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DracMorair: [I stumbled into your history of the The Imperium Are you VB's muse? ] lordofkhaine: No no i am the leader of the necromancer faction how can i help you :3)) DracMorair: I'm the new section cheilf of The Great Library.

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DracMorair: That is if bella don't kick me out of the rp first. DracMorair: Made a suggestion. ruffled a few feathers I think lordofkhaine: dont believe we have met dear, Call me Khaine pleasure to meet you DracMorair: Drac, a pleasure to meet an active mind.

DracMorair: The chronicle of the necromancers is very eloquent lordofkhaine: Thank you, i have yet to try them against another in rp DracMorair: May I speak plainly with you.

one sectoin chief to another? lordofkhaine: please do DracMorair: From what I've seen the RP is struggling to stay on its feet. I mean to meet all the section chiefs and put forth the suggestion to all of them. DracMorair: The idea is quite simple, invite the player to play.

Making it our responsability to set a schedule and invite them in. The still have the option to stay no. but it seems only logical that if we wish to play, Invite the players DracMorair: Say* no lordofkhaine: I dont believe it is struggling to stay on its feet, but the issue i see is that.people dont seem to want to rp without certain members online such as no one seems to want to rp without VB there or anything.

I have tried getting rp going but people say wait untill certain people are online, and i can understand if they are crucial to the rp at hand but if their chars are no where near where the rp will be i see no reason to wait untill they are here to rp DracMorair: yeah I saw that too. and keep it to yourself but I did mention its a crisis of leadership. The ring leaders wanting to be in every act. It's time to delegate DracMorair: To VB & Bellas's face no less.

DracMorair: hence the feathers ruffling lordofkhaine: well the thing is its not so much the leaders who want it, its everyone wanting everyone else to be presant and for a rp spanning this size it is unreasonable DracMorair: Exactly so why not delegate that to us? DracMorair: or am I blowing smoke? DracMorair: I've been a TT GM for 20 years DracMorair: and I've seen rps die for less than this DracMorair: And I dont know if I can stick around when the very ones that wish to spend time here.

aka the section leads take no respability to create a session DracMorair: or is that just me? lordofkhaine: i understand you perfectly.

I wish there to be more rp and more.sense in it. I dont like seing characters with 10 different forms and 7 different races but thats just something i shrug at.

The rp needs to initiate more, and it needs to get rolling DracMorair: Exactly, take some personal resposability. And as much as I love VB & Bella for what they've built. They bind there hands just letting it go and enforcing no directed play time. Invite the player to play, engage and .

your word, initate.

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DracMorair: Well anyway DracMorair: Speaking of initiation DracMorair: How many undead players we have active? color me curious DracMorair: or is it npc? lordofkhaine: For the necromancers? It is just me right now but npc wise it is a massive number of undead mixed in with specialised groups DracMorair: So your C'tan? lordofkhaine: indded-bows with a smirk- DracMorair: So what can the great library do as a nuetral party in all this for you?

lordofkhaine: Knowledge is power, and Ctan is a pinnacle of it. Knowledge and wisdom is his goal among all things, and he is responcible for bringing necromancy into the world as a form of magic lordofkhaine: Such a place as this is sure to draw his attention without drawing a desire to control it. Such knowledge should be avalible for those seeking it DracMorair: As such have your chornicled said knowlege or is it an art of of spoken word?

lordofkhaine: A mix. The only written knowledge is scripted in runes that are taught verbally and directly to others. So the knowledge is written, but the means to understand it are taught verbally DracMorair: So the necromancer apprentice and master is basicly a rosseta stone? lordofkhaine: indeed. All of those in the imperium are taught the language of the aincent art directly from elder Necromancers recruiting into their ranks. DracMorair: And I must ask, and I do so with discresion as a scholar, not one that has any loyalties besides The Dragon below us & Iristi, what makes the white sword a bane of your existance?

lordofkhaine: the white sword? DracMorair: As I have gleaned, the white sword is basicly a soul stealer. What about your soul and the undead armies pulled out of puragtory make it so effective. lordofkhaine: i have not been informed of such a thing, but if it is a soul stealer that makes it rather innafective except against spirits. I am not such DracMorair: Creature of the void you are. yet the overflow you capatalize on. hmm lordofkhaine: I am the first of the deathless you may say.vampires are undead, while i am Truely dead yet i am soul has been twistedand torn into more than such.

Against the undead legions it may be effective since it can steal away the souls bound to the flesh, but for creatures such as myself.and those thralls who are bound by magic force not spirits, it would be no more special than a blade lordofkhaine: I am the step in humanity that the gods and others fear. Becoming more than they even knew possible DracMorair: Animation of a body requireing energy; the thrall.

So being the being you are. what about the legion and purgatory overflow sparked your quest for this domination? lordofkhaine: It is what makes my power more than mere summoning that most tend to see as necromancy.not every practicer is under my banner.most necromncers see the art simply as the binding of dead and summoning.but what i know and what i teach is far more.necromancy is more than the power over death, it is the power to shape purgatory its wounds and heal them shut, let its power flow and bend or seal it away from others.

Where the gods and demons reign over the living and the mystic, i alone walk among the dead as one of their own DracMorair: And toying with that rift is what they fear? lordofkhaine: The old gods, feared me because i learned how to go beyond them, beyond the demons and beyond for forces of life. I know not what it is that they fear, but i know that they do not understand DracMorair: The greatest fear I find is the fear of the unknown. DracMorair: its a powerfull motivator in that light lordofkhaine: Perhaps that is it then.

But i am a cure, and one that is most effective.they fight against the freedom from death. To fear the disease of death is simple enough but to fear its cure.ignorance DracMorair: And I must inquire, Is it not more effective to explain this than to have dominion?

DracMorair: That said. DracMorair: Isn't it logical to say that if they knew the energy never died, becoming godlike in there own design intent.


It's only logical to conclude that is the devils best kept secret in essence. DracMorair: Making you the dark mesiah lordofkhaine: Observe the world as it is, each faction each ruler thinking that the way things are under them is the best.

Sometimes, fear and ignorance must be crushed before progress can be made, an empire must fall before a better one can build upon its remains DracMorair: Yet why perpetuate the empire mentality? I'm all for phoenix rising in all things. With that energy, anything is possible. But more dominon . well shit. perpetuates the war. lordofkhaine: You seem to view my seeking dominion.Land is but earth and stone, and other minds will always ponder that which is more than their own existance and life.The imperium is not a force made to destroy and dominate, it is made to guide and direct.

Those that submit willingly to the imperium are not erased.but they must be adapted and taught.the imperium does not seek to spread, it wishes to shepard those who follow beneath its black banners DracMorair: Isn't dominion defined by submitions? lordofkhaine: on an individual perhaps, but on a political, on an emperical level.Domination is the submission of others through force and to rule over them.The imperium does not Force into submission.they either follow willingly for their own pursuit of knowledge, or they are erased.we do not accept followers following out of fear, only from wish lordofkhaine: Those who wish to follow from fear, are nothing but disease.pretending to embrace a thirst for knowledge and progress.

They are no better than those fighting against such DracMorair: A very noble pursuit. The method may be violent, yet neccary in a macro level. Yet isn't the in divide dual you wish to bring such a wish to?

lordofkhaine: Explain your question if you would? DracMorair: A very humble soul once said, be the change your looking for in the world. Does it require outside force to bend that false hood to the morning star.

morning light, the devil's greatest trick. DracMorair: Isn't that done inside a being, the in divide dual zombie virus? DracMorair: Cleaning there own temple. we cant do it for them. Its there will, there energy DracMorair: furthermore,if they don't learn to get over fear in this lifetime they'll be doomed ot repeat it in the next DracMorair: It seems like your shooting yourself in the foot lordofkhaine: IT is more complicated than a simple matter of Fixing somehting broken, or doing for others.

I learned such knowledge for myself, the secrets of the dead. Should it not be shared so that more can is the burden of those with knowledge to spread it, or to suppress it. For ages i have waited untill enough minds came seeking knowledge, seeking to prove the thrist for more and the wish to go beyond what has been given is still there.we have reached a level that now we must move, we must act.

There is no right, no wrong, and no absolute. But a force for change has grown to a point where it now stands as a goal, as a true wish for those beneath its march lordofkhaine: It may be their temple, but those within do not wish it to be. Now it is a matter of who's will and purpose reigns harder DracMorair: Heavy is the crown that is always hidden.

heavy is the burden of the wise ones. From the divines to the demon, a simple reminder in our ears we are capable of more. lordofkhaine: Does my view, of seeking to free those surpressed, conflict with my goal to force a change.of course it does.but such is the way of the world, of reality.

Opposing forces coming to clash despite many sharing other opinions. There will always be those who suffer from the acts of the opposing force, but it is a new force, stirring the settled rubble that has settled after ages of being idle and surpreme.

Now it is time to see if the old stone still can stand against the fresh waves coming to wash over it DracMorair: Long live the fighters who know it's to settle a conflict, one of an inner-seek. DracMorair: I wish your quest fruition, with it this world may burn but I look forward to forgetting yesterday when all is possible.

lordofkhaine: If we shall succede, knolwedge will be spread.if we should is clear the world is not ready for such DracMorair: The library stands as testament to that.

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DracMorair: All welcome here DracMorair: For those few brave enough to crack a spine. pun intendended DracMorair: Shall you stumble across more shadow workers, know that my doors are always open. We also conduct research should you necromancers discover any new runes. lordofkhaine: The offer is generous, my kind will behave themselves so long as others do the same DracMorair: The reason of this temple is if they seek the dragon of knowlege they shall have it, yet do not incur its wrath by greed.

DracMorair:I just created the Heathens den the idea of this place is to gather all the ones that have been repressed by imvu's BS. the worlds BS and have a nurturing place to do whatever we wish. Interested? lordofkhaine: sure DracMorair: Nude in all things here.


Mind, soul, heart and body yet to enforce it, though it sounds fun. if you come with modesty in your heart, mind, soul or body there will be fines. Read the description and ask if you have anybody else that will enjoy the freedom: Love without boundaries, Unconditional Love. This idea you can accept or leave.

Modesty is the first limit anyone needs to get passed if there attempting to be a free spirit. if your not a free spirit your a slave one. this room is open, not public lordofkhaine: Mmm dear, pleasure and pains blend so wonderfully here DracMorair: pnp DracMorair: Pain and pleasure indivisible.

lordofkhaine: heh oh dear-he pulls her towards him, arm around her waist-i believe, we shall be grand friends DracMorair: ~~smiles warmly embracing her own paws around to his ass squeezing with a charming giggle in my chest~~ I dont do fryed ends, fiends, nor ship friends.


I do lovers; lore-ve (latin-truth) Lore of truths. DracMorair: I be all to love all knowing all DracMorair: Can you accept all that I am? DracMorair: hellow DracMorair: /anybody home? DracMorair: or rather will you lordofkhaine: sorry heh-he presses against her a hand reaching to grip her ass in return.-And dear, i am your Dionysus lordofkhaine: I accept you should you accept me, Lust and savagry, pleasure and pain.

Sensual Sadistic and supreme in the devling to our deepest natures DracMorair: To my Loki & Baphomet, I accept it all. For without challenge and chaos and Skalding with with fundemental truths what is life? lordofkhaine: To my Venus i accept it, to embrace eachother in chaotic strangulation of eachothers force.

DracMorair: :* DracMorair: do you have yoru product sounds enabled? DracMorair: Like to share some gemstones with you lordofkhaine: i keep it muted dear, my audio dosent work on this laptop im afraid DracMorair: Thats a pity, you'll not be able to experience my energies of the other half of me.

lordofkhaine: im sure there is more than one way to expierience you dear DracMorair: I is a Drasee. Jinn, D-Jinn. Genie, Keymaker/gatekeepr & jabberwock.

language of the birds. when a Dee Jay sings. its jabberwork. Wish maker and granter, god is a dj :) DracMorair: if ya get on some other device :) lordofkhaine: i will check it out dear-drags his pierced tongue along her jaw- DracMorair: ~~gigglez arching my neck up tracting out my long forked yet dog/cat ruff surfaced toungue out along his long ear~~ lordofkhaine: -he tilted his head to the licks some before sinking his fangs into her jaw- DracMorair: ~~with a lusftul growl return the favor by extending my talons into there ass cheek scratching hip bone~~ lordofkhaine: -He opened his muzzle with an unnatural snarl, echoing with deep desires unbound as his claws sink into her thighs, teeth ripping into her neck with a lustfull purr DracMorair: ~~The pain and bit of dominance at my neck making things wet below my waist as the rest of my body relaxes nearly passive.

My mind still only thing active ass I press a bit harder scratching into bone marrow with the michevious thought this isthe most painfull thing in a hospitial~~ DracMorair: Khaine are you distracted ? lordofkhaine: im about to go to bed dear i just looked at the time x.x DracMorair: hehe, when I dive this deep into a soul, thats the norm for me :) DracMorair: Tiring them out, headaches opening that inner eye lordofkhaine: oh believe me dear, it is not you heh DracMorair: gigglez DracMorair: To be continued?

lordofkhaine : oh indeed dear

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