his tongue.

His hands became rough against my nipples, twisting and pulling until I cried out.

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"What do you want?" His hot breath on my neck sent shudders coursing through me. "I want you to fuck me." "Do you?" He twisted my nipple painfully. "I do." Whimpering, I turned my head to kiss him. He tangled a hand in my hair and jerked my head back. "But I'm not done with you." He tugged my shirt over my head and turned the chair to face him. He grasped my wrist and pulled my hand from beneath my skirt. My hips bucked in protest.

My fingers were visibly wet as he brought them to his lips and tasted me. I swayed toward him as my body pulsed on the edge of orgasm.

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He caught me, his arms encircling my body, pulling me tight against him. He was still sweaty from outside and I dipped my tongue where moisture had pooled in his collarbone, loving his flavor. I undid his shorts, releasing his cock from the confines he was straining against. I wet my lips and slowly trailed moist kisses down his chest. Before I could sink to my knees he grabbed me and jerked me upward.

"I think you need a bath." He smiled and pushed me backward down the hall. "Do I?" "You do." Shutting the bathroom door, he shoved me against the wall.

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I could feel my juices soaking through my thong and on the insides of my thighs. I smiled up at him. It had been a long time since I'd been this horny. I reached around and undid the clasp on my bra. Brushing the straps from my shoulders I let it fall to the floor. He bent his head and rubbed his tongue across the sensitive nipple. My legs buckled and I leaned against the wall, my fingers tangled in his hair.

I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to the heavy throbbing that consumed my body. Feeling my throat vibrate with purrs and moans, my body writhing against his. His hands reached under my skirt, hooking into my thong and pulling it down my legs far enough for me to step out and kick them away.

Gently he stroked, rubbing with his calloused hands, then dipping into my dripping pussy. I bucked my hips in rhythm, grinding against him. I sank further down the wall, my head thrown back, neck exposed. My body surrendered to him, to do with as he would. He pushed my skirt up over my hips as he went to his knees, his hot breath searing me. I was aching for him, in such pleasurable agony I moaned just knowing he was so close. My body jerked forward as his tongue stroked my pussy and my insides turned to liquid.

Even with the support of the wall I collapsed onto my knees, my hands still tangled in his hair. He kissed me, sharing my flavor. I trailed wet kisses down his neck and to his chest, loving the salty taste of his skin. I smoothed my hands down his body to cradle his cock, taking a firm grip and relishing the hardness of him. Knowing the pleasure it would bring me if only it were inside me.

I felt so empty. My body throbbed, longing to be filled. I met his eyes and wet my lips, begging him. He stood, his hands on the back of my head as I trailed my tongue around the head of his cock. I slowly took him in, sucking and licking. I saw our image in the mirror on the door. Him standing with his hips thrust forward, watching me, his hands gently massaging my scalp as I knelt before him. I moaned at the image.


With his hands in my hair, he tugged me back up, kissing me long and hard before turning me to face the wall. His hands cupped my breasts and teased my nipples from behind as his teeth worked their way from my neck and down my back. His hands followed him downward as he went to his knees once again.

I watched him in the mirror. He groped my ass as he kissed the back of my knees, his mouth working its way up, his teeth grazing my upper thigh and nibbling just under my ass cheek. His tongue dipped in and lapped my dripping pussy. He spread my ass with his hands and licked up, over my ass and tail bone. My knees collapsed again, but his hands caught me and steadied me as he continued to tongue my ass.

My moans and whimpers turned to sobs as my body pulsed and quivered. My blood was throbbing in my brain and I felt my muscles tighten.

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Trembling, whimpering I felt I was tearing inside out from the pleasure. Quickly, suddenly, he was buried deep inside me, his arms wrapped around me from behind, holding me close to him.

He pumped his hips, thrusting into me as deep as he could go. I clenched around him, bucking back against him, the orgasm building fast and hard.

Blinded by pleasure, I sobbed and moaned, calling his name desperately. My consciousness shattered as I came. Sitting in his lap on the floor, my face and arms pressed flat against the wall, his sweaty body cradling me, I was to boneless to even think of moving. His arms were wrapped around my waist and he leaned over me, his chin on my shoulder.

He said something, but I wasn't sure what it was.

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My body still quivered with ripples of pleasure. After several minutes I slid sideways down the wall and onto the floor, sighing as my heated body touched cool tile. I looked up at him from one eye and smiled lazily, stretching an arm out toward him. "I think I'm ready for a bath now."