Weiße Socke Anbetung

Weiße Socke Anbetung
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THE EARLY X-MAS PRESENT She knew it was HIS special day, so she prepared her body for the taking. She lathered extra-long for him.

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She wanted this night to be perfect just for him because he was special to her. And because she was special to Him, he got a room close by in the same town she lived in and he knew she would be relaxed and hot to do whatever HE wanted done that night and all-night long and every time he saw her from this day forward. She vowed to do "everything" and "anything" he wanted to please him.

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She arrived at the hotel on time as promised and he opened the room door and said You look lovely and I am keeping my promise to take you to dinner so let's go and with that he took her hand and off they went to the dinner he promised her. He wanted this to be a special night, and all she wanted was dinner and to spend time with him and he wanted his dream night of fantasy to come true and he knew he would get it that night.

She was perfect to him. They took 2 separate cars because she knew she would keep her promise of coming to his room with nothing but a coat on so after dinner she would have to get undressed in her car and come to the room with only a coat on as she promised, after dinner. They went to her favorite restaurant, Paninos.

After dinner they went to their cars and drove to the hotel. He went inside the hotel and she stayed in her car to undress quickly. Once undressed in the car, she went to his room with nothing on except her coat and her overnight bag with the Gel in it as he wanted. Once he let her in the room, he removed her coat to see her naked body that he dreamed about seeing.

He kissed her passionately as his huge thick cock got aroused and stood up at attention.


He went and sat on the bed and ordered her "Come to me Bitch!" She got on her hands and knees and with her head bowed she crawled to him. He looked at her open mouth, her lips and he began to get harder as he imagined what it would feel like to fuck this slut in her mouth, this Bitch that he owned&hellip. this fucking bitch that tonight ALL her holes would be his with NO MERCY!!!!

Her wonderful wet lips for the taking&hellip. This Bitch belongs to ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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MY BITCH!!!!! And no one will take this Bitch from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He said: I "own you" right? Yes Master.

With that he grabbed the back of her hair, tilted her head back and pushed her head towards his throbbing cock. "Now eat me Bitch and do a good job! Otherwise you will be severely punished! Do you understand?" Yes Master she whispered as tears rolled down her face because he was pulling her hair so tight&hellip.

But he didn't care, he got OFF on causing her misery and pain for HIS pleasure. So she accepted her fate&hellip. and She began by wetting her lips and licking his head slowly. She could taste the pre-cum on the head of his cock and it tasted soooooooo good. She gently played with his huge balls while she circled her tongue on his big cock and he couldn't take it anymore, he had been waiting for her to suck his cock for a longgggg time, he couldn't wait anymore.

With that he shoved her head towards his cock forcing her to take it all in. " Take it ALL Bitch " Take it all!!!!! He began to fuck her open mouth but it wasn't enough so He turned his body around so he was facing her and forced her to take his cock again except he was on TOP of her, fucking her mouth hole as hard as he could.

He didn't care if she could breathe or not. This bitch was his and he deserved everything she had to use her body for HIS pleasure.

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Fuck her pleasure for tonight it is ALL about me, I am KING!!!! Slave owner of this bitch that will do anything to please me. With that he rammed his huge cock in her mouthramming his hips hard against her wet mouth, deeper and deeper, harder and harder, this bitch was going to pay with everytime she misbehaved, he kept fucking her, deaf to her cries for air, he kept fucking her mouth it felt so dam good! This fucking bitch is gonna make me cum.

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I don't want to cum but this bitch's mouth is so fucking good that she is forcing me to cum! She is going to pay for being so dam good. I am going to give it to her tonight!!!! With that he grabbed her hair again and tilted her head back and rammed her mouth with such force over and over again that he came multiple times and his last cum, he squirted all over her face!!!!

He loved humiliating her and degrading her. Not to be mean but because he felt powerful over her in her helplessness. He knew she had to obey him as his sex slave, she had no fucking choice. This Bitch is too fucking hot for me to ignore. Clean me up bitch!


Then go to the bathroom and clean yourself up and come back for more… I got a surprise for you BITCH!!!!! She licked him clean and all the while he kept thinking of all the vile things he would do to her that night&hellip.

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this Bitch is MINES for the taking! He envisioned one of the things he would do to her tonight was tie up this Bitch and gag her so no one could hear her screams for help. "Hurry up Bitch so you can go clean yourself up… I got plans for your ass Bitch, hurry the fuck up!!!! To be continued.