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Watch german vintage porn with rich people 3 tube porn
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My name is Jack.


I'm 5'8 and thin. Today is my first day of college. My girlfriend's name is Rachel. We've been dating for over a year now, since high school. She's super thin and pretty, with brown hair and brown eyes. We are going to the same college, Ohio University. The dorms are not coed, so we lived in separate dormitories. I hoped we wouldn't be super limited in seeing each other, but from what I had heard of college life, I feared the worst. I sent her a text. ME: About to start first class.

Here goes nothing. RACHEL: What class? ME: Biology. Dr. White. RACHEL: Ouch. I heard his class takes a lot of effort. Good luck, I gots ART!!

lmao ME: Jelly. Wish me luck? RACHEL: Good luck! Muah! I walked into the classroom. It was a bit different from high school, but nothing too crazy. I was excited to get started. Unfortunately, science was not my strong subject. My major was business. I kept far away from chloroplast and cells and.

atoms? Bleh. I needed these credits and that was the end of it. This would definitely be my challenge this semester. The teacher entered the room and dropped his stuff off at the desk. He was an older gentleman, with short white hair and a red polka dot bow tie. Very cool. He wrote his name on the chalk board. Dr. White. He seemed nice enough; I prayed he would have pity on me. I could not afford to screw up my scholarship because of a lack of understanding of the scientific method. As the class started, I feverishly took notes.

He was a very detailed instructor, and to his credit, spent a lot of time on each topic. I was able to take notes fast enough to where I got the whole lesson in. I wasn't really sure if I fully understood it, but that would be for later. I was grateful when he said that was it for the lesson, and I was able to take a breather. I looked around, everyone seemed fairly relieved as well.

Some of the people were sucking on their pencils, others were closing their laptops. I think all of us had heard enough. He told us all to head to the lab, where we would be pairing up for the semester and solving an introductory problem. We all made our way to the next room. The lab was your typical school science room, with beakers and vials and sinks and the whole nine yards.

I was certainly more excited to be in here than in the classroom. At least here I could see things and experience them, as opposed to just hearing about them.

I snagged myself a table in the back. I felt if I got in the back, in the later classes if I felt behind I may be able to go over my notes in peace.

It was a fool's dream, but I stood by it stubbornly. Everyone was pairing up, starting from the front and coming back. I wondered if there would be enough people to even give me a partner. I felt that it would most likely be to my detriment to be alone in the lab; I would not want to trust my scientific judgment over literally any of the other students.

Hopefully someone would come by my table. As the class filled in there were only a few tables left with individuals. That was when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned my head to see a cute looking Asian girl. She was just a bit shorter than me, with black hair and dark brown eyes. She was very tan. But what caught my eye almost immediately after was her body.

She was wearing a tight white shirt that appeared to be barely holding on. She was closer to the chubby side, though I would probably say it was more due to her breasts. To say they were huge would be an understatement. Especially on this smaller Asian girl's body, they jutted out like torpedoes from her sturdy frame.

A quick guy measurement determined that they had to be bigger than double D's, if not bigger than Gs. Honestly, I couldn't pinpoint exactly how large they were. They were big.

Something also big was her butt. She was wearing jean shorts, with the insides of the pockets sticking out below. Her legs were thick, really thick. In fact, I would venture to say that each thigh was almost as thick as Rachel's torso. If I had to make a guess, I would say she weighed around 160 pounds, maybe more. But all of that weight was dispersed in very. sexual places. "Hey, is it okay if I join you?" she asked, in a bubbly, cute Asian voice.

"Yeah, absolutely. I'm Jack." "I'm Hitomi. Are you a Freshman?" "Yes, and an overwhelmed one at that." She giggled.

"I hear you. I'm loving this class.


Science is my major. I think the Dr. White is awesome." "Well, I'm glad you're liking it. I'm just trying to stay afloat. I'm a business major, not a doctor. I can't make heads or tails of all this." "Oh no!" she said. "Do you need help with this stuff? Maybe we could be study buddies. This stuff is super easy to me, I'm just worried about everything else." I smiled at her. "I may need to take you up on that." My phone vibrated.

Rachel texted me, asking how class was. I responded, telling her I was still in the lab, but it was a bit overwhelming. When I finished, I set my phone down on the table.

Hitomi must have seen the picture, which was a picture of Rachel and me. "Aw, is that your girlfriend?" "Her? Yeah." "How long have you guys been dating?" "About a year, give or take." "Darn," she said. "All of the cute boys are taken. And here I was, about to ask you out. I'm sure I blushed enough to be considered red at that statement. "Well isn't that flattering.

What would a girl like you see in a guy like me?" "You're cute! And you're my type," she laughed. "Oh well, it doesn't really matter. You appear to have a certain type, pretty girls that are skinny.

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I'm not your type, I've got boobs and a butt!" With that, she pushed up her boobs with her hands, which, although normal in size, were dwarfed by her massive breasts. "Oh well, I guess I'll just keep eating. Are you ready to look at the assignment?" I nodded.

The thought of her spread eagle on a bed was dripping into my head. I had never been with a girl even remotely as thick as Hitomi. We worked on some of the lab stuff, but we distracted each other by our small talk. The professor stated that we could take it home and work on it on our own time. Hitomi suggested we finish it later that afternoon. We agreed on a coffee shop near campus.

We said our farewells and headed out. Later that day, I showed up at the coffee shop. None of my classes after biology had been any sort of struggle. I was actually looking forward to our visit. We just had so much in common, with similar sense of humors. We got along famously, as an old person would say. And not for nothing, but she was pretty easy on the eyes.

She showed up to the shop shortly after I arrived, wearing nearly the same clothes. The only difference was she was now wearing a tank top, and boy what a difference that was making.

Her boobs looked incredible. She sat down next to me. "Hey Jack. Glad you could make it." As she sat down across from me, her chest bobbing up and down, I couldn't help by steal a look.

I saw other guys' eyes glancing at her chest as they walked by. I only hoped she hadn't noticed me ogling her.

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She already knew I had a girlfriend; I didn't want to look like a total creep to my new friend. We started working on our project, when she was approached by a male student. "Hey girl, you looking for a man?" She looked up and scoffed.

"Does it look like I'm looking? He's right here." She pointed to me. What was she talking about? He looked at me and said "lucky ass dude." He walked away. She picked up her drink and sat next to me. Her meaty thigh touched mine. "Is it chill if when we hang out, we just pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend? I legitimately can't stand the cat calls." "Y-yeah, that should be fine," I said. It probably wasn't. But I was in no position to say no. We finished the actual work fairly quickly.

She was surprisingly smart. I could tell that if we stuck together, I could learn a lot from her. Maybe this class wouldn't be so challenging after all, with her around at least.

We got to talking about our lives. Again, we had tons of chemistry. She thought I was funny, and I her. We were laughing together like we had been friends for years. If I'm being honest, I felt like I had a better connection with Hitomi than Rachel.

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Granted, it was very early in our friendship, and if dating had taught me anything, it's that things are never the way they were at the beginning. But even still, I was mesmerized by the connection we had made. She had been in a few relationships, but nothing serious. All of the guys she had dated wound up cheating on her for skinny girls. Perhaps she had developed some sort of complex. She claimed society didn't like girls with her body type. It was actually a bit sad to see a girl so down on herself.

She had no reason to have body issues. A coffee store employee walked up to us. I hadn't realized it had gotten so late.

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The sun was down, and most of the people there had left. "Aw you guys make a cute couple." "Thanks," said Hitomi.

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She leaned into me with a big hug. One of her breasts was pressing into my chest. The other was just bulging out there for me to see. Looking down was almost too easy. Those things were utterly massive. I had to squirm in my seat to try to hide my erection. We left the coffee shop shortly thereafter.

We stopped outside. "Thank you for hanging out with me Jack." "No, thank you Hitomi. You're the brains of the operation, I hope you know that. I'm going to need you this semester." "Oh, I'm sure you'll bring something to the table as well." She giggled. We hugged, her big chest pressing against mine. "I'll see you later." And with that, she turned and walked away, her big butt staring me in the face. I checked my phone. RACHEL: How was everything?

Are you that busy!!?? I walked home, preparing myself to tell her about my day, minus a detail or two.