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Sex porn ass gay butt chubby boy twink tumblr Chronic going knuckle
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It was late, and they realized it was Sunday night. They probably could've skipped school on Monday, but they didn't have anywhere else to go. Spending the night together was a foregone conclusion, but that left the problem of where to sleep. They headed upstairs to the bedrooms, and Kyle sighed when he realized his bed was covered with a random assortment of things he didn't feel like moving.

Erin thought about the master bedroom, but decided against it. "We'll just sleep in my bed," Erin said. "Yeah, I'll just change and brush my teeth," Kyle replied as he removed his shirt and tossed it into the laundry. Erin lingered a moment, watching her brother undress, then went to her bedroom to do the same. When Kyle entered her bedroom, he was wearing grey gym shorts and an old blue shirt. Erin was standing with her back to the door, pulling a pair of grey bikini panties over her hips.

Kyle stopped to silently admire his sister's great ass. She had a blue tank top halfway over her torso when she realized he was standing there.

She turned, "How long have you been standing there?" Kyle just grinned. "Hey look, we match!" he said, pointing to his shirt then hers. "Come on," Erin said, rolling her eyes and pulling the sheets up. She set the alarm and laid back into her brother's arms. It didn't take long for both of them to fall asleep. Late that night, it started to thunderstorm. Erin dreamt she was standing at the top of the stairs as their house flooded. She didn't know where her family was, and water was rushing through the front door.

"Erin!" Kyle said, trying to wake her without scaring her more. Her eyes snapped open, at first she backed away from Kyle's embrace. She didn't know what was happening, she felt like she was being pulled down. "Erin, shh shhh shhh, it's OK," Kyle said. "It's me. I'm here, you're OK." Erin looked at him in the dark and fell back into his arms.

She jumped as another bolt of lighting struck nearby. The deafening crack of thunder followed almost immediately. She was shaking uncontrollably. "I--you were," she said. "There was water--and then--but I couldn't …" "You don't have to explain it," Kyle said. "I know." He pulled her head to his chest. After she calmed down a bit, Erin kissed her brother aggressively and started pulling at his shirt.

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She didn't know what to do, but needed to be as close to him as she possibly could. Kyle was a little confused, but didn't argue. Soon they were both naked, and Erin had slid herself down on his cock with a sigh. She clutched him tightly, and they slowly rocked back and forth. It wasn't the sweaty, hard sex they had the day before, but slow and comforting lovemaking. Kyle didn't care if he came, he just wanted to love Erin.

Soon the storm died down. Kyle was still inside his sister, and Erin started to steadily rock her hips. Kyle laid back on the bed, cupping and squeezing her breasts as she rode him. She picked up her pace, arching her back and running her hand through her hair, pulling it out of her face.

Kyle was groaning, and soon she began to feel his cock pulsing. She pushed down harder onto him, and for the third time in a day, Erin felt her brother cum in her pussy. She moaned softly as his sperm shot into her, then laid her head on his shoulder, his cock still inside of her. Erin's alarm clock went off at 5:57 a.m. She had a habit of setting the clock to strange times.

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The twins woke up, showered and ate breakfast together, then headed to school. News of the accident made the local newspaper, and they could tell people were surprised to see them back so soon. Thankfully, nobody mentioned it directly.

Before classes started, Erin found Kara, her best friend and teammate, standing in front of her locker. They hugged, and Erin managed not to cry. She pulled some books out of her locker, and the girls headed to first period English.

"Don't forget about tonight," Kara said. Erin looked at her friend blankly, trying to figure out what she wasn't supposed to forget. "Our last game of the season," Kara said. "Oh," Erin said.

"I totally forgot. Yeah, I'll be there." "Are you going to be OK to play?" "Yeah, I think so." They sat down as the bell rang, and class started. The morning was pretty routine. At lunch, Erin and Kyle sat with Kara, off in a far corner. Kara could tell neither one of them wanted to talk about anything important, so she just talked about whatever came to mind. She told Kyle about how well the soccer season was going, even though he already knew, and asked if he'd be at the game tonight tonight.

"It's not like he's got anywhere better to be," Erin teased. Kyle feigned an offended look back at his sister. In truth, he'd been to every game, and couldn't imagine missing it. Even if it was only junior varsity. "Next year we're going to make varsity, just wait and see," Kara replied. "Then you won't be the only person in the stands." They all laughed at that, and started cleaning up the remainders of their lunches.

The afternoon was as mundane as the morning, and by 2:45, Erin was waiting for her brother in the car. They both had keys, so whoever got there first always drove home. It was a running game between them. She saw him walk out the doors toward the parking lot, and pulled up to him. "Need a lift?" she asked playfully. Kyle rolled his eyes, put his bag in the trunk and got in. "So, how was your day?" he asked. "All right I guess," she said.

"I managed to make it through." "Same," Kyle said. "You excited for your last game on the junior varsity?" he asked, changing the subject. "You know, just because nobody comes to our games doesn't mean we aren't any good," Erin replied, pausing.

"OK, maybe a little, but please don't jinx it. Just because I'll be a junior next year doesn't mean I'll automatically get a varsity spot." "Kara seems pretty confident," he said. "That's because she's trying to convince herself it's a done deal." They both laughed a little.

Talking about mundane, day-to-day things gave them a sense of belonging. It didn't make them feel any better about their parents being gone, but they both felt like they could function normally. They got home, and Kyle was going through the mail when Erin came up behind him, running her hands up his chest. She pulled him around to face her, she'd already taken off her shirt, and was wearing jeans and a red bra.

"Take me before the game," she said in a low, sultry voice. She pulled his t-shirt over his head, and they were kissing before he could form a response. Kyle lifted his 115-pound sister without breaking their kiss. Erin wrapped her legs around his waist, and they headed up to her bed. Kyle playfully tossed her on the bed, and quickly unbuttoned her jeans, He pulled his sister's pants and panties off together, and immediately went down on her. Erin was surprised at how quickly her brother moved, but soon felt too good to think about it.

Kyle learned quickly, he was fingering her and licking her clit, driving her crazy. "Oh Kyle," she groaned. "You're too good at that." She loved the feeling of his tongue on her clit, and Erin felt the muscles in her pussy squeezing around his fingers as he pushed her closer to cumming.

Soon she was arching her back and moaning loudly, simultaneously trying to twist away from his mouth and push his face harder into her pussy. Kyle slowed down, letting his sister's orgasm subside for a moment. When the room stopped spinning, Erin realized her brother was still wearing pants. She practically attacked the zipper, pulling his cock out and taking it into her mouth.

Kyle was on his back by now, and after sucking his cock for about 30 seconds, Erin couldn't take it any more.


She straddled him and sank down on his cock, half-growling until it was buried deep inside her. She unclasped her bra and tossed it on the floor.

Kyle grabbed his sisters hips, and she started riding his cock fast and hard. Her pussy was dripping wet. Every time Erin sank down on his cock, Kyle pushed up to meet her, his pubic bone smacking into her clit.

Erin pulled her brother's shoulders up and laid back so he was on top of her. She put her legs on his shoulders as he started to slam his cock into her pussy. She was grabbing at the sheets, arching her back and moaning loudly.

"Oh Kyle, fuck," she groaned. "Cum in my pussy Kyle. Fill your sister with cum. Fuck, your cock is so huge!" Hearing his sister groaning his name and telling him to fill her put Kyle over the edge.

He started to cum, and pushed as deep as he could to shoot his load. Erin was in ecstasy, she moaned incoherently as she felt her brother's cum splash into her. ### After they had both showered and eaten a snack, it was time to leave. Kyle took up his usual spot in the front row of the nearly empty bleachers. Since it was a late fall evening, he wore his sister's team hoody.

Erin always got them four sizes too big, so he didn't even look ridiculous. Not that looking ridiculous would stop him from wearing it. The game was actually pretty good, as the second quarter wound down, they were tied at one point.

With just over four minutes left on the clock, Erin was back in. The teams went back and fourth for the next three minutes. Nobody could gain a real advantage. Then, with less than a minute left, Kara found some space and got away from her opponent. She found Erin with a long, but mostly clear shot, and passed it. Erin took another three or four steps, seeing one defender bearing down on her from the left, and took her shot.

Kyle heard it before Erin felt it. The defender managed to get her foot in front of the ball just as Erin kicked it, then plowed into her. It was a sickening noise, like a head-on car crash. Erin crumpled to the ground in a heap, while the other player landed two yards away. The red card was in the air before the defender hit the ground. Erin was unconscious for a few seconds, but by the time Kara got to her she had started to roll around.

The pain was nauseating, her entire body hurt, and it took her a minute to figure out what had happened. Kyle wanted to ran down to the sideline, and would've continued out onto the field if the ref hadn't stopped him.

By then, the trainer was out on the field. Kyle could tell it wasn't good when the trainer pulled out his cell phone. At that point, there wasn't anybody to stop him from going over to his sister.

He knelt beside her, holding her hand while the trainer held her head and neck. "It's probably nothing," The trainer said. "But she landed funny, and that kick probably did some damage. I don't want to take any chances." They heard the ambulance pulling up to the field, and soon they were on their way to the hospital. The paramedics put a collar around Erin's neck and immobilized her right leg, which was throbbing a little bit more than the rest of her body. Kyle was stuck doing paperwork and explaining why their parents weren't coming while a nurse took Erin back for x-rays and an MRI.

He was waiting in her hospital room when they brought her back without the neck brace. He breathed a small sigh of relief. Erin smiled a little at seeing her brother. "They said I didn't break anything, and I don't have a concussion," she said. "But … ?" Kyle replied. Erin cringed a little. "Well, my knee's not exactly the same as it was this morning.

Ligaments or something. Apparently they can't tell me more until the swelling goes down." By now her right knee had taken on a green tint and was noticeably bigger than her left. Kyle leaned down and kissed her forehead as his cell phone started to ring. He answered, despite the plethora of signs exclaiming "NO CELL PHONES." "That was Kara, she wanted to know if we were still here," Kyle said.

Half an hour later, nothing new had happened, and Kara peeked her brunette head around the curtain, followed by the rest of her 5-foot-2, 100-pound body. "Hey," she greeted the twins. "I guess it'd be pretty dumb for me to ask how you're feeling." Erin smiled a little and nodded. "It's about as bad as it looks," she said, pointing to her knee. "Aw, sick," Kara exclaimed.

"I've never seen that color before. She really nailed you." "No shit," Erin replied. "At least tell me we won." Kara sighed. "Tie." Erin groaned.

"Fucking hell. I should've stayed home." "At least it was the last game," Kara said. "You'll be fine by next season." Erin gave her friend half a smile, she didn't feel like she'd ever be the same.

"Erin, do you think you'll be fine here by yourself for a little while?" Kyle asked. "Kara said she'd take me back to get the car." "Uh, yeah," Erin replied, biting her lip a little. She hoped it wasn't too obvious she was lying. "It's not like I'm going anywhere by myself anyway. Besides, we'll need to get home eventually." Kara said goodbye to her friend and headed to the exit.

Kyle gave his sister a brief kiss on the lips, and she pulled at his hand as he started to leave. "Don't be gone long," she said, her eyes pleading with him to stay. "I'll be quick," Kyle said. "Promise." He kissed her fingertips and hurried after Kara, who was waiting for him in the lobby.

"Sorry, hospitals make her nervous," He said approaching Kara. At least it wasn't a lie. "Can't really blame her," she said as they headed to the parking lot.

"At least she has you. I'd trade places with her in a second if I could have you for a brother." Kyle gave Kara a tight-lipped smile, grateful that she couldn't see him blushing under the dim parking lot lights. "No really," she pressed. "I've seen the way you look at her." Kyle's heart nearly stopped. Was he really that obvious? "Sometimes I think you two have entire conversations the rest of us can't hear," she said.

"I dunno," Kyle mumbled. "I guess it's just normal for us." They got into Kara's car, and headed back to the soccer field. "So, Kyle, any luck with the ladies?" Kara teased. She knew he didn't have the best track record. "I guess I just haven't found anybody," Kyle lied, trying to hide his anxiety. "Erin says the exact same thing," Kara replied.

"Sometimes you two are so similar it scares me." "This surprises you?" he said. "I guess not. Hey, I'm still available," she said with an exaggerated wink. "Oh yeah, dating my sister's best friend," Kyle replied sarcastically.

"That can only end well. Besides, what makes you think you're up to my standards." Kara hit his arm in mock indignation. Though she actually liked the idea of dating Kyle, she knew he was right. "You're right though," she said, pulling up next to Kyle's car at the field. "I'd end up telling her everything, and it's not like I'd expect you to keep secrets from each other." Kyle laughed and rolled his eyes as he opened the door.

"Bye," Kara kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks for the ride," Kyle said, getting out of the car and collecting Erin's soccer bag from the back seat. "See ya." "Hey," she shouted through the open window. "Are you guys coming to school tomorrow?" "We'll see," Kyle said, looking at his watch. "It's up to Erin really. Who knows how late we'll be at the hospital." "OK, well, I'll see ya when I see ya," she said, waving goodbye.

Kyle waved as he started the car. He decided to stop and pick up a strawberry milkshake for Erin on the way back to the hospital. He had about five minutes before the ice cream shop closed, and made it just in time. In another 15 minutes he was walking back into the hospital, two milkshakes in hand. He found his sister pretty much where he left her.

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"Took you long enough, jerk," she said. She gasped excitedly when she saw the milkshakes, reaching her arms out. "I may just keep this one for myself, since you clearly don't appreciate me," Kyle said.

Erin reached her arms out, pouting a little. "Oh don't give me that face," he said, handing her the milkshake. "I love you," she said, smiling. "The doctor was just here, he said they're more or less done with me.

Just have to get me some papers and pills, then we're outta here." Kyle nodded and sat down to enjoy his milkshake.

An hour later, two nurses helped Erin into a wheelchair, while Kyle took a pair of crutches to the car, and pulled up in front of the door.

They pulled into the driveway around 10:45, and spent the next 15 minutes getting Erin in the door. Once she was safely seated in the kitchen, Kyle got their things from the car, tossing them next to the door.

"Kyle?" Erin said.

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"Hm?" "Do you think you could, uh," she hesitated. "I need a shower. You don't have to--I mean, I'm all gross and sweaty. If you can just help me get up there I'll be fine." "So you can fall down?" Kyle replied.

"Come on, I'll help you." He leaned down to help her up, but she pulled his face to her, kissing him. "Thank you," she said softly.

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He kissed her nose and smiled. "Ready?" he asked. "One, two, three, up."
 She hopped along on her left leg, leaning heavily on her brother. Kyle held onto her hips, trying to carry as much of her weight as he could. They paused at the bottom of the stairs. "Uh, how do we do this?" Kyle asked. "Um, here," Erin said. "Put me down on the step." They slowly lowered her so she was sitting on the third step. She made it about halfway up, bumping her bad leg twice in the process, when she stopped, cringing.

"Erin, this is stupid," Kyle said. "Just let me carry you up." She nodded, swallowing her pride. She put her arms around her neck as he put his behind her back and under her thighs. He lifted her gingerly, careful to avoid touching her bad knee. Kyle carried his sister all the way to her bedroom and set her on the bed. "Do you mind if we undress you in here?" he asked. "I think it'll be easier than in the bathroom." "Yeah, that's fine," Erin said, pulling off her jersey and starting on the black sports bra.

"Ugh, I feel so disgusting. You really don't have to--" "Erin, stop being an idiot," Kyle cut her off. "I'm not going on two ambulance rides in one day after you hit your head in the shower. You're too proud for your own good. Lay back, I have to get these shorts off you." "You just want to see me naked," she teased.


"Perv." "Oh yeah, I didn't tell you about my green and purple swollen knee fetish," he replied, carefully sliding the white nylon shorts down her legs. He kissed her thigh, and moved back up to work on the panties. "This is going to be a little harder," he said, pulling at the waistband. Erin tried to lift herself as much as she could, but it was hard to do without using her right leg. Kyle slid the grey panties to just above her knees, then guided her good leg out.

It was easier to get the underwear over her bad knee that way. They had already removed her socks at the hospital, so she was completely naked. Kyle paused for a moment to enjoy his sister's body, then started peeling off his own clothes. "I liked it better when I was pulling off your clothes," Erin said with a sigh.

"I'm sorry," Kyle said, pulling her up so she was sitting, then wrapping her arm around his shoulder. They made their way to the bathroom, and Erin steadied herself against the shower wall while Kyle started the water.

When he was satisfied with the temperature, he pulled down the shower head and started rinsing his sister's hair, then worked his way down her body. He avoided spraying her bad knee directly, but let the water run down her leg, hoping the heat would help with the pain. Kyle put traded the shower head for a bar of soap, and began washing the dirt and sweat from his sister's body.

He tried to carefully wash her injured knee, but gave up when she inhaled sharply through clenched teeth. "Sorry," he said. "I was trying to be gentle." "It's OK," she said, closing her eyes and trying to hide the pain. "It's fine." When he'd rinsed the soap away, Kyle took the shampoo and started working it into his sister's blonde hair.

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He massaged her head with his fingertips. "Mmm," she sighed as Kyle started to rinse the shampoo out. "Don't forget the conditioner." After Erin was cleaned up, Kyle grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her, then did the same for himself.

"Wait here," he said, and went to lay another towel on her bed. "Kyle, what about my hair?" she shouted. "Ugh, this is ridiculous," he said. "Three towels for one shower." "Sorry, I can't help it." He returned to the bathroom with an extra towel from the hall closet, which Erin wrapped around her head.

Kyle carried her back to her bed, where he helped her dry off. "Lay down," he said as he finished drying her legs. "Wha-" she started, but he was already nudging her shoulders back. Kyle started kissing at his sister's left hipbone, and gently spread her legs farther apart.

He teased her for a few moments, kissing around her pussy, along the inside of her thighs until she was groaning with frustration. She wanted to wrap her legs around his head and pull his tongue to her clit.

Finally, he flicked his tongue along the lips of her pussy and up to her clit. He started licking her clit harder as he slid two fingers along her entrance. Soon Erin was panting and moaning her brother's name as he fingered her pussy and licked her clit.

She'd completely forgotten about the dull throbbing pain in her right leg. "Oh, Kyle," she whimpered. "I'm going to cum. Don't stop!" Soon he felt her pussy squeezing his fingers harder, and she was rocking her hips slightly. He kept his tongue on her clit until she came down from the orgasm. He gently fingered her for another five minutes while she caught her breath, then kissed up her body to her face. Erin ran her fingers through his hair, pulling their lips together. "I love you," she whispered.

"Thank you for everything. I don't know what I'd do without you." They laid on the bed kissing for another 15 minutes, then Kyle helped his sister into her pajamas. He made sure she was comfortable, then went to change and get ready for bed himself.

They shared her bed again. Erin was frustrated that she couldn't sleep in Kyle's arms. She settled for having him pressed up against her left side, while she slept on her back with a pair of pillows under her right leg.