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Sarah's Story By Jack T Ripper My name is Sarah Peterson. This is my journal, a brief story of my life as a pioneer girl, written to the best of my recollection. There was a time when I longed for the life I had before. Times were easier in the city. But that was long ago. Before the war, before the movement west. Daddy was a banker before he joined the Union to fight the barbarians of the Confederacy.

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Daddy was a man of principles who hated the South and all they stood for. He came home from the war a different man. He was quieter than before and it took several months before he took interest in working again.

Even then, his heart wasn't in it. Then one day he came home and announced we were selling all we owned, buying a wagon and some horses, and joining the movement west to the Oklahoma Territory. Mama wasn't happy.

In fact she was furious that he had made this decision without discussing it with her. But, being the good wife, supported his decision. It took two months before he had sold everything and all the arrangements were made. The day finally came when Mama, Daddy, my younger sister, Mary, my little brother Billy, and myself loaded up the wagon with what possessions we had remaining and left our comfortable life in Baltimore. Four weeks later, Mama was gone. She caught pneumonia after we had been caught in a thunderstorm, leaving us three kids to be taken care of my Daddy.

He didn't handle it so well and took to drinking, staying drunk most of the time as we travelled, leaving myself as the oldest to handle the team and wagon. Then one night, Daddy's guilt and sadness got the best of him.

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He walked away from the camp, down into a gully and put his six-shooter to his head. This left the three of us kids as orphans, no one to take care of us. I had to stay strong for Mary and Billy. I was in charge now. That was, until we met Mr. Sawyer. Sawyer didn't have a family. He had left New York and had joined the wagon train about a week into the trip. When he found out about our parents, he offered to take care of us. The others in the wagon train had no objection. They had their own families and problems to deal with.

Sawyer seemed to be a good man, probably in his early 30's with black hair and green eyes. We kids took to him right away, sensing that he was our only chance for survival. I continued driving our wagon with Sawyer in his, right behind. He shared our food with us and vice versa. Nights were another thing though.

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It got cold so he would build a big fire and we would huddle around it to get ourselves and our blankets warm before turning in. Sawyer would insist we slept in his wagon with him. Body heat, he said, would keep us from freezing. He would lay in the middle with Mary on one side, Billy on the other side of her, then myself next to him opposite Mary.

I didn't understand the things he would do on those cold nights. First he would turn towards Mary and I would hear him whispering. I could hear her object to what he was saying but then go quiet. I could see he was hugging her and it sounded like kissing, kind of like when Daddy and Mama were alive. Then he would turn to me. He spent more time with me, probably because I was older than Mary.

He would come close to me, his hands roaming up and down my body. I didn't mind it, really. It was human touch, something I missed. And when his hand would come up under my night gown, it found places that made me feel so warm and tingly.

I knew he shouldn't be doing it but what could I do? I knew he was responsible for our survival. Without him, we'd probably die. So I allowed his hands to go wherever they wanted. They were usually warm and would gently squeeze my breasts, making my nipples stiffen. Then down they'd travel, across my stomach until finding their way inside my bloomers and between my legs.

There, one hand would rub and tickle and poke inside. The other hand, Sawyer would keep to himself, tucked inside his pants and moving back and forth, going faster as he touched me until he made a grunting sound.

Then he'd turn over and go to sleep, leaving me feeling abandoned and unsatisfied. So I would finish what he started, quietly rubbing the little button between my thighs until a rush of pleasure would wash over my body, leaving me calm and peaceful.


This continued almost every night. It became a normal part of our bedtime ritual. Once I asked Mary what he was doing to her at night before he turned away from her. She said he touched her between her legs and kissed her neck. She seemed to like it and was always disappointed when he would turn his attention to me.

So while he was with me, she, too, would touch herself. Billy was never included in any of the nightly activities. Finally we got to the Oklahoma Territory. It was April of 1889 and there was a big event called the Land Run. It was like a big race with everyone trying to get to the best sections of land. Sawyer got some land on a green Jill that had a small creek at the bottom.

He said that this would be our new home. We lived out of the wagons through the spring and summer while Sawyer built the house, the nightly touches becoming more than touching. Often times Sawyer would have Billy sleep in the other wagon alone then would come to our wagon to lay with us girls.

Since the nights were warm now, he would insist we only sleep in a nightgown with nothing underneath. He always started with Mary, kissing and touching, then come to me to finish. One night he did something new. He laid down between Mary's legs and put his head up under her night gown. He made her spread her legs wide. As he was down there, I whispered to her, asking what he was doing.

She said he was kissing and licking her and that it felt very nice. After awhile I saw her face change as the tingles, as we called it, came over her. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened as she gasped and whimpered, her body trembling.

Then she moaned and fell limp, breathing heavily. The tingles seemed to be stronger than usual that time. Sawyer came up from under her night gown then came to me and kissed me. I could taste something different on his lips, strong and musky but not unpleasant. He started his usual routine of rubbing my breasts and stomach then down between my legs, finding my little button and rubbing in circles. Then he said he wanted to do to me what he had done to Mary. As he moved down to between my legs, I lifted my night gown above my waist.

I wanted to see what he was doing this time that had made Mary's tingles so much better. The light from the full moon made the night sky glow and the activities in the wagon were fairly visible.

Sawyer put his head down to my female parts and began kissing and licking me. It was ticklish at first but soon turned to pleasure, such as I had not experienced before in my young life. He worked my button fervently with his mouth and tongue and quickly I was overcome with the rush of the tingles but nothing like I had felt previously. My entire body was possessed as every fiber contracted and tightened, even paralyzing my ability to breathe. I pulled his head into my loins, wanting him to be inside me, to be a part of me.

Finally the overwhelming sensation released, my body becoming limp and motionless. I was panting and moaning as the afterglow surged through my body. I looked down as Sawyer rose to his knees and saw that he was unbuckling his trousers.

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My emotions were spinning, a mixture of fear, appreciation, and even love. He pulled his trousers down and for the first time, I saw his manhood as it stood straight out, pulsing and throbbing as if it were an angry serpent.

I became aware of Mary still watching the events unfolding. I told her she could go sleep with Billy if she didn't want to watch but she declined, saying that she wanted to see what was going to happen next, that whatever Sawyer was about to do to me would soon happen to her as well. Sawyer leaned over me and said it was time that I became a woman.

He kissed me then I felt him entering my virginal crevice, slowly at first, until he reached resistance. He paused then plunged into me. I cried out as my virginity was taken, his manhood tearing me, sending a burning wave through my loins. The pain subsided fairly quickly though, being replaced by pleasure that came from deep within. He began thrusting in and out, each movement more pleasurable than the last until the familiar surges of the tingles began to overtake me again.

Sawyer's thrusts quickened as I knew that he, too, was nearing his climactic event. As I reached my peak, also did Sawyer as he buried himself inside me, holding motionless as he pulsed inside me.

I could feel warmth, then wetness, as he finished. He climbed off me and kissed me, this time holding me in his arms as we went to sleep. The new activity became part of the nightly routine now, only not occurring was during my monthly time.

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It was during one of my monthly's that Sawyer turned to Mary and took her virginity as well. I watched as he mounted then entered her as he had done me. She cried for a bit but then also took to it, enjoying the new activity as well. As other sections of land became developed, a community began emerging of farmers and ranchers. Any time we came in contact with others, Sawyer would introduce me as his wife and Mary and Billy as my siblings.

No one questioned it as I looked older than I was. The house was finished in the fall of that year as well as a barn and chicken coup. Mary and Billy helped more outside with the animals and gardening as I was responsible for the cooking and cleaning the house. Sawyer's first crop the following year was a good one and he bought more cattle as well, providing a somewhat comfortable lifestyle for us.

Nothing like we had in Baltimore but from what we heard from others, it could have been much worse. Nights were still spent with Mary and I sharing the bed with Sawyer. He had his routine and didn't stray much from it, usually starting with Mary then finishing with me. I grew to love him and just accepted that this was how life was going to be. Then things changed as my monthly time didn't come as scheduled.

After a couple weeks, I expressed concern to Sawyer that I hadn't started.

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He said I should go see Doc Johnson. I did so and was shocked with his diagnosis. He said I was pregnant. I didn't know how or why as no one had ever explained it to me. He told me about the facts of life then, that when Sawyer was on top of me and putting his manhood in me, the wetness I felt was his seed and that it had made a child inside me.

Needless to say, I was in shock. I had no idea what to expect, how to take care of a baby or anything. Doc Johnson said he'd send his wife around about once month for the next 8 months then a little more often after the baby was born. Mrs. Johnson also made arrangements for the other ladies in the community to help and teach me.

When I got home, I told Sawyer the news. He was so excited, quite the opposite response I had felt. But his excitement helped me to feel better about the situation. He also told me that he loved me and that since Mary was older now, he didn't want her to also get pregnant so he wouldn't be going inside her anymore. He would just touch and kiss her. I felt a little better about that as well although I would have liked him to stop with her altogether.

The next few months went well then got a bit more difficult as I grew larger with my child. Sawyer stopped mounting me and began just having me rub his manhood until he finished, or he would have Mary do the same.


Then he began having Mary put him in her mouth, teaching her to suckle and lick him until he finished. She didn't seem to mind so much. I asked him once if he wanted me to do the same but he said he felt like it would defile the mother of his child.

I was curious as to what it was like and told him I wouldn't mind, if it made him happy. He agreed and I did as I had seen Mary do. I did enjoy giving him that pleasure as it made me tingle a bit as well. Then he let his seed go into my mouth which I didn't like at first but knowing it was the man I loved giving me his precious gift, I accepted it with gratitude. I had a baby girl which Sawyer spoiled and doted on.

Mary and Billy became somewhat jealous of the attention that the baby was getting and I felt I should do something special for them. One night, Sawyer was gone, having taken several head of cattle to market to sell before the upcoming winter so that we would have enough supplies.

I invited Billy and Mary into my bed. Billy was older now, showing signs of becoming a man and I felt it was time that he be taught the routine.

I had Mary lie on her back and pull her night gown up, showing Billy her womanhood. I instructed Billy to undress as well, which he did. He had a rather large manhood for his age and Mary seemed rather pleased to this fact. I had Billy put his head to Mary's loins and instructed him in the art of orally pleasuring his sister.

He learned quickly, bringing Mary to her tingles rather quickly. I believe it was the forbidden nature of the incest that added to the excitement causing Mary to finish so soon. I then had Billy lay on his back and instructed Mary to reciprocate. She had plenty of experience with Sawyer and had Billy filling her mouth within just a couple of minutes. After Billy had recovered a bit, I used my hand to get him firm again then mounted him, putting him inside my womb.

We rocked together as Mary watched, rubbing herself to pleasure. Soon, Billy was putting his seed inside me and I finished soon after. We slept together that night then when we awoke the next morning, Billy had his way with Mary, filling her womb as well. After that time, Mary and Billy began sleeping together in Billy's room, leaving Sawyer all to myself, which I was very pleased with.

Sawyer seemed content with the new arrangement as well and I made sure that I pleased him at every opportunity to keep his interest in me and not Mary. This arrangement worked well for a few years with children coming, both from myself and Mary. Sawyer and Billy built onto the house to make room for our growing families and became business partners in the ranch as it grew. What had begun as a tragedy became a triumph, thanks to a kind hearted man who took in three young orphans and gave them a second chance at life.

The end.