Moglie troia si tocca con sborra calda

Moglie troia si tocca con sborra calda
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Winds howled on, screeching and wailing out our windows as the grog house sat still. I sat at one of the many empty tables, reading about the lore of dragons and their history, soon my lazy eyes raised their gaze to see Ferelda; scaly fingers tapping at the counters top.

It's sick to think me and her were only hired for our busts and not our talent, though I suppose in a bar we're mere plaything to look at.

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"Ferdinand really needs to hone his damn senses, it was clear that we are getting absolutely no one tonight" I heard Ferelda speak in a growl. "you give him too much credit, it's like as if he had any good senses at all. Remember when he thought putting the honey mead outside was a good idea?" I saw a glowing smile spread quick on her white lips "-then we got swarmed by wasps for a week?

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Ah, it was precious seeing his dumbfounded look." I clasped my book closed, walking forward and taking a seat at the bar as my friend couldn't help but laugh at the memory or our employer with the face of a ripe tomato. Soon she used her claw to wipe away a tear, relieving a sigh as I sat in boredom atop the bar stool. I stirred in boredom, trying to think of other things to talk about, my mind coming up empty like this very bar. "Its the season of fall, isn't it?" I perked up "uhhh, yes it is indeed fall.

Why do you ask?" when I watched her reaction, her mind seemed so calm and off in a better place. "Fall really reminds me of my old tribe when I was about your age I suppose, back before I was brought in and taught by the new world." My curiosity started to drive me mad, so I acted on it. I looked at her absolutely interested "What was it like when you were in a tribe?" Ferelda looked around for a moment, giving me a warm smile "let's lock up the house, even though I doubt there is anyone out there, I'd rather not have to be interrupted" and we did so, locking up the windows and doors.

After we finished up, me and her went to the back, sitting upon the floor as I eagerly waited for her to start. "Its the clearest memories I have out of any others, running amongst the forrest hunting with brothers and sisters for these great feasts we would always hold as the winds grew colder. We ate plenty before grouping up with each other for the winter, just sleeping and conserving energy." My gaze never parted her as she would use her hands for emphasis; my curiosity still keeping my eyes glued to her.

"-then there was marvelous spring, oh was it a grand time!

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We would crawl out of our dens and dance to praise the newly rose sun. Then came all of the orgies and feasts-" "orgies?" I gave. I saw her eyes meet mine again as she realized "right, humans aren't usually involved in those sorts of rituals." She gave a chuckle as she figured how awkward it must be for me, so I surprised her with my next question "What were they like?

How did you guys conduct them?" Ferelda sat baffled for a momentnot expecting the question. "You would be interested in knowing?" I could feel my cheeks grow a bit hot "well sure. Why not learn what it was like?" Ferelda wasn't hesitant about it once she heard those words "it started with the priests giving their chants and dance, praising the creator for all the meals we had the previous year, and allowing us to survive the harsh cold.


After we all joined in the dance and when the creator was pleased, it began. " Between my legs started to grow warm, but I didn't loosen my eyes from the story "unlike what many think, we didn't then clamber over each other and went at it like dogs. It started with presentation, not everyone had to participate in the gathering of you didn't feel adequate for it, but once you were in you had to present what you got." I felt my breath grow a little shaky, but I asked clearly as I could "I'd assume you would be unclothed at that point?" she gave me a lustful smile "more than just unclothed, if you wanted anything, you would know how to present yourself before the others.

You understand what I mean?" Though my head could get the idea, the burning between my thighs wanted to know more "not quite, could you give more?" she thought for a moment. "I suppose I could help a friend understand more, stand up for a moment" we both stood tall, though my legs were a bit off center, I held strong. "Once we stood naked in front of each other, the men would walk around; while we would shake and sway" her hips began to flow beautifully from side to side in one rhythmic motion.

"Then we would have that moment when our eyes met, we could tell by if our hips stoped for even a moment, and so could the guys" she gave me a piercing gaze. My face feels like it's been lit by fire. "Once we meet a gaze like this, we would approach slow." I watched her get closer and closer until she stood against me "-we would turn." she spun in place, her posterior right in front of me "-and then tease the male for a bit, and then we'd know if he wanted us, or would rather go for another." I sat flustered, her curvy form shown well under her thin dress, her hips nearly plain as day.

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My hands wanted to desperately claw at her, but I held it back. She moved forward and parted, turning around to no doubt see my cheeks red and flush. "Then we would finally start, then you can use your imagination of what would happen then" I saw her let out another passing sigh, the memory no doubt ripe with pleasantries. My entire body aches seeing her, if I could, I would slip fingers down my legs right now.

I had to ask. My hungry hands clasped her shoulders, as I tried to let the words free, but once I opened my mouth all you could hear was silence. Maybe this wasn't a go- "You feel a hunger from deep within?" I-I was shocked at what was said. It was true. I nodded eagerly.

Her sly tongue made one round of her lips, as she strode away. Soon my eyes felt a burning passion as her robe fell. she was bare and beautiful. Her curves were like great hills running along her body, her tail barely able to hide what plump cheeks she had. She turned and my heart hit the floor. Slowly she hugged my sides with her powerful claws, and I felt it, a long drag of her tongue up my neck made my spine dance. "Feel free to use your hands dear" a whisper came, my hands quickly rose to the occasion and went up her thighs, I gripped and claws at her scales and skin, her soft moans pushing me to continue.


Our lips met and she quickly took over my mouth, the forked tongue putting mine to shame as she felt up my sides. My hand went lower, finally touching the wet between her legs; her body shook as my fingertips met the sensitive spot.

She parted "You are certainly hungry, huh?" I replied by letting my lips meet her breast, she chuckled and moaned at my response. We sat there for what felt like years locked in that intimate spot, until she finally pushed me down to the ground. Her sleek form sat atop me as she worked to undo the top of my dress, I obliged and pulled it away revealing my own chest. Ferelda dove into me, quickly suckling my tit and made me grasp and writhe, my entire body was in ectasy, moans shooting out in rapid succession.

I couldn't help but slide a hand down, going under my dress and finally satisfying my soaked lips beneath.

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My entire body became on the verge of errupting. Ferelda took note of me and slid open my legs, quickly tearing the panties away like an animal and eagerly grinding her own pussy against mine. The cries were precious, her screaming to the heavens as me and her felt passion roaring from within.

We gave a final cry as I felt my entire body pump out onto her, soon her body followed and she quickly covered me in more of that precious white. She lowered down atop me and I felt another kiss bless my lips, her soft touch warm and blissful.

I hadn't the energy to move, so I pulled her close as my eyes grew heavy, her arms wrapping around my back "thank you" I heard, before falling into slumber. -meanwhile- Three more knocks strike the door of the grog house, a shivering hand reclines back into the serpents robe "n-no one here, onto the next village I-I guess" he mutters to himself.

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He slinks away into the night.