Reife huren bonn

Reife huren bonn
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The following story is purely fictional. Any resemblance to actual people and places is coincidental. Finally, I've got my first major job, and my company sent me to lead a project in Thailand. In a way, it was what I've always dreamed of.I just wasn't aware how deep and dark my dreams were.and how they could became true.when opportunity rises.

I am six three, slim but muscular, from my years of martial arts training, I have a long, dark blond hair even in my late forties, and trimmed beard and mustache. And girls and boys find me attractive. Yes, I am bisexual.

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And as much I prefer girls, I never passed a beautiful, young boy when he showed that he is attracted to me. As it was planned that I spend a year on a project, my company rented me a five-room house in the rich part of Bangkok.

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It also had a fully equipped kitchen, and bedroom with Jacuzzi and massage shower. It also had a large garden, surrounded with high living fence.


I loved it at first sight. First few weeks I was deep in the project, so I came home just to have a bath and sleep, but project went in normal tempo, so I've had to spend more time at home, working in it as my office.

And as much as I love to cook, it is boring to cook just for one, and I positively hated to clean and do laundry, and I haven't a clue about gardening. So, I went to renting company to hire some house help. Lady in renting company was sexy, attractive and after just a few words, she smiled and said that she has a pretty good idea what I am looking for, and that she will send a first candidate next afternoon so I could decide if I like them.

Next afternoon, a tiny, slim Thai woman came to my house, together with a young girl and a boy.

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She gave me a letter a recommendation from renting company, with a letter attached. I opened a letter, and smiled. It said: "I think you'll find this family to your liking. If you want, I'll come over to check on you whenever you want." And it was signed by a girl from renting company, together with a mobile number. Woman was thirty two years old, and as I said, tiny and slim, with rather large boobs and slightly too big ass for her figure.

But she was sexy, with full lips. I wandered how good a cook she was, but I decided that she would be good to fuck. Boy and girl were her kids, he fourteen and she twelve years old, and she explained that she cannot leave them at home alone, and that boy is good gardener, and girl will help her around the house, and I have to pay only for one.

I strongly declined that. "Lady, if I have a help, I will pay for it. But, tell me, where are you live? And where is your husband?" She bowed her head: "Master, I am ashamed&hellip.No husband&hellip.and we live in&hellip." and she mentioned most despicable part of a town. I frowned: "Then I have a suggestion. Why don't you all live here?" "Master&hellip.that is not proper……We are only house help&hellip." "Nonsense&hellip.


It is my house and it will be for at least a year. So, I want you to stay here, or I will look for other help!" "No, master, we will stay. When do you want us to start?" "Let boy look over the garden and say what he need to do, and I want a dinner today&hellip.


Girl can do the laundry, if it is not a problem, lady? And you can go back to your place tonight and settle in the morning." She nodded: "Yes, master. And&hellip.If it pleases good master, call me Thia&hellip.I am not a lady……" "OK, Thia&hellip.Let's see how it will work.

OK?" "Yes, Master." In a way I heard that capitol M; rather felt it in my loins. When I come home next day, a girl rushed to me with a towel and basin. "Let wash feet, Master." Part of me started to oppose that idea, but other accepted that. So, I sat, and she removed my shoes and socks, and looked up to me: "Master take trousers or me?" I got a little alarmed at that, but I removed my trousers and sat only in my boxers and shirt, and girl started to was my feet, and I could see that she looked at the bulge that unconsciously started to grow in my boxers.

I took a towel and, little embarrassed covered my loins. Thia came in the room that very moment: "Mya good feet washer, Master. Mya also do feet massage&hellip.Master will enjoy&hellip." "Thiia, I…" "Master relax…&hellip.Or if Master prefer boys, Than can do it…" I was shocked, but some beast awoke inside me: "No, Thia&hellip.Master like girls&hellip.and boys too…&hellip.and woman&hellip." She smiled, and her eye twinkled: "I am glad to hear that Master…& Master want to bath before supper?" "Actually…yes&hellip." "Good.

I'll prepare the bath!" Before I could say anything she left and I looked at tiny girl which started to massage my feet.

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Dark hair around tiny face, big eyes and full lips like her mother, tight shorts, nice ass, and just a starter of tits which I could clearly see through the cleavage on her shirt. Bulge in my pants twitched, and I stood up: "Mya, enough for now&hellip.Now I'll take the bath." I could see a fear in her eyes: "Master unhappy with Mya?" I smiled, and patted her cheek: "No, Master is very happy with Mya&hellip.If Mya wants, she can massage my feet later!" She smiled: "Mya wamts&hellip.Mya wants very much!" I almost run to bathroom, where next shock awaited for me.

Bathtub was full with warm water and bubbles, and Thia was standing there barefooted, wearing only a skirt. Her upper body was naked, and her big, heavy breasts were looking at me, with large dark nipples erected.

"Thia&hellip.I…" "Master gave us his home&hellip.Thia will wash Master&hellip." The beast inside me awoke in full, and I smiled: "OK,Thia……If you want it that way!" I took of my shirt and my pants, my cock standing; "…But I have this problem……" Her eyes widen, and she smiled: "Thia will take care of that problem, Master!" She felt on her knees, and next moment her full lips took my cock in, her hands hugging my butt.

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She swallowed only half of my eight inch cock, but I took her hair and started to slam its full length down her throat. She gagged, and I felt her fingernails dig in my buttocks. I pulled her hair and slapped her: "No fingernails Thia&hellip.If you want to suck my cock; you will do it as I say!" "Yes, Master&hellip." she whispered, and for the moment I thought I overstepped my boundaries, but a gleam in her eyes showed me she liked it rough.

I grabbed a handful of het tit, and squeezed hard, until tear showed in those dark gleaming eyes&hellip.she moaned, and I slapped her again. I took both her hand in my one&hellip.she was really tiny, not even five foot high……and ripped her skirt&hellip.Under skirt she wore nothing, and her pussy was bare, like a little girls.

I pressed one finger in her cunt and found that she is wet: "You are wet, bitch? Your bloody cunt is begging for my cock?" "Yes, Master…" she whispered, and I pressed her to wall, lifting her up by her hands and one tit. I pressed my lips onto hers, and kissed her roughly. I tasted the salty taste of blood and I went completely mad.

I pressed my hard cock on her pussy lips and entered her hard.

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She screamed as head of my cock slammed against her uterus, and I could feel it opening to receive all my length, I fucked her like a machine, just a cock ripping her inside, and she moaned and cried in combination of pain and pleasure&hellip. "Master, you can cum in me……I take pills…&hellip." She whispered between moans, but I had other plans.

As I felt my semen coming, I pulled my slightly blooded cock out of her, and slammed it into her mouth. She took as much of as she could and started to swallow my outburst, every drop of it, together with her own blood.

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As my cock got softer, I took it out of her mouth, and took her skirt to wipe it. "You were good bitch&hellip.Now, bath me." And she stood there, with droplets of blood oozing from her cunt, and bathed me.