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Games I Played 2 Being a chunky middle aged woman, I don't have many dates. Most evenings, I work and come home and play games on a website.


Sometimes, when I play, if I lose a game, I take off one piece of clothing at each loss. By the time I am nude, I am so horney, I fuck myself with anything I can get my hands on. This particular night, I was playing my little game and met this guy and we chatted for a bit. We added each other to our friend's lists and started playing together all the time.

We had fun and did some harmless flirting. Well, as time progressed, so did our sex games.

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As I lose a game again, Sam tells me to take it all off. I do. I am sitting buck naked at my computer playing with my titties and rubbing my clit. We take turns picking different settings to have our little rendezvous. This time, it is out in the woods. My friend is a coon hunter. It is off season, but he likes to take his dogs out for a run.

Tonight, the moon is full and bright. I take a blanket and a bottle of wine.

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He lets the dogs out of the truck and off they go. They bark a thank you and are off on their adventure. We sit on the tailgate and listen for them to get on the trail of some unsuspecting raccoon. We open the wine and pour a glass and listen quietly as the dogs get farther away.

It is almost like being with the pack listening to them run. After a bit, we get the blanket and go up over the hill. We finish off the bottle of wine and Sam starts putting the moves on me. We start out giggling and kissing as the clothes are coming off.

There is just enough of a light breeze that my nipples stand at attention when the cool air hits them. We hear the dogs change direction and the howling tells us they are on the track of a raccoon.

This makes Sam more excited! His long cock is like a steel rod. I am underneath him and he is sucking my titty as his hand ventures down to my wet hole. He starts kissing down my tummy and spreading my legs as he goes. His delicious tongue brushes over my clit. My back arches and my toes curl. He grins. He likes to send me into ecstasy! I raise my legs, holding them just above the knees. He starts lapping up my pussy juices and is tickling my clit.

He gets me just to the point of cumming and then backs off. He inserts his big rod ever so slowly into me. I am wanting it sooo bad. I am wiggling around, trying to get him to shove it all the way in, but he is teasing me.

He pulls out and in just a couple of inches. When, finally! He rams it home. I grab the blanket with both hands as he starts pounding.

I feel his balls slamming against me. His big rod is sucking in and out of me. He kisses me with a feverish touch. And as he is kissing me, he rolls me over and I am on top. I think, oh, now I am in control!

I sit up with his pole buried all the way in me. I could cum just sitting there rocking ever so slightly.

He pulls up his knees and it pushes me off balance toward his face and he grabs a tit and starts sucking furiously. Well, it also made me raise off of his pole some and I am working up and down trying to bottom out again. His knees are blocking me from doing this. He is enjoying me working it up and down, trying to get it all. When finally, he lets me take the whole thing and we both have an earth shattering cum at the same time. I love feeling his love muscle pumping his juices into me.

I cum hard with his big dick buried deep in me. Then, all of the sudden, I feel this lick on my cheek. It is one of the dogs. We look around and the dogs are there watching us.

We both start laughing, until one of them comes from behind and licks the pussy juices that are running down his balls and licks up to my pussy and up my ass. We both freeze in the moment. What just happened! Well, the dog must have liked the taste of that because he starts licking and trying to get that tongue into my pussy hole. I try to get up, but Sam holds me down and whispers for me to be still and see what happens. Besides, he says, I need a good cleaning up now.

LOL The dog that licked my cheek is licking my side watching the other dog that is going after the pussy juice. Sam slowly raises me up until his rod slides out of me. Then the dog really goes after my pussy.

It is going to make me cum again. Sam tells me to stay on my hands and knees, that he will not let me get hurt. The dog at my side jumps up and starts humping my arm and shoulder.

Sam tells him to get down, but he growls at Sam. The other dogs gather in closer wanting a taste of me. The dog licking my cunt stops and jumps on me from behind.

His paws are wrapped tight around my waist and his claws are digging into me. Sam could see the fear in my face. He tries to get up and was going to knock him off of me, but the other dogs blocked him and were growling. The dog humping me from behind makes contact with my pussy and has found his spot. He is fucking me 90 miles per hour. The fear in my face quickly turned to pleasure.

Although, the dog is not big like Sam, he is hitting the right spot. I am really starting to enjoy this and Sam is getting hard watching me. I hold out one hand for Sam to come closer and I start sucking him off while this big hound is pounding the crap out of me. I am enjoying it so much and concentrating on sucking off Sam, that I do not realize the dog cock in me has gotten bigger. The dogs knot is in me and it is starting to hurt.

I try to pull away to get it out of me, but the dog has his paws wrapped so tight around my waist I am not going anywhere. I feel his balls hitting me and then all the sudden, this hot cum floods my pussy.

There was so much cum in there that it is seeping out of me. Oh, it feels so good. Well, the doggie cock doesn't take that long to go down enough for him to get off of me and I feel him pulling out as I am about to get Sam to a climax. The dog at my side starts cleaning up the mess I made with his friend and I think oh, that feels good. His tongue is long and he is trying to get my clit.

He must think it is a piece of food or something.

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I start cumming and Sam is cumming and ooohhhhh it feels so awesome! I am totally exhausted, that I just fall over and lay my head on Sam's lap. He is lying back relaxing also. Well, the second dog was going to have his turn and he didn't care how. He straddles my leg and is going after it. Sam looks at him and starts laughing. He said I need to service him too, or he will howl all night long. Sam encourages me to get back on all fours and let him have his way. I kind of feel sorry for the dog, so I do get up on my hands and knees and let him mount me.

Sam gets up and is moving around, I do not know what he is up to. I heard him loading up a dog in the dog box, but I got lost in my own little game I had going here.


This dog finally hits the mark and is fucking my pussy. He is not as steady as the first dog. I reach under me with one hand and start playing with my clit. The cool air hitting it is going to make me cum fast. This dog in all his excitement came out of my pussy and jabbed back in hitting my ass button.

It shot pain all thru me. I froze in pain, but he kept on pounding. I tried to pull away, but he nipped my back. Then the pain started easing up and I started playing with my clit again. That is when I noticed---lightening??? There was a full moon out and lightening?? NO---it was Sam! He had a camera!

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He was shooting pics of me and the dog. I yelled at him in protest and he just patted me on the head and told me to be a good little bitch.

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This dog was locked up tight in me and I could do nothing about Sam taking pics. He took them from all angles and even reached under and took some from the bottom side. I was so mad at him. About that time, the dog unloaded in me and I felt the hot jism go deep into my bowels. It felt pretty nice. The dog then maneuvered around and off of my back so that we were butt to butt. He pulled a little and it hurt. His knot was still too big to come out of me. After a bit, he gave another tug and out he popped.

With him, a lot of cum came flooding out. I just fell over on my side, relieved it was over. My mind was a blur as to what just happened here tonight.

Sam loaded the dogs and wrapped me in the blanket and loaded me in the truck. When we got home, he ran me a hot bath and I soaked for an hour. When I got out, he told me to come lay down and watch tv with him. When I did, there I was on the tv screen, in all my glory, being fucked every which way by his dogs. I have to admit, it did turn me on, especially the pics from underneath where you could see his cock in me. Well, you know it heated me up and Sam got everything he wanted that night.