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Ow boy do I have an experience to share with you guys!!!


For those who don't follow my blog, let me fill you in on where I am. I employ a server admin (who keeps all my sites running and fixes any technical issues that are above my pay grade) who over the years has become one of my best friends, his name is Kip. Kip has visited me in Australia and each year I try and arrange a 'work' trip over to his place in the snowboarding town of Breckenridge, Colorado.

Kip is gay and loves speedos. We do mix work and pleasure, to be honest, we are fuck buddies and anytime we get together we have a lot of speedo fun.

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I arrived in Colorado last week and it has been great. The weather has been awesome and I've reacquainted myself with Kip's hottub (and his cock). Last night (Friday) I thought I'd have the house to myself as Kip was going to spend the weekend down in Denver.

On Friday morning Kip asked me if it was OK, if some friends of his crashed here, of course it was OK with me, it is his house and I'm a guest. Kip said the couple, Jeff and Stephanie, are long time friends and were coming up after work to go skiing on Saturday morning. So, last night, I was just doing some work and having a Jack and coke when Jeff and Stephanie arrived just before 9pm.

They were both good looking, right around my age, been dating for a year or so and they were both a little tipsy having grabbed dinner in town before getting to the house.

After introductions and pouring them some drinks, they both said they wanted to hottub.

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Jeff had forgotten his hottub attire and asked if he could borrow some of mine or Kip's. I joked that swimsuits weren't mandatory. then I went up stairs to get some speedos for Jeff. Of course he didn't ask, or expect, speedos but, that was what I was going to bring him. Up stairs, I dropped my jeans to reveal my new Arena speedos that I've been showing you guys in my selfies all week, wrapped a towel around my waist and returned to Jeff with my red AussieBum speedos (pictured here.

if you can't see the picture you can see it on my blog). I just threw them at him from across the room and the two of them started laughing.

"Be serious Dave." "This is what Kip makes me wear in his hottub." I replied, the three of us joking around. When I didn't make a move or offer an alternative swimsuit choice, Stephanie said "You can just wear your boxers Jeff." I thought I saw a little bit of disappointment in Jeff's face. I left the red speedos on the kitchen table and went up stairs to grab a pair of my dork shorts for Jeff.

While they both changed, I grabbed some more drinks and got in the hottub. I was in the hottub with the bubbles on when Jeff and Stephanie joined me. For the next hour or so we kept drinking and chatting and were all getting along great. Neither of them knew I was sitting there in my tiny new black Arena speedos and I was looking forward to having to get out for more drinks and give them a surprise but, both of them kept beating me to the punch and getting up to get drinks so my speedos were still a secret.

I admit, the thought of a threesome had entered my mind but the conversation hadn't turned sexual at all. Stephanie was getting pretty drunk though and she decided to call it a night. I started to get up and she told us boys to keep hanging out and have some 'boy time'. Jeff did get out with Stephanie saying he'd get her to bed and be back with another round of drinks. It was when Jeff returns that the night went from a boring, non-sexual hottub with friends of a friend to, well, lets just say the opposite of boring and non-sexual.

To my complete surprise Jeff slid open the door to the house and stepped out with two fresh Jack and cokes and wearing the red AussieBum speedos that I had left on the kitchen table.

I usually try to make people feel like wearing speedos is no big deal and don't react when I see them (although I am jumping up and down with joy on the inside) but seeing Jeff wearing my red speedos was too much. "Ow wow." "You said it was a house rule to wear a speedo right?" "Yeah" I replied as I stood up to grab one of the drinks from Jeff as he was getting into the hottub.

Jeff repeated me saying "Ow wow." I sat on the edge of the hottub which Jeff did as well and we clinked out glasses.


"To Aussies and speedos." Jeff toasted. Jeff said he wanted to wear them when I threw them at him and was disappointed that Stephanie didn't approve of the speedos.

He said it was probably good that she didn't see me wearing mine in case it freaked her out. We both agreed it sucked that so many women think speedos are weird.

It was all kind of normal, just two guys sitting in a hottub wearing speedos. "These feel great. I haven't worn a speedo since I was eighteen years old and on the swim team. I haven't sucked cock since then either." Did I hear that right? Jeff said that he has sucked cock? How do I reply to that statement?

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I did manage to respond with "Hasn't been that long for me. speedos or sucking cock." We both laughed and the ice was broken. Our drinks were empty so I slipped out of the tub, took Jeff's glass and went inside to top up.

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Getting back I had to address/ask about the elephant that was now in the hottub with Jeff and I. "Tell me about this cock sucking Jeff?" To my surprise, over the next ten minutes Jeff described how in his first year of college he would suck off one of the seniors in the college swim team a couple of times a week. By the time Jeff finished telling me about his blowjob experience I was one hundred percent rock hard. I sat up on the edge of the hottub and the front of my new Arena speedos were barely containing my erect cock.

"I'd love to find out if you still have those oral skill Jeff?" Jeff put down his drink and moved across the hottub like a crocodile; moving slowly, smoothly, barely making a wake in the water. He reached his hand up, breaking the water surface, between my legs towards the front of my speedo.

With the first touch of his fingers on the front of my speedo I flinched, even though I was watching it happen. I pulled the lycra from my right side and released my cock which was like a spring, releasing the tension after ten minutes of built up pressure. My cock looked big and fat, which could have been from the ten minute erection or could have been from Jeff's story which had really turned me on. Jeff's hand was gripping the base of my cock and his shoulders started to rise out of the water very slowly.

His head moved forward, his mouth opened, his tongue extended just into my view and he licked the head of my cock. It was a slightly tentative lick, he was just tasting and getting a feel for the texture of the head of my cock. Those old memories or habits from the last time Jeff had a cock in his mouth kicked in and Jeff went from a tentative lick to gulping down my cock.

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Jeff had real blowjob skills!!! I really couldn't believe that this guy who had arrived with his girlfriend was now wearing my red speedos and sucking my cock in the hottub while his girlfriend was sound asleep up stairs. "I'm getting close Jeff. Are you going to take my load like you did that seniors ten years ago?" He grunted what seemed to be a yes.

Then I was unloading into Jeff's mouth. Pulse after pulse of my cock dumped cum into his expert mouth and he swallowed it all.


I was pretty quiet in the throws of my orgasm but it took a couple of minutes for my breathing to return to normal. I tucked my cock back into my speedos and slipped down in to the hottub.

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Time for me to return the favour "Your turn Jeff, get up there." "I came just before you did Dave. Just like I used to when I sucked off that senior on the swim team." As I finish writing about this I can't believe how hot it was and just how amazing Jeff's blowjob skills were.

He made me promise not to mention anything to his girlfriend, which I never would. I offered him my red AussieBum speedos but he said that would freak his girlfriend out if she found them one day.

The story of his experience with the senior on the swim team was really hot so I might write about that this week and share it with you guys if you are interested.

In the mean time, I need to cum again.