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Gordita bien rica diminicana amateur
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I hope everyone likes it! Please comment and vote at the end of the story! /// 5 months later: "Don't stop." Evelyn breathes out and grasps at the shirt her lover is wearing. Her heart is beating a mile a minute, her breathing escalating, and her grip so incredibly tight on the younger woman that her knuckles are white. Suddenly the pleasure she is receiving from the other woman stops as a beautiful dark head of hair raises from between her thighs.

"Did you say stop?" Maria gasps out in concern and confusion. Evelyn's thighs had been wrapped around her head for the past few minutes and her heart stopped when she thought she heard a four-letter word other than 'fuck'. The blonde whimpers and shakes her head furiously while grabbing at her dark brown pigtails to push her head back down. "No! Keep going! Keep- Yes! Right there!" Evelyn screams as she quickly nears her climax. Within the few more seconds of tongue lashing, her body tenses and shakes in orgasm, riding the brunette's tongue until the other woman pulls away.

She smiles happily and gently tugs her lover up to meet her lips. "So," Maria starts but gets interrupted by a kiss from her lover before continuing, "if you didn't say stop, what did you say?" Evelyn smirks and drops her hands down to slide underneath the old band t-shirt her lover has on.

"I said don't stop." They both giggle and steal a few more kisses. Maria eventually sits back on her heels and looks around the room. Evelyn divorced Terry as amicably as she could. However, Terry wanted a fight but she had the best lawyer in the country so he wasn't hard to beat. They still haven't made their relationship public just yet. They agreed to stay in their tiny little bubble for a while longer.

After only a few weeks of quitting her job, Maria had been offered a very high paying job deep in the downtown business area with a largely popular company.

Eventually, she moved closer to her work and upgraded to a better apartment. That is what they were painting before Evelyn decided to take off her t-shirt to paint in only a thin bra and an old pair of painting overalls. How could Maria resist? "This apartment is so big for just yourself." Evelyn says as she takes in the beautiful sight in front of her. Maria has her hair parted into two different french braids coming down to rest on her collarbones.

A light sheen of sweat is shown on her forehead and neck. Her cheeks flushed and hair sticking to her forehead. A loose band t-shirt with tight jeans wraps her body deliciously. Maria gives her lover a smile and furrows her eyebrows slightly in curiosity when she sees the older woman looking at her differently. Sort of euphorically. "What is it, babe?" She asks which only makes the other woman smile wider. "Let's move in together." Evelyn says with a bright smile.

Maria's jaw drops and she lets out a light laugh. "You're not funny Evelyn." She says and shakes her head. She stands up and grabs the roller from the pan before starting on the wall again.

Evelyn frowns slightly at the young woman's response and stands as well, pulling her clothes back on. "I'm not trying to be…Maria, look at me." Evelyn says and takes her lover's hand in her own. She waits until those eyes look at her and she smiles softly. "You know me…I wouldn't say something like that if I didn't mean it." She insists and pushes back a strand of hair falling in the brunette's eyes.

Maria bites her lip and glances around the room. "I just moved in here Eve. Not to mention we aren't even public yet-" Maria says softly and smiles when Evelyn eagerly interrupts her. "Then I could move in and we can go public! I know we said we wanted our little bubble but now I just want to kiss you anywhere I want and visit you at work for lunch or whatever regular couples do.

What do you say?" Evelyn asks and wraps her arms around the brunette's waist to pull her in. Maria keeps a straight face despite her suddenly excited state and uses the roller to write yes on the wall. Evelyn jumps her after that both in lust and excitement. After a month Evelyn is moved into the new apartment and they are discussing the publicity move with the blonde's PR advisor. They are walking up to their apartment hand in hand because the complex is a very discreet building when they run into Jeremy, one of their neighbors on the floor.

He smiles politely and they do so back. They had already been talking about Evelyn's history with men and her attraction to them as they walked back to the apartment so Maria whispers to her lover.

"And him? Do you find Jeremy attractive?" She asks insecurely. Evelyn stops them on the stairs and faces her girlfriend. "No, do you know why?" The brunette simply shrugs so she continues. "Because I am with you. Because I love you. Because I am very much attracted to you." Maria smiles but Evelyn can see she is not convinced. She decides to make a risky move. She steps forward and slides both hands over curvaceous hips to land on a very sexy ass while her lips find the arch of an ear.

"Shall I show you how much I adore you and only you right here? Right now?" Maria's breathing escalates and she slides a hand onto her lover's chest right over her heart. "Maybe you can show me in the bedroom instead?" Maria suggests and moans softly when those hands squeeze her ass roughly. They pull away from each other glad to see that Jeremy had not seen their show of affection for his back was to them. They scamper upstairs to end the night with some very passionate and possessive lovemaking.

However, the next morning was like getting a bucket of ice water thrown over them. Maria leaves for work first so the paparazzi outside is shell shocking. She freezes as a million questions are yelled at her with microphones and recorders thrust at her face. Someone bumps into her from behind and she turns to see Evelyn just as shocked. She gets pulled back into the lobby of their building to hide from the cameras. Evelyn curses at the newspaper she managed to get a hold of and shows Maria.

There on the front page of the number one gossip newspaper in the city was a picture of Evelyn touching Maria's ass while a hand rests precariously close to her breast. The headline reads: Respected businesswoman sleeping with her ex-husband's former employee. They both look up in rage. Jeremy had obviously taken the picture while they were preoccupied. "What do we do now?" Maria asks with concern. They had planned to announce their relationship slowly and smoothly.

But this changes everything. This is like ripping off a band-aid that you just put on. Evelyn pulls out her phone and dials Sally's number. They speak heatedly for quite a few seconds before she stops threatening to bury the man who had outed them and speaks calmly with her PR advisor. She ends the call and purses her lips in distaste. "She said we should go about our day as planned and avoid answering any questions.

Simply direct anyone asking about our relationship to her. She's sending a car for us in a few minutes and the driver will help us to the car." Maria can see that Evelyn is still fuming and gently takes her hand to pull her away from anyone that could see them.

She kisses those soft lips she loves so much and wraps her arms around her waist. "We're going to be fine. It didn't go as we planned but at least it's out there and we don't have to hide anymore.

Yeah?" Maria nudges the blonde's nose with her own before planting another kiss to her lips. Evelyn smiles softly and relaxes into the kiss. "I will see you back here after work." She whispers before pulling them to the door and having the driver escort them to the car. Maria speaks with her boss and must reassure her that nothing will get in the way of her work. The amount of staring she receives is unsettling. She only gets peace when she stays in her office for lunch.

She knows her lover is busy but decides to chance with a call anyway. "How are you, love?" Evelyn greets softly and it makes Maria's heartthrob to be wrapped in her lover's arms. "It seems like I am the talk of the office today.

How are you?" She asks in return and smiles when she hears the blonde giving someone orders. "Honestly? I'm giving everyone a hellish day and it feels amazing." Maria chuckles fondly at her lover's words.

Often Evelyn takes her frustrations out on her staff. It's not the right way to deal with it but it makes her feel better and keeps them afraid of her. Exactly how she likes it.

"You're a wicked woman." Maria husks and leans back in her chair. Evelyn chuckles over the phone and stares out the large window in her office. It's officially fall weather outside and she has a certain urge to be at home with her lover sitting by their burning fireplace wrapped in a warm blanket watching one of the young woman's ridiculous movies.

"I don't care what anyone thinks. I'm going to meet you at your office after work and we're going to go home hand in hand because we are in love and we are together shamelessly. Everyone else be damned." Evelyn growls demandingly and smirks when she hears a very soft moan from the other line.

"You're so hot. I'll be waiting for you- ugh, I should go. I will see you in a few hours. You, my wonderful girlfriend, are in for some very delicious sex tonight. Mhmm. Love you, bye." Maria waits in her office until she gets a text from Evelyn to meet her in the lobby.

The second she sees the older woman her heart soars because no one else matters. Everyone stares and whispers but she only takes the blonde's hand in her own to be lead back to the elevator.

They walk out of her office to be met by plenty of photographers but they simple excuse their way through the crowd to the car. Once inside Maria pounces on her lover, kissing her neck and running her hand up and down the inside of a soft thigh. "I want you so badly right now." She mumbles into her skin and smirks when she hears a moan. Their short ride home is not short enough. They are still all over each other once they get off the elevator only to stop in their tracks immediately.

"Terry." Evelyn whispers in surprise and holds onto Maria's retreating hand tighter. Terry chuckles and straightens from his relaxed position against the wall. He has one hand in his business suit pocket but the other is holding a beer and pointing at the couple. "You. You are a very sneaky woman. How long was this going on?

I figured you were seeing someone while we were together but never did I imagine a woman being your…taste." He looks at Maria with lecherous eyes and licks his bottom lip.

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"But her I can understand. A minute of that mouth and her spread legs I would want her on her knees too." Evelyn's jaw tightens and she takes a step forward with a fire of rage burning inside her. "Get the hell out of our way." Maria growls once pulling her lover back to her side. Terry smirks and looks at her body with filthy glances while he moves closer.

Evelyn wants to hurt him for the way he talks about the love of her life, the way he looks at her, the audacity to come here. "I thought about you a lot Maria. Especially at night when I was alone-" Terry starts to talk about the way he thought of Maria and Evelyn hears enough. She takes the last few steps to him and slaps Terry straight across the face as hard as she can.

"Don't you dare talk about her ever again!" Evelyn yells and gasps when Terry grabs her wrist, so much anger in his eyes. "You are still my wife! Do you hear me?" Terry slurs and pulls on her wrist.

Maria swiftly breaks his grip and pushes him away. "Don't fucking touch her!" She growls and steps forward to push him back against the wall.

His hand comes around to hit her in the face quicker than she can dodge it. Suddenly someone is holding Terry back and twisting his arm. Evelyn holds onto her lover's waist as Jeremy pushes the drunk angry man into the elevator. "Are you alright? Do you want me to call the cops?" He asks with concern as he looks at the two women. Maria looks to Evelyn and they shake their heads opting to simply go back to their apartment. "Thank you, Jeremy." Evelyn says softly still holding a grudge against the young man.

"It's the least I could do. He probably wouldn't have been here if I hadn't been stupid. I truly apologize for what I did. I didn't realize who you were. A-And I shouldn't have taken a picture despite knowing you or not." Jeremy looks flustered and severely apologetic. Both women nod in understanding but issue no forgiveness just yet. Evelyn sits her lover down on the couch and cups her chin to inspect her jaw. Anger flares in her with so much ease it scares her.

She leans in to place a kiss to the skin she knows will sport a bruise soon. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." She whispers and rests her forehead on the brunette's shoulder.

"He made me so mad- talking about you in the way he was. Like you are not so incredibly important. You are Maria, you are." "Oh, Eve, please. Baby, look at me." Maria whispers and leads the older woman's gaze to her own. "Nothing anyone else could say would ever make me doubt that. Everything you do makes me feel like I'm the only one in the room. Let's just move on? Okay? I don't want to think about him when I could be thinking about you." Maria mumbles and kisses the blonde gently.

She hums softly to prompt the older woman to respond and receives a nod. "Come here." She utters and kisses her lover again.

Slowly their clothes fall to the ground and they lay together on the couch. Their bodies fit perfectly together. They kiss, caress, moan. Soon their hands find each other's wet hot centers and it takes them each a while to reach orgasm but it doesn't matter. Because they kiss with their hot breath mingling between them, their hands giving pleasure, their hips grinding. "Tell me you love me." Evelyn whispers when she feels her orgasm close. Maria moans deeply and wraps her free arm around strong shoulders.

"I love you so much. So much baby. Cum with me." She begs and moves her fingers faster and deeper. In no time they are cumming together wrapped in each other's arms. Evelyn places soft kisses on her lover's skin before rolling onto her side. They hold each other for a long time. "I can't imagine my life without you in it, you know.

You've ruined me. I can't be without you." Maria whispers against soft blonde hair. Evelyn smiles and nudges her face deeper into the woman's neck.

"Then I suppose you have ruined me as well." She husks and kisses the hot skin underneath her. 6 months later… "I can't believe you!" Evelyn whispers against the hot sweat-slicked skin of her lover, "You almost said no to me." Maria chuckles lightly and slides her hand into wet hair.

"Baby, forgive me. I really thought you were drunk." She husks and kisses her lover before she can respond. Evelyn had proposed tonight just before they finished their dinner. During that time Evelyn had drunk a lot of wine so when Maria saw her lover get down on one knee she thought she was joking, therefore, she hesitated before hearing the beautiful words from the blonde.

They decided a few months ago that they needed a vacation away together. With a few days of arguing they chose the Gold Coast of Barbados. Right now, they are in their private hot tub…naked.

"I should punish you." Evelyn whispers lightly against her ear and smiles when she feels those velvety lower lips grind into her stomach. She uses her teeth to tug at the young woman's earlobe before releasing it. "I think I have been a…a good girl, Eve." Maria whispers back and looks down at the blonde. Her breasts are barely above the water and her skin has a slick sheen of sweat just on her chest from the steam of the hot tub. She disentangles her fingers from wet locks of blonde hair before cupping her breasts to show Evelyn her hard nipples.

Evelyn bites her lip with a smirk and leans back to rest her arms on the edge of the hot tub. "Tell me how you've been a good girl. Play with yourself while you do." Evelyn orders and smiles wide when she sees the spark of excitement in the brunette's eyes.

"That's right. Go ahead. You may cum whenever you like, love." She eagerly leans back and glances down into the bubbling waters, furious that she can't see the hand that had disappeared. She reaches over to slam her hand down on the button that stops the jets.

She moans softly at the view and smirks when she hears a moan. "Tell me how you've been good." Evelyn says strictly never looking up from the water and licking her lips.

Maria forces herself to think. "I…I packed both of our suitcases." Maria husks and closes her eyes tightly while circling her clit. "Um, I didn't cry on the airplane wh-which you know I have always done since I was a kid…hate airp-planes." She nods her head and slides her fingers inside of her hot wet entrance.

The hand on her breast moves to grab her lover's shoulder as her hips grind against her own hand.

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It's been a while since she's masturbated but her hand remembers exactly what she likes. "This morning I ordered you breakfast in bed and then…" She jerks with a gasp on her own fingers and lets her head roll back on her shoulders. Her hips roller harder and fast, pressing her palm against her clit. "Then?" Evelyn prompts and digs her fingers into the padding of the tub to keep from reaching out to her lover.

Just like Maria, her heart is beating a mile a minute, her breath is labored, and her sex is throbbing for release. But she doesn't touch. Not yet. "Then I gave you two orgasms from eating your pussy." Maria whispers with a small smile and arches her back. Her fingers dig into the older woman's skin and she feels her orgasm closing in. "Pretty proud of yourself for that, are you?" Evelyn asks and is ready to make her move when the brunette lets out her telltale pre-orgasm moan.

Now. She grabs the hand underneath the water then the one from her shoulder pulling them both behind the young woman's back before she can say stop. "Eve! I thought you said I could cum?" Maria whines and arches into the other woman. "I'm the only person that makes you cum. Not even you will make yourself cum unless I tell you to. Do you understand that?" Evelyn asks as she holds her hands back with one hand and slides the other between them but doesn't touch her lover yet.

"Yes, baby, I understand. Make me cum. Only you Evelyn." Maria husks and desperately tries to connect their lips. "That's my girl." Evelyn growls and slides three fingers deep into the only pussy she loves to fuck. Maria's eyes roll back in her head from the pleasure and she grinds onto her lover's fingers until she reaches her orgasm. She pants for breath and leans her forehead against her fiancé's.

"God damn, I love you." Maria chuckles lightly and breathes deeply. They leave the hot tub to move to the bed and roll around in the sheets for a few more orgasms. When they calm down she gently strokes her lover's hair. "We're engaged now…you're going to have to meet my parents." Maria whispers and smirks when her lover groans.

"I know you think they won't like you but they will, I promise! I've told them all about you. They think you're amazing." She whispers and leans back as the blonde looks up at her. "Do they know how old I am? How I'm divorced? How-" Evelyn could go on and on but she gets interrupted. "How much you love me? How wonderfully you backed off work for me? How you look at me like I'm the only person in the world? Yes, they do." Maria cups her lover's face as she speaks.

Evelyn sighs softly and raises an eyebrow. "How we had an affair for nearly two years just for sex?" Maria scoffs lightly and rolls her eyes. "Like I would tell them that. It's none of their business." She says and brushes back a lock of hair from the blonde's face. "I'm scared they will find out about those two years. That they will think I will do it again. I'm scared they will tell you that you can do better and you'll realize you can." Evelyn whispers insecurely and rolls over to look up at the ceiling.

Maria sits up and places a hand on the mattress on the other side of her lover's hip. She places her other palm on a delicious flat stomach to gently move upward. "I have told them that you are the love of my life, Evelyn.

This?" Maria husks in question when she places her hand over the blonde's heart. "Is all I ever need and all I will ever want. No matter who tries to influence me." Maria promises and leans down to replace her hand with her lips. She doesn't stop kissing around the soft skin until Evelyn cups the back of her head. Evelyn is not a person who cries. Growing up her mother had told her that crying was a weakness she should never show but Maria had told her differently.

Maria always holds her when she cries because it's not weakness, it's taking a break from being strong for too long. So she is crying now because she thought of the month that she almost let the love of her life go. "I love you so much, Maria." Evelyn whispers and runs her fingers through dark brown hair. She hums in contentment when those lips pressed against hers in a chaste kiss.

After returning from their little vacation Maria plans a trip to her hometown. Carrolton, West Virginia. Her parents have always lived there. She moved out for college in New York but Noah never went to college. He started his own business at home instead. His birthday is in a few weeks and instead of sending her little care package she got him she decided it would be a perfect time for her to introduce Evelyn to the family. A few weeks later they are on a plane.

Maria is scared of planes and flying so she, of course, is terrified at the moment. However, the usually calm and collected woman next to her is nervous as well. "Baby, I-I don't think I can do this." Maria whispers on the verge of crying. Evelyn stares off into space thinking about the impending introduction to the brunette's family and doesn't hear her lover's words.

So when she looks over at Maria because she hears a choked sob her heart breaks. Maria had grabbed her blanket and the emergency sleep pills in case the fear is too much and she needs to sleep. "Oh, love, you don't need those. Come here. Let me hold you." Evelyn whispers as she pushes her own fears away as well as taking the bottle. Maria easily curls into her fiancé to bury her face in a soft neck and interlock their fingers so tightly her knuckles turn white.

She's hyperventilating already, and her heart feels like it's going to come out of her chest but after a few calming moments in the blonde's arms, everything is calm again.

When she lifts her head again they are already up in the air. "Better?" Evelyn asks softly in her ear and despite the younger woman's nod, she finds a brown head of hair burying back into her neck. She wraps her arms tighter around the brunette and brings her lips to the young woman's ear.

"You know I didn't pack that blanket without a good reason." She husks suggestively and smiles when her lover chuckles and pulls more of the blanket onto her lap.

A hand from each woman slips between the other's thigh and the blonde turns off the lights above them. Many of the other lights are switched off because of the early morning flight so their activities will very likely go unnoticed. They're very quiet for the most part. Occasionally, Maria will let out a whimper Evelyn a moan. Their fingers diligently bring the other closer and closer to orgasm until they helplessly succumb to the pleasure.

Maria's orgasm had been much stronger than she expected and squirms against the woman's fingers. "Fuck, Eve, give me a break. I-It's like you can't stop blowing my mind." She whispers and chuckles softly. Evelyn reluctantly takes her hand back and places soft kisses down her lover's neck. "You love it. When I touch you so easily to make you cum for me." Evelyn husks because she is still in the mood to fuck her lover again and again. Maria shivers and pulls her hand away after a quick squeeze of the pussy she loves so god damn much.

"Don't worry baby. You'll get some later." She teases with a smirk and a wink. Evelyn rolls her eyes at the younger woman and silently vows not to let the brunette try anything under her parents' household.

Eventually, Maria falls asleep in exhaustion, so Evelyn's fear comes back tenfold. She does nothing but thinks until they land. She is thankful that she has Maria because her lover quickly qualms her fears once she recognizes her nervousness. In no time they are sitting outside of a large house in their rent-a-car. "Ready?" Maria whispers and slides her hand onto a moving thigh that the blonde can't seem to keep still.

Evelyn forces a smile and nods her head. "Yeah." She mumbles and musters a genuine smile for her love before stepping out of the car. Maria isn't even standing before a tall boy with shaggy dark brown hair such as her own picks her up to be thrown over his shoulder. Maria playfully beats at the boy's shoulder and scream in defiance. "Noah! Put me down! Mom!" Maria yells and desperately seeks for help from her mother whom is always on her side.

"Noah." An older woman from the front porch calls to the boy with a tone of finality in her voice but a smile on her face.

"Aw! Come on Ma! I was just playing with Mia!" Noah calls back and sets his sister down to wrap her in a true hug. Evelyn rounds the car to grab their bags from the trunk when Noah appears with a smirk on his face.

"You must be the unlucky girlfriend. Allow me." Noah says teasingly and helpfully takes their suitcases. Maria smacks his arm as he chuckles and sends a wink to Evelyn to show he is only teasing. "He's just like you. Cocky and playful." Evelyn whispers to the brunette and smiles when she sees an eye roll.

"We're confident and charming. It's the Cortez way." Maria winks and grabs the last bag to bring in the house. She takes the older woman's hand as support as they approach her mother standing on the porch with a stern façade over her face.

"Mom, this is Evelyn. Evelyn, this is Sara, my mom." Maria introduces and releases a breath when her mom drops the act and holds out her hand with a soft smile. "It's lovely to finally meet you, Evelyn. I've heard so many wonderful things about you." Sara says and shakes the other woman's hand. Evelyn smiles back and releases the woman's hand. "It's nice to meet you as well." She takes a deep breath and walks into the house after the older woman.

At least she hopes she is older. Maria had told her that her mother was the strictest of the two parents so when her father comes up to swiftly envelope her and the brunette in a hug together she knows she won't have to worry much about him. They unpack their suitcases in the brunette's old room. "They like you, you know. I can tell. My mom is very hesitant around new people and she accepted you so quickly I almost got whiplash." Maria jokes and comes up behind her lover to kiss the top of her head.

Evelyn takes a deep breath and leans back against the brunette. "God, I hope so." Her head turns to place a chaste kiss on the young woman's lips before pulling away to place her toiletries in the bathroom.

Soon many people start to show up for the birthday party for the young man and Evelyn starts to get nervous. "Eve, you will be fine. Do you know why? Because you are amazing and amazing people do fine. Now, shut up and kiss me to calm yourself down before we go out there." Maria smiles and kisses the blonde until she physically feels the woman relax into her.

The day goes smoothly. Many distant cousins and aunts give the blonde a questionable look but Maria quickly dismisses Evelyn's worries by saying she doesn't need to worry about their thoughts because her mother doesn't like them anyway.

Therefore, her mother doesn't listen to their gossip.

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Noah slides up next to his sister and clears his throat. Maria looks away from her lover chatting up her grandma to look at Noah. "Can I ask you something?" Noah prompts and continues when his sister nods, "She's a lot older than you, isn't she? I mean, she's hot don't get me wrong but you can tell. You can't see it right off the bat but after a while…" He trails off and drinks from his beer. Maria sighs softly and looks back at Evelyn.

"She turned 36 last year." Maria mumbles and rolls her eyes when she sees her brother look at her with wide eyes. "She's not that old Noah. I'm 26. That's only ten years apart." She drinks heavily from her margarita when Noah nudges her in the shoulder. "Mom's not going to like it.

You know that, right?" Noah asks and glances at her. She sighs and nods her head knowing fully well how her mother will react. She had told her love that her mother wouldn't care about her age but she was lying so Evelyn wouldn't freak out. Her mother hated her dating a woman only four years older than her but she was only 17 then so maybe things have changed. "Are you happy?" The question surprises Maria because rarely do they talk in such a serious tone but when they do it is meaningful and they never miss an opportunity to make sure the other is okay when presented.

She pulls him a little farther away from the party and bites her lip nervously. "You need to be patient because what I'm going to tell you will sound horrible." Maria says and Noah fights to keep the shit-eating grin off his face because he knows his sister is about to tell him something interesting. "Evelyn and I met two years ago…when we started our, um, our affair." His eyes widen and his jaw drops. Maria crosses her arms and shifts uncomfortably.

"She was married for a few years and she was married when I met her. She got divorced after we both decided that being together is better than anything without each other. She moved in. Then just last week she proposed." Maria smiles softly and shrugs a shoulder. "I love her. She makes me happy but our past, her age, our pace? Mom won't approve of. I know. But for once I don't care what mom thinks because I love her, Noah." Maria whispers with tears brimming her eyes.

"Ah, jeez. Come here." Noah says with a small smile and pulls his big sister into a hug. Maria holds onto him in comfort and smiles into his shoulder. "I've got your back, Mia. When you decide to tell mom, I've got your back." Noah whispers and places a kiss on the top of her head before they pull away from each other. He pushes her on the shoulder and nods his head toward the small basketball court on the side of the house.

"I bet twenty bucks you can't beat me at a game of 21." In seconds they are on the court. Evelyn finds Maria on the basketball course with her brother. She walks over and leans against the house to watch them quietly.

Their banter is amusing and clearly, sibling fueled. Maria had stripped off her button down in favor of her tank top and tight jean shorts. Not to mention the beads of sweat dripping down her cleavage. She licks her lips and takes a deep breath to control herself.

"She's beautiful." Evelyn jumps slightly and looks to her side to see Sara, Maria's mom. She smiles and nods her head. "Gorgeous." She agrees and looks back to her lover.

"Maria has told me a lot about you Evelyn but it was all the good stuff. Nothing bad. I'm not stupid. There's no way you're an angel." Sara smirks and raises an eyebrow. Evelyn clears her throat and glances to the mom. "No, I can't say that I am. What would you like to know?" She's not one to allow strangers to freely ask questions but she will gladly make herself vulnerable to win the woman's trust.

"I apologize for my bluntness but, how old are you?" Evelyn chokes on the unfortunate drink she just took. She had hoped that maybe she starts with an easy question but she supposes that was being too hopeful. She sends a small smile to the older brunette. "I…I'm 36." Evelyn says hesitantly. "WHAT?" Sara screeches and steps back from Evelyn with wide eyes.

A basketball rolls toward them and Evelyn looks up at Maria with guilty and nervous eyes. Maria jogs over in concern as Noah tells everyone to go back to their activities before moving back to his sister. "What? What's wrong?" Maria asks with a breathy voice.


"You're dating a 36-year-old? You didn't bother to tell me? Your mother?" Sara hisses to the young woman who sighs softly and glances to her fiancé. "She is a little older than me but I don't care. We don't care." Maria says firmly and slides her hand into Evelyn's.

Her dad walks over in curiosity. "What's happening here, kids?" He asks and folds his arms in a very father-like stature. "Our daughter is dating someone ten years older than her." Sara grumbles to her husband whose eyes widen in surprise. "Her name is Evelyn and she's standing right here. Don't talk about her like she's not-" Maria huffs but Evelyn swiftly interrupts.

"Maria, I think this is for you and your family to discuss. I need to go freshen up anyhow." She whispers and leans in to place a gentle kiss on the young woman's cheek before leaving. Maria sighs and crosses her arms. "I understand that you may not like our age difference but…I love her mom and she makes me happy. I make her happy too.

Please, just try to understand?" She asks hopefully and smiles a little when her father smiles back. "Baby girl, I'm just glad you're happy and loved." He says and looks to Sara whose face has softened and nods her head. "I'm happy if you're happy." She mumbles and pulls her daughter into a hug. "Now, um…I have some more news for you." Maria mutters into her mother's shoulder.

The older woman pulls away and skeptically raises an eyebrow. Maria clears her throat and scratches the back of her neck. "Evelyn and I are engaged." It's barely above a whisper but the older woman hears the words and freezes.

"You're joking, right? We just met her and you're getting married?" Sara asks incredulously and Maria simply shrugs her shoulders. "She proposed last week. You're invited to the wedding so you would have found out eventually." She jokes with a smirk. Noah pushes her shoulder playfully and grabs the basketball. "Come on lover girl. I still have to finish kicking your ass at 21." Maria narrows her eyes at him. "I need to go check on Evelyn but I'll be right back to finish kicking your ass." She sticks her tongue out at him in retaliation of his own.

She swiftly jogs up to her bedroom to find Evelyn sitting on the bed drinking a glass of wine. The blonde glances up before looking back into her wine glass. "Your mother hates me. I'm just a cradle robber stealing her child. God, I feel old." Evelyn mumbles and drinks a healthy amount of wine. Maria chuckles and sits down across from her. "Baby my mom likes you. She was just shocked. Probably because you look so fucking hot." She husks and leans forward to capture her lover's smiling lips.

They kiss softly…until a certain brunette's hand slides onto her thigh. "Nuh-uh. No sexy moves this whole weekend." Evelyn warns and stands to leave the room. Maria quickly grabs her hand and pulls her back. "Haha, very funny. Come here." She whispers and kisses her lover again, her hands moving around her waist.

Evelyn had been serious but she kisses the brunette back for now. "It's cute that you think I'm joking." Evelyn smirks and taps the young woman's cheek before leaving the room with a sway in her hips. Maria rolls her eyes and walks outside to meet her brother to finish the basketball match.

She became $20 bucks richer. At the end of the day, they survived the party. Noah, Maria, and Evelyn all decided to head out for drinks with his friends now that the young man is 21.

Their parents call it a night right before they leave. The second they walk into the club Evelyn knows she is out of her element from the many young dancers here. Some may not even be legal yet. She orders their first round of shots then another for herself. Maria raises an eyebrow in surprise but says nothing.

After a few sips of her margarita, Evelyn feels the buzz hit her. It takes a second for her brain to catch up to her lover's words when Maria gets pulled into a dancing crowd by a friend of Noah's. Evelyn watches the two women dance and tenses when the other woman pulls her fiancé closer.

Maria keeps a reasonable amount of distance between her and Sam but when she glances to her lover she realizes that it might not be enough distance. "Relax, Sam is as straight as a girl can get. She just doesn't know how to get a guy unless she dances with another girl. She says it always works so." Noah tells the now embarrassed blonde. He smiles and nods his head towards his sister.

"She's a great person Evelyn. I can tell that you love her and you treat her well. But as her brother, I'm required to threaten you with pain if you hurt her." Noah is joking of course but he is still slightly serious. Evelyn smiles at the move and nods her head. "I wouldn't dare." Evelyn tells him back and smiles softly. Noah goes back to his friends while Evelyn looks back to her lover.

The two women aren't dancing as close anymore and the friend is obviously putting on a show for a few men at the bar. An idea sparks in her mind and she stands to walk up to her fiancé. "Eve, I- um, well…" Maria mumbles nervously but trails off when those strong hands grab her hips and pull her close.

"Calm down, love. Noah said Sam wants a man. Let's get her a man." Evelyn husks and looks at the other blonde over her girlfriend's shoulder with a smile. "Care to join us, honey?" She asks and smiles when the young woman presses against them. "You guys are the best couple ever." Sam gushes and eagerly slides between them by the lead of the older woman's hands.

She grinds on Evelyn while holding onto Maria and keeps a close eye on the men at the bar. Evelyn catches the brunette's eyes and smirks with a little wink. After one more song the young blonde gasps excitedly and smiles at the couple. "Thanks so much you guys! I'm going to get laid tonight!" Sam smiles brightly before sauntering over to a group of men at the bar. "She won't be the only one." Maria husks and wraps her arms around the older woman's shoulders.

Evelyn chuckles and starts to grind into her lover again. "I told you no messing around. I need to make a good impression on your parents. It won't end well if we fuck all night screaming each other's names." She mumbles into her ear and turns around to grind her ass back into the younger woman. Her ass pushes against a large bulge in her lover's pants that she can't believe she didn't notice before. She loses all her words. She thinks about smacking her lover for bringing their toy outside the bedroom but with another roll of her hips she loses her train of thought as well.

Maria lets out a low growl and tries to fight back the undeniable urge to fuck the living daylights out of her woman right this second where they stand. Then she gets an idea and gently reaches her hand around the woman's body to just barely caress her throat. Smirking when the woman's body tenses and helplessly reacts to her touch. She loves that their roles in sex have equaled since their relationship started.

She takes charge of Evelyn as many times as she wants. She brings her lips to the arch of the older woman's ear and lets her tongue flick her skin lightly. "We have a car." Maria whispers and drops her free hand to the blonde's hip. Her fingers slide underneath the tight material of her skinny jeans to softly scratch her skin. Evelyn is well on her way to giving in but what type of girlfriend would she be if she didn't give a little resistance? "Th-The car is a rental." Evelyn defends and helplessly leans back into Maria.

Her head falls back onto a strong shoulder while her hips sway and push against the other woman. "I don't give a fuck." Maria growls and digs her fingers deeper into her lover's hips to pull her harder against her. That's it, Evelyn is giving in. She grabs her fiancé's hand and pulls her very quickly out of the club.

It takes them seconds to find the car. "Kiss me." Evelyn groans and pushes the brunette roughly against the car. With a quick pull on the back of the blonde's neck, their lips are crushed together with a deep moan. Maria grabs the woman's thigh and pulls it up to wrap around her hip her hand eagerly groping her ass. Evelyn slowly grinds her center against the bulge of the dildo to stimulate her clit. She's so wet. She can feel her moist panties clinging to her swollen lips.

"Get in the car." Maria mumbles and pulls her woman into the back seat. They rented an SUV so it is more than accommodating for them. The beauty of the back seat of the car is that the seats fold down to create a perfect platform for them.

She pulls Evelyn on top of her before closing the door. "Take off your pants." Maria orders and unzips her own to pull out the dildo. Evelyn moans at the sight and quickly moves to straddle her lover's hips.

"Hold on, baby. You need to get ready too." Maria pants softly and starts to sit up but the other woman slams her back down. Without a word, she leads one of the brunette's hands between her thighs to show her how wet and ready she is. Next, she grabs their favorite toy by the shaft to slowly slide onto it. Since there is an inner dildo for the wearer Maria moans along with her lover. "Do you like that baby?" Maria husks and slides her hands onto the older woman's hips delighted to feel her shiver.

"I love it. I love your big cock in my pussy. Fuck me, Maria. Please, talk dirty while you fuck me." Evelyn groans out while she starts to ride the brunette's dildo and cup her big breasts through her shirt. Maria licks her lips and moves her hips with the older woman's.

"God damn it, baby. I love shoving my dick up your tight cunt. I wish I could feel how tight you get around me. How you pulse when you cum." Maria moans and feels the need to truly fuck her lover. She sits up and wraps an arm around her waist. In one swift movement, Maria has the blonde on her back and is thrusting into her as fast as she can. Evelyn moans loudly and reaches above her head to grab onto a seat belt.

It locks in place and she uses the newfound leverage to meet the brunette's every thrust. "Oh, you fuck me so good love. Yes, fuck me." She gaps out and wraps her legs around the other woman. Maria groans and rocks them harder and deeper. When she pauses for a brief second to push completely inside of the wet cunt in front of her the blonde grunts in satisfaction.

"You like that? Huh, baby? When I go deep on you?" Maria whispers and smiles when she receives a whimper in response, "You're going to scream for me so all these wonderful people can hear that you're mine." She husks and rolls her hips again before reaching down to rub the blonde's clit as well.

Evelyn cries out in pleasure and bucks her hips harder and harder into the other woman. Her lover continues to whisper dirty things in her ear about her body or how she is fucking her. Within a minute she is on the edge of orgasm desperately trying to fall over it. "I'm right there, love. I-I'm so close." Evelyn pants out nearly whining with need and releasing the seatbelt to grab at the brunette's shoulders.

Maria is on the edge too with only a few more thrusts left in her before reaching her climax.

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"Cum for me Eve. Right now. Cum." Maria pants out earnestly and smirks when the blonde releases a very loud scream of her name. She follows her quickly after to fall onto her elbow with a moan echoing into a soft neck.

She gently pulls out to roll onto her back next to the older woman both of them panting for breath. "You're fucking amazing." Evelyn whispers with a smile.

Maria smiles back at the crass word and starts to tuck the dildo back into her pants when the car door opens to reveal a shocked Noah. "Woah!" Noah yells out and quickly turns around. Evelyn gasps and covers herself with her pants. "Noah! Get out!" Maria yells and swiftly zips the dildo away to then shield Evelyn from any glancing eyes because her brother hasn't closed the door just yet.

"I'm sorry! I didn't see anything! Well…except your…extra part- which matches you nicely sis." Noah chuckles and sends a thumb up while facing away from them. Maria growls and pushes him out of the way before closing the door. "I'm so sorry, ba-" Maria starts to apologize but the blonde quiets her by kissing her softly. "Let's just head back to your parents' house, yeah?" Evelyn says softly and rubs out her neck.

"Yeah, of course. Are you okay?" Maria asks in concern and gently rubs her fiancé's thigh. Evelyn scoffs slightly and rolls out her neck. "I'm getting too old for sex in the back of a car." Evelyn sighs and slides out of the car before Maria can say a word. Maria steps outside and crosses her arms at her brother who just finished closing the door for Evelyn with red cheeks.

He is obviously drunk but Maria decides she doesn't quite care at the moment. "Are you insane Noah? I leave, the car is still here, and you don't even think that we could be in the car? Really?" Maria asks incredulously and rolls her eyes when Noah nudges her shoulder. "But you got some didn't ya? Come on sis, was it good?

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Huh?" Noah jests and smirks when Maria shoots him a little smile. "Yeah, yeah. Amazing. Get in the car so I can get you in bed before you pass out." Maria drives them home quietly and smiles softly when she notices the blonde's sleepy state.

Luckily, Noah is stable enough to get inside before falling asleep on the couch a few steps into the house so Maria can help her lover up the stairs.

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"Come here, baby." Maria whispers and picks the blonde up in her arms all the way up to the room. She sits her down on the bed and smiles when the blonde grumbled. "Noooo, don't leave me." Evelyn groans and pulls the brunette's hand.

"We're going to change you into pajamas then I will be with you all night long. I promise." Maria whispers and places a kiss on the woman's forehead before helping her out of her clothes and putting her under the blankets. She changes herself and slides in next to her lover to be cuddled immediately.

The trip went well. Her family likes Evelyn and they're going to get married happily ever after, just like in the fairytales. 6 months later: "Evelyn!" Maria growls and walks away from her lover to take deep breaths. Evelyn rolls her eyes and walks after her fiancé. Her soon to be wife in two days is fuming over the fact that she chose Kayla Westford as her maid of honor. Sure, Kayla is judgmental and is very rude toward Maria, but she is also Evelyn's only best friend.

"Maria, I know you don't like her, but she is the only friend I have! Do you know how sad that is? I have to pick someone I can only tolerate to be my maid of honor. It's not like I like your choice either!" Evelyn jests and immediately regrets her last words when Maria stops dead center of the room.

"You told me you love Becky?" Maria growls in confusion and crosses her arms. Evelyn swallows harshly and scratches the back of her neck trying to think of any way to get out of this situation. She's got nothing, and her lover's eyes are narrowing. How had their roles switched when fighting? She is usually the one catching the woman in some sort of mistake. "Well, you see, love.

I had said it rather sarcastically. However, I don't believe you caught my tone." Evelyn whispers and blushes slightly when the brunette's jaw tightens in anger. She is already in the shit house, so she might as well let her thoughts fly. "Maria, you can't be so blind, can you? Betty flirts with you constantly. Yes, I know she is extremely straight, but it seems as if just for you- her Ria, she is extremely gay. Oh! And don't even get me started on the way she touches you when she thinks I'm not looking.

You're not stupid Maria, I know you see it." Evelyn rants and releases a relieved sigh as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. Then she looks up at Maria's rage-filled face and regrets every single word. "I must be stupid then. Right, Evelyn?" Maria hisses as she walks past her lover to grab a pillow from her side of the bed.

She's furious. Sure, Betty can be very touchy and flirty but that is her personality. Besides, Evelyn had called her clueless and stupid in one single rant.

Evelyn sighs and watches her fiancé storm out of the room with one pillow in hand. She silently follows until she finds her lover pulling back the bed covers of the guestroom.

"Maria, what are you doing? This is ridiculous." She questions with a raised eyebrow. Maria scoffs and shakes her head. "I figured you deserve a nice long sleep by yourself." Maria mumbles angrily, no longer wanting to talk but only sleep.

She had a rough day at work with plenty of screw-ups preventing her from showing her boss a design until after her honeymoon. She came home to a nice dinner with her lover only for her night to go right back to shit with the woman's words. "Maria, please, it's late. Come to bed. We'll speak more in the morning." Evelyn utters softly with a gentle smile, but Maria's face is very passive as she walks to stand right in front of her.

"We will speak in the morning, but I will be sleeping in here. Go on. Get to bed." Maria raises a challenging eyebrow, knowing how it irks the blonde so much when she doesn't put something up for discussion. Evelyn steels her soft facial features and turns away to walk back to their room without another word. They both settle into bed only to realize a few minutes in that they had grown too accustomed to the other's body to fall asleep without them.

Maria very stubbornly forces herself to relax and eventually succumbs to the exhaustion of her long day. Evelyn, not nearly as exhausted yet still tired, groans and rolls around in bed before she decides to ignore the brunette's request to sleep alone.

She grabs her pillow and sneaks into the guest bedroom to slide underneath the covers as close to Maria as she can without disturbing her sleep. Maria wakes up gently and leisurely. She must have slept really good because her whole body feels like it's sinking into the mattress. Wait. She peeks her eyes open to see half of her fiancé's body on half of her own. That explains it. She's positive she put Evelyn in the "dog house" last night but the beautiful blonde must've snuck in while she slept.

She supposes she did overreact slightly. She has a good apology tactic as well. Evelyn sleeps naked as often as she can so it doesn't surprise Maria when all she feels is soft skin pressing against her. Maria slowly slides her hand down the older woman's back to stop at her ass. She gently starts to massage her thigh while simultaneously pulling Evelyn's leg higher to rest on her hip. Next, she very slyly slides her hand between them to tease the soft blonde curls on the older woman's pubic bone.

She likes it when her fiancé leaves a little fluff of hair down there. She loves the way it drives her lover crazy when she plays with it instead of touching her clit. The blonde doesn't stir so she dips her fingers lower to put pressure on her clit. Evelyn is still asleep but her hips push forward in search of more contact. Maria smirks and dutifully pushes a little harder to receive a soft moan from the slumbering beauty. She plays with the older woman's clit until she feels wetness coating her fingers.

Deciding she wants to taste her lover as well she very carefully rolls Evelyn onto her back with only a few groans from her lover. For now, she teases the blonde's nipples into hard peaks before crawling down between spread thighs. She pulls the covers over her head to keep the other woman as warm as she can while fucking her.

Maria takes delight in slowly building the older woman up to orgasm. She hears moans and whimpers as her tongue flicks a sensitive clit, a quivering entrance, and swollen lips. Suddenly, as she is reveling in her seemingly abundant time of licking her lover's pussy, the covers lift off her head to reveal Evelyn looking down at her with a mix of lust and sleep.

Maria smirks and drags the length of her tongue against the older woman's clit resulting in a shiver and a deep moan. No words exchanged between them as Maria greedily brings her to two slow orgasms. She desperately wants to go for a third and never leave from her spot between those delicious thighs, but Evelyn leads her up for a kiss.

"Thank you, love." Evelyn husks with a still sleepy voice. Maria smiles and pulls the blonde in to cuddle her chest. "My pleasure." Maria whispers and flicks her tongue against a hard nipple. Evelyn's fingers thread through her hair and arch her back with a small gasp. "I thought we were fighting?" She asks cautiously and smiles when the brunette nips gently at her skin. "I overreacted.


But my thoughts still stand about Kayla. She's horrible to me and you know that, yet I understand you don't have very many people to choose from. I, however, can change my maid of honor if you wish me to." Maria offers and reluctantly gets pulled away from succulent breasts to look up at her lover. Evelyn smiles lovingly and kisses her fiancé's lips gently. "If you tolerate my maid of honor I suppose it is only fair I do the same for you. I will talk to Kayla about acting civilly if you tell Betty to keep her hands to herself." Evelyn says the last few words with a very distinct hint of possessiveness.

She smiles when Maria agrees and rolls them over for another round. It takes them ages to get out of bed, either one or the other enticing their lover back to bed. Quite conflicting.

Yet, they manage to leave the bed by noon for food and discuss other specifics of their wedding. It won't be a massive affair. A good portion of the brunette's family will be attending the others having declined due to personal differences. Her mother hadn't blinked an eye when saying it was their loss to see true love up close.

Evelyn's parents had passed years ago, and she hadn't spoken with her sister since she was 18. However, the wedding would have to be slightly political with most of her business partners there as well. Terry was strongly not invited after a drunk voicemail sent to them threatening to ruin the wedding. Evelyn had been furious at the threat and even made a move to contact the police before Maria calmed her down with the assurance of a kiss and gentle words. Then came the wedding day.

It is all set up in a venue that fits them perfectly. Maria is nervous, to say the least. Not only is she having general wedding nerves but she had received a call from Alexandria yesterday. She had said she would be at the wedding because she wouldn't want to miss it.

Maria didn't invite her in any way or form. She hasn't told Evelyn either because it would only make the blonde more overwhelmed than she already is.

She has no idea how her sister found out she was getting married, she made sure to keep the wedding as private as possible. Her mother comes in with a smile and wraps her in a hug.

"You look gorgeous baby girl. It's time. Your father is waiting." She leads Maria out to the hallway and leaves her with her father before going back into the ballroom. "Are you ready?" He asks gently and smiles when she smiles. "I couldn't be more ready if I tried." Maria walks down the aisle to her lover.

It feels like every word the minister says in in slow motion. Can't her go any faster? Maria questions in her mind.

Evelyn resists the urge to tap her foot in annoyance. She can't wait another minute to be married to the only person that has ever mattered to her. Maria barely hears herself say her vows and the words that set their marriage in stone. Their kiss is anything but simple. They both kiss the other like their life depends on it…well, it nearly does. Many wolf whistles and sighs erupt from their audience before they split to walk down the aisle together hand in hand.

The reception is at Maria's parent's house, making great use of the large backyard. A big billowy white tent is set up to shade everyone from the sun while they dance and eat. Maria and Evelyn have yet to make an appearance outside. Sara had gone up to her daughter's room in search of them before immediately retreating with burning cheeks from the obviously sexually noises she had just heard.

She swiftly stops a few little cousins trying to rush up the stairs and points them in another direction. She grabs Noah and pulls him to the bottom of the staircase with the sternest set of eyes she can give to him. "Maria and Evelyn are upstairs. They haven't come down yet. You are a smart young man, so I know that when I tell you not to allow anyone upstairs until the newlyweds are downstairs, you know the severity of the situation? Yes?" Sara asks, her cheeks had turned an even brighter shade of red.

Noah holds back a chuckle and simply nods his head before taking up a seat on the steps. Sara runs off to get her mind off the noises she's heard. "E-Eve, we don't have time for my turn. We must get back to the party- oh! Fuck! Don't do that!" Maria cries out when Evelyn's heavy hands grab her ass roughly to only then dig her short nails all the way across the sensitive skin upwards to stop at the small of the brunette's back.

Evelyn chuckles deeply and simply does the motion again this time with her nails digging into her thighs as well. She smirks proudly when Maria fights back an obvious cry of pleasure. "Ugh! B-Be quick!" Maria whines and spreads her legs to accommodate her lover's hand.

Evelyn swift sets to work on the brunette's clit with rough circles around the little bud. The younger woman struggles to keep her moans and thrashing body quiet. She swiftly presses her body into the other woman's and covers her mouth with her lips.

In no time at all, Maria is shaking in a hard orgasm before slumping back against the wall with a moan. "We need to get out of these dresses." Evelyn husks as her lips tease the brunette's until they respond with gentle kisses. "I want to wear this forever if it means getting you to fuck me like that." Maria chuckles and reluctantly allows her wife- god, yes, her wife to pull away.

They swiftly change into different clothes for their reception party before heading downstairs. Maria furrows her eyebrows in confusion at the sight of Noah sitting on the stairs turning down little kids from playing upstairs. "What are you doing?" Maria questions and Noah releases an exaggerated sigh before standing up. "Jesus, Mia. I didn't think you had that much stamina.

Mom put me on secret service duty for you and Evelyn, so no one would hear the oh, god." He starts to release a high-pitched moan when Maria slams her hand down over his mouth in embarrassment. "Okay, that's enough. I don't want to hear it." She shoves him away and quickly pulls Evelyn outside to greet the rest of the party.

Maria walks around proudly with her lover. Unfortunately, Kayla stays with them the entire time and constantly refers to Maria as a child or upset because Evelyn's little talk did nothing but spur on the stupid redhead further. Betty had dialed down the touching somewhat but had still upped her game with flirting despite her boyfriend's attendance to the party as well.

Little flares of jealousy and anger spark through each of the brides but only for seconds because of their complete happiness about the day. Maria stays outside to speak with nearly everyone at the reception until she goes inside the house to refill hers and Evelyn's drinks.

Dinner had just been served so the house is quiet besides the noise of her scooping ice. "Maria?" The familiar voice chills her and she turns around quickly to see Alexandria standing in the middle of the kitchen. Maria's jaw clenched and her body stiffens.

"You're not invited." She growls and sets the drinks down. Alex scoffs and crosses her arms. "That's not a very warm welcome for your big sister." She mocks and leans against a counter.

She looks out the window and smirks when her eyes see something Maria can't pinpoint. "You're not welcome. What are you doing here Alex?" Maria demands angrily but doesn't get an answer because the back door opens to soon reveal her wife walking into the kitchen. "Love, are you…" Evelyn trails off as she spots the similar looking brunette sister of her wife and quickly looks to Maria in concern and confusion.

Certainly, Maria hadn't invited her sister and her lover's stance implies that she is angry. "Ah, this must be the wife. I'm- hold on a second. We've met before! You're the woman Maria had in her apartment years ago!

You're a little too old to be seeing her, aren't you? Or do you like 'em young?" Alex smirks and moves toward the blonde with her arms crossed while scanning her body. Maria quickly grabs Alex by the wrist just as her sister's hand reaches out to touch Evelyn. "Don't even think about it." She hisses and glares daggers that could kill her sibling. Just then Noah walks in and immediately sees the anger and distress on his sister's and Evelyn's face.

He's not positive who the other woman is but she seems familiar. "Everything okay here, Maria?" Noah asks as the shorter brunette rips her hand away from his sister. The woman turns to him with a smirk. "My, my, my. You grew up fast little brother." He furrows his eyebrows in confusion and looks at Maria whose face had softened. "Alexandria was just leaving." Maria answers sternly and sees the recognition on his face before it is filled with anger.

"Let me show you the door." Noah growls and leads the struggling brunette toward the front door. "Hey! I'm your sister! I have a right to be here at this wedding!" Alex calls out with a lack of conviction because she knows there is nothing that she can say now that will allow her to stay. "I only have one sister. And that sister is invited to this wedding and you're not her." Noah points out proudly and shuts the door in her face. Evelyn lays a gentle hand on her wife's hip and leans in to place a kiss on her cheek.

"We'll talk about this later, right now I believe Noah may need some help in understanding." Evelyn whispers softly and sends the young man a grateful smile before going back out to the party. Maria smiles at her brother before sitting him down to tell him everything that had happened with Alex.

They had only told him a few things while growing up because he couldn't remember much from his childhood when Alex was there. Eventually, they go back to the party with a promise to tell each other everything from now on.

Maria has her first dance with the love of her life that night before they leave for their honeymoon in Africa. /// Please leave a comment and vote below! I'm excited to hear your thoughts!